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Our Rocking Chair is Comfortable for Most Sizes of People

Here we collect the testimonials to the comfort of the handmade rocking chairs made by Gary Weeks and Company to people of nearly every size.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

July 2, 2018


Thank you so much for your thoughtful note.  We also have been traveling, hence the rather late acknowledgement of how thrilled we are with our new rocker.  It is so beautiful, a real work of art.  And more important it is equally comfortable for myself  (5'2") and my husband  (6'1").  Would not have believed that to be possible.  We are so happy with our chair, thanks again.

Blue Ash, Ohio

March 10, 2018

Hi Gary,

Thank you for the kind note.  Our experience with your company has been great.  Autumn did a wonderful job answering all of our questions and building that confidence, plus I really appreciated the ease of paying online with PayPal.

The chair your team designed and built is perfect for us; which is impressive as I am 6'5" and my spouse is barely 5'.  Its arrival in our home has created a new house rule:  "You move your feet, you loose your seat". If someone gets up from the chair, someone else will instantly sit in it.

We look forward to many more purchases from your company!

D.G. & M.G.
Mississauga, Ontario

July 10, 2014

Hi Gary,

We received the maple rocking chair two days ago.  It's very well made, and fits both me  (5'2") and my husband  (5'8") well.  It looks and feels better than we expected.

The entire chair is very smooth to touch.  The wood grain is really nice, and the finish has an interesting shimmering 3-D effect.  My husband was expecting a really light color, like the mass-produced plain maple furniture.  He was pleasantly surprised that your hand-rubbed oil finish has darkened the maple and the result is just the right color for us.

Overall, we are quite happy with your rocking chair.  We'd highly recommend you to other people in the future.

F. & J.
Holmdel, New Jersey

December 28, 2013

Your chair did arrive exactly as promised — and it's beautiful and oh, so comfortable.  I'm 6'6", and the chair is comfortable for me.  My daughter is 5'8", and it fits her, too.  My daughter and her husband love it, and it looks great in the nursery.

Thank you for your work, your art, and your service.

Ft. Worth, Texas

September 7, 2012


By yesterday at 4:30pm I had not heard a word from them so I used the numbers you gave me to contact them and bingo — they made it happen!  My Weeks Rocker arrived at 7pm and J. and I were able to get it out of the crate . . . with a little patience and lots of careful maneuvering.  I sat in it all through the Democratic Convention and was a happy camper.  Tonight we are inviting friends and our daughter/son in law over for 'grilling and rocking' . . . Can't wait to show it off and share a rock.

We are happy customers and will gladly tell the story of Weeks Rockers and encourage others to make the investment.  Now we have a grandchild coming in March, so the rocker has taken on new meaning beyond my retirement!  Tell your team they do great work and we are very pleased and proud to own one.  It felt like velvet when I felt the arms of the rocker, and my feet perfectly touch the floor.  I'm 5'4" and that is always an issue for me.

Hope to see your place one day while in Austin,
Slidell, Louisiana

July 5, 2012

Dear Gary,

The rocking chair and footstool arrived this afternoon just as I was making a cup of tea, so naturally I unpacked the chair  (yielding me enough bubble wrap to last the rest of my life!) and enjoyed my tea while I sat in it.

I am 5'10" tall, and the chair fits perfectly, just as your website said it would.  The only smoother finish I have ever felt is a new baby's bottom . . . I am looking forward to many years of reading, resting and rocking in the chair, and I thank you for the craftsmanship that it encompasses.  It was worth the wait and all the saving up for this treat! . . .

With thanks and best wishes —
Sharon, Connecticut

January 26, 2012

Hi Gary,

I wanted to let you know that the rocker and foot stool arrived here unscathed on Tuesday afternoon.
I got home late, and didn't get a chance to unpack it until yesterday.  Now that it's all unpacked and my family has had a chance to use it a bit, I want to echo all the great feedback you've gotten from your other customers.

Starting with the quality of the pieces, the craftsmanship is superb.  If nothing else, having such finely made work in our home is truly a pleasure.  The selection and matching of the cherry for the different elements in both pieces adds to the obvious care that was taken in the design and workmanship.

But there's more.  My family's body shapes and sizes cover a wide range, from my son  (6'1", 145 lbs,  "This feels great on my back!"), to my wife (5'10", 1(mfph$&@) lbs,  "mmm, very comfy."), to me  (6'1", 275 lbs, "ahhh"), and we all love how functional and comfortable the chair is.

The rocker and foot stool will be a well-used, cherished pieces in our home for many years.  Thank you.

Best regards,
Trumansburg, New York

December 30, 2011


J.'s rocker arrived as you said in your note.  Everything was just fine.  We especially enjoyed the hand and foot decoration by your young one on the carton.  ;-)

I am a potter by avocation  (with some woodworking thrown in).  I have always been interested in the integration of form and function, aesthetic and utility, in creating pots and other things.  Your chair does so exceptionally well.  I can see the attention to detail in both design and execution.  A beautiful, can't keep my hands off it rocking chair.  Deceptively simple, perfectly executed.  Nicely done!

True to your web site, the chair fit everyone in the family, ranging from a small 5'2" to a tall 6'2", whether simply rocking or holding little S. and rocking him to sleep.

We are all delighted.  Thank you!

Vienna, Virginia

October 24, 2011


. . .
By the way, we LOVE our chairs — my husband is 6'7" and I am 5'1" and we have spent countless hours over the last 18 months rocking with our first baby boy.  It still amazes me that one chair fits us both so well.  I canΉt wait for a footstool to accompany it so we can spend just as much time rocking baby boy #2.

Thanks a million.
Houston, Texas

October 14, 2011


Thanks so much for your email.  Baby L. finally arrived last Thursday.  We are over the moon about her, and are very much enjoying rocking her to sleep in the chair, which all of our visitors remark on. We're thrilled with the investment, and look forward to using it for many years to come.

I've attached photos of R. and of my mother both enjoying the chair  (and as promised, it works perfectly both for the 6'6" man and the 5'5" woman!).

Thanks again.

San Francisco, California

July 14, 2010

Dear Weeks Family,

A year into owning one of your rocking chairs, we could not be more delighted.  It is, far and away, our most prized piece of furniture.  The wood has darkened to a beautiful reddish brown, just as you said it would.  The inlaid initials are beautiful.  Somehow, miraculously, it seems to be the perfect fit for every body that sits in it.  And now you've so generously helped us line up a mover to ship it safely across country in our upcoming move.  Your customer service and craftsmanship are outstanding.

Thanks so much,
Davis, California

March 8, 2010


I just returned from G's house and I must say the rocker is beautiful and sits like a dream.  What is amazing about the ergonomics is the chair fits G. – who is 6'-7" as well as L. – who is about 5' tall (Mutt and Jeff).  That is truly a well designed chair.  The finish is beautiful.  I can say that the kids are so excited about their Rocker and for that I say thank you.

All the best . . .
Houston, Texas

March 5, 2009

The chair arrived in perfect condition.  We love it — it is beautiful and everyone that sits in it finds it very comfortable.

Your team has been very professional and great to work with.

I still would love to have the mesquite weeks rocker.  Maybe someday . . .

Moore, South Carolina

December 6, 2008

Hello Mr Weeks and Company,

I just wanted to let you know that we got the chair and it's beautiful.

My wife hasn't seen your website, but her comments echo what others have already said:

"It's beautiful"
"A work of art"
"Looks like it belongs in a museum"

She especially made me smile when she sat in the chair and said, "It fits me so nice, is this made for short people?"

It felt great to give this to her from the whole family.  Thanks for your quick, professional, and beautiful work!

Best Regards,
Santa Barbara, California

October 23, 2008

Dear Gary Weeks,

The chair arrived on Monday and it is spectacular.  The walnut is deep and luminous.

To be honest, I had wondered how a wooden chair could be as comfortable as you and your customers claim.  But it's true!  The chair is comfortable to both me (I'm 5'11") and my husband (He's 5'8").  Even though it's made of wood, it's incredibly soft and supportive.

We are expecting our second child in a couple of weeks, and even at 9 months pregnant I can rock comfortably with our daughter, who's three.  I'm so looking forward to nursing and rocking our baby, too.

You really do make a beautiful chair.

Ventura, California

September 3, 2008


After reading practically all of your website and my wife none of it, I had to laugh when the first thing she said after sitting in our new cherry rocker was "It fits me perfectly."  We moved it into the completed nursery today; it looks beautiful.  We look forward to rocking even more when the baby arrives in a couple of weeks.

As someone who dabbles in woodworking, the craftsmanship is inspiring.

Fredonia, New York

May 14, 2008

Gary —

We did indeed get the chair and it is magnificent.  It's amazingly well-built and solid, but also very comfortable.  I rocked our seven-month-old in it last night when he woke up at 3 — he went back to sleep nicely, thank goodness.  And my tall husband also finds the chair comfortable and a good place to sit with the baby.

We're very happy with the chair.  It's obviously the product of exquisite workmanship.  It's a lovely thing to look at and even better to touch.  The satiny feel of the wood under my hands is incredible.

Brooklyn, New York

April 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the chair . . . It is so beautiful.  There was no damage to the crate at all. When it was delivered today I knew I was in for a real treat when I saw how much care and attention to detail went into building the crate alone.  Even the screw holes on the crate were countersunk.  There was more attention to detail in the crate alone than most people put into building their chairs.  The chair is truly a beautiful work of art.  I can't wait to give it to my wife on her birthday.  She is going to be so excited.  The only thing I am not happy about is that it has to stay at my parents house for the next month until her birthday.

True to your word the chair is comfortable for people of all sizes.  My mom is 5'-04" tall and she loves it, my dad is 6'-00" tall and he loves it, and I am 6'-04" and I love it.  Thanks again, you have blessed my family with a chair that will be with us throughout our lives and give us a lifetime of memories and happiness.

Anaheim, California

November 1, 2007


It did take a leap of faith, but when I first talked to you I was reassured!  It also takes a leap of faith for you to make a chair for someone you don't know who may not take care of it.

The chair is beautiful.  I smile each time I see it, sit in it, or rock.  And it fits me, 5'3", and my husband, 6', just as you said it would.  I have had to restrict his use of the chair to be sure it is always available for me.  In fact, I have threatened to install a "rockometer" in order to monitor the number of rocks he has put on the chair.  Do you have a "rockometer"?

I would love a tour of the factory, and I would like to meet you all.

Thank you,
Pine, Arizona

September 17, 2007

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the message.  My wife and I have been traveling a great deal so I apologize for the slow response.  I was definitely wanting to write you after we had a chance to "sit" with the chair a bit (no pun intended ;-) and give you our thoughts.

In short, we really love it!  Your work is as beautifully crafted and detailed as you communicate over the website and our expectations were not disappointed in any regard.  My wife and I are different in size and honestly when we first pulled it out of the box, it's size and presence was larger than we expected.  I believe we both thought it might be slightly smaller.  As a result, I was worried that I would love it, but L. would potentially feel a bit dwarfed.  However, I am not quite sure how you have done it, but you have managed to craft a chair that is comfortable for someone of my size 6' and 180lbs-ish and also for my wife of 5'-5" and petite weight . . . well done!

We both feel that it is extremely comfortable and has a very well balanced character of sturdiness with graceful and soft transitions in all the appropriate detail points.  We both gain a tremendous amount of joy in just running our hands over the smooth maple arms and it is a real pleasure to "feel" excellent craftsmanship.  One of my favorite details at the moment is the expressed connection at the edge of the armrest where it has been mortised all the way thru for the vertical support.  However, I keep finding more "favorites" as I enjoy studying the subtleties as we go along.

The maple is beautiful and your level of finish is perfect.  We really have no complaints and are thrilled that we now have such a beautiful piece that our children will grow up with and then have one day for their own.  We might just be calling you up again for another one so that both our kids may have one to enjoy down the road!

Regarding the delivery, it turned out to be ok, but we were anticipating it on Tuesday the 11th so I am glad that someone was here to accept the delivery (we live in an apartment).  Luckily, the chair was delivered with no damage so it did not matter in the end that we were not able to review the delivery condition prior to signing.  I appreciate your follow up.

In closing, you are a true master craftsman and we feel blessed to have such a wonderful piece of functional art in our living room to enjoy for many years.  Our thanks to you and your family and staff for the quality, professionalism, communication and follow thru.  Having done this all remotely, you all have made the experience a very smooth and seamless one.

Many thanks.
C and L.H.
Asheville, North Carolina.

June 8, 2007

Hello Gary,

Thank you very much for following up with us.  I have been meaning to contact you.  The chair is wonderful.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about some of the claims, but it fits me (5'11"), my father (6'5"), and my mother (5'1") perfectly.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the delivery process was great, and the chair looks like it will be a wonderful addition to our lives.  Thank you very much.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

March 8, 2007


I meant to email you last night . . . The rocker arrived, and the box was damaged BUT the rocker is in perfect condition so everything is great.  We love the rocker . . . I didn't realize how big it was (a good thing – I'm 6'1" and it fits me perfectly).  It's very good looking and obviously well-designed . . . it almost rocks by itself!  I'm glad there are still craftsmen like you who create genuine quality furniture.

Thank you,
New York, New York

May 8, 2006

Hi Gary,

Well, she liked it!  I bet you get these kind of notes all the time!  I am anxious to see it for myself.  But we won't be returning it!  Thanks again for your quality product and service!

K. G.
LuVerne, Iowa

[ K.G. bought a chair for her daughter, A.G., who sent the note below to her mother after receiving it.   — G.W. ]


Yes!  The chair is fantastic!  I honestly did not really believe the website that said that these chairs fit everybody, but it's true.  So far, 7 people have sat in it (I hosted study group this afternoon and we had our prenatal appointment here tonight) and not only did they all say it was super comfortable (what else could they say to me, really?), but it looked like it fit all of them.  It's really, really comfortable.  I'll have C. take a picture of it and send it tomorrow. Thank you so much for it!!!

St. Paul, Minnesota

February 10, 2006


The rocker arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon.  It looks wonderful and, more importantly, is a real pleasure to sit in.  The chair is very comfortable.  It reclines to a very comfortable position for both my wife and I to easily rock it even though we are 6" apart in height.  Thank you very much for your wonderful work and know we'll get years of enjoyment from your rocker.

Warm Regards,
G. O.
Berkeley, California

November 28, 2005

they arrived, they're beautiful and h. is very excited.  bigger than we imagined but perfectly and magically sized to both the mama to be and the papa to be.  wild.

thanks so much – they are wonderful.
D. K.
New York, New York

October 11, 2005

The chair arrived in perfect condition.  It took me awhile to unpack the crate.  That was one very large box.  The box is still on my front porch.  I had already re-arranged my bedroom in preparation, but found that with the chair and the stool, I needed to re-arrange again.  That of course led to re-arranging all the pictures on the walls as well!  Several hours later, the chair and the rest of the furnishings in my bedroom are in place.

Thank you for a very comfortable chair.  I was a little concerned when I saw it that it might be too large since I am only 5 feet tall.  You said it would fit someone my height and it does.  I look forward to many years of use.  The stool is beautiful in its simplicity and I am enjoying it as well.  Thank you.

I. L.
Redwood City, California

August 15, 2005


The rocker arrived Friday, but didn't get unboxed until Saturday.  I am quite enjoying the chair.  As promised, it provides comfort to people of different heights  (I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5'3").  The curves in it are very appealing.  Great work!

G. M.
Lake Oswego, Oregon

July 18, 2005


The rocker is perfect.  Many thanks.  I have been sitting in it at least once a day since I received it.  The construction is flawless and the graining and finishing of the walnut is grand.  Somehow it accommodates me at 5'10", my wife at 5'4" and my jealous neighbor at 6'1" with comfort.  It is a wonderful piece of furniture.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 1, 2005

Lovely Number 1326 has arrived.  For some odd reason the anticipation peaked when my screwdriver and your screws resisted each other, but with patience I revealed our treasure chair.  It is perfect.  As I was removing the bubblewrap, my son and two friends came home. They laughed at me.  I guess I looked pretty thrilled.  We tested it for comfort and have all declared it wonderful.  Each of us slid into the seat with a sigh and from 110 lbs/5'6" to 180 lbs/6', all of us felt the chair was made for us.  C. remarked that it isn't only a chair, but a work of art and L. gazed at the figure and traced it with her fingers, noting all the swirls and silky, seamless lines.

If I haven't sufficiently conveyed it, I am delighted and the next generation promises to rock on his porch when he is an old curmudgeon.

Best regards and gratitude to all involved in # 1326's creation.
Scottsdale, Arizona

PS:  I must secretly admit that spending all that money  (huge for me), sight unseen, no word-of-mouth recommendation — based solely on your good looking website, was a bit unnerving for me, but I decided to believe . . . and am glad I did. — S.

June 1, 2005

Dear Gary, Leslie and Company,

I wanted to let you know that your gorgeous rockers arrived here yesterday in perfect condition.  The toughest part was deciding which one to keep and which to give to my mom. They are both beautiful, yet very different.  I have already rocked the baby to sleep twice in the chairs.  I only wish I'd had them sooner.  S. really likes running her little hands over the arms of the chairs and looking closely at the patterns in the wood.  She is a very detail oriented baby!  (Must be her dad's influence as it sure isnΉt mine.)   I am sure we will love them for generations to come.  I keep telling S. that someday that chair will be hers.

Thank you again for your beautiful work.  I would recommend your chairs to anyone.
N. and S.  (and husband C. too)
Gilbert, Arizona

PS:  At 5'5", 6'2" and 27" we all fit comfortably in the chair.

May 11, 2005

Gary, unfortunately I have not seen or rocked in your rocker, but short  I. and tall R. just think it is fabulous.  They can't figure out how it fits both of them.  That is okay, some secrets must remain!  Thank you for sending a rocker for generations of our family.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

Simi Valley, California

May 8, 2005

The rocker has shown up and is even nicer than I imagined.  Really beautiful.  I haven't taken it out of the crate yet, as I need to transport to my daughter's apartment first, but it looks fine as is.

My wife is now commenting that she may like your rocker best — we have two other wood rockers including one I had made to her size  (5' 1-3/4" but she says she is 5' 2").  Everyone knows that your walnut rocker is mine, and I can kick all out except my wife.  I may need you to make one more soon, so I can get my rocker back.

Thanks again — the rocker is beautiful and you made the whole order/delivery process painless.  Great work!

Alexandria, Virginia

March 30, 2005


Many apologies for the delay in my thank you.  The move to my new home was successful and you were great at rerouting the delivery of the cherry rocker and stool.  Simply put the rocker and stool are superb!  The packaging was beat up a bit as expected but the cherry rocker and stool were not harmed in any way.  Going over them entirely by hand with my eyes closed, there were no snags or hang ups to be found and it was as smooth as my new baby's skin.  I am 5'6" and my husband is 6' yet it fits us both like gloves.  I am very impressed and rock my 6 month old son in it very comfortably.

Thank you again,
K. W.
Fairfield, California

January 24, 2005

Hi Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition mid-November.  We've been enjoying it very much.  B. gave birth to our first child last week and they love spending time rocking together.  There is one slight problem:  when B. nurses Z. in the chair, she can't rock or he'll fall right to sleep!  All of our visitors comment on how beautiful and comfortable the rocker is — and believe me, we've had plenty of visitors.  The chair fits everyone:  from a petite 5' 2" to a heavy 6' 3".

Thanks for your attention to detail on this new addition to our home  (the chair, that is).
F. A.
San Diego, California

November 17, 2004

Do I like it?

Oh yes!  It made me so happy I felt silly and self conscious at the effusive email I began writing to you soon after it arrived.  I decided to wait until I cooled off a bit.

It's everything you said it would be.  My husband, seven year old son and I all agree it's incredibly comfortable and beautiful.  A true heirloom piece.  Wow.  We love it!  We touch it all the time.  My son accuses me of sitting in it too much.  I had to agree to take turns.

I am so happy and grateful that you and your people came through.  I've dealt with a lot of different dealers and contractors recently.  Most have been very disappointing to work with . . . problems with communication, integrity, quality and other issues have clouded the interaction.  It's strangely life affirming to deal with you and have everything happen as promised.  Whew!  What a relief!  THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, the box it came in is a perfect hideout/playhouse for the kid.  He's decorated it inside and out and plays in it every day.  Thanks for the bonus!

I hope it pleases you to know that you have made this family in San Diego so happy.  Please keep your high standards.  The world needs more like you!

San Diego, California

October 18, 2004


R. was awed!  A gorgeous work of art.  She eyed the rocker from across the room, then closed the distance slowly circling, taking in the beautiful lines and outstanding craftsmanship.  She moved the rocker into a shaft of sunlight and slowly rocked the chair watching the grain and finish of the seat — the walnut shimmered like a highly polished tiger eye gemstone.  Carefully she checked the underside of the chair and was delighted to find it signed and numbered.  Then, she eased into the chair, slowly she relaxed, and a smile crossed her face — ear to ear.  The seat was wide and full, the headrest perfect, the arms were just right for her, the edge of the seat didn't cut into her legs, and her feet were comfortably on the floor.  The chair is just her size!

Gary, you made her very happy, thank you!

I'm not sure how you figured everything out, but you did . . . the chair fits me like a glove!  R. is 5'6" and I'm 6'1".  All I can say is "It's magic"!

We love our rocker!

Thanks for everything,

D. and R. W.
Budd Lake, New Jersey

October 12, 2004

Hi Gary,

I AM rocking, and I am SO pleased!  Your chair fits my extra-long legs and tilts my body back to a comfortably balanced angle — something which was missing in the  (considerably more expensive) rocker I tried first.  The arms are delightfully sculptured for resting my hands outstretched or for crossing them in toward the body for knitting or reading.  Not an uncomfortable edge to be found.  The finish is beautiful to eye and hand alike.  I am looking forward to showing it off and  (occasionally) sharing its comfort.  Thank you so much, Gary.  And thank you for delivering it exactly as committed, without a hitch.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

August 26, 2004


My back has been bothering me a bit.  I have two recliners and your rocker in my den . . . I rock Reilly  (she likes your chair a lot) in your rocker because it is better on my back than the recliners.  Everyone who sit in your rocker say how comfortable it is.  How do you make one rocker fit so many people of vastly different sizes?  It is the best chair I have ever had.


S. J.
Lafayette, Colorado

August 3, 2004


I received my Cherry Rocker yesterday and I am very pleased with the comfort, styling, and the smoothness of the finish.  I am 5'10" and weigh 250 lbs. and it fits me just perfect.

New Philadelphia, Ohio

July 13, 2004

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived yesterday in good shape.  If you designed this chair to fit you, you must be about 5'8", 150 pounds, 32/30 trousers, size 40 jacket, big feet and size 7 hat.  This chair fits me to a tee and is a work of art.  I have studied it over and cannot determine how many quarts of wildcat it took before you got settled on how it ought to be, but I'm glad you stuck it out and came up with this chair.  It is really nice to sit in and nice to look at.  My wife is very happy with the chair.  She said that it is charming and beautiful.  She is now talking about replacing all our living room furniture to match the chair.  This sort of talk would usually get me worried a little, but she will never be able to match the exquisite beauty of your rocking chair.

In 1972-73, I built a 38' gill netter.  It was a brute of a commercial fish boat with 13' of beam, drew 5' of water, was planked with 1-1/2 inch cedar, framed in oak, single Caterpillar diesel, and I forget how many tons of fish you could carry in the hold.  It was the first boat I ever built and I probably should have started with a rowboat and worked my way up.  A couple of months into the job I realized I had bit off more than was a mouthful, but decided to stick it out.  Six months into the job, I realized that it was waaaay more than a mouthful, but now I was in so far, I couldn't let go.  A shade over a year later, the boat was in the water and I told my friends that if anybody ever sees me with a set of boat plans again to please just get the 12 gauge and kill me.  The reason I am telling you this story is because, just looking at this rocking chair and thinking about you figgering it out, made me think of that damn boat.  To tell you the truth, the more I think about it, I believe I would rather build that boat again than try to come up with a rocking chair.  You did a great good job.  I very much appreciate the effort that went into this rocking chair.

Best to you and your crew down there.  I hope you win the lottery and that your dog lives for 20 years.

Freeland, Washington

June 17, 2004

Gary —

I am thrilled with the chair!  It arrived in perfect condition  (not even a mark on the box) and was very easy to unpack.  My husband  (who is 5'9") and I  (at 5'2") have both found the chair to be comfortable as well as beautiful.  Thank you!

L. B.
Oakland, California

May 13, 2004

Hello Gary,

Yes, the rocker arrived yesterday and was as beautiful as the photos that your son sent me.  The rocker is a perfect fit for both my wife and me.  I can't thank you enough for allowing us to purchase the one off your floor.  Preparing for an adopted child is always a challenge  (there's never enough time), and you have helped to make the transition a lot smoother!

Thanks again and regards,
K. and J.B.
Lakeville, Minnesota

May 11, 2004


. . .  The chair is very beautiful and Ellen  (who is due in just a couple of weeks!) spends a lot of time rocking happily in it.  And just to see how true to life your advertising is, we had our own 6'4" friend come by and sit in the chair — he was every bit as comfortable in it as Ellen is.

Thanks again,
Wading River, New York

April 8, 2004


thanks so much!
we love y/our new rocker and stool!
everybody who sees it comments on how beautiful it is
all who sit in it are amazed at its' comfort
my wife has even suggested a second
please thank all who worked on the pieces

all the best,
Providence, Rhode Island

October 8, 2003


The chair is beautiful!  I have had everyone sit in it from 5’ tall to 6' 2" tall . . . they all love it!  Can’t wait to show it to CC.

Atlanta, GA

March 21, 2003

Hi Gary et al,

I purchased your rocking chair at Solstice for my wife.

It has been a wonderful addition to our home.  We love it and everyone who visits us and sits in it loves it.  It is amazing that one chair can fit so many sizes and shapes of people, but this chair does it with style and grace.

One comment from our grown children was "Who will inherit this heirloom?"  A little premature to be concerned with but an interesting thought.

Hope your business is going well.

Sebastopol, CA

December 10, 2002

Dear Gary:

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition on Friday.  It is just beautiful, and so beautifully made.  It's comfortable for both me and my husband — I'm 5'9" and he's 6'3" — and so solidly built it doesn't make a peep nor creak.  I spend a lot of time nursing our baby and I thought I might need to add cushions for more comfort, but no matter how long I sit it's still comfortable.  It is truly a thing of beauty and comfort.

Thank you so much!

New York, New York

October 12, 2002


Thank you again for your outstanding design and craftsmanship.  The rocking chair has been more comfortable than I could have ever imagined, even sitting for long periods of time.  My feet even touch the floor! I am still amazed with the way the chair fits both me and my husband perfectly, yet is beautiful too.  It will truly be a blessing for our nursery and home for years to come.

Good luck to you and your business.

San Antonio, Texas

March 6 2002

Dear Gary,

Just a note to say I have moved and the rocker M. got for me has a whole group of new admirers.  Everyone who sits in it says — it just fits.  Interesting because short or tall, thin or wide, they all say that.

Thanks for the quality of workmanship your furniture shows.  It has been a real joy to own.

Keep up the good work —

Lakeland, Florida

January 25, 1996

Dear Gary,

Christmas surprise was a tremendous success, and grandpa and H. are already enjoying it together.  T. was 100% delighted and has proudly shown it to all our friends.  My 87 year old mother settled into it Christmas afternoon, much to his dismay — it truly is amazing how comfortable it is to all shapes and sizes!

Paradise Valley, Arizona

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