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The Mitchell Trestle Table
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The Mitchell Trestle Table
Mitchell Trestle Table, in walnut, 42" x 84"
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The Mitchell Trestle Table is our interpretation of this basic structure:  boards spanning a braced frame. The top boards are carefully selected from our 2" thick stock.  The tops finish at 1-5/8" thick.  We curve the ends of the tops to soften the outline.  The cross members are tenoned through the center uprights on the ends.  As our standard, we shape the edge to visually lighten the top and to please the hand that grips it, but there are options for the Edge Treatment.

Trestle table detailingThe Mitchell Trestle Table top edge detail

Hey Austin,

We did receive the table and chairs in very good condition.  The movers were so careful and mindful of both the delivered items and the walls.  They were also very engaging and polite.  We absolutely love the pieces.  They are flawless and the craftsmanship is amazing.  We are still in the process of getting moved and settled but the dining room will be beautiful when finished.

Thanks again for your beautiful work,
M. and T.
Ojai, Californiamore testimonials


  • The top overhangs the trestle 16" at each end.  This provides knee room and room to tuck a chair most of the way under between meals.  To further benefit those sitting at the ends, we provide room for toes under the arch of the base.
  • 36" wide is as narrow as is practical for service.
  • 80" is as short as is possible for two chairs to fit between the trestles on the sides and for someone to sit at each end.
  • Tables 80–96" in length have three uprights at each trestle and one cross member between.
  • Tables 97–120" in length have four uprights at each trestle and two cross members between.


  • Respecting the givens, we can build the table to suit the space and the seating.  We can assist with Space Planning.
  • You may choose the Edge Treatment.
  • You may choose the preparation and finish of the top.  See Tabletop Finishes.

The Mitchell Trestle Table in walnut
Mitchell Trestle Table in walnut, 42" x 84."  Wilson chairs.

Mitchell Trestle Tables with Three Uprights at Each End

  seats cherry walnut maple
42" x 84" 68 $2950 $3450 $3450
42" x 96" 610 $3350 $3950 $3950

You may specify the size.  For "in between sizes," use the price for the next longer length.

The Mitchell Trestle Table in cherry
Mitchell Trestle Table in cherry, 44" x 118."  Wilson chairs.

Mitchell Trestle Tables with Four Uprights at Each End

  seats cherry walnut maple
44" x 108" 810 $4150 $4850 $4850
44" x 118" 812 $4750 $5450 $5450

You may specify the size.  For "in between sizes," use the price for the next longer length.


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