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Rocking Chair for the Nursery and for Nursing

Here we collect the testimonials of the handmade rocking chairs made by Gary Weeks and Company concerning nursing, nuturing and the nursery.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

July 23, 2018

Our beautiful cherry rocker just arrived Monday morning.  I did not get an advance call for 4 hour window so I'm very glad I was home when the driver called to say he would be here in an hour!  It was actually perfect timing since the sun is shining right now in Annapolis.  We are in a period of expected 10 days of rain so I have been worrying about a possible delivery in a downpour.

Our grandchild was "due" on the 21st so we've been wondering which would come first, the baby or the rocker .  You won!

Thank you for being so kind.  We look forward to many hours of cuddling our first grandchild in the wonderful rocker.  I love handmade things — I'm a pottery student — so appreciate all the attention to details in your work.

Annapolis, Maryland

March 20, 2018


It went well and it was nice to have the custom delivery.  The chair is absolutely beautiful and we love the tiger stripe on the surface of the wood.  I hope that it keeps that trait as it ages.

I hope to buy two or three more from you in the next 10 years as my sons get married and have children but we will see!

I hope to see you in July.

Take care!
Joshua, Texas

June 6, 2016

Gary, Austin and others:

First above anything else, thank you so much from the M. family for providing what has to be the most comfortable and relaxing chair in our entire house.  Not a day goes by where we don't admire its beauty or sit in its welcoming form.  Upon its arrival, I claimed it as my primary chair in the house.  Upon the birth of our daughter, mom has summarily displaced me from this fictitious right and uses it every day for nursing, comforting as well as some well deserved napping.  Each person that puts eyes on it for the first time is really quite taken with its beauty and craftsmanship.  We couldn't be more happy with having this chair in our house and as part of our family.  It will truly last a lifetime and beyond and I couldn't be more proud to pass this piece along to the future M. generation.

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful piece.  We absolutely love it.
D. & T.
Houston, TX

December 24, 2015

E. was born on 12/22/15.  She is amazingly beautiful!  We are bringing her home today and my wife and I are so looking forward to having her home and rocking her in our beautiful rocking chair.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and thank you and everyone at Gary Weeks and Co. for the outstanding service and products.  We all wish you and everyone there a very Merry Christmas.

God bless,
Montgomery, AL

November 6, 2015

Mr. Weeks,

I hope you're well.  When my wife became pregnant we began shopping for a nursing chair, hoping that the one we chose would last longer than my wife's nursing.  My wife found your company, and your passion for your work was immediately obvious.  We ordered a Weeks rocker and it has proved to be a gem in our home.

It served us well while my daughter was a baby, she is now almost three years old.  I admire that every detail, EVERY DETAIL, is deliberately thought out and expertly executed.  This rocker sacrifices neither form nor function and I am still amazed every time I sit in it; three years after we received it.  I feel like I am sitting in a work of art that was someone's life work.  I feel honored to sit in my rocker.

This morning my daughter was having fun on the rocker and we got some on video.  That prompted me to want to write and share my gratitude and the short video with you.  Please enjoy.

We look forward to getting the side table when our finances permit.  In the meantime we enjoy visiting the website and looking at your products.  Thank you for all for your work.

Chicago, IL

September 4, 2014

Hi Gary,

The chair arrived last night.  It is beautiful!  And even more comfortable than promised!  We are in love with it.  The baby is due in just under 6 weeks.  As we're setting up the nursery I am so happy to have this piece from our home state at the center.

Main Freight was great, they called when they were on the way and navigated our complicated building complex without complaining.  The crate just fit through all of the doors and elevators.  (In the photo you can see the crate arrived in great shape, and just fit inside our hall way!  NYC apartments really put these things to the test!)

Thank you so much for this chair.  We look forward to many rocking years.
Brooklyn, New York

July 31, 2014

Dear Austin and Gary,

I am so sorry for the belated expression of gratitude.  Moving has been a bear, and I whole-heartedly echo my mom's words, but I should have added my own sooner!

The rocking chair and accompanying pieces are truly wonderful.  The craftsmanship is breathtaking, and the wood immediately envelops a sitter in softness and warmth.  My husband, Brian, and I are gearing up for many changes as we look forward to our first baby's arrival in September, and the rocking chair already offers a sense of comfort in our new world.  We will treasure the chair, stool, and table as family heirlooms, and are so grateful to my parents and to you for providing pieces that will be passed down through generations.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Atlanta, Georgia

September 6, 2012


We received the delivery without any issues.  Thank you for the wonderful rocker.  The first thing we noticed was just how soft the wood felt — it is buttery to the touch!  The size of the chair is perfect  (it fit through our narrow hallways and doorways without an issue), and it looks amazing in our nursery. The rocker is a perfect addition to our home, and our baby is already starting to enjoy its soothing. The rocker is exactly what we wanted, and we look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

Thank you again for your quick responses, professional service, and amazing craftsmanship.  I've already passed your name along to a friend looking for a rocker.  And, rest assured that I will come calling again if  (when) we need another!

Best Regards,
Washington, DC

June 4, 2012


Allison and Michael received the rocker, unpacked it yesterday, are thrilled and appear to be vying for "practice sitting" hours in preparation for rocking their newborn in September.

Thank you so much for (1) creating this piece of art and (2) taking great care to make sure it arrived in Chicago safely.

Bastrop, Texas

November 23, 2011

Hi Gary.  The chair made it's way up here at last.  Thank you very much — it's beautiful and was well worth the wait.  Already easing her back in the last part of the pregnancy.

Thanks for everything.
Vancouver, British Columbia

July 16, 2011


Thanks so much for checking in.  It did, indeed, arrive today, in perfect condition, while we are still waiting for Miss J.  You have been tremendously helpful in working around my due date.

The rocker has the elegant lines and beautiful grain/smoothness I expected.  I am delighted with how comfortable it is as well.  Like many others in the review section, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon while testing it out.

Sleep, of late, has not been easy to come by, so this was pretty amazing.  My significant other has been amused by how excited I've been about the arrival of this chair.  This made it all the more gratifying when, after I made him sit down to try it, he didn't budge for almost an hour.  He has a bad back, and really enjoyed the fit of the rocker.  You have a new convert.  He was also extremely impressed with the workmanship and agrees that this is the loveliest piece of furniture we own.

Have a great rest of the summer and I'm sure we'll be back for a matching rocker before too long, perhaps if/when number two is coming along.


June 11, 2011


We received the rocker yesterday, the same day we brought our baby boy home from the hospital — perfect timing!  The rocker is absolutely beautiful and our little one has already enjoyed a number of rocking sessions in it — he's a fan too!

Thank you again for getting the rocker to us early, and of course, for the amazing craftsmanship that went into building it!  It will be treasured in our family for years to come.

Blessings to you and your family,
Wheaton, Illinois

June 7, 2011

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived today!  We absolutely love it.  My wife says it is so comfortable and it looks fantastic in the baby room.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Thanks so much!
Denver, Colorado

January 6, 2011


So sorry for the delay in writing you back, we got swamped by people over the holidays wanting to admire our daughter  (and our rocking chair).  It did arrive  (on her birthday), and it is beautiful.  It lives up to the expectations set by your marketing.  And, it even puts a baby to sleep.

Happy New Year!
Washington, DC

January 3, 2011


Thanks for your email!  We are LOVING our rocking chair!

Prior to the chair's arrival, we couldn't get A. to spend any time in her little sister's room.  Now that the chair is in E.'s room, we can't get A. to play anywhere else . . . the girl loves to rock!  You may hear from us again soon, as A. is already lobbying for a chair in her room, too.  We may compromise on an outside chair we can all enjoy on our new patio.  Not sure how the negotiations will go — for a toddler, she drives a hard bargain.

Have a great 2011!

Take care,
Boerne, Texas

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
— E.M. Forster

December 23, 2010

Hi Gary,

The chair is finally here — arriving only minutes before my wife got home from work!  She is very surprised, and we are both very happy with the chair.  It's the perfect combination of comfort and beauty.  We're looking forward to spending a lot of wide-awake nights, rocking our (pending in June) baby to sleep!

Thanks for your careful attention and help through the ordering and shipping process.

Happy holidays to your and your family!

Best regards,
R. and K.
Point of Rocks, Maryland

December 8, 2010


I forgot to email you yesterday.  We received the rocker.  It is beautiful.  There is no damage from the transportation and delivery.

We look forward to many years of rocking our babies to sleep in this rocker.

Thank you,
La Grange, Illinois

November 23, 2010

Dear Gary,

Our rocking chair arrived, and it is even more beautiful than when it left our home in California this summer.  Thank you so much.  My back is so much happier when I feed the baby, and our three year old said, upon seeing it, "I just love our rocking chair."  Thank you, once again, for your seamless craftmanship.  We will value it for many, many years to come.

Best to you and your family,
Orono, Maine

October 26, 2010

Hi Gary,

Our dining chairs arrived recently, and I can't tell you how pleased we are.

They're comfortable and so beautiful, a source of pleasure all the way around.  Ever since we completed our family's first-grandbaby-Weeks-rocking-chair program, my husband has longed to own a Weeks chair himself.  Now he has six, and couldn't be happier.

Thank you for your craftsmanship.
L. and J.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


Hi again Gary — those rocking chairs have been a source of pleasure for the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, AND the babies.  Now that they are getting big, the kids settle in with a book, although they all like sitting with a squishy grownup who will read to them.  Those rockers rank up there with education as money well spent.

Thanks again.

September 30, 2010

Yes, we did receive the rocker and we have delivered to the baby shower house, my son unwrapped it and said it is beautiful, although I haven't personally seen it and won't until Sunday.

Thank you so much.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

April 15, 2010

Hi Gary,

The rocker and stool arrived in perfect condition.  They are both beautiful.

A. was born on April 1.  She and I enjoy rocking in it each day.  I look forward to using it for years to come.  Thanks for making such beautiful pieces.

Houston, Texas

December 8, 2009

Good Morning Austin,

The rocker arrived yesterday!  WOW — thank you so much.  The kids were speachless and just love it.  Ash called Alex who is in Iraq to tell him about it — they both were so touched.  Ashley says it is absolutely beautiful and extremely comfortable.  When I go out in a few weeks for the birth, will take photos and send.

Thank you so much for extreme attention to detail and shipping the rocker so quickly.

Merry Christmas!
Huntington Beach, California

August 11, 2009

hey gary,

thanks for the e-m.  yes . . . L. has arrived and she is a delight.  she and C. are doing very well. the rocker is working out even better than expected . . . we love it.  it is smooth rocking and very comfortable.  i honestly can't imaging being a father without this chair.  thanks for making it easier for us to better nurture our daughter.

thanks again for the e-m and hope all is well in the hill country,
Alpine, Texas

August 7, 2009

Dear Gary,

Our first son, R., was born on July 23 in Dallas.  Already he is enjoying the pleasures of being rocked to sleep in our beautiful new Weeks rocker.  It’s the perfect height for anyone who wants to hold and cuddle him and comfortable for the duration of long rocking sessions!  We’ll send you a photograph as soon as we sort through the dozens taken since R. joined this world.

Thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship.  D. and I consider ourselves mere caretakers of a beautiful piece that others will enjoy for generations to come.

All best wishes,
Dallas, Texas

July 16, 2009

Thank you.  She likes the chair, it fits well, and said it "makes me feel maternal".

Salem, Oregon

April 9, 2009

Hello Gary –

The chair has arrived!  The delivery company did a great job — they called yesterday and gave me a 2-hour delivery window; they showed up at the beginning of that window.  The package appeared completely unmolested, and the contents (chair and footstool) look perfect.

Little H. was a bit impatient to arrive; his due date was April 5, but he was born on April 2, so he's one week old today.  K. is still asleep, trying to catch up after a long night, so she has not yet seen the chair, but I'm sure she will love it.  I'll try to get a picture of mother and babe in the chair when the opportunity arises.

Thank you very much for your flexibility in finding a solution when our original specification proved problematic.  I'm sure the chair and stool will be family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

S. and K.B.
Seattle, Washington

November 12, 2008


The rocking chair arrived yesterday.  It's beautiful and looks to be in perfect condition after the trip.  J. loves it and took pictures of it in the nursery to send to her sister and mom.  You may or may not know, but there is a new trend for moms-to-be to get a "push" present.  Your rocker has made a fantastic push present.

Thank you and happy holidays to you and your family.

Charlotte, North Carolina

October 23, 2008

Dear Gary Weeks,

The chair arrived on Monday and it is spectacular.  The walnut is deep and luminous.

To be honest, I had wondered how a wooden chair could be as comfortable as you and your customers claim.  But it's true!  The chair is comfortable to both me (I'm 5'11") and my husband (He's 5'8").  Even though it's made of wood, it's incredibly soft and supportive.

We are expecting our second child in a couple of weeks, and even at 9 months pregnant I can rock comfortably with our daughter, who's three.  I'm so looking forward to nursing and rocking our baby, too.

You really do make a beautiful chair.

Ventura, California

September 29, 2008


The rocker arrived on time and in perfect condition.  It's beautiful and made a terrific birthday gift for my partner.  Thanks for the great service you and your crew provided.

We're looking forward to using the chair often when our baby arrives in November.

Boulder, Colorado

September 3, 2008


After reading practically all of your website and my wife none of it, I had to laugh when the first thing she said after sitting in our new cherry rocker was "It fits me perfectly."  We moved it into the completed nursery today; it looks beautiful.  We look forward to rocking even more when the baby arrives in a couple of weeks.

As someone who dabbles in woodworking, the craftsmanship is inspiring.

Fredonia, New York

August 23, 2008

Dear Gary,

The rocker came on Friday, August 22nd as I had scheduled.  We love it!  It is so beautiful and goes so well with the rest of the nursery furniture.  I will send a picture once my little one is born of us using it.  Thank you again for making sure I got the rocker before I had my baby.

Arlington, Virginia

July 18, 2008


Have been travelling this week and just got home to find my 8 months pregnant wife rocking happily in her new chair.  She loves it and I have to say its a beautiful piece of work by you.  My wifes friend came around and commented "do you have a cushion for it" my wife told her it was so soft that you didn't need one and as soon as her friend sat it the chair she got the message.

Have to say the workmanship is outstanding and the chair has a nice modern feel about the look.

Both our mothers are coming to stay after the baby arrives so there may be some fighting over who gets the chair!

Thanks again.
Stamford, Connecticut

July 14, 2008

Hey Gary,

I am so delighted to finally be able to send this e-mail.  On Tuesday July 8, S. and I became parents to healthy baby boy.  His name is A.B.  He weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and came out 21.75 inches long.  We brought him home on Friday and I can't tell you how invaluable the rocking chair has already been, not just for photo ops.  I am the master rocker when he gets fussy and that is the number one trick up my sleeve.  I have already spent more hours in that chair these past 3 days than I have in the months leading up to his birth, and I expect to spend many more days & nights rocking him to sleep and eventually reading to him.  It feels great, runs like a dream.  It is everything I was hoping the chair would be when we found you on the internet.  It is important work that you do.  So thank you again for making such a wonderful chair.

Brooklyn, New York

May 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the refinishing offer.  I don't think the chair would fit in my car or I would take you up on it.

I have to tell you that chair is the most beautiful work of art I have ever purchased.  The moment I saw it, I knew it would be coming home with me.  You are so incredibly talented.  I paid $1,000 for it at Whit Hanks.  I remember because it was my Christmas bonus check from work.  I knew if I did not buy it, I would regret it.

Thank you so much for the years of enjoyment and the wonderful memories of rocking my baby girls over the years

Austin, Texas

May 14, 2008

Gary —

We did indeed get the chair and it is magnificent.  It's amazingly well-built and solid, but also very comfortable.  I rocked our seven-month-old in it last night when he woke up at 3 — he went back to sleep nicely, thank goodness.  And my tall husband also finds the chair comfortable and a good place to sit with the baby.

We're very happy with the chair.  It's obviously the product of exquisite workmanship.  It's a lovely thing to look at and even better to touch.  The satiny feel of the wood under my hands is incredible.

Brooklyn, New York

April 15, 2008

It is the most beautiful piece in our nursery, by far and has already been praised as a "family heirloom" . . . I do look forward to rocking my baby come June.

Thank you.
Houston, Texas

March 19, 2008


Thank you so much, my wife loves it.  It was a Valentine's day gift for her.  She is 13 weeks pregnant with our first child and looks forward to soothing the kids to sleep.

Thank you again.

Brooklyn, New York

December 20, 2007


Although the package was damaged, the chair is okay.  Well, actually it is perfect!!!  It is exactly what I was looking for, and the new mother is very pleased.  I really appreciate all of your help in tracking the chair and I know that we will enjoy this chair for many years to come.  I hope that you and your family have a very good Christmas . . .

Park City, Utah

November 12, 2007

I have been meaning to write today to let you all know — it has been one of those days in the markets.

We received the crate on Thursday and I was able to unpack it only on Friday (got home late Thursday).  I had a half day off on Friday since I had to babysit my newborn daughter.  So I unpacked it Friday afternoon.

The crate arrived safely, without any damage, and I slid the chair right out just as directed.

What a beauty. It really looks fabulous.  The inlay is just what I had in mind — I really appreciate the work on it.  And the wood and the construction is just solid and really beautiful.

And it was a treat to spend Friday afternoon with the chair unpacked and the ability to sit and rock in it.  My daughter loves it — just to be held and rocked.

And I'd like Gary to know that my wife — who eyed it suspiciously when she first saw it — eventually sat in it and rocked and I think has come around to it (though it might take a couple of weeks for the admission to come out).  I think she appreciated the fact that Italy appeared in front of Tennessee and Kentucky lest anyone wonder who's in charge here.

But we love it — it's a very welcome addition to our home and something that I hope we will have and cherish for many many years.

Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship, the beautiful materials and the attention to service.  It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

I'll get a picture in the mail, and I hope to hear about Gary's Italy trip when he returns.

New York, New York

September 23, 2007


We love our new Weeks Rocker.  The rocker arrived on Tuesday, and S. delivered our first child on Wednesday (4 days early).  I joke with her that she held out until the rocker arrived.  The chair looks perfect in our nursery and we look forward to years of pleasure rocking with our baby.

Again, thank you for providing such a perfect chair for our family.
Lodi, California

July 6, 2007

Hi Gary!

Yes, S. got the rocker on Monday!!  I've been out of town since then, and just got home to the good news.  She LOVES it, as does the grandmother (my sister), the new dad, and everyone else that's rocked in it.  I can't wait to visit and see the new baby as well as the new rocker. Thank you and your team so very much for getting it out so quickly.  The baby had been home only 2 days before it arrived.  And please don't forget to let me know if you ever get any pecan wood.

Thank you again,
San Francisco, California

July 3, 2007

Dear Gary,

I had meant to write a bit sooner, but things have been quite busy.  We have received the rocker, of course, and it is every bit as beautiful and comfortable as the ones in your showroom.  We have already gotten a number of compliments on it, as well as great enjoyment from simply sitting in it and reading in our sun room.  I fear that when our son is born I will no longer get to sit in it much . . . we already fight over it a bit, and I won't have any leverage once nursing starts.  We will be sure to send you pictures.

Princeton, New Jersey

June 13, 2007

We LOVE our rocker . . . thanks so much.  It has been a life saver for our new little girl N.

I spoke to Aubrey yesterday — but the rocker arrived Monday with NO problems.

N. and dad in a Gary Weeks RockerYou have all been amazing.

I'll send pictures of N. and her dad in the rocker in a bit.

El Segundo, California

Hi there.  No time to weed these out for just good rocker shots, but thought you would love the ones of my husband D. holding little N. in your masterpiece!  :-)  Feel free to use in your marketing.

All my best wishes and many thanks,

June 13, 2007


Today our son turned 6 months and we've had our beautiful rocker for just one week longer than that.  Upon opening the crate I knew immediately that my wife and I really had our first work of art for our home.  It compliments our nursery perfectly and would compliment the style of any room in our home that we might later choose for it.  Your chair rocks like a champ and certainly served its purpose rocking our son to sleep for those first testing weeks.  One thing I did not expect was for the chair to be so soft and touchable.  I have never before experienced such incredible smoothness in a sanding job; nor have I seen any craftsmanship glow the way this chair does!

Now that your rocker has been officially crowned a family heirloom, I had to send you our sincerest thanks.  Your special care in sizing and cutting our chair back inscription is priceless, and I recommend it to anyone looking to make their chair truly unique.  You really do offer an incredible piece at truly a bargain price.  You should continue to be proud of the work you and your shop turns out.  I look forward to purchasing a dining room set from you in a few years when we are more capable.  Thank you again!

Chicago, Illinois

May 28, 2007

Thank you, Gary.  We are very pleased with the rocker and it looks very nice in our nursery. We look forward to many hours of happy rocking when our baby gets here!  It could be any day now.

Houston, Texas

May 11, 2007

Hi Gary,

To be honest, I cannot remember if I have emailed you since the chair was delivered . . . So I'm making sure by emailing regardless.

The chair arrived without damage and is magnificent!  S. loved it from the start, and has barely gotten out of it since coming back from the hospital on Tuesday with our baby boy (C.).  It is remarkable how soothing the rocking motion is both for mother and baby, and she has dozed off numerous times with C. cradled comfortably in her arms.

It is a big hit, and was delivered with perfect timing!

Thanks again for all the effort.
Calgary, Alberta

May 11, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that the rocking chair was delivered on Wednesday and my husband and I absolutely love it!  We could not be more thrilled!

Thank you so much for making us (and our soon-to-be-born baby) the beautiful rocking chair!
I know we will use it, cherish it and keep it for years to come!

Chicago, Illinois

April 4, 2007


The rocker is here, and is comfy and gorgeous!  J.D. arrived on 3/22, and my husband D. arranged to pick up the rocker before we were discharged from the hospital.  We are looking forward to many years of enjoying the rocker.

thanks much,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 10, 2007

Dear Gary,

No need to apologize.  The chair is everything you said, and more.

My wife and I, and the baby, are all really enjoying the chair.  It is very comfortable.  Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Santa Cruz, California

February 19, 2007


We have a newborn baby at home, and my wife reports that the rocker is PERFECT for nursing, the best chair we have.  A selling point, perhaps?

Austin, Texas

January 30, 2007


We did indeed receive the rocker last night.

It is indeed a work of art.

My wife was very pleased with it and it fits her great.

We look forward to many good hours in it with the new baby.

Thank you for your prompt email communication and professionalism.

Durham, North Carolina

January 10, 2007


Thank you so much for following-up.  Yes, we received the chair and it is absolutely beautiful. My wife loves it!!

It looks great in the room with the baby furniture.  I'll send you a picture if I get a chance. (in between naps . . .)

We are both looking forward to many years in this fine chair.

Thank you again.

Take care,
Springfield, Pennsylvania

January 8, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that we love the rocking chair you made for us.  Sometimes, especially late at night, rocking is the only way we can get our little 8 week old Brendan to sleep.  Thank you and Happy New Year!

San Francisco, California

December 4, 2006

The chair arrived and it is beautiful!

Our "late in life" baby came early, things actually started happening a few hours after I placed my order with you, and we could not be happier with either delivery.  Our older daughters, both teenagers, have requested that the chair be passed onto them . . .

Thank you for your great creation and your wonderful customer service!

Pineville, Louisiana

November 19, 2006

Hi Gary,

We got the chair on Tuesday.  Just in time since our daughter was born last Sunday  (three weeks early).  The chair is beautiful and very comfortable, perfect for nursing.


Boston, Massachusetts

October 31, 2006

Hi Gary,

Greetings from Whistler, BC.  Here are a few pictures of W. and Myself with our Weeks Rocker. As you can see in the second picture, the nursery is nearing completion with paint etc. . . . just a few things left to do . . . but the bags are packed in the event of an early arrival of baby.

We are so happy with the beautiful craftsmanship and obvious care that goes into the Weeks Rocker.  As the pictures show, the rocker looks incredible in the room.  The Chair far exceeded my expectation when ordering.  The chair is the first family heirloom that W. and I have introduced to the family, and we look forward to future generations taking pride in having it be passed on in the family.

Thanks again for all your help in getting this chair to me on time.  We will update you when the baby comes and be sure to send along a few photos with baby and us with the chair.

Warm Regards,
D. and W.C.
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

October 9, 2006


It arrived without a blemish.  M. and K. were absolutely thrilled!  The baby is due any day now and M.'s Mom is packed with a plane ticket in her purse.  Thanks for the great design and workmanship.  The plaque was also a surprise and they immediately realized they had a family heirloom, and a most useful one at that.  The rocker will be put to a most valuable service very soon.  I will be in Phoenix for Christmas and will get to see it and put it to use with the new grandson.  What a thrill!

Thanks for the great job you and all your craftsmen and caring employees are doing.  They clearly enjoy their work.  It shows.

Houston, Texas

August 8, 2006

Just wanted to let you know how much our son and daughter-in-law appreciate your wonderful rocker.  It arrived at their home today in perfect condition.  The first words from our son were, "the finish is so spectacular that it feels soft" — followed immediately by, "this is the most beautiful piece of furniture that I have ever seen".

I'd say that is one happy couple!

Thank-you so much for your craftsmanship and devotion to customer satisfaction.  I suspect that we may order a rocker for our own home soon.

Best Wishes and continued success,
Sharpsburg, Georgia

PS, in a recent publication identifying the 100 must have's for expectant parents, your Rocker was mentioned.  Congratulations!

Rocking Baby N. in a Weeks RockerAugust 5, 2006

Hi Gary,

I meant to write you as soon as the chair was delivered on August 2nd, but it turns out we were busy with another delivery that day.  Our daughter was born at 10pm! Grandpa came home from the hospital to receive the chair, where it sat until I opened the crate this morning.

It is now our favorite place to nurse, cuddle, and contemplate our amazing little N.  (as you can see in the attached picture).  The chair is truly beautiful, and I'm very happy with our choice of cherry.

Thanks again
San Francisco, California

May 8, 2006

Hi Gary,

Well, she liked it!  I bet you get these kind of notes all the time!  I am anxious to see it for myself.  But we won't be returning it!  Thanks again for your quality product and service!

K. G.
LuVerne, Iowa

[ K.G. bought a chair for her daughter, A.G., who sent the note below to her mother after receiving it.   — G.W. ]


Yes!  The chair is fantastic!  I honestly did not really believe the website that said that these chairs fit everybody, but it's true.  So far, 7 people have sat in it (I hosted study group this afternoon and we had our prenatal appointment here tonight) and not only did they all say it was super comfortable (what else could they say to me, really?), but it looked like it fit all of them.  It's really, really comfortable.  I'll have C. take a picture of it and send it tomorrow. Thank you so much for it!!!

St. Paul, Minnesota

April 7, 2006


Sorry for the long time in responding.  The chair arrived in Jerusalem in fine shape in early March.  It is extraordinary.  M. uses it for most of her nursing, especially at night.  Little baby J. also seems to appreciate the work you all put into making it beautiful.  Thanks so much for your help and the professionalism of your business.

Best regards,
Jerusalem, Israel

March 25, 2006


The rocker is beautiful!  I'm in Chicago for 2 weeks but before I left the wife and baby were happily enjoying the rocker!  It's amazing how it's such a perfect fit — I don't know how you do it but keep doing it!

L. A.
Twain Harte, California

March 3, 2006

Hi Gary,

I just wanted you to know the rocker arrived in perfect condition.  It is just beautiful, what wonderful craftsmanship.  It has worked its magic on my daughter, who has fallen asleep in minutes every night.  So comfortable for both of us.

Thank you so much,
Middleton, Wisconsin

February 23, 2006

Hi Gary,

We received the rocker without incident on Tuesday.  Our baby girl arrived a bit early but we have already begun to enjoy the chair with her.  My wife was particularly impressed with your attention to detail across all the many aspects of your promotion, salesmanship, execution, delivery, and follow-up.

Thank you,
Bethesda, Maryland

February 15, 2006


Thanks for following up so quickly.  The shipping company actually called on Friday and set up delivery for today.  We received the chair and could not be more pleased.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I know my wife will get a lot of use out of it rocking our baby boy due in late June . . . that is assuming she can get me out of the chair.  Thank you so much, will get back to you when I have saved up for another!

S. R.
Lisle, Illinois

December 27, 2005


My husband got me a cherry rocker for Christmas and it's GORGEOUS!  We first saw your rocking chairs in Salado, Texas probably about 8 years ago.  We knew that when we had a child that we would want a Weeks Rocker.  Well, our daughter is due in a few weeks and the rocker is the perfect Christmas present.  It is the most beautiful piece of furniture and so comfortable!

Thank you so much!
Chicago, Illinois

December 24, 2005

Dear Weeks Family,

It's been a few months since my husband and I were in your studio, but I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our rocking chair.  We are the couple that dropped in late one afternoon to look at your chairs for our nursery.  When we got home with our daughter, whom we adopted from Colombia, I went straight upstairs to sit and feed her in our beautiful rocker. I continue to use it everyday and whenever someone comes over to see us I just can't wait to show it off!

It was such a pleasure to meet you and your wife that day.  I couldn't be happier with our purchase and the service we received from you both.  It's heart-warming to know there are still family-owned companies that put so much of themselves into their product — it really shows how dedicated you are to your craft.  We will cherish the rocker for many years.

Thanks so much!
Cedar Park, Texas

December 23, 2005


The rocker arrived in perfect shape.  I have already rocked my grandson, Rueben (age one month), in it, and he thinks that it is a great ride.  I plan to put a lot of miles on it over the holidays.

This is a very good product — the lines, proportion and finish are of superb quality.  Thank you for your courtesy in following up on the delivery.  Merry Christmas to you, too.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

December 14, 2005

Gary, the rocker arrived last night in perfect shape.  It's beautiful.  I now have the perfect chair to rock my newborn, J. E. ( Dec 6).  I am sure we will derive great pleasure from your creation. Truly a work of art.  Thanks again and best wishes for the Holidays to you and your family.

Califon, New Jersey

PS:  When I am back in Texas I'll be sure and stop in.  My sister lives in New Braunfels and I am becoming a big fan of your part of the country.

November 9, 2005

Hi Gary,

I received the rocking chair just yesterday and I love it!!  It is a truly beautiful chair and so comfortable.  I rocked my baby in it as soon as he woke up and he was very calm and looked like he was really enjoying it too!

Thank you very much for rushing it to me.  I really appreciate your extra effort.

Thanks again!
Reston, Virginia

August 24, 2005

Dear Gary:

The rocker did arrive yesterday in perfect condition!  We have been fighting over who will sit in it ever since!

I have not formally introduced myself, I am a 5th generation native Texan and lived in Austin until 10 years ago.  I miss the hill country something fierce at times.  Getting your rocker was a little piece of heaven.  It is absolutely stunning.  A. was so excited when it arrived!  Your commitment and integrity to producing something so lovely is rare.

P.S.  We have 8 month old twins — and a 3 and a half year old son.  It's quite a sight to see me hold all of them at once in that rocker.  I only wished we'd found you and the rocker sooner!

J. and A.
Washington, D.C.

August 18, 2005

The chair arrived on Monday without incident.  It looks beautiful in the nursery — now just a couple weeks and the baby will be here.  Thank you very much.  You do beautiful work!

Jacksonville, Illinois

August 11, 2005


Thanks for checking up on your progeny.  I cheerfully accept responsibility for care and feeding from now on.

I have rocked a while (in secret) and am happy to report that this chair is a fine example of quality craftsmanship and beautiful material.

My wife will not know its comfort until her birthday on September 2 and the little girl who's on the way; she should be in the chair sometime around the end of November.  I'll send along a note once we are all able to enjoy the chair.

This whole exchange has been a pleasure.  Thanks to you and everyone who had a hand in making this happen.  Please share this note with your people.

Moorpark, California

August 9, 2005


I gotta tell you, yours is a unique business.  I run a company that receives shipments in excess of $300,000/year – I have NEVER had a vendor track a shipment like you, even when that shipment was worth over $50,000.  I'm always the one trying to chase stuff down.  I can only assume this is indicative of the quality of work you do everywhere.

Thank you.
W. D.
Hailey, Idaho


August 11, 2005


R. called the carrier on Tuesday morning.  They said they'd give her number to the driver who would call and arrange for delivery.

He didn't call.

It didn't matter, she was home.  The chair came in yesterday.

There was very minor damage to the crate, but the chair is fine.

The chair is better than fine, it's beautiful.  I took lots of pictures of R. opening the crate, removing the bubble wrap, and sitting in it right there in the garage before we could even get it in the house!  It was like a neighborhood event with multiple neighbors stopping by.  I took more pictures of her and the chair in the new nursery.  I can't wait to take pictures of her rocking our first, little F., due in 4 weeks.  If you're dying to see your chair in action, let me know and I'll email you some.

We are very pleased with our purchase.  I had no idea the chair would be as solid as it is; the seat, the arms, the legs, everything is nice and thick.  We planned for this chair to be in our family for generations, and that will obviously be no problem.  We've been working on the nursery for a while, but last night R. called me in, and with tears in her eyes told me that the room now feels like the baby's room.

R's already talking about how she needs the footstool; we'll have to check the budget.

Feel free to use us as a satisfied customer reference.  R. said "This is not only the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat in, but one of the most comfortable chairs period."

Gary, your work is outstanding and we appreciate it.

W. D.
Hailey, Idaho

August 8, 2005

Dear Gary,

P. just brought me home from the hospital today with our son B.  The chair did, indeed, arrive before the stork!  It is so very beautiful, and I am looking forward to nursing B. in it tonight during his first night home.  There are very few places I can feel comfortable sitting at the moment, and I have tested the rocking chair already and found that it is one of the few!  Thank you so much for your efforts to get it here quickly!

B. is a beautiful baby, and we're so happy and thankful he's finally here.  He's very well deserving years and years of nursing and nurturing from his Mom and Dad in his beautiful rocker.

Thank you again for everything.

All the best,
Sullivan, Maine

June 17, 2005

Hi again, Gary —

Just to let you know the rocker arrived in perfect condition and is gorgeous.  J. and his parents love it, and it's been a rare pleasure for me to rock my little grandson in a chair we've looked forward to almost as much as the baby!

Thanks for your craftsmanship and care
Salt Lake City, Utah

PS- — when the second daughter announces a pregnancy, we'll be in touch again.

June 10, 2005


We finally decided to keep the chair, it's just too beautiful and comfortable to return.  The chair is so close to what we have been looking for in a rocker that it would be foolish to make the width of the chair too much of an issue.  Our daughter really loves rocking with us, she laughs and giggles and it's wonderful to see how much she, too, enjoys the rocker.  Is it possible that the wood has started changing colors?  It seems to me that the wood is already richer and darker than when the chair first arrived even though it seems kind of quick to me.

Thanks again for your help and comments; the chair will be a great memory for us, especially when we will return to Europe someday.  We love things that are built to last and not to toss and it's wonderful to see that this kind of work you provide still exists!

Thank you!
I. E.
New York, New York

June 1, 2005

Dear Gary, Leslie and Company,

I wanted to let you know that your gorgeous rockers arrived here yesterday in perfect condition.  The toughest part was deciding which one to keep and which to give to my mom. They are both beautiful, yet very different.  I have already rocked the baby to sleep twice in the chairs.  I only wish I'd had them sooner.  S. really likes running her little hands over the arms of the chairs and looking closely at the patterns in the wood.  She is a very detail oriented baby!  (Must be her dad's influence as it sure isnΉt mine.)   I am sure we will love them for generations to come.  I keep telling S. that someday that chair will be hers.

Thank you again for your beautiful work.  I would recommend your chairs to anyone.
N. and S.  (and husband C. too)
Gilbert, Arizona

PS:  At 5'5", 6'2" and 27" we all fit comfortably in the chair.

May 26, 2005


I'm sorry I have been long in responding.  We left town for a couple of weeks right after the rocker arrived, and I'm still catching up.

What can I say about the chair, it is everything we hoped for and more.  When my wife and I rock our 18 month old little girl in it, she loves to rub her hand over the smooth soft finish. Now this may be a sleep delay tactic but I prefer to think that she appreciates the fine work.

Thanks again,
B. B.
Houston, Texas

May 23, 2005

Dear Gary-

We just received our gorgeous rocking chair delivered perfectly to Amsterdam this afternoon. My husband and I are really thrilled with it!  Thank you so much for creating something so special for us as we expect our first child.  It's a beautiful heirloom treasure which I am sure will be passed on to future generations!

(Also, thank you so much for your promptness in correspondence, your precise time table and impeccable packing and delivery.)

All the best,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

May 6, 2005

The wife is rocking.  Chair arrived in great shape.  Wife is really happy with the chair.  Glad we decided to ship a little early.  She was stressing a bit about not having a rocking chair.

Once she has been able to use it more, she'll likely have more feedback.  The couple times I have sat in it, I have been impressed with how well it fits the body.  It is pretty safe to say that she is very happy with the chair.

Thanks for all your help and efforts.
Tigard, Oregon


Mr. Weeks,

You have apparently been working with my husband for some time now.  My new rocking chair was delivered yesterday and John presented it to me for my birthday.  It is beautiful and tremendously comfortable.  I know I will enjoy this rocker for a long time.  It really completes our baby's new room nicely.

Tigard, Oregon

April 1, 2005


Yes, the Rocker has arrived safely.  Its really a beautiful piece and my wife and the little one enjoying it already.  I wonder if I get to read the newspaper in it one day  ;)  Thank you very much!

Best regards,
U. S.
New York, New York

March 30, 2005


Many apologies for the delay in my thank you.  The move to my new home was successful and you were great at rerouting the delivery of the cherry rocker and stool.  Simply put the rocker and stool are superb!  The packaging was beat up a bit as expected but the cherry rocker and stool were not harmed in any way.  Going over them entirely by hand with my eyes closed, there were no snags or hang ups to be found and it was as smooth as my new baby's skin.  I am 5'6" and my husband is 6' yet it fits us both like gloves.  I am very impressed and rock my 6 month old son in it very comfortably.

Thank you again,
K. W.
Fairfield, California

March 5, 2005


The chair arrived Thursday as planned, and the baby came home from the hospital Friday  (earlier than planned).
Chair works great . . . and looks great!  I am very happy with my investment!

Very impressive piece of work!

B. H.
Chalfont, Pennsylvania

February 23, 2005

Hi Gary,

Here it is.  A happy mother rocking already with the baby.  We are totally happy with the chair.  The only bad news was that French customs were much more expensive then expected  (533 euros, which is about twice the amount you mentioned initially; this is something you have to know for future transactions!).

[ Ouch!  I get an estimate for duties and taxes from my agent and forward that amount to people in another country who are considering a purchase.  The customs and duty charges on previous shipments to France have been accurate.  Apparently, however, it is impossible for me to get a firm and correct quote for duties and taxes to every country, every time.  This experience makes me reluctant to estimate duties and taxes on an international shipment.
 — GW]

Thanks for the efficiency in processing it all so as to make it available on time.  And congratulations for the design:  being born in Canada at a time when rocking chairs were very popular, I can tell you this one is really, really, well done.

All the best
C. M.
Paris, France

January 24, 2005

Hi Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition mid-November.  We've been enjoying it very much.  B. gave birth to our first child last week and they love spending time rocking together.  There is one slight problem:  when B. nurses Z. in the chair, she can't rock or he'll fall right to sleep!  All of our visitors comment on how beautiful and comfortable the rocker is — and believe me, we've had plenty of visitors.  The chair fits everyone:  from a petite 5' 2" to a heavy 6' 3".

Thanks for your attention to detail on this new addition to our home  (the chair, that is).
F. A.
San Diego, California

January 5, 2005


S. ordered the rocking chair for the arrival of our baby.  We absolutely love it.  I was reluctant to believe that it would be comfortable without a cushion, however, it is unbelievably comfortable.  We love rocking our baby in it.  Now if we could just get him to sleep for us!

Thanks for the beautifully designed and perfectly comfortable chair!
Chicago, IL

December 28, 2004

Grandbaby showed up on 12-22-2004.
Thomas Alan C.
7-2 oz
21 inches

Brought him home on Christmas Eve.
Started rockin Christmas morning.

Everyone loved the chair.
Hope the chair will link many C. generations to come.

The C.'s
Memphis, Tennessee

December 19, 2004


The rocker is beautiful.  My granddaughter was rocked to sleep within 20 minutes after the chair arrived.  It really works.  The engraving is perfect, N. was really surprised.  Thanks for the great addition to our home.

Best of Luck,

Houston, Texas

December 6, 2004


Yes, I received the chair in excellent condition.  I just opened it this morning and gave it a test run and it looks and feels GREAT!  What a beautiful piece of work.  I'm torn between saving it until Christmas to give to K. or go ahead and give it to her now so she can enjoy it immediately.  The baby isn't due until February, but she could use it now, I'm sure.

Thanks for making and sending such a great product.  I look forward to the day that I can pass it down to my children for them to use many years from now.

M. M.
Clovis, New Mexico

December 1, 2004


We are very pleased with the rocking chair.  It's extremely comfortable for M., and looks great in the nursery.

The shipping company delivered the package without problems, except for a tear in the bottom of the box, that resulted in no damage.  We are still waiting on the baby, but I'm sure that the chair will meet with the baby's approval, too!

Thanks very much,
Washington, D.C.

November 20, 2004

Yes, it arrived in fine shape.  It's beautiful and comfortable — thanks!

Sebastopol, California

October 18, 2004


Thank you for following up on our order, which was delivered on Friday 10/15  (there was a brief, untroubling delay at the terminal since Overnight wanted to send a smaller truck to negotiate the streets in our residential neighborhood).  The chair was very well crated and delivered in perfect condition.

Needless to say, we are delighted.  It is truly lovely, a sculptural, warm, and glowing presence in our soon-to-be baby's room.  And as to comfort:  well, let's just say your rocker exceeded our already-high expectations!  After many "trial sits" this weekend, I am still amazed at how my back, head, and neck are so well supported.  A good friend recently pointed out that once the baby is born and nursing begins, we'll be spending an enormous portion of our waking hours sitting in that chair.  I can't imagine a better spot.  Thank you.

E. E.
Crompond, New York

October 12, 2004


The rocker arrived Monday 10-4-04 and the baby arrived Saturday  (I., 9 lbs, 4 ozs).  We just came home from the hospital and are looking forward to using the rocker.  The rocker looks beautiful and arrived in perfect shape.

Thank you,

A. and K.D.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

September 2, 2004

Dear Gary,

The walnut rocker arrived today, in perfect condition, although the top of the box got smashed in and the flaps separated, letting some shipping grime in.  (It might be worthwhile to use an extra piece of cardboard to help guard against this in future shipments.)

Anyway, on to the chair!  As we anticipated, the rocker is well-proportioned and graceful, but we were surprised and impressed at how large and substantial it is!  The craftsmanship appears to be top-notch, and the attention to detail is evident, down to the careful matching and placement of pieces for grain and color.  I'm also pleased with the deep tones of the walnut.

As I told you, we had not seen the OS Clear Oil before, but the finish on the chair is beautiful.  The Hardwax Oil gives off a strong "waxy" smell for quite a while after application, but the rocker has only the faintest odor, so that's a nice surprise.

Of course, the point of the rocker is to use it, which we did immediately.  I found it very comfortable, and my 17-month old daughter was quite taken with it, wanting to rock on mommy's lap, and then stand in front of the chair and rock it with me in it.  At nap time, we found that it fits a breastfeeding mom & toddler great!  My daughter's legs easily fit under the arm of the chair, with her feet supported by the edge of the seat, and the central placement of the back slats allowed her to tuck her arm behind me.  Maybe it was just all the excitement of finally receiving our "special chair", but she was asleep in minutes.

So, thank you for making us this beautiful piece of furniture with the special finish, and for the excellent service.  In this era of high-hassle, low-quality goods, it's a treat to have my expectations exceeded.

Best regards,

Kirkland, Washington

August 5, 2004

We did get it and we love it!  We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ."  It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too.  I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now!  The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too.  I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair.  Thanks for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.
San Francisco, California

July 30, 2004

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the fast delivery of the chair.  A. and I love sitting in it already.

We've put you on our announcement e-mail list — so you'll know who the third beneficiary of the chair is when she or he comes.

All the best to you and your family.  Happy house building!

Take care,

New York, New York

July 7, 2004

Hi Gary,

It is nice to hear from you!  Thank you for the good wishes.  We do feel blessed that we have a healthy daughter.  These first few weeks have been full of discovery!

I'm glad you had a chance to look at the photos.  I forgot that you had never "seen" me before.  I think I saw a photo on your website of you and your family awhile back, which is always nice to connect a face to a person.  The rocker is just gorgeous in the room, if I may say so myself!  Everytime I see it I'm taken away with how beautiful it is, and just want to drop what I'm doing to go sit in it.  M. seems to really enjoy it as well.

Best wishes to you and your family.  Do keep in touch and take care.

Sincerely Yours,
C., C., and M. W.
the Netherlands

July 4, 2004

Happy mother and child in a Gary Weeks RockerGary,

Just wanted to let you know that E.  (6 days old today!), is thoroughly enjoying his new rocking chair.

Thank you for making us such a beautiful piece of art.

J., D., and E. R.
San Francisco, California

June 25, 2004

Hi Gary,

I received the chair yesterday.  My wife is ecstatic.  The chair is exquisite, a work of art.  The confidence and pride you have in your work is truly apparent.  Excellence is obviously the only acceptable outcome.

My 85 year old grandmother spent five months knitting a beautiful blanket for her soon to be born great grandchild.  When I placed the chair in the baby's nursery, my wife hung the blanket over the back of the chair.  The craftsmanship in the blanket and the craftsmanship in the chair seem to compliment each other.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

June 24, 2004


The chair arrived without problems.  It is absolutely beautiful . . . as advertised.  Everybody is taken with it.  I would like to place my order for one made of mesquite, as we discussed.  R. and I got to rock in it together for the first time today.  She seemed to like it a lot . . . but she will not be able to tell you for a few years.

Thanks, Again for the great chair.
Lafayette, Colorado

June 6, 2004

Got the chair.  Mom, dad and baby all love it.  It is so substantial and beautiful and I love the feel of the wood.  Looking forward to seeing how it ages.  The best part:  major reduction I was getting from nursing, the lower back support is key!
Thanks a lot.
Nice doing business with you.
Have a great summer.

New York, New York

May 11, 2004


. . .  The chair is very beautiful and Ellen  (who is due in just a couple of weeks!) spends a lot of time rocking happily in it.  And just to see how true to life your advertising is, we had our own 6'4" friend come by and sit in the chair — he was every bit as comfortable in it as Ellen is.

Thanks again,
Wading River, New York

April 30, 2004

Hi, Gary.

Your timing was perfect!  The rocker arrived on Friday, April 23, and H. made her appearance two days later  (a week early).  I am sending you a photo of K. and H. in the rocker.  Both K. and her husband M.  (who does his share of rocking and singing to the baby) pronounce the rocker incredibly comfortable, as well as beautiful.  They are really thrilled with it, as am I.  (Yep, I did some rockin' too!)

Thanks so much for all that you and your fellow chairmakers did to create this special piece.

Kind regards,
Brevard, North Carolina

March 19, 2004

Thanks very much Gary I appreciate it.

As for the rocking, my wife has been using the chair periodically to get comfortable in the late stages of the pregnancy.  She still has 2-3 weeks to go.

Thanks again for such a lovely product, this type of craftsmanship seems to be lost in today's society.

Mission Viejo, California

March 4, 2004

Thanks for your note.  Yes, it did arrive safely.  D. used it last night when she was nursing and said this morning that she loved it — it was so comfortable compared to the chair she had been using.

Good job!!!

Thanks so much for your good works.

Charlottesville, Virginia

December 1, 2003

Hi Gary,

I was in SC for Thanksgiving and got to see the rocker in person.  It is perfect and I couldn't be happier with it.  Thank you and your artisans for such fine craftsmanship.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child in May and I know the wee one will spend many hours being rocked to sleep in the cherry rocker.

I hope to make it to your shop in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again and I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Austin, Texas

November 26, 2003

Hello Gary,

Happy holidays to you and yours in Wimberley.  Our new cherry rocker is doing very well, it is well-used and well loved by both the new baby and the new mom.  In fact, I rocked the baby to sleep in the chair just yesterday.

I'm writing primarily to make a suggestion about your website that might help sell a few more rockers.  I bought our rocker after finding the web site through Google and spending many hours reading the entire site and looking at all of the pictures multiple times.  It would have helped me to make the decision if I could have seen even larger versions of the great photos you have on the site.
[C., I hope we get to it.  Thank you.  Gary]

Ithaca, NY

November 12, 2003


I couldn't thank you enough.  She, and everyone that attended the shower, absolutely loved it.  I think every woman at the shower had to take her turn sitting in the rocker.  It is truly a work of art.  Several veteran mothers commented on the design features that must apparently make breastfeeding while rocking a much more comfortable experience — I wouldn't know.   Notably, I heard the height of the armrests and the back support as being the most well thought-out design features for the chair.  I'm sure some of them will be checking out your website as I had repeated it enough times throughout the party.

I guess I'll be talking to you again in the next few years.  We are planning to have another baby and I would like to pass the chair on to each child as an heirloom.

Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship.  It's a rare thing these days.

West Lawn, PA

September 16, 2003


So far I absolutely love the chair.  Due to my schedule, I've not had the time to just sit and relax in the chair reading a magazine, but I can only hope that I will get this opportunity soon.  Regardless, the wood has a great deal more character to it than I perceived in the pictures.  This was a very pleasant surprise.  As a piece, it is beautiful.  It is always a pleasure to find something that can be exceptionally functional AND beautiful.  I thank you again and will eventually (hopefully) be ordering another one for the nursery.

Los Angeles, CA

August 20, 2003

Hi Gary,

It is the best!!  He just loved it!  We rocked our new Grandbaby in it all weekend long and as soon as she hit the chair she'd be out like a light!  It is a beautiful piece.  You may end up w/ another order from my other daughter who is expecting in Dec.  Thank you so much for making it all work.  It was in the barn when I arrived on Fri.

McLean, VA

August 8, 2003


The chair arrived on Tuesday in great shape.  My wife is very very happy with it — already declaring it the most comfortable chair she's ever sat in.  The craftsmanship of the chair is a bit humbling really, the level of precision in the joinery and the finish are truly amazing.

My daughter C. (two years old) is still enjoying playing in the box that the chair came in.  We've fashioned it into a small play house for her complete with windows and doors.

The new baby is due in a month and we plan to have photos taken of the family in the chair to use as baby announcements.  We'll be sure to send one out to you and your crew.

Thanks so much for the fine work.  We're looking forward to someday adding a matching chair for me when I manage to retire and build a house on the lake  (I'll need 20 years at least . . .)

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

Ithaca, NY

April 14, 2003

Dear Gary,

We have received our much anticipated rocker and are very pleased.  Though the cardboard of the crate had a large tear in one corner, the rocker arrived in perfect condition.  It has also come before our son, whose due date was yesterday.  Thank you, again, for making us a priority with the rather short notice we gave you.  C. is delighted to have her rocker in place — in the small room we have for the nursery — and is ready for this baby to be born.

I pray that God continues to bless you and your family, and everyone who works at Gary Weeks Furniture.  Your craftsmanship testifies to the depth of your devotion to your work.

Bath, ME

February 17, 2003


Well, finally getting back to you.  Loving the rocker with C., our beautiful son.  He came into the world a couple weeks late . . .at 9 1/2lb.  36 hours of labor and unassisted by any medical interventions . . .he came out pink and healthy and beautiful . . .Do I sound like a proud new Mom???  Thanks again.  I will spread the word of the great rocking chair at any appropriate opportunity.  Good luck to the continued success of your family business.

It was a pleasure,
San Franscisco, CA

February 5, 2003


Briefly, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery man from Overnite was perhaps the most pleasant and courteous I've come across in years.  The crate was a pleasure in itself to "unwrap."

My wife was thrilled with the rocker, and used it last evening to rock (of course!) the baby to sleep.  Did I mention that R. and I have a 7 month, and a 23 month old sons?  More to follow, we hope.  I often comment to those professionals whom I refer business, that when they look good, I look good.  Let's say that your rocker made me look really good!

To conclude, the rocker is magnificent.

Best regards,
Pittsburg, PA

December 10, 2002

Dear Gary:

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition on Friday.  It is just beautiful, and so beautifully made.  It's comfortable for both me and my husband — I'm 5'9" and he's 6'3" — and so solidly built it doesn't make a peep nor creak.  I spend a lot of time nursing our baby and I thought I might need to add cushions for more comfort, but no matter how long I sit it's still comfortable.  It is truly a thing of beauty and comfort.

Thank you so much!

New York, New York

October 12, 2002


Thank you again for your outstanding design and craftsmanship.  The rocking chair has been more comfortable than I could have ever imagined, even sitting for long periods of time.  My feet even touch the floor! I am still amazed with the way the chair fits both me and my husband perfectly, yet is beautiful too.  It will truly be a blessing for our nursery and home for years to come.

Good luck to you and your business.

San Antonio, Texas

October 12, 2002

Dear Gary,

Your (my) rocker is a great success here in the Blue Creek/Chewelah environs; if only I could get a chance to use and enjoy it.  Neighbors and their kin and kids all are delighted with it.  Now if only they would purchase their own!!  And, stop bringing their little kids over for story times, afternoon naps and nighttime bedtimes!!

Maybe I should have been more awares, and ordered two — but no!! that would mean even many many more visitors!!  My little shack couldn't support it.  (Especially the cookies and milk.)

But maybe I will.  Until then, the best is yet to come, get ready, and keep dancing.

Chewellah, Washington

June 14, 2002

Gary & Leslie,

I just wanted to send a message saying that although we've had only limited time to experience the chairs at this point, they are beautiful & the workmanship is incredible.  Thank you!

But I have sat in the rocker long enough to know that the bonding that will take place there with my grandchildren in my lap will be among life's greatest treasures — & blessings

Thanks again.
J. & B.W.
Appleton, Minnesota

June 4, 2002

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for a wonderful handcrafted Rocker.  What a gift it is being able to create such a beautiful piece of furniture that will last forever and make generations to come happy.  It's so wonderful and N., our 10-week old girl, loves being rocked in it.  Please find Mommy and Daddy whilst enjoying rocking little N.

Best regards from New Jersey to Texas from

C. & R. & N.R.
Wyckoff, New Jersey

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