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Here we collect the testimonials to the guarantee of delivery of Gary Weeks and Company furniture.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

October 8, 2016

Good morning Weeks Family,

Letting you know I received my rocker and am enjoying it very much.  The delivery was sooner than expected and the chair is in perfect condition.  I can't wait to have people in to enjoy my new chair.  It's so nice to own such a beautifully crafted item.

Warm regards,
Boca Raton, FL


I just broke down the box for recycling and am amazed at the construction!  No wonder you have few problems with shipping!!!  The storm was not as bad as predicted  )(thank you God) and everything went well.  It's so much work to shutter up and prepare inside and out but I went through Andrew and know what can happen.

Thanks again,
Boca Raton, FL

November 1, 2014

G'morning, Gary,

I fought my way into the second  [Terrell] table last night, just a little bubble-wrap to clear . . . it's the maple, and it is soooo lovely, the grain is just so deep. They are both just so wonderful, and I'm really glad I got them!

The packing, well, that's star packing, for sure.  I have plenty of wrap to send christmas with, and the bulk left over goes to 'Go Postal' our local UPS store or whatever it is.  They treasure peanuts and bubble and all, little as possible gets wasted.

Thank you again, I am SO pleased, and I'll be moving them around for a bit deciding who gets what where.  :)

with best wishes to all of you,
Creston, North Carolina

January 18, 2012

Hey Gary,

Plycon was good like the last time — punctual, professional and personable.

Now on to the buffet — it looks great and I imagine it will function just as well once we put it to use!  It really was a must after getting the original table, chairs and corner cabinet.  They all are sitting happily together waiting for the next dinner party — or even dinner tonight!

Thanks again for the great work!

Glenmore, Pennsylvania

December 12, 2011

Dear Gary,

The rocker has just arrived as you know by now.  For all potential clients, a few words from a skeptical mind:  The company is no gimmicks.  They ship furniture across the ocean.  It arrives when they say it will.  And once you have unpacked it, a fine work of art appears.  It would be foolish to expect more.

Many thanks again,

January 7, 2010


I wanted to let you know that we received the chair yesterday and it's spectacular!

The delivery person was professional, patient, and friendly.  The chair is beautiful and extremely comfortable.  Beth loves it.  Thanks so much!

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

December 14, 2009


I got the chair earlier today in a torrential downpour.  Before taking it off the truck, I wrapped it in a tarp.  I was very pleased to see how well it was wrapped and how well the container was made.  Despite all of the rain and despite the box getting wet some, the chair was in perfect condition and not wet at all.  It is a beautiful chair!  I will let you know tomorrow how my wife likes it, as I will present it to her when we get home from work today.

Jackson, Mississippi

September 8, 2009

Hi Gary, the chair arrived and we love it!  Your craftsmanship is so beautiful, and it arrived in perfect condition — thank you so much for packing it so securely.  We will enjoy this rocker for years to come.

Take care!
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

August 5, 2009


The rocker, stool and table arrived on Tuesday and we are absolutely delighted with them.  M. has always wanted a rocker and never dreamt she would have such a fine rocker as the one you and your team crafted for her.

The whole process, from start to finish, has been a joy and our beautiful furniture will be treasured by the S. family for generations to come.  I can’t thank you and your team enough.

As of now the rocker is sat in the living room overlooking the marina and looks unlikely to make it to the nursery — don’t be surprised if you receive another order before very long!

My sincere thanks and very best wishes
Hong Kong, China

ps  your packaging is fantastic!

September 23, 2008

Howdy.  I phoned Portland Oregon this morning and spoke with the dispatcher.  The delivery was made to my farm around two or three pm today.  Your packing job and shipping were excellent.  The cherry rocking chair purchased as a gift for me is outstanding in every way.  I am most appreciative of this wonderful gift, your wonderful workmanship and communications.  Boy this is a beautiful and comfortable chair of the highest quality.  Lucky, lucky me.

Corvalis, Oregon

May 24, 2008

Dear Gary,

The delivery truck driver asked me what was so special about these chairs — he delivers so many  (I'm assuming he meant in the Washington, DC area where I live).  So I told him all about them before I'd even unpacked mine.

I want you to know my rocker is everything I told him it was and more.  I've never cried over a piece of furniture before, but I did over this.  (Heck, truth be known, I cried over the website.) Of course it has to do with the beauty and comfort of the chair.  But it's also the fact that it was crafted in West Texas, which is very special to me . . .

Next time I get to West Texas, I hope to come meet you and see your showroom.  Thanks more than I can say.

Washington, DC

April 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the chair . . . It is so beautiful.  There was no damage to the crate at all. When it was delivered today I knew I was in for a real treat when I saw how much care and attention to detail went into building the crate alone.  Even the screw holes on the crate were countersunk.  There was more attention to detail in the crate alone than most people put into building their chairs.  The chair is truly a beautiful work of art.  I can't wait to give it to my wife on her birthday.  She is going to be so excited.  The only thing I am not happy about is that it has to stay at my parents house for the next month until her birthday.

True to your word the chair is comfortable for people of all sizes.  My mom is 5'-04" tall and she loves it, my dad is 6'-00" tall and he loves it, and I am 6'-04" and I love it.  Thanks again, you have blessed my family with a chair that will be with us throughout our lives and give us a lifetime of memories and happiness.

Anaheim, California

April 21, 2008


The rocker was a big success at the shower.  My daughter is very happy with it and looking forward to much use with my grandson due in late May (plus future grand kids down the road?).

Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and all the attention given in careful packaging and shipping making sure we got the product in great condition.

My daughter is in the US Foreign Service and moves overseas frequently.  So, we are thinking about keeping the crate for re-use in the next move.

Falls Church, Virginia

February 13, 2008


Sorry I haven't written to you sooner.  I saw the beautiful rocker last Friday and had a chance to sit in it.  Comfortable indeed!

. . . I can't tell you what a work of art the chair is.  It will indeed make a wonderful heirloom in years to come.

I will get back to you in the future about the placque to be engraved under the seat of the rocker.

Swanzey, New Hampshire

PS:  The chair was in a container secure enough to be part of Fort Knox.

September 26, 2007


My rocking chair arrived today in perfect condition.  Great job packing.  It's beautiful, better than the picture.  Great craftsmanship.  I'll treasure it.

Portland, Oregon

September 23, 2007

Hi Gary & Aubrey –

The chair arrived as scheduled on Friday afternoon – it is absolutely beautiful!  My husband really loves it.  BTW, you do a great job with the packaging.  Despite the fact that the carton was fairly beat up & part of the wood frame was broken, the chair was in perfect condition.

Best regards,
Bethesda Maryland

June 8, 2007

Hello Gary,

Thank you very much for following up with us.  I have been meaning to contact you.  The chair is wonderful.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about some of the claims, but it fits me (5'11"), my father (6'5"), and my mother (5'1") perfectly.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the delivery process was great, and the chair looks like it will be a wonderful addition to our lives.  Thank you very much.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

January 18, 2007


The rocker was indeed delivered on Monday, Jan 15; apparently it got stuck in Memphis and was not here for Friday the 12th as we had originally hoped, but with the ice storms between you and us, we certainly understood the delay.

The rocker was in great condition; the UPS guy even stuck around to help Richard unscrew the wood frame and remove the rocker from the box because he was so impressed with the solidity of the shipping container and was curious to see what everything looked like inside!

You must use the best corrugated cardboard available; I tried to break down the top portion of the box to put into recycle, and it will take some time to get it into recyclable pieces (our trash company is really picky about the size of items we put out weekly).  But the bottom box (the one with the frame on the bottom) is going to be recycled as our 5-year old granddaughter's "mobile home" as she calls it.  She was here for the day when the truck came and was ecstatic to have the box to play in!  We have moved it to a downstairs room off the walk-out basement until nicer weather prevails — then we will take it outdoors and she can imagine trips to her heart's content.

So then she came indoors, helped take off the bubble wrap, sat in the chair with me to give it a "test drive", and then proceeded to wrap herself in the bubble wrap to make a princess dress for herself.  Later this week, we will have the new granddaughter come over so we can all rock her in the chair.  It is beautiful and fits well into the space we made for it in the study-TV room.

Thank you for such a lovely product and for the excellent communication you provided regarding shipping, etc.  We hope to enjoy this for many years.

R. and L.W.
Maryland Heights, Missouri

December 22, 2006


I could tell by the cardboard and wood crate that you made to ship the chair, that I was about to appreciate what you had put together inside that crate.  Maybe it was because the feet on the platform of the crate were made from scraps of walnut!  Or possibly, because these days I'm not used to seeing such a carefully protected package sent via truck freight.  While unscrewing the crate, I knew then, the quality and the care you take in your production.

Thanks for the wonderful rocker, it's everything I expected and more than I deserve . . . but I'm still gonna enjoy it.  And thank you for the attentiveness and friendliness you extended for such a small order.

If you could be so kind as to mail me out a few additional Gary Weeks & Company furniture catalogs, I'd like to pass them along to some local friends.  Thanks again, and the previous invitation is always open to you in this part of the northern left coast.

Enjoy your holidays.
Caspar, CA

November 30, 2006

Hi Gary and all,

I've been sitting by the fireplace in my elegant rocking chair answering the phone as friends across the country knew that I was expecting arrival of my rocking chair this week.  They've been calling and asking for the details.  Everything with my rocking chair is exactly right.

There are few times in life when we have a moment that we can celebrate like this one:  the perfection of your rocking chair and stool, the well packed and the gracious delivery service are all examples of your care and concern.

Love and joy,
St. Charles, Missouri

November 30, 2006


The chair arrived intact and the driver commented on how well it was packed.  I opened the box and checked on the chair and I must say it is absolutely beautiful.  It is indeed a piece of art and everything that your website said it would be.  My wife will love it as she appreciates fine woodworking and furniture even more than I do.  Thanks for the wonderful chair and fine craftsmanship.

Missoula, Montana

November 8, 2006

Dear Gary –

Just to let you know our two daughters are absolutely thrilled with their rockers.

So were we when the girls broke open the packages and we all saw what beautiful items they are.  The workmanship is exquisite.

Fortunately we shipped them over unopened in your excellent packing cases: . . .

Thank you for our family heirlooms-to-be.

October 29, 2006


K. LOVES her rocker.  I can't say she has been off her rocker since it got here.  This has been the best birthday present I have ever gotten her.  OK, she did pick it out and I just ordered it, but WOW, she is happy.

I have to tell you, the picture in the New Yorker doesn't do your work justice.  You and your team are truly artists.  The chair is beautiful.

By the way, your packaging was ingenious.  We especially liked how you only used the foam packaging in the minimum spots you needed since that stuff doesn't recycle well.

Not only did I enjoy talking with you on the phone when I ordered, the whole process start to finish with your wonderful chair up to and including your email below has been great.

Thank you so much.  We will gladly be a reference.
Rye, New York

September 5, 2006

Dear Gary,

As you are aware, I was in for a wonderful surprise upon my return to my home in Winnipeg. The container was in the garage and it immediately tweaked my curiosity.  When Stewart told me it was an anniversary gift I decided to open it a bit later.  This allowed some time for a guessing game.  Needless to say, I could not figure it out.

What a beautiful rocker.  It is a work of art.  I wanted to put it on a pedestal so everyone would be able to admire the beauty of the wood but the rocker's form invites me to sit and relax.

I most certainly appreciate your talents as a craftsman.  Thank you.

S.S. (she)


The rocker arrived on time without damage of any kind due it's being very well packed and crated by your staff.  The chair is gorgeous — its flowing lines, the way the figure in the wood has been matched, details like the slight bevel in the arms where a person's forearms would naturally rest, and the way it's been oiled are a wonderful example of craftsmanship — is one of the most treasured things in our home.  I also want to express my thanks for the regular and ongoing correspondence during the interval from order to delivery.  It's been a pleasure to deal with you.

S.S. (he)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 6, 2006

The rocking chair did arrive on Tuesday without a problem.

The driver complemented you on how well you packaged the rocking chair.

The rocking chair is magnificent and we are really looking forward to giving it as a shower gift on Saturday.

Our only regret is we have to give it up.

Thank you for wonderful and prompt service. Everything worked out great

Green Bay, Wisconsin

September 9, 2005

Hi Gary,

We picked up the rocker last week and it is gorgeous.  Sorry we haven't got back to you but we've been in and out of town for a couple of weeks.  You definitely know how to ship it and we appreciate your attention to detail in the packing.  It was perfect when we got it.

Thanks again,
Salt Lake City, Utah

August 14, 2005

Mr. Weeks,

We received the chair on Thursday.  We love it — it exceeds our expectations.  Thank you.

I did, however, want to let you know that we had a little bit of trouble and confusion with the shippers.  They gave us a 4 hour window of 1-5PM, but didn't show up until 7:15PM.  As you warned, they were not willing to stick around for crate-opening.  In addition, we would have appreciated being warned that they were unwilling to take the chair inside.  My wife and our 10-month old baby had to go through a big to-do to get the delivery person to bring the crate up the stairs and inside our front door.  Given the shipping cost, we'd have expected things to work a little more smoothly.

We love the chair, though — it's a marvel of art, engineering and comfort.

Los Angeles, California

[ Unfortunately, P.L. missed the terms of the delivery covered on this page:  Shipping U.S..  And unfortunately, sometimes drivers are late and deliveries are sometimes awkward.  The price however, for delivery of a large, high value item (crated and sent halfway across the country in three or four business days), is very reasonable.   — GW ]

July 7, 2005

Dear Gary,

Thanks for your e-mail.  Yes, September is good for the two arm chairs.  The Rocker is really lovely, and the shipping crate was so good.  The neighbor kids are having a ball with it.  It will be a club house and many, many more things before it winds up on the curb.

Thanks again, everything was great.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 21, 2005


Thanks for your inquiry.  The rocker arrived in fine shape last week.  It was crated so well, even the truck driver commented:  "Gee, I guess that's not the kind of rocker you buy at the Old Country Store."  So true.

D. and M. were beside themselves over the quality of the construction and comfort of the rocker.  I have to admit I was skeptical until I went over to try out the chair myself.  I didn't want to get up out of it!  Your rockers are amazing.  Thanks again.

Smithfield, Virginia

June 20, 2005

Hi Gary,

I was going to write you an email today, but it looks like you beat me to it . . .  :)

Yes, I did get the chair yesterday and it is more beautiful than I'd imagined it!  It is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture . . .  The original design, the quality of the wood, and the impeccable craftsmanship makes it a one of a kind piece!

I would give the overall experience a 10/10 if it wasn't for the delivery . . .   The delivery company would not deliver on Saturdays, and could only give me 4-hour windows in the morning or afternoon.  That doesn't work for any person working full-time, as it effectively requires one to take a full day off.  The Stickely dresser I bought a few months back was delivered on a Saturday morning, and that worked out perfectly.  As the Overnite Transportation warehouse was just a few miles away from my office, I ended up driving there during lunch break to pick up the chair myself.  The crate would not fit in my Honda Pilot, so I had to disassemble it on-site . . .  Quite an ordeal.  In short, I'd suggest that you look into using a delivery company that does Saturday deliveries.

Thanks for such a beautiful chair!

Best regards,
San Francisco, California

[ I regret any inconvenience to any patron and work to keep it to the minimum.  However, the shipping prices quoted in our catalog and on the website are for the level of service noted in this email:  large appointment windows on weekdays only.  I can see how these specifications are problems for some, but the price cannot be beaten by any other carrier that I have found. The option of a Saturday delivery will cost at least twice our quoted prices, but I will be happy to arrange it for those who require and desire it.
— GW ]

May 23, 2005

Dear Gary-

We just received our gorgeous rocking chair delivered perfectly to Amsterdam this afternoon. My husband and I are really thrilled with it!  Thank you so much for creating something so special for us as we expect our first child.  It's a beautiful heirloom treasure which I am sure will be passed on to future generations!

(Also, thank you so much for your promptness in correspondence, your precise time table and impeccable packing and delivery.)

All the best,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

December 6, 2004


They just delivered the rocking chair, and it is perfect!  Beautiful!  Wonderful!

You warned me it would be a different color than the other cherry rocker you made me  (#629 in 2000), but the contrast was surprising.  My older chair is a beautiful rosy color now and I had never realized how it had changed.  Now that I know, it will be fun to watch the progress of the new chair.

The delivery folks were a joy to work with — very friendly setting up the delivery date, and excellent service when they arrived.

My two grown daughters will no longer have to fight over who "inherits" my rocker.  I just hope they don't decide to bump me off so they won't have to wait!

Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to the family.  Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever applies . . .

Ft. Worth, Texas

December 1, 2004


We are very pleased with the rocking chair.  It's extremely comfortable for M., and looks great in the nursery.

The shipping company delivered the package without problems, except for a tear in the bottom of the box, that resulted in no damage.  We are still waiting on the baby, but I'm sure that the chair will meet with the baby's approval, too!

Thanks very much,
Washington, D.C.

November 20, 2004

Yes, it arrived in fine shape.  It's beautiful and comfortable — thanks!

Sebastopol, California

October 18, 2004


Thank you for following up on our order, which was delivered on Friday 10/15  (there was a brief, untroubling delay at the terminal since Overnight wanted to send a smaller truck to negotiate the streets in our residential neighborhood).  The chair was very well crated and delivered in perfect condition.

Needless to say, we are delighted.  It is truly lovely, a sculptural, warm, and glowing presence in our soon-to-be baby's room.  And as to comfort:  well, let's just say your rocker exceeded our already-high expectations!  After many "trial sits" this weekend, I am still amazed at how my back, head, and neck are so well supported.  A good friend recently pointed out that once the baby is born and nursing begins, we'll be spending an enormous portion of our waking hours sitting in that chair.  I can't imagine a better spot.  Thank you.

E. E.
Crompond, New York

August 5, 2004

We did get it and we love it!  We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ."  It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too.  I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now!  The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too.  I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair.  Thanks for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.
San Francisco, California

July 3, 2004


Received the Terrell Side tables yesterday.  They are fantastic!  Your shipping containers are as well thought out as are the pieces you make.  They arrived perfectly and are beside my bed with the rocker and footstool at their side.  Being an old woodworker, I can say that your work is impeccable and exquisitely done.  Thanks again.  They will become heirlooms someday.

Omaha, Nebraska

April 16, 2003


I am more than happy with both the chairs and the delivery.  I had a party to welcome these new pieces, and one of my friends swore that the rocker was the most comfortable chair in which she had ever sat - I think she's right!  The rocker has become my favourite place to sip my morning coffee and read the newspaper.

Thanks for your good work and artistry.

St. Louis, MO

February 5, 2003


Briefly, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery man from Overnite was perhaps the most pleasant and courteous I've come across in years.  The crate was a pleasure in itself to "unwrap."

My wife was thrilled with the rocker, and used it last evening to rock (of course!) the baby to sleep.  Did I mention that R. and I have a 7 month, and a 23 month old sons?  More to follow, we hope.  I often comment to those professionals whom I refer business, that when they look good, I look good.  Let's say that your rocker made me look really good!

To conclude, the rocker is magnificent.

Best regards,
Pittsburg, PA

November 9, 2002

Hi Gary,

Further to my earlier message of congratulations, it is indeed a great day when the Weeks Rocker makes it to its third continent.  I'm as proud of that as you all are, I'm sure.  I'll be looking forward to updates on your website, if you plan to include Oz.  At least your map at home will need to expand somewhat!

I had to go to work just after sending the earlier message, but since I've got home — well, you know what the focus has been!!  I've looked at it from every angle and admired the grain orientation and juxtaposition, and the vast difference in such between the top and the bottom of the seat.  Wow, what attention to detail you have!

Of course I've been rocking plenty, but have to get up regularly just to look at and admire it, then I can sit down again and appreciate the shapes.

I look forward to introducing your work of art to my visitors, the first of whom comes tomorrow bearing my stools is one of my five brothers.  As yet I've not told any of them about the purchase, so it will be a pleasant surprise.

Looks like I'll be wiring the balance of US$1100 on Monday our time, so please let me know if you don't get it by the end of next week.

And I must thank you also for the ingenious construction of the crate the rocker arrived in and the degree of wrap.  Very light and simple to use.  Thanks also for the catalogues and letter accompanying the chair.  Indeed, the chair does speak for itself.

Melbourne, Australia

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