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Our Rocking Chair is Built to the Highest Standards

Here we collect the testimonials to the craftsmanship of the handmade rocking chairs made by Gary Weeks and Company.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

May 24, 2016


The desk is everything we expected and we are extremely pleased.  The craftsmanship is outstanding.
Thank you very much!

Tulsa, OK

November 20, 2014


What can we say about the rockers and bar stools — they are stunning.  We can feel the extraordinary craftsmanship every time we touch them and they are a dream to sit in.  Thanks aren't enough.  You must and should be so proud of the extraordinary work that comes out of your shop. — Loved the children's drawings on the boxes too — I guess everyone in the Week's family is part of the team.  We will treasure them.

Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Brooklyn, New York

July 26, 2014

I did receive them, Gary.  They are beautiful.  My wife moved the mahogany out on our porch this morning.  I'm sitting in my cherry now.
My friend in California is jealous.
I love the chairs, but I also like supporting good craftsmen and artists.  Wish I had room for more.

Dallas, Texas

September 17, 2013

Morning Mr. Weeks,

Your opinion of "getting things right" is the standard the rest of us work towards.  Having started furniture making within the past year, I have a new appreciation for your design and execution.

Belton, Texas

April 13, 2012


The rocker arrived on time and in perfect shape.  I am rockin' as I write!

We did a lot of research before we decided on "the rocker" that would work.  We were looking for something functional and attractive.  We spend a lot of time on the Oregon coast in the summers. Over the last 10 years, I have ogled the Myrtle wood rockers that various woodworkers have created on the coast.  About a month before we decided on the Weeks rocker, my wife and I made a trip to the Oregon coast with the express purpose of buying a Myrtle wood rocker.  We stopped at several shops and I "rocked" several chairs.  The chairs varied in price from $2500–$5000 but, they all had one thing in common.  They ALL had floating back staves and they all felt strange to rock, as with each rock the staves would flex.  It felt weird, almost like the staves were going to break.  A rocker should provide comfort while rocking, not anxiety.

I have sciatic problems and the Weeks rocker provides support and comfort to my back.  I am also able to spend hours in front of the TV or reading in comfort while rockin'.

I worked for 7 years at a firm that made wood working machinery and I feel that I can recognize quality wood working.  The Weeks rocker is an excellent example of superior American Craftsmanship.

I am proud to own a Weeks Rocker.

Redding, California

February 17, 2012

A truck showed up at sunset.  No damage.

The rocker and stool are works of art.  Comfort is superb.  Placement of wood grain is like the grain was painted on.  We could not be happier.  D. was speechless when she saw it  (tears).  I feel like a guy who just caught a 10 pound trout.  Thank you all . . .

Your bold confidence is now modesty in comparison to your rocker.  Well done.

Greatest appreciation,
Del Mar, California

December 30, 2011


J.'s rocker arrived as you said in your note.  Everything was just fine.  We especially enjoyed the hand and foot decoration by your young one on the carton.  ;-)

I am a potter by avocation  (with some woodworking thrown in).  I have always been interested in the integration of form and function, aesthetic and utility, in creating pots and other things.  Your chair does so exceptionally well.  I can see the attention to detail in both design and execution.  A beautiful, can't keep my hands off it rocking chair.  Deceptively simple, perfectly executed.  Nicely done!

True to your web site, the chair fit everyone in the family, ranging from a small 5'2" to a tall 6'2", whether simply rocking or holding little S. and rocking him to sleep.

We are all delighted.  Thank you!

Vienna, Virginia

December 2, 2011

Hi Gary,

Yes, everything arrived in time for the Thanksgiving break.  I don't really know what to say except everything is just great.  The nicely figured seats on the Rocker and the Harris stool are a special treat. People who have been over to the house and have seen the furniture are just as speechless as I am.  I just can't believe how comfortable it is each time I sit in it.  Most folks have never seen  (and unfortunately most never will see) such well crafted furniture.  Luckily for some of us, you have figured out how to make and sell these items at a price that is accessible – a remarkable value for the price.  Lastly, I have to comment on the Otwell side table with shelf — I think it is a real beauty and perfectly proportioned.  My wife says that "it's just perfect"  (it is located on her end of the couch).

Thank you and your team for the fine furniture,
Warrenton, Pennsylvania

November 15, 2011


A quick note to let you know we got the table and chairs and they are beautiful — the finest craftsmanship I have ever seen and we are delighted.  There is much more I'd like to say in appreciation but for now just a big thank you and we'll be in touch.

New York, New York

August 31, 2011

Dear Gary and Austin,

I unwrapped the chair first thing this morning and was absolutely stunned!  I could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship, the design, and the comfort.  The back support is just right, and everyone who has sat in it feels it must have been made for them alone.  The wood is beautiful, and you captured the grain perfectly!  I thank you both, and hope you will pass along my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed in creating my chair.

I am trained as an engineer and tend to favor function over form, much to the dismay of my daughters (ages 19 and 22), who are both talented artists and take the opposite view.  When I first sat in the chair I was reminded of the quote from William Morris:  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."  The Weeks rocker is a sublime combination of aesthetics and function that satisfies both conditions perfectly.  I have already promised to buy each a Weeks rocker of their own when they establish their own households in a few years.  (So don't go and retire any time soon, please . . .)

I am attaching a photo, and I'm sure you will agree that the rocker has found an absolutely ideal place to be treasured  (and shown off!).

Thanks again,

Durham, North Carolina

P.S.  Please let Bela know how pleased I was to find her beautiful drawing atop the carton this morning.  I am sending a thank you to her in the mail on Monday . . .

April 1, 2011

Gary:  I've been meaning to send a note.  Yes, it's here and arrived in perfect condition!  I've rocked in it, napped in it and even played my ukelele in it.  Comfortable and beautiful!!  I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment.  Thanks for your craftsmanship!

Green Valley, Arizona

December 13, 2010


Every time I walk into the living room and see the new rocking chair, I smile.  It's just so beautiful and elegant.  And the walnut was well worth waiting for — it looks so deep and rich. Everyone who has seen it admired your extraordinary workmanship.  It's also the most comfortable rocking chair I've ever sat in!

My husband hasn't seen his birthday present "in person" yet, but he's sussed out your web site and he thinks the rocker is simply gorgeous!  I know he'll be as thrilled as I was when he does see it.  I'll let you know.

I suppose it does take a leap of faith to order furniture on line from persons unknown, but clearly my trust was well placed.  And you can be sure that when anyone admires our new rocking chair, I will tell him exactly where it comes from!

Please feel free to share my comments with those who work with you and anyone thinking about ordering your beautiful furniture.  I expect they'd be as happy as I am with the purchase.

Thank you again and again.
San Francisco, California

November 17, 2010


The rocker arrived yesterday evening and I spent four hours in it.  It's just beautiful.  The joinery and satin finish on the wood are perfect and your artistry in design and construction as well as your craftsman's attention to detail is like nothing I've ever seen.  Please pass on my compliments to everyone on your team that had a hand in this project.  It is the finest piece of furniture in the house and will be an heirloom to be passed on to many generations in my family.

Very Sincerely and with my Best Regards,
Burke, Virginia

May 21, 2010

Thanks for sending the repair kit.  And after spending the last 15 years working with wood and appreciating its beauty, you have no idea how much I enjoy your rocker as well as appreciate the craftsmanship.

Take care,
Winthrop, Washington

May 20, 2010


It's done.  We have made it.  The rocker was delivered today and arrived in perfect shape.  The freight office was curious, so inquisitive that the driver wanted to unpack to have a look.

I hope the message is spread.

I had to rob the bank to pay € 387. – Tax.  So in sum the rocker amounted to € 2300.

The expectations were high.  My wife and I were stunned about the beautiful craftsmanship and finish.  The touch is almost erogenous.  Many thanks to you and your team you introduced by your homepage.

I will report on further experiences in the future.

Thank you so much.

In appreciation
Villach, Austria

April 28, 2010

I wanted to say that we enjoyed visiting with you and really appreciate your taking the time to show us around and to let me see your shop.  I'm a tool guy and a big user of shop built jigs and I am really impressed with how you have adapted tools to your production process.  But we love your art.  You have studied wood properties and how they can best be used practically and efficiently to produce beautiful items that are comfortable and everyday usable.  It's in the details, how it looks and feels from any vantage point and we know how much work goes into making that happen.  We really look forward to having your rocker in our home.

D. and J.
Crisson, Texas

February 22, 2010

Hi Gary,

We are impressed by the beautiful craftsmanship of rocker and stool!  My husband and I have enjoyed rocking our baby to sleep.  The rocking chair is very comfortable!

E. and S.
Richardson, Texas

December 17, 2009

Hi Gary

Your most amazing rocker just arrived and we are delighted.  It is just remarkable how somebody can produce such perfection — don't think I have been this close to the concept before.

We are exhausted after a long day, and stayed up waiting on the customs clearance, the chair arriving at 10pm.  We can't go to bed — can't stop running our hands over the grains and taking turns to sit in it.

Austin did a marvelous job with the inlay and the engraving — so rewarding.  E. was speechless, still is.  She is also blown away by it's magnificance and she just loves the Rimu inlay!!

I am genuinely humbled.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Suzhou, China

September 2, 2009

Dear Gary,

Yes I did receive my rocker and it is beautiful.  The joinery is amazing.  I am a dentist and precision fit is something I deal with on a daily basis.  When I see the quality of your work it makes me proud to own something that was made by hand and done in a fashion that shows there are still craftsmen in America.  I will treasure it always and pass it on to the next generation when my rocking days are through.  The fit of the back rest could not be better unless you had made an impression of my back.  Thank you and your entire crew for caring about what you do.

Warmest regards,
Tulsa, Oklahoma

July 27, 2009


They delivered my rocker about 2:00 P.M. on Friday the 24th.  The Rocker made the trip without any problems.

I must confess, I was like a little boy at Christmas time, full of excitement and unbelievable expectations.  It felt great, I could hardly contain myself.  With great speed and caution I immediately uncrated the box and removed the wrapping.  I just sat down and admired this beautiful work of art.  To think there is still a remnant of such craftsmanship still around.  I feel so honored you have shared this masterpiece with me.

Also, I must inject at this time, the comfort of this rocker is just outstanding.  Again, it images the rare craftsmanship displayed in your work.

The rocker is absolutely beautiful in my Den.  It has added a new life and warmth which is hard to explain.

These words of appreciation are spoken from my heart.

May God bless you and your family in the days ahead.

Lubbock, Texas

July 8, 2009

Dear Gary and family,

Thank you so much for the rocker.  We received it today in an unscarred crate and it is beautiful.  We're very pleased with it and have no doubt that we'll cherish it for a very, very long time.  What a beautiful work of art and what talented, perfected craftmanship.

Thank you,
K.Q., T.W. and L.Q.W.
Davis, California

February 1, 2009

To the Weeks Family and organization,

I took possession of Rocker #1753 in mid 2007.  The rocker was impressive then and has improved over time.  The workmanship is beyond enviable.  It has survived the repeated assaults of my teenage son and his friends.  I feel as though my rocker has adjusted to my body, or maybe vice versa, to the betterment of both.  I can honestly say that it is my only material possession that I would grieve the loss of.  Its true value far exceeds the purchase price.

Thank you,
Voorhees, New Jersey

December 20, 2008


First, if I were to inform you that the rocker arrived but was a debacle of kindling with really nothing left to return, would you send me a new one with no questions asked?  If that be the case, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Disregard the following.

We received the rocker in excellent shape on the 10th of December.  I placed it in our living room and four days later my beloved discovered it — finally!  That is less a comment on her powers of observation and more of a comment that our lives have been a bit hectic.  I now find her sitting in it, rocking, with what I can only describe as a slightly goofy grin on her face.  I believe that she likes it.

I must tell you that it is rare in my experience to find excellent artistic ability combined with superb craftsmanship and we couldn't be more pleased with the rocker, in spite of the fact that it was made with firewood.  Thank you.  It will be an heirloom to be passed on to the next generation.

Happy Holidays.  I look forward to hearing from you.  And if the first paragraph applies, please disregard the rest of this missive.

LaCrosse, Washington

October 11, 2008

Good afternoon Gary,

Our beautiful rocker arrived safely today.  Hats off to you for the incredible attention to detail and workmanship!!!  It's a beautiful and extremely comfortable rocker that we will enjoy for years and pass on to our children.

Flower Mound, Texas

August 29, 2008

Gary —

I was thinking how I wished I had asked you to "sign" the chair, date it, and put our names on it. But I turned the chair over and found your hallmark and a number which I guess the guys on Antiques Roadshow in 150 years can trace back to a year of production.  It's okay my name isn't on it — the only other heirlooms I have which I doubt will end up on the Roadshow is a huge personal collection of chamber pots.  You know how you get one of something and then it just keeps growing and before you know it, you have a collection?  Even in 150 years the pots will still be pots.  But the chair will be a heirloom.

Thank you — I'm getting lots of requests for your website.  My husband doesn't ask, however, he's decided he would rather not know what I spent.  Ignorance is bliss for him.

I think the chair is worth every penny!

Collierville, Tennessee

June 28, 2008

Hi Gary,

The rocking chair has arrived and I am amazed at the fine workmanship.  You and your team exemplify what "Made in America" used to look.  The chair is so comfortable.  Wow, very impressive!

The package came through undamaged.  You really know how to protect your products.  If anyone asks me about where to get a quality rocking chair, your name will be the first one (and only one) that comes out of my mouth.  Thanks a million.  It was well worth the wait and the price.  I will enjoy this piece of furniture for many, many years to come.

Durango, Colorado

May 22, 2008

Hi Gary,

We received the chair and absolutely love it.  In fact, our baby loves it too!  Excellent craftsmanship — truly a work of art.  Thanks again for expediting the order.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Boulder, Colorado

March 24, 2008


I'm sorry I did not let you know sooner that we received the chair and I appreciate your attention through the delivery process (although after seeing the chair, detail is not to be wondered at).  I've had this e-mail percolating in my head since we got the rocker and just haven't had the time to send it.

This will probably be the 1938th letter of its kind, but this being our chair, we are absolutely in love with it.  Upon pulling it out of the crate, I couldn't believe how smooth the finish felt.  It was a different feeling from a varnished piece of furniture where your hand sticks and slides. Here I could feel the wood glide underneath my hand.  Since I am not accustomed to encountering this in furniture (this being my first purchase of quality furniture), it delighted me to no end, and that is where my first impression lay.  As far as the sitting and rocking, it fits like a glove.  It is such a natural feel.

Of course, I only get a few opportunities at it as my wife, S., has taken it over as hers (as I suppose it was intended), and I assume from her long occupations of it, that she is quite pleased with it as well.  S. is a yoga teacher, and now, she does all of her class planning and reading in the rocker, and she also likes to listen to music and read to our unborn son while rocking away, getting him acclimated to the motion.  Finding her there gives me great joy and visions of my wife and baby together and visions of a happy family to come.

Last I just want to say it is a beautiful rocker, and what seems obvious, becomes delightful as I notice the details of the chair.  Upon receiving it, I challenged myself to look at it and discover the whys of it, as far as being a superior piece of furniture.  The fine symmetry of the piece and the off beat notes that pop-up balance the eye and gives cheer to investigation.  I noticed in the legs, the figure of the wood (a term I learned through your explanation on your website) are symmetrical in the front and the back in both direction and placement.  The lines turn and peak at exactly opposite points and I wonder at the challenge of its making.  And peering at the glimmer of the surface, you get the sense of depth that exists beyond what you can touch.  And I get the sense, that like still water, it will become clearer as the years settle upon it.  I am looking forward to appreciating its beauty as time and many rockings make their marks.

All this effort of expression is my attempt to say thank you for making such a lovely rocking chair.  It is exactly what we hoped it would be, an companion to our growing family.

Brooklyn, New York

February 6, 2008

Two Weeks Rockers made in the mid-90sGary

Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the wonderful chairs you made for us back in the mid 90's.  The rockers both still rock sweetly and look stunning while doing so.  It's great to find a product whose long term performance matches its initial promise.

We wish you, your family and the rest of the crew at Gary Weeks and Company all the best.

With warmest regards,
S. & S.J.
Industry, Texas

January 25, 2008

Hi Aubrey,

Our rocking chair arrived today and we are very, very happy.  It's a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to sit in and a pleasure to touch.  Our first turns trying it out were pretty short, as it was still VERY cold from the truck, but once it warmed up to room temperature we rocked away happily.  The angle of the seat and back is perfect, and the wood and the workmanship are both beautiful.

Thanks very much,

Edmond, Alberta

January 8, 2008


My chair arrived in perfect condition and has received rave reviews for comfort from all the yard workers that tested it.  A couple are skilled woodworkers and were extremely impressed with your workmanship, especially the seamless joints.

When I get it to the house I'll send you a picture of it in its new home.

Take care,
Artesia, NM

November 12, 2007

I have been meaning to write today to let you all know — it has been one of those days in the markets.

We received the crate on Thursday and I was able to unpack it only on Friday (got home late Thursday).  I had a half day off on Friday since I had to babysit my newborn daughter.  So I unpacked it Friday afternoon.

The crate arrived safely, without any damage, and I slid the chair right out just as directed.

What a beauty. It really looks fabulous.  The inlay is just what I had in mind — I really appreciate the work on it.  And the wood and the construction is just solid and really beautiful.

And it was a treat to spend Friday afternoon with the chair unpacked and the ability to sit and rock in it.  My daughter loves it — just to be held and rocked.

And I'd like Gary to know that my wife — who eyed it suspiciously when she first saw it — eventually sat in it and rocked and I think has come around to it (though it might take a couple of weeks for the admission to come out).  I think she appreciated the fact that Italy appeared in front of Tennessee and Kentucky lest anyone wonder who's in charge here.

But we love it — it's a very welcome addition to our home and something that I hope we will have and cherish for many many years.

Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship, the beautiful materials and the attention to service.  It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

I'll get a picture in the mail, and I hope to hear about Gary's Italy trip when he returns.

New York, New York

September 26, 2007


My rocking chair arrived today in perfect condition.  Great job packing.  It's beautiful, better than the picture.  Great craftsmanship.  I'll treasure it.

Portland, Oregon

September 17, 2007

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the message.  My wife and I have been traveling a great deal so I apologize for the slow response.  I was definitely wanting to write you after we had a chance to "sit" with the chair a bit (no pun intended ;-) and give you our thoughts.

In short, we really love it!  Your work is as beautifully crafted and detailed as you communicate over the website and our expectations were not disappointed in any regard.  My wife and I are different in size and honestly when we first pulled it out of the box, it's size and presence was larger than we expected.  I believe we both thought it might be slightly smaller.  As a result, I was worried that I would love it, but L. would potentially feel a bit dwarfed.  However, I am not quite sure how you have done it, but you have managed to craft a chair that is comfortable for someone of my size 6' and 180lbs-ish and also for my wife of 5'-5" and petite weight . . . well done!

We both feel that it is extremely comfortable and has a very well balanced character of sturdiness with graceful and soft transitions in all the appropriate detail points.  We both gain a tremendous amount of joy in just running our hands over the smooth maple arms and it is a real pleasure to "feel" excellent craftsmanship.  One of my favorite details at the moment is the expressed connection at the edge of the armrest where it has been mortised all the way thru for the vertical support.  However, I keep finding more "favorites" as I enjoy studying the subtleties as we go along.

The maple is beautiful and your level of finish is perfect.  We really have no complaints and are thrilled that we now have such a beautiful piece that our children will grow up with and then have one day for their own.  We might just be calling you up again for another one so that both our kids may have one to enjoy down the road!

Regarding the delivery, it turned out to be ok, but we were anticipating it on Tuesday the 11th so I am glad that someone was here to accept the delivery (we live in an apartment).  Luckily, the chair was delivered with no damage so it did not matter in the end that we were not able to review the delivery condition prior to signing.  I appreciate your follow up.

In closing, you are a true master craftsman and we feel blessed to have such a wonderful piece of functional art in our living room to enjoy for many years.  Our thanks to you and your family and staff for the quality, professionalism, communication and follow thru.  Having done this all remotely, you all have made the experience a very smooth and seamless one.

Many thanks.
C and L.H.
Asheville, North Carolina.

June 11, 2007


We love the rocker!  The craftsmanship is remarkable; the design inspired.  It is seemingly molded to one's body without a pressure point to be found!  You absolutely do not need a cushion.  We had some friends over last weekend and they loved it as well.  I wouldn't be surprised if you receive some additional orders as a result, but I suspect that's how you get most of your business.

It is reassuring to know that there is still someone out there that understands quality and takes pride in their work.

Reston, Virginia

June 8, 2007

Hello Gary,

Thank you very much for following up with us.  I have been meaning to contact you.  The chair is wonderful.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about some of the claims, but it fits me (5'11"), my father (6'5"), and my mother (5'1") perfectly.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the delivery process was great, and the chair looks like it will be a wonderful addition to our lives.  Thank you very much.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

May 9, 2007

Hello Gary.

We are already enjoying our beautiful chair.  What an example of form and function.  I have never experienced such smooth wood and we are amazed at its velvety touch even on the cross-grain ends.  We are so appreciative of your art and craftsmanship in every detail of this family heirloom.

As an occupational therapist (retired), this chair is not only artful, but should be in every physical rehabilitation center, and, at least in every home.  The vestibular (sometimes called the "sixth" sense) input from rocking forward and backward stimulates this important neurological system, which serves to balance and regulate output of the body's neuro-muscular centers.  Putting it in behavioral terms, last night, I noticed, after rocking for several minutes a lingering feeling of well-being and relaxation.  I felt that I had just arrived back from a brisk walk around the neighborhood or maybe even a massage!  Just running your hands over the soft curves of this chair charges another sensory system — tactile input.  Visual senses are awakened just walking into the living room . . . . . this chair just lures you to sit down!

So far, R. and I have not argued once about who gets to sit in our rocking chair, but we are definitely aware that most likely it will happen one day.  We are thrilled, Gary, with your chair and impressed with your professional services surrounding the shipping, delivery, and customer satisfaction.  We seldom see this kind of craft and art anymore and are so pleased that we have been a part of it.  Thanks to you and to your family for your dedication and vision.  It is poetry.

Minden, Nevada

April 24, 2007


The chair arrived last Thursday without incident and we couldn't be happier.  The wood and craftsmanship are superb.  Anne's been sitting in the chair every free moment she gets and even dozed off in it the other night.

Thanks for a great transaction and for such a great chair.  We're happy we found you, and we expect the chair to become a treasured family heirloom future generations will fight over.

Thanks again.

J. and A.Y.
Sammamisha, Washington

February 19, 2007


They received the chair and are enjoying it more than they expected.  I had the pleasure of seeing it on Saturday and have to admit that the craftsmanship is superb!!  The chair will complement the back porch of their soon to be built home quite perfectly.  After completion of the house, a second rocker may be in order . . . I'll keep you posted.  Again, thank you for such a unique and extraordinary piece of art.

Houston, Texas

December 13, 2006

The rocking chair arrived, and it is without a doubt one of the finest pieces of furniture I've seen.  The quality and workmanship are impeccable.  Thank you so much for the fine work.

Hendersonville, North Carolina

November 30, 2006


The chair arrived intact and the driver commented on how well it was packed.  I opened the box and checked on the chair and I must say it is absolutely beautiful.  It is indeed a piece of art and everything that your website said it would be.  My wife will love it as she appreciates fine woodworking and furniture even more than I do.  Thanks for the wonderful chair and fine craftsmanship.

Missoula, Montana

October 31, 2006

I received my rocker yesterday.  WOW!  Besides being a beautiful piece of furniture it's a piece of art!  I sat in it every chance I could.  It does wonders for my aching back.  It fits me perfectly and I love running my hands over the beautiful finish!  I had a place picked out in my living room and it's perfect!  Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship.  I can tell you folks take great pride in your work and I am honored to own this rocker!  However, now it seems I may need a bench for my feet, in mesquite.  What are the chances?

Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 31, 2006

Hi Gary,

Greetings from Whistler, BC.  Here are a few pictures of W. and Myself with our Weeks Rocker. As you can see in the second picture, the nursery is nearing completion with paint etc. . . . just a few things left to do . . . but the bags are packed in the event of an early arrival of baby.

We are so happy with the beautiful craftsmanship and obvious care that goes into the Weeks Rocker.  As the pictures show, the rocker looks incredible in the room.  The Chair far exceeded my expectation when ordering.  The chair is the first family heirloom that W. and I have introduced to the family, and we look forward to future generations taking pride in having it be passed on in the family.

Thanks again for all your help in getting this chair to me on time.  We will update you when the baby comes and be sure to send along a few photos with baby and us with the chair.

Warm Regards,
D. and W.C.
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

September 30, 2006


Rocker came through in great shape.  I'm impressed with the workmanship.  I talked one of my friends (M.R.) into ordering one also.  I think his will be delivered Monday 2 Oct.  Looking forward to hearing what his wife says about it.

Camarillo, California

September 16, 2006

Hi Gary,

The Rocker just arrived, and we did a very thorough inspection right off the truck.  It was in perfect condition.

I called your number right after I'd finished drooling over it . . . it is absolutely the most beautiful piece of furniture I own.  It's amazingly comfortable, and the workmanship, the wood-piece symmetry you used, and every detail are just so perfect!  You want a reference or testimonial, YOU GOT IT!

My sincere Thanks for building me something I will surely enjoy, and pass down from generation to generation.

Danville, California

September 7, 2006

Gary, the rocker is fabulous!  Beautiful work, excellent grain work, great size — my wife had a feeling about you all — it's great that real skill and pride in such still lives!
. . . I think I will be thanking you for many years to come — indebted J.

"To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly; to listen to the stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart; to bear on cheerfully, do all bravely, awaiting occasions, worry never; in a word to, like the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common."  — W.H. Channing

Tucker, Georgia

August 22, 2006

Gary — the rocker was delivered yesterday without any damage to the packaging or the rocker. The rocker is absolutely beautiful, and my wife and I are just thrilled with it.  I want to commend you and your company on your fine craftsmanship.  The wood, finish and joints are perfect.  More importantly, my wife could not believe how comfortable the rocker is.  We are proud owners of your work and look forward to a lifetime's enjoyment of it.  Your company has two new loyal customers (soon to be three), and we will certainly recommend your company to our family and friends.  One last thing, I want to thank you for your service — it was as good as your rocker.  Thank you, Gary, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Kansas City, Missouri

May 29, 2006

Dear Gary,

A Katrina survivorI can't thank you enough for bringing my "Katrina-soaked" Weeks Rocker back to it's original beauty.

Despite lying in 7 and 1/2 feet of Hurricane Katrina's flood waters for well over a week, I found my Weeks walnut rocker intact.  Months after the flood I used soap and water to clean off a layer of dirt and mold from the rocker.  I was amazed at how good the finish looked and how well the rocker held together. I appreciate the work you recently did to restore it for me.

Photo taken before repair and refinishing

I lost my home and virtually all of my possessions to Katrina's flood waters, including a collection of Ethan Allen solid cherry furniture which just broke apart.  So I am especially pleased with the quality and craftsmanship you put into your furniture that allowed my rocker to survive Katrina.

St.Bernard Parish, Louisiana  (now living in Houston)

May 11, 2006

Hi Gary:

Yes, the rocker arrived right on time and in perfect condition.  It's very nice and comfortable. My husband was impressed with the workmanship.  I had no idea that ordering furniture from Texas was so easy.  I wish I had done it sooner!

Thank you for your excellent service, and the lovely chair.

J. B.
Vancouver, British Columbia

March 20, 2006


The chair was delivered this morning and it's a beauty!

We live in an isolated area and the delivery company was a little concerned about bringing their tractor-trailer into our road.  After several phone calls, one of their drivers, who lives in my area and was on his way home after the night shift, decided to put it on the back of his truck and bring it to me.  It was a fitting way for the chair to arrive since it served to underscore the friendliness of the whole enterprise and introduced me to one of my neighbors.

The wood and workmanship of the chair is beautiful; I can't quite believe how sturdy it is.  No wonder you give it such a great guarantee.

Many thanks.
Glenville, New York

March 9, 2006

Hi Gary,

Good talking with you today.  When I zone out or think through a problem, I head for my Weeks Rocker.  Everyone who enters my living room loves its comfort and superb workmanship. What a joy it's been!  Rocking seems to soothe the emotions and enable the mind to focus more clearly.  "Quiets the monkey," I say.

I don't think any other piece of furniture has equaled it in either comfort or pride of ownership.

Enclosed you'll find a check to purchase a second rocker to go to:  [ Name and address ].  Please don't call him unless it is an emergency as it is a surprise.  I will call the shipping company.

Thanks again for your great product,
Petaluma, California

March 3, 2006

Hi Gary,

I just wanted you to know the rocker arrived in perfect condition.  It is just beautiful, what wonderful craftsmanship.  It has worked its magic on my daughter, who has fallen asleep in minutes every night.  So comfortable for both of us.

Thank you so much,
Middleton, Wisconsin

February 14, 2006

We got it last week and are extremely pleased.  The craftsmanship is incredible.

Forest Hills, New York

February 6, 2006


We got the chair.  It looks beatiful and feels great, just as we expected!  The build quality is superb and your service exceptional.

After a quick two minute "rocking" on the chair, the only thing I could think of to possibly hope for/comment on — and this is purely a matter of personal taste and influenced by "butt-memory" of the rocking chair in my childhood home in Finland — is perhaps a little bit wider range of rocking when leaning back.

I wonder if you have any comments on this?  Perhaps an issue with stability?  Having said that, the rocking motion range on your chair is much longer/wider than on any other rocking chair I've tried here in the US.

Again, thanks for the wonderful chair; we look forward to a lifetime of rocking!

Best regards,
Washington, D.C.


[ My response and a reply follow:   — GW ]


I am glad the delivery worked for you and that you like the chair.  I wish you and R. the best, and thank you very much.

When I designed this chair 12 years ago, I found the curve of the rockers and their relationship to the seat and back by trial and error.  Many people tested the prototypes, giving their opinions, and I have delivered many chairs since.  You are the first to comment that, for you, the rocker could travel farther back in its pendulum swing.  I have had several people say that they are glad the chair doesn't go so far back as to give them any sense that it could go too far — there are some rockers out there that do give one a fright.  This is not to say that your memory or experience is invalid . . . I just have to admit that I didn't get it completely right for you and hope that you find the other aspects of the chair pleasing enough to temper this compromise.

May you rock in good health.




The beauty, craftmanship and comfort of the chair far outweigh my small observation!  And I am sure it is only a matter of getting use to the range of motion the chair has.

Washington, D.C.

August 12, 2005


We just unpacked the chair tonight and it is by far the most beautiful piece of furniture we have ever purchased!  The wood is gorgeous, and the craftsmanship is truly unbelievable  (The parts are so well joined together that they feel completely seamless).  You and your team are truly amazing artists.

After seeing your work, I am reminded of how much quality gets lost (in other company's products – of course) for the sake of mass production.  Your chair feels thoughtful, even serene in comparison.

I am sure we will enjoy it for many years to come.

Los Gatos, California

June 17, 2005


I have a brother, actually two, who work in wood, furniture as well as restoration carpentry.  I have also handled tools and sanded surfaces to silk.  I know what it must have taken to make #1326.  The design, the careful matching, the wood, the electricity, the smoothing and rubbing – the man hours, to say nothing of the packing and shipping and making a living and whatall else.  Just because I spent what I consider a large sum to indulge myself, doesn't mean that I don't respect that it is worth every penny.  And, my potentially old curmudgeon son has a tangible inheritance to remember me by.

Just wait till those brothers see . . . !
S. G.
Scottsdale, Arizona

December 27, 2004



That one word is enough.  The rocker is beautiful!  Expertly crafted.  The detail astounding.  The walnut exquisite  (especially the irridescence in certain areas).  My wife loves it!  And the comfort . . .  we think it's the most comfortable chair we have ever sat in  (and with nary a cushion).

Thank you for helping me make my wife's Christmas a very special one.

All the Best,

A. J.
Corona, California

December 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks:

The Weeks Walnut Rocker you made for me was delivered today.  The picture of the chair on your web site doesn't do it justice.  It's lovely.  The workmanship is superb and the wood grain is beautiful.  I am delighted with it.

If any of my friends need rockers or dining room chairs, I'll be sure to recommend that they check out your web site.

Thank you,

Washington, D.C.

November 19, 2004


I apologize for not letting you know that my rocker arrived safe and sound.  I was immediately impressed with the quality — both your craftsmenship and the wood.  Wow!  It's a beautiful chair, artwork really.  I have the chair next to a cherry wood bookcase, that I loved when I first received it, but it does not stand up to the chair  (I am thinking of painting it — the bookcase, not the chair!)

It took me awhile to get used to the chair and be sure I was going to love rocking in it.  I was surprised by how much I leaned back in it.  I'm one of those people who is most comfortable sitting up straight.  I rarely lean my seat back on an airplane.  I love the look of Windsor chairs, but feel like I am sitting in a lounge chair when in one.  I like to read in my rocking chairs and have a little trouble doing that in the rocker.  But I did finally break down the crate last weekend.  I do love sitting in it relaxing at night watching tv or chatting with my husband.  We'll see how the reading goes.  I think paper backs have some potential!

Thank you for the wonderful service and for checking in.

Oakland, California

[ I very much appreciate these detailed comments from L.F.  Of course I love to hear that the pitch of the chair is pleasing and that reading is effortless.  But I want to hear when the ideal is not attained for an individual.  The more information I have to publish about the chair, the more thoroughly one can consider a purchase.   —   G.W. ]

October 18, 2004


R. was awed!  A gorgeous work of art.  She eyed the rocker from across the room, then closed the distance slowly circling, taking in the beautiful lines and outstanding craftsmanship.  She moved the rocker into a shaft of sunlight and slowly rocked the chair watching the grain and finish of the seat — the walnut shimmered like a highly polished tiger eye gemstone.  Carefully she checked the underside of the chair and was delighted to find it signed and numbered.  Then, she eased into the chair, slowly she relaxed, and a smile crossed her face — ear to ear.  The seat was wide and full, the headrest perfect, the arms were just right for her, the edge of the seat didn't cut into her legs, and her feet were comfortably on the floor.  The chair is just her size!

Gary, you made her very happy, thank you!

I'm not sure how you figured everything out, but you did . . . the chair fits me like a glove!  R. is 5'6" and I'm 6'1".  All I can say is "It's magic"!

We love our rocker!

Thanks for everything,

D. and R. W.
Budd Lake, New Jersey

September 2, 2004

Dear Gary,

The walnut rocker arrived today, in perfect condition, although the top of the box got smashed in and the flaps separated, letting some shipping grime in.  (It might be worthwhile to use an extra piece of cardboard to help guard against this in future shipments.)

Anyway, on to the chair!  As we anticipated, the rocker is well-proportioned and graceful, but we were surprised and impressed at how large and substantial it is!  The craftsmanship appears to be top-notch, and the attention to detail is evident, down to the careful matching and placement of pieces for grain and color.  I'm also pleased with the deep tones of the walnut.

As I told you, we had not seen the OS Clear Oil before, but the finish on the chair is beautiful.  The Hardwax Oil gives off a strong "waxy" smell for quite a while after application, but the rocker has only the faintest odor, so that's a nice surprise.

Of course, the point of the rocker is to use it, which we did immediately.  I found it very comfortable, and my 17-month old daughter was quite taken with it, wanting to rock on mommy's lap, and then stand in front of the chair and rock it with me in it.  At nap time, we found that it fits a breastfeeding mom & toddler great!  My daughter's legs easily fit under the arm of the chair, with her feet supported by the edge of the seat, and the central placement of the back slats allowed her to tuck her arm behind me.  Maybe it was just all the excitement of finally receiving our "special chair", but she was asleep in minutes.

So, thank you for making us this beautiful piece of furniture with the special finish, and for the excellent service.  In this era of high-hassle, low-quality goods, it's a treat to have my expectations exceeded.

Best regards,

Kirkland, Washington

August 16, 2004


My husband is delighted with the chair.  He and I both taught in the College of Architecture at Tech for many years retiring in 1997.  We appreciate the design and craftsmanship that you put into your art.


Lubbock, Texas

July 21, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks,

The chair was delivered as scheduled, and arrived in perfect condition.  We are most pleased with the rocker in terms of comfort, beauty, design and workmanship.  The joints are immaculate, a delight to the hand, and the grains as nearly symmetrical as human art could achieve.  It is everything I hoped, and then some.

Many thanks,

Bloomington, Indiana

P.S. — My Weeks cherry rocker reminds me of a rosewood desk by Sam Maloof that I had a chance to buy for $800 about 40 years ago.  I have often regretted my inability to afford that desk, which would now be a museum piece, but I expect the sting to fade in the enjoyment of your magnificent chair.

July 21, 2004


The chair is not only beautifully made, but also very comfortable.  M. and I are very pleased with the chair.  You and your team did a beautiful job.  I am sure we will enjoy the chair for many years to come.

Thank you again, it was worth the wait.

H. L.
Aurora, Illinois

July 13, 2004

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived yesterday in good shape.  If you designed this chair to fit you, you must be about 5'8", 150 pounds, 32/30 trousers, size 40 jacket, big feet and size 7 hat.  This chair fits me to a tee and is a work of art.  I have studied it over and cannot determine how many quarts of wildcat it took before you got settled on how it ought to be, but I'm glad you stuck it out and came up with this chair.  It is really nice to sit in and nice to look at.  My wife is very happy with the chair.  She said that it is charming and beautiful.  She is now talking about replacing all our living room furniture to match the chair.  This sort of talk would usually get me worried a little, but she will never be able to match the exquisite beauty of your rocking chair.

In 1972-73, I built a 38' gill netter.  It was a brute of a commercial fish boat with 13' of beam, drew 5' of water, was planked with 1-1/2 inch cedar, framed in oak, single Caterpillar diesel, and I forget how many tons of fish you could carry in the hold.  It was the first boat I ever built and I probably should have started with a rowboat and worked my way up.  A couple of months into the job I realized I had bit off more than was a mouthful, but decided to stick it out.  Six months into the job, I realized that it was waaaay more than a mouthful, but now I was in so far, I couldn't let go.  A shade over a year later, the boat was in the water and I told my friends that if anybody ever sees me with a set of boat plans again to please just get the 12 gauge and kill me.  The reason I am telling you this story is because, just looking at this rocking chair and thinking about you figgering it out, made me think of that damn boat.  To tell you the truth, the more I think about it, I believe I would rather build that boat again than try to come up with a rocking chair.  You did a great good job.  I very much appreciate the effort that went into this rocking chair.

Best to you and your crew down there.  I hope you win the lottery and that your dog lives for 20 years.

Freeland, Washington

June 25, 2004

Hi Gary,

I received the chair yesterday.  My wife is ecstatic.  The chair is exquisite, a work of art.  The confidence and pride you have in your work is truly apparent.  Excellence is obviously the only acceptable outcome.

My 85 year old grandmother spent five months knitting a beautiful blanket for her soon to be born great grandchild.  When I placed the chair in the baby's nursery, my wife hung the blanket over the back of the chair.  The craftsmanship in the blanket and the craftsmanship in the chair seem to compliment each other.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

June 10, 2004

Hi Gary

Your rocker arrived last night.  Here is their reaction:

GORGEOUS heirloom piece!!

Craftsmanship is SUPERB!!!!

Wood is BEAUTIFUL — you cannot imagine the beauty of it!!  Back comfort makes you fall asleep . . .

All triple A -PLUS!!

Chicago, Illinois

June 6, 2004


There's darn little of it in this old world!!!  I defy any being of human origins to set in one of your masterpieces and not feel better about themselves and those around them.  Many folks never get an opportunity to own a piece of art much less recline in same.  In my home I have many pieces of furniture that brings great joy to my heart for no other reason than just looking at them.  I have one desk that survived the Civil War and numerous other maladies and yet it is paled in comparison to the sheer warmth and comfort of your team’s touch.

I have a friend who puts the inner parts of his soul in his paintings.  When I compliment his work he merely says I am just a painter . . .  My reply is so was Michaelangelo!  If the old master ever made furniture he would now have a peer in the Weeks Rocker . . .

Thanks for bringing back to your customers the love of quality . . .
Houston, Texas

April 20, 2004

Dear Gary,

It's really disappointing to have to ask you to take your beautiful hand finished rocking chair back, but my wife's anatomy is just not right for it.  We're not really surprised;  as a child M. was diagnosed with scoliosis and her spine has quite a pronounced curvature, which doesn't quite fit your chair.  I find it wonderful, but unfortunately our living room isn't large enough to accommodate a rocker she can't use.  When the chair arrived I called over our friend who is on the faculty at the School of American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology, a studio furniture designer himself.  The styling and the workmanship are "studio furniture" quality.  That's why I'm so disappointed I won't be able to keep the chair.

I appreciate your taking full responsibility for the cost of returning the chair by freight.  The screw-together packaging was easy to reassemble and the chair is ready to ship.

Rochester, New York

March 4, 2004

Yes Gary the chair has arrived and my wife really does love it.  It arrived on Tuesday and I have been so busy we just unpacked it last night.  I received it and reviewed the packaging which was in great shape.  The chair is in fine shape as well.  I was very impressed with the craftsmanship especially with regard to the attention paid to the grain in the wood and how it all came together in the construction of the chair.  As you had promised and we expected this will be one of the highly cherished parts of our family for many generations.

Thanks so very much,
B. and K.S.
Mission Viejo, California

November 24, 2003


Just got home and unwrapped the bubble wrap.  (My wife was kind enough to let me do the unveiling.)  Gorgeous was the first word that came to mind.  Your workmanship is truly lovely and the one concern I had — the mesquite pattern would be too busy — turned out to be totally unfounded.  I am SO GLAD I treated myself to that wood.

Your creation immediately took over the corner next to the fireplace in the bedroom.  It sits next to an adobe accent wall under a recessed light that has a dimmer.  It is at the moment under a 1/3 power dimmer . . . glowing.

Thank you very much.  I intend to get a LOT of pleasure out of your creation and pass it on with delight to whoever the hell lasts longer than I do.  I know the chair will  :).

Albuquerque, NM

October 28, 2003

Gary —

"Like" is an absolute understatement.  We love the rocker and stool!  While H. and I were confident that the furniture would be all that we hoped for, we were somewhat apprehensive since neither one of us had ever made such an investment on something we could not actually see or touch.  So when the rocker and stool arrived last week, I was so nervous with excitement and anticipation.  Needless to say, when I pulled the rocker out of the box and nervously pulled away the bubble wrap out came the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen.  Your craftsmanship is unrivaled.  The cherry wood is perfect.

Although I could barely resist, I put the rocker and stool in our living room and waited for H. to come home that evening so she could be the first to sit in the chair.  When she did, tears of joy appeared on her smiling face.  Like her grandmothers before, H. has always loved rocking chairs and now she has her very own.

Since this was an anniversary gift to H. — our first — I have set the bar at a level, thanks to you, I may not be able to maintain.  I will certainly try though.

Thanks again for the wonderful rocker and stool as well as your excellent customer service.

We will be back!

Falls Church, VA

August 8, 2003


The chair arrived on Tuesday in great shape.  My wife is very very happy with it — already declaring it the most comfortable chair she's ever sat in.  The craftsmanship of the chair is a bit humbling really, the level of precision in the joinery and the finish are truly amazing.

My daughter C. (two years old) is still enjoying playing in the box that the chair came in.  We've fashioned it into a small play house for her complete with windows and doors.

The new baby is due in a month and we plan to have photos taken of the family in the chair to use as baby announcements.  We'll be sure to send one out to you and your crew.

Thanks so much for the fine work.  We're looking forward to someday adding a matching chair for me when I manage to retire and build a house on the lake  (I'll need 20 years at least . . .)

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

Ithaca, NY

June 12, 2003


I got my cherry rocker about 2 weeks ago.  I knew it would be nice, but when I unwrapped it I was amazed at the perfection of it!  The joinery, finish, and comfort are more than I could have hoped for.  I've never seen a piece of furniture of this quality.

Thank you for your craftsmanship and outstanding rocking chair!

San Diego, CA

June 10, 2003


We are VERY happy with both the rockers and the table.  They look great together and we plan to spend many hours enjoying them on our new screened porch.  Thanks so much for having done such an outstanding job on their looks, workmanship and comfort.

S. and B.C.
Kerrville, TX

February 28, 2003

Hi Gary,

My wife and I with her friends from San Antonio made a trip to the Fredericksburg area and visited your facility in early 2002 when you took the time to show us your shop and new home as it was under construction  (We are from Grosse Ile, Michigan), since that time I have seen many 'look alike' furniture pieces in several area art fairs for twice as much money, no where near the quality and comfort, and without the 'art' of your designs.  We still have a place for a few The Wilson Chairs and a The Terrell Side Table, at some opportune time we will fill that void.

R. and S.W.
Grosse Ile, MI

December 19 2002


B.'s cherry Weeks Rocker arrived as promised, right on time and she absolutely loves it.  I am in awe at the wood selection and the fine craftsmanship.  I wish we had purchased this earlier (if you remember, I have been looking at your chairs in Austin since the days of your Texas pecan rocker, which I am truly sorry I don't possess).  Thanks again.

Plano, Texas

November 9, 2002

Hi Gary,

Further to my earlier message of congratulations, it is indeed a great day when the Weeks Rocker makes it to its third continent.  I'm as proud of that as you all are, I'm sure.  I'll be looking forward to updates on your website, if you plan to include Oz.  At least your map at home will need to expand somewhat!

I had to go to work just after sending the earlier message, but since I've got home — well, you know what the focus has been!!  I've looked at it from every angle and admired the grain orientation and juxtaposition, and the vast difference in such between the top and the bottom of the seat.  Wow, what attention to detail you have!

Of course I've been rocking plenty, but have to get up regularly just to look at and admire it, then I can sit down again and appreciate the shapes.

I look forward to introducing your work of art to my visitors, the first of whom comes tomorrow bearing my stools is one of my five brothers.  As yet I've not told any of them about the purchase, so it will be a pleasant surprise.

Looks like I'll be wiring the balance of US$1100 on Monday our time, so please let me know if you don't get it by the end of next week.

And I must thank you also for the ingenious construction of the crate the rocker arrived in and the degree of wrap.  Very light and simple to use.  Thanks also for the catalogues and letter accompanying the chair.  Indeed, the chair does speak for itself.

Melbourne, Australia

October 12, 2002


Thank you again for your outstanding design and craftsmanship.  The rocking chair has been more comfortable than I could have ever imagined, even sitting for long periods of time.  My feet even touch the floor! I am still amazed with the way the chair fits both me and my husband perfectly, yet is beautiful too.  It will truly be a blessing for our nursery and home for years to come.

Good luck to you and your business.

San Antonio, Texas

October 9, 2002

Dear Gary,

Received my rocker in fine shape.  Needless to say, the workmanship and finish were superb.  However, waited a while to write this letter because I wanted to give it a good workout.  I can say, without qualification this is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture and pleasing to the eye.  One item I would like to mention is the ability to get in and out of the rocker is very easy, meaning the design was right.  My thanks for a perfect addition to our home.

Best regards,
Rogers, Arkansas

December 19, 2001


I wanted to let you know that the rocking chair arrived on Monday.  Everything was in perfect order.  As you may recall the rocking chair was for my wife and our newborn son.  I think you will be happy to hear it was warmly received.  It was everything she wanted and more.

When I brought the chair home I had her go to the bedroom while I brought it into the living room.  I then led her out, eyes closed of course.  I wish you could have seen her face when she sat down.

Many thanks for the fine work you do.  Special thanks for going the extra mile to keep me up to date on the shipping status.  It is not often these days that you can spend money as a consumer and have zero regrets about your purchase.

T. & N.B.
Ketchikan, Alaska

P.S. — I hope you find the following useful in marketing your wonderful product.

When I decided that I wanted to purchase a traditional rocking chair I had no idea of what I was in for.  First I went down to the two furniture stores in town and was very disappointed in what I saw.  Both stores had one model for sale, and nether were worth buying.

My buying habits are such that I make sure I will be pleased with what I buy before I part with my money.  So I started looking on the internet.  Not really knowing what I was looking for I found some nice rocking chairs at a site called "100% rocking chairs".  In fact I almost bought one.  However I had a nagging doubt and held back.

After several evenings on the internet I finally found your web site via Google.  I instantly fell in love with what I saw.  However when I started this little adventure I had only planed on spending perhaps $500, tops.  After two weeks of thinking it over I decided that your chair was worth the cost.  In addition I believe the your rocking chair is of such superior quality that it will literally last us a lifetime.  In the long run it is a bargain compared to numerous lazy boys or cheap glider rockers that it would take to fill its place over as many years.  I also believe that properly cared for our rocking chair will increase in value.

I hope you find this information useful.  I mention it simply to illustrate the influence your product had over me, a frugal consumer looking for a well made rocking chair.

If you ever visit Ketchikan give me a call before you come I will be happy to show you the sites or take you fishing.
[Somehow, I've got to go. GW]

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

July 11, 2000

Dear Gary:

You may recall our visit to your workshop on Saturday, July 1st.  You will be pleased to know that after our visit to California to see some other handmade rocking chairs, there is no competition!  Your rocking chairs win in terms of comfort and artistic quality — it helped that you pointed out your matching of grains, lamination, method of joining, etc. — as we might have overlooked these qualities otherwise.

Please accept this as our order for two of The Weeks Rockers in Cherry.  Enclosed is our deposit check of $500, with the remainder payable when the rockers are near completion.

Yours truly,
Double Oak, Texas

June 11, 2000

Dear Mr. Weeks

We have been enjoying the rocker (#162/1995) purchased from you almost five years ago, and very much appreciate the comfort and beauty of the chair.  But it is the excellent workmanship that makes it such a treasure to us!

We are wondering if make any other items.  If so, would you please send us information and prices about them?

Thank you.
Merkle, Texas

May 29, 2000

Dear Gary & Company:

I received the rocker last week and unpacked it as you recommended.  It arrived in perfect shape.

The rocker is awesome!  The craftsmanship and attention to detail is a special talent.  I know that mesquite wood is a challenge to find and hard to work, but you have created an heirloom piece that my wife and I know will have a special inheritance.  At present it is by the back door where it is used multiple times daily — it will have a special place in the office I am going to add to our home.

Debbie and I are looking forward to coming to your workshop one day.

Thank you!
West Columbus, Texas

March 7, 1999

Dear Mr. Weeks:

My wife and I have made a habit of stopping in Barnhill Britt in Salado every time we pass by on the highway, and did so again today.

There, amidst the tables and woodwork we have come to love, we saw something new.  A breathtaking rocking chair.  Deep walnut, satin finish, joints too smooth to feel.  The rocker of our dreams.

Your work is extraordinary, and we will treasure your rocker.

Please continue the exceptional work; your love for the wood comes through.

Waco, Texas

January 22, 1998

Jack,[A friend and former employee passed this on, GW]

I know we aren't supposed to treasure things, but the rocking chair must be an exception.  The walnut is just incredible.  Thank you very much for picking it out, delivering it, and of course, helping in its construction.  Please give my deepest thanks to Gary for making this possible.  I can't imagine there being a better rocker made in the whole world.  Tell him that he must pass the skill on.  One or both of his boys must continue this out.

Dallas, Texas

September 15, 1996

Dear Gary,

Just a quick note to let you know how much J. and I are enjoying our rocking chairs and how proud we are to have these fine pieces of furniture in our home.

The enjoyment they bring to our daily routine and the compliments we receive about their beauty and comfort are gratifying; however, they also are a fond reminder of our ties to the Hill Country and our getting to know you.  A couple of weeks ago, as I applied the annual coat of lemon oil for the second time, I was once again impressed by the dedication to detail and the excellent craftsmanship that went into their construction.

Thanks again.
Midland, Michigan

June 21, 1994

Dear Mr. Weeks,

As I mentioned in my call yesterday, the rocker you craft has been on my mind since seeing it on a visit to Austin two years ago.  First attracted to the splendid treatment of the wood, I also found myself reluctant to get up once I'd settled in it.  That you have developed a rocking chair comfortable to the back and to the eye without compromises to either is a considerable accomplishment.

Cary, North Carolina

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