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Our Comfortable Rocking Chairs

Here we collect the testimonials to the comfort of the handmade rocking chairs made by Gary Weeks and Company.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

August 25, 2016

Hello Gary and Leslie —

The rocker was delivered yesterday.  The box was in reasonably good condition; the edge guards are brilliant.  The delivery guy and I opened the box and removed the chair but did not unwrap it.  Everything looked undamaged and I signed for it.  I unwrapped it this morning and brought it inside.  It is beautiful; an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship.  I sat on it and immediately smiled because it is exactly as described on your website.  Every surface is perfect.  It is so comfortable.  I was mostly unsure about there being only 4 slats in back but my concerns were unwarranted.  I am looking forward to a rainy day to sit there by my window and read a good book, not that I won't be enjoying it on nice days, too.

Thank you,
Liberty Lake, Washington

November 3, 2015


The rocking chair arrived quickly and in perfect condition.  I must say that I was, and continue to to be, amazed at the quality and comfort of the rocking chair.  The rocking chair is second to none and absolutely a work of art.  You and your staff are the best.  There was even a hand written note from Becca wishing my wife and future baby to enjoy it and hoping that it remained a surprise for my wife, which it did.  My wife honestly did not know what to say when I revealed it to her . . . she looked like a child on Christmas morning just in awe.  She walked around it and admired it for a couple of minutes then sat in it and started rocking and said, "This is the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat in . . . I could fall asleep."  We love it and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  My wife wants to carry it to one of her baby showers and show it off, if that tells you how much she loves it.  Thanks so much for you and your company's beautiful work and attention to detail and customer service.  I will be leaving a detailed review on your website about how happy we are with the rocking chair.  I am now a life long customer and will definitely be purchasing another in the future.

Thank you,
Pike Road, AL

November 12, 2014


My rocking chair arrived today and I love it!  The design and wood are beautiful but the best thing is how it feels to sit in it!  My husband is taller than me and the chair fits him as well.

Thank you for my wonderful chair!

Kind regards,
Raleigh, North Carolina

March 22, 2013


Yes, the chair arrived yesterday.  Thanks for inquiring.  My wife and I both love it.  I am sitting in it right now and find it quite comfortable.  The cherry wood is gorgeous and the finish is silky smooth. We really appreciate fine American craftsmanship.

Best regards,

P.S.  My son said, "I have never sat in a wooden chair that is this comfortable.  It's a really nice chair!"  I agree.  A perfect chair for desk work and reading.

February 19, 2013

Gary, my rocking chair was delivered today, as previously arranged.  Computer on lap, I've been working from home, from the rocker for several hours.  What a beautiful and comfortable chair! Thank you so very much for a superb piece and for a delightful shopping experience.  Yours —

Chicago, Illinois

April 13, 2012


The rocker arrived on time and in perfect shape.  I am rockin' as I write!

We did a lot of research before we decided on "the rocker" that would work.  We were looking for something functional and attractive.  We spend a lot of time on the Oregon coast in the summers. Over the last 10 years, I have ogled the Myrtle wood rockers that various woodworkers have created on the coast.  About a month before we decided on the Weeks rocker, my wife and I made a trip to the Oregon coast with the express purpose of buying a Myrtle wood rocker.  We stopped at several shops and I "rocked" several chairs.  The chairs varied in price from $2500–$5000 but, they all had one thing in common.  They ALL had floating back staves and they all felt strange to rock, as with each rock the staves would flex.  It felt weird, almost like the staves were going to break.  A rocker should provide comfort while rocking, not anxiety.

I have sciatic problems and the Weeks rocker provides support and comfort to my back.  I am also able to spend hours in front of the TV or reading in comfort while rockin'.

I worked for 7 years at a firm that made wood working machinery and I feel that I can recognize quality wood working.  The Weeks rocker is an excellent example of superior American Craftsmanship.

I am proud to own a Weeks Rocker.

Redding, California

March 29, 2012


I recieved my rocker and I love it!!!  I have to sit on a firm chair because of my back, and have been sitting on a kitchen chair for a while.

I can't tell you how many chairs I have tried that weren't supportive enough.

It is so wonderful to have a chair that is so comfortable and supportive that I can sit and relax in!  It is a beautiful piece of furniture, a work of art.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Longmont, Colorado

December 8, 2011

Hi Gary,

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit as well, and also the tour of your workshop;  thank you for spending a little time with us!  The chair has already found its rightful place in the living room where I sit in it every morning for coffee and every evening for TV watching.  Truly the most comfortable rocker I've ever sat in!  Thank you again.

Lincoln, Texas

December 2, 2011

Hello Everyone —

Just wanted to let my whole family know that the wonderful gift you gave me on my birthday arrived at our home yesterday.  It came on a truck and was boxed as if it was the lost ark from "Raiders". Once opened, I knew why.  Truly, it is now the most beautiful piece of furniture we have in our home or in Willowbrook for that matter.  I've never seen such a work of art like this chair.  You can tell that someone spent an awful lot of time and effort into creating such a piece.  It's absolutely beautiful, and as comfortable as a leather sofa.  Thank-You all very, very much.  I canΉt wait to sit in it as I watch A. pace back and forth in the room to try and get the baby to sleep!

Thanks Again,
Willowbrook, Illinois

August 31, 2011

Dear Gary and Austin,

I unwrapped the chair first thing this morning and was absolutely stunned!  I could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship, the design, and the comfort.  The back support is just right, and everyone who has sat in it feels it must have been made for them alone.  The wood is beautiful, and you captured the grain perfectly!  I thank you both, and hope you will pass along my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed in creating my chair.

I am trained as an engineer and tend to favor function over form, much to the dismay of my daughters (ages 19 and 22), who are both talented artists and take the opposite view.  When I first sat in the chair I was reminded of the quote from William Morris:  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."  The Weeks rocker is a sublime combination of aesthetics and function that satisfies both conditions perfectly.  I have already promised to buy each a Weeks rocker of their own when they establish their own households in a few years.  (So don't go and retire any time soon, please . . .)

I am attaching a photo, and I'm sure you will agree that the rocker has found an absolutely ideal place to be treasured  (and shown off!).

Thanks again,

Durham, North Carolina

P.S.  Please let Bela know how pleased I was to find her beautiful drawing atop the carton this morning.  I am sending a thank you to her in the mail on Monday . . .

July 16, 2011


Thanks so much for checking in.  It did, indeed, arrive today, in perfect condition, while we are still waiting for Miss J.  You have been tremendously helpful in working around my due date.

The rocker has the elegant lines and beautiful grain/smoothness I expected.  I am delighted with how comfortable it is as well.  Like many others in the review section, I fell asleep yesterday afternoon while testing it out.

Sleep, of late, has not been easy to come by, so this was pretty amazing.  My significant other has been amused by how excited I've been about the arrival of this chair.  This made it all the more gratifying when, after I made him sit down to try it, he didn't budge for almost an hour.  He has a bad back, and really enjoyed the fit of the rocker.  You have a new convert.  He was also extremely impressed with the workmanship and agrees that this is the loveliest piece of furniture we own.

Have a great rest of the summer and I'm sure we'll be back for a matching rocker before too long, perhaps if/when number two is coming along.


April 25, 2011

Dear Gary,

D. has had his 50th birthday rocking chair for almost a year now and I can tell you that if he is home and sitting down, it is likely that he is sitting in his rocker.  He is so pleased to have it.  The chair sits in our living room, near the wood stove, in front of the windows looking over our back yard.  The chair is comfortable enough that he can sit for hours working  (he's a computer scientist and sometimes works at home) and it is roomy enough that he and his laptop fit nicely.  Thank you so much for working with me to give him something that he really enjoys and cherishes.


P.S. He was delighted with the surreptitious carved lizard.

December 18, 2010


My wife and I received our chair and foot stool yesterday and it is far better than what we expected, one of the most comfortable chairs we have ever sat in.  I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance and making such a beautiful piece of furniture.  We are looking forward to years and years of enjoyment.

Happy holidays.

J. and C.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 8, 2010

Hi Gary,

You may remember us;  we bought a beautiful dining set and two rockers when we redid our Pocono home several years ago.  They continue to look fabulous and just last night I was rocking in the cherry rocker before a beautiful fire and was feeling all was right with the world. Everybody who visits us comments on the beauty and comfort of these pieces.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 30, 2010

Hello Gary,

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition.  The shipping carton looked fine and the delivery man was helpful and efficient getting the box into the house.

I carefully opened the box and gently eased it on one side so I could draw the chair out.  I got the wrapping off and was thrilled by the smell of the wood and the smooth touch.  It is so simple, elegant, and yet very substantial.  It is so comfortable to sit in!  The back support is great.  There is just no comparison to any rocker I have ever tried.

My hubby is at work now, so he has not tried it yet, but he is in for a treat!

I have never seen such a beautiful, useful chair in all my life.

St. Paul, Minnesota

December 21, 2009

Hey Gary:

Just wanted to let you know that my Christmas mahogany rocking chair is fantastic and I was quite surprised when it showed up at the house!  I know you hear this all the time, but this is the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat on and the workmanship is outstanding.  We will need some dining chairs in the future and yours will be at the top of our list.  Also, I think that one of your side tables would be nice to have as I rock away . . . .

Thanks for a great chair and I hope you and yours have a very safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

Take care and best regards,
The Woodlands, Texas

August 12, 2009

Dear Mr. Weeks,

They did indeed receive the rocker.  We received a delightful voice mail from K. where she said it was so pretty and comfortable and we had to come up to see it as soon as possible.  She said we had to plant our butts in it and see how good it felt.  We can’t wait to see it!

Thanks again — it’s been a real pleasure to do business with you.

Santee, California

July 27, 2009


They delivered my rocker about 2:00 P.M. on Friday the 24th.  The Rocker made the trip without any problems.

I must confess, I was like a little boy at Christmas time, full of excitement and unbelievable expectations.  It felt great, I could hardly contain myself.  With great speed and caution I immediately uncrated the box and removed the wrapping.  I just sat down and admired this beautiful work of art.  To think there is still a remnant of such craftsmanship still around.  I feel so honored you have shared this masterpiece with me.

Also, I must inject at this time, the comfort of this rocker is just outstanding.  Again, it images the rare craftsmanship displayed in your work.

The rocker is absolutely beautiful in my Den.  It has added a new life and warmth which is hard to explain.

These words of appreciation are spoken from my heart.

May God bless you and your family in the days ahead.

Lubbock, Texas

July 13, 2009

Hi Gary,

I can't believe I've been enjoying my rocking chair for 4 yrs, 9 mos.  I sit in it more than any other chair in my house (even the new sofa we got after we moved in to our new house).  I adore the deep rich color & patina it has developed over the years.  And I read in it all the time!

. . . when we have visitors the rocking chair is nearly always the first seat chosen by one of my lucky guests.  I'm happy to share, since I know they have to leave eventually.

Oakland, California

April 14, 2009

Dear Gary,

The chair arrived in great shape and is indeed the most comfortable rocker I’ve ever sat in.

Thank you,
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

February 20, 2009

Gary, I LOVE my rocker!!!  I have been on the phone all day inviting people to come over to sit in it.

I was worried that it might not get here in time.  I called the delivery people and they said Friday.  Then day before yesterday, I was shopping and I got the call.  It was at my door.  I was at first annoyed because nobody told me about the change, but he waited and was so nice about it . . . and then when I opened that box . . .

No surprise.  I knew it would be beautiful.  But when I sat in it, it was like it was made for me.  I wanted to cancel everything else I had going and just rock.

Thank you for making these terrific chairs, Gary.  I've always believed that art should be functional.  You prove that the functional can be art.

I might even share with guests.  If they're nice.

Thank you.  I will cherish it forever and give it to my new grand daughter as a wedding gift.

All the best to you and your talented family.
New Orleans, Louisiana

October 30, 2008


Yes, I'm rocking in it right now and marveling at its comfort.  Actually, we're fighting over it. Good job: craftsmanship, finish, design, service.  Thanks.

Healdsburg, California

October 16, 2008


Thank you so much!  We love the beautiful chair and stool, and look forward to all our future years of happy rocking.  They are so comfortable, good to touch, and elegant from every angle! We will treasure them.  Your website is fantastic and gives a very true impression of the quality of your work, but the furniture itself really is more than we could have hoped for.

E. & P.M.
Providence, Rhode Island

October 11, 2008

Good afternoon Gary,

Our beautiful rocker arrived safely today.  Hats off to you for the incredible attention to detail and workmanship!!!  It's a beautiful and extremely comfortable rocker that we will enjoy for years and pass on to our children.

Flower Mound, Texas

October 10, 2008

Hi  We received our chair today.  I came home early today to be there for the delivery.  The chair arrived in perfect shape and it is now "installed" in a place of honor in our living room.  I was privileged to have the first session of sitting and rocking.  The chair is so comfortable and fits me like it was custom designed just for me.  The only chair I have ever sat in that is comparable was a Sam Maloof rocker at a Smithsonian exhibit a few years ago that was set up so visitors could sit in it.  The workmanship is lovely, each joint perfect and the overall look and feel perfection.  Thanks so much.  I am looking forward to seeing how my wife M. likes sitting in the rocker.  I hope she doesn't like it too much or we will have to order a second one!.

Needham, Massachusetts

Then later . . .

My wife M. loves the chair and thinks it is beautiful.  You have heard it before I am sure but it is such a pleasure to buy something where you can talk to the "manufacturer".  I am sure it is hard work but it must be fun to make something of beauty and practical value with your own hands. I am an aspiring woodworker and have made a few pieces so I appreciate how hard it is.

thanks again,

A Weeks Rocker in QuebecJuly 22, 2008

Hi Gary,

As promised, here is a picture of your (our) beautiful rocking chair.  We are very pleased with it, it is very comfortable.  The floor squeaks a bit while we are rocking, and the sound is quite soothing!  It is really a nice piece in our living room, and it fits perfectly in the contemporary look of it.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thanks again,
G.B. and D.D.
Saint-Bruno, Quebec, Canada

July 18, 2008


Have been travelling this week and just got home to find my 8 months pregnant wife rocking happily in her new chair.  She loves it and I have to say its a beautiful piece of work by you.  My wifes friend came around and commented "do you have a cushion for it" my wife told her it was so soft that you didn't need one and as soon as her friend sat it the chair she got the message.

Have to say the workmanship is outstanding and the chair has a nice modern feel about the look.

Both our mothers are coming to stay after the baby arrives so there may be some fighting over who gets the chair!

Thanks again.
Stamford, Connecticut

June 23, 2008

Gary –

I've been meaning to write to you about the surprise delivery.  The note to call before delivery got covered by a routing sticker, so they just showed up.  Fortunately, I was home and so have been enjoying my gorgeous and incredibly comfortable new rocker earlier than expected.  The shipping process didn't even mark the cardboard, and the chair arrived in perfect condition.

The one downside is that I have significant competition for the seat, from any human who comes near it, but also from my little female cat who insists it's the perfect size and shape for her.  She will, at least, let me sit between her and the chair.

I don't live in a mansion here, but rather in a tiny place that's almost all built by hand, with trim, decking and shelving made from site-milled cedar and fir.  The wonderful description of your design and construction process on your web site helped me understand that your chair would be a perfect fit in my new mini house.  Thank you so much for the marvelous rocker and for the seamless ordering and delivery process.

Port Angeles, Washington

April 28, 2008

Hi Gary.

This is just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of the chair and stool just before 3:00 p.m. today, both undamaged — the crate did not have a scratch on it.  I have the chair alongside a window in my den and apparently like some of your other customers fell asleep in it shortly after sitting down but awoke just in time for dinner.  When is a chair more than a chair?  Well, when it's a Gary Weeks Rocker it would seem.  Which is to say that this beautiful work of your hand is a joy to have.  Thank you and your team for your commitment to excellence and the integrity that's reflected in this work.  It will take me a while to begin to absorb everything so more later; in the meantime let the adventure begin.

Many thanks.
Tuscon, Arizona

April 18, 2008

Hi Gary,

I've received the rocker in perfect shape.  It suits me just fine and my wife will try it out shortly. Thanks for your workmanship, effort, and diligence in providing my family this wonderful rocker.  I've never sat in anything so comfortable.

N. & S.V.
Cupertino, California

April 3, 2008


Sorry it took me so long to answer.  My rocker arrived on Tuesday the 18th and my Grand Daughter on the 19th!  Thay are both perfect!  The rocker really is as comfortable as you say. I'm so glad I saw your website on the internet.

Thanks again.
Venice, Florida

January 8, 2008


My chair arrived in perfect condition and has received rave reviews for comfort from all the yard workers that tested it.  A couple are skilled woodworkers and were extremely impressed with your workmanship, especially the seamless joints.

When I get it to the house I'll send you a picture of it in its new home.

Take care,
Artesia, NM

December 31, 2007

Hi Gary,

She loved it . . . and it arrived in pristine condition!  The rocker also arrived unexpectedly early allowing me to surprise her on Christmas morning.  We are both very pleased with our new rocker and we tried our best to fit in as much rocking time as possible while we where at my parents house over the Christmas Holiday.  My whole family found themselves looking for an opportunity to relax in your beautiful rocker and we soon found it the most inviting place in the house.  I really don’t think that I could have picked out a better gift that celebrates family and the coming of our first new born child.

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship and true customer oriented service!

Farmington, New Mexico

December 12, 2007

Dear Gary

We have enjoyed your/our rocking chair for nearly a year now, and without a doubt, it is the most comfortable rocker in existence!.

The chair has been much admired, but none of our friends have been brave enough to order one, despite my assurances as to how easy it is and what incredible value it is with the present exchange rate.

Anyway, this is just a short note to say thanks again to you and your team.

Happy Christmas!
Birmingham, England

October 12, 2007

My chair arrived in perfect condition.  It exceeds all expectations —beautiful in contour and in workmanship — a feast for my eyes and comfort for my back as well as a perfect fit for my bottom!  Many thanks!!!!

Birmingham, Alabama

September 27, 2007

Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you — we have been out of town.  However, we were here when our chairs arrived promptly and in excellent condition.  They sit even better than I remember and my husband, who was just a tad dubious about what I was doing, declared them to be "really comfortable" about five minutes after they arrived.  And they are just as beautiful as they are comfortable.  It is great that there are still artisans like you out there plying your craft.  We know we will be sitting pretty for years to come.

Brydstown, Tennessee

July 30, 2007


The rocking chair I recently purchased from you has exceeded my expectations.

I purposely waited until I had the chair a couple of months to see if the novelty of the rocker would wear off . . . but it hasn't.  I've always wanted a good rocking chair to sit in to read or chat with others and now I have it.  I never tire of sitting in the chair; it's a great fit for my body and back.  I find myself sliding my fingers up and down the arms, the wood is so smooth and appealing.  And of course, what I've always liked about your chair, every inch of the entire chair is just as smooth as the arms.  I enjoy a good rock, and your chair has given me just that

I wrote at the beginning of my note that the chair has exceeded my expectations.  I'm amazed how well the walnut wood with its natural finish fits in with the light oak that I have throughout the majority of my house.  This chair, like all of the other chairs I've seen that you've crafted, is a work of art, especially with the magnificent grain and the way you've used the grain to bring out the beauty of the chair.  Such a seemingly simple design, yet the chair stands out as a thing of beauty over all the other furniture in our living area.

I see you've delivered approximately 23 more chairs since I acquired #1767 in May.  If these most recent purchasers were looking for a beautiful chair to rock to their heart's content, I'm sure you have 23 more delighted customers.  Come on, West Virginia!!

My thanks to you, Austin, and the rest of your team for your passion for excellence.  I observe it and feel it every day!!

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

June 25, 2007

Dear Gary;

Yes, I am truly enjoying your rocking chair.  Its very comfortable as well as beautiful, and with my bad back, I am a happy guy.

Ashfield, Massachusetts

June 11, 2007


We love the rocker!  The craftsmanship is remarkable; the design inspired.  It is seemingly molded to one's body without a pressure point to be found!  You absolutely do not need a cushion.  We had some friends over last weekend and they loved it as well.  I wouldn't be surprised if you receive some additional orders as a result, but I suspect that's how you get most of your business.

It is reassuring to know that there is still someone out there that understands quality and takes pride in their work.

Reston, Virginia

June 8, 2007

Hi Gary,

We love the rocking chair, and it fits so well in our new home.  The rocker is beautiful, functional, and so comfortable!  At some point this summer, J. will be delivering a desk for our study, and I'll be sure that he has a chance to rock for a few minutes.  Thanks very much!

Morrisville, Vermont

May 11, 2007

Hi Gary!

I know that J. and I emailed you a few weeks ago to let you know that the chair arrived and that we love it, but I am writing to you again, b/c I just want you to know how much I LOVE THIS CHAIR!!!!!  I sit in it everyday and it is so comfortable and beautiful!  Thank you so much for such a fine piece of furniture.  It already is the favorite piece of furniture we own!

Thanks again and take care,

Sammamisha, Washington

March 27, 2007

Hi Gary,

The rocker and stool arrived today and all I can say is "WOW"!  After unpacking I sat and rocked awhile.  The longer I rocked the More comfortable I got — it truly felt as if I melted right into the chair.  The stool is also very comfortable, both as a foot rest and as a seat.  And Beautiful — the construction, the graining of the cherry — I can't compliment you enough.  Thank you so much, You have made Grandma and future Grandbaby very happy.

Louisville, Kentucky

March 26, 2007


My rocker was indeed delivered Monday by a very nice deliveryman.  The box, and the rocker inside, were in fine condition.

First, my rocking credentials:  I have always had a bit of a rocking compulsion (it must be genetic, because my mother is the same way).  As far back as I can remember, I have rocked in whatever chair I happened to be sitting in, whether or not it was intended to be a rocker.  It's not much of an exaggeration to say that I have owned and worn out more rocking chairs than the average person will sit in in his or her lifetime.

I note all this only so that when I say that my Weeks Rocker is far and away the best rocking chair I have ever experienced, you will get the full import of my words.  As soon as I uncrated the rocker and sat in it, my first remark was "Whoever designed this chair loves to rock."  I had read all the testimonials on your website, but even so I was honestly amazed at the way the chair truly cradles and supports my body (for the record, I'm 6'1" and about 185 pounds). Actually, I scoffed at the comments from people who claimed to have fallen asleep in their rockers; however, later on the first night after mine arrived, I found myself so relaxed in it that I had a hard time staying awake.  Even my wife, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for rocking and who considered my previous rocking chairs to be little more than eyesores, found my Weeks rocker to be both beautiful to look at and incredibly comfortable to sit in.

I am so thrilled that the weeks of waiting and anticipation paid off so well, and I am looking forward to enjoying my rocker for, well, the rest of my life!  Once our new house is pulled together a bit more, I will forward pictures.  Feel free to add my testimonial to your website if you like.

Thanks so much —
Apex, North Carolina

March 5, 2007

Dear Gary,

I am the very fortunate recipient of your incredible rocking chair.  I must thank you for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as a taller mom-to-be I cannot thank you enough for the pitch perfect proportions presented through your chair.  I cannot ever remember my back position feeling better as the lumbar support is exactly where it should be.  Secondly, that this was the gift chosen by my beloved partner suggests he understands me completely and we shall have a lifetime of memories with this chair as the backdrop.

. . . Everytime I sit in your chair I am reminded of the good times; the beauty, the excitement and the integrity that good design can bring to ones existence.  That there are fewer of you able to do this only makes you more special.

In a David vs. Goliath world, I congratulate you and your family on your beautiful work and the impressive feat of succeeding both in business and in art.

Best wishes and continued success!
Vancouver, Canada

February 28, 2007

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your email and nice comment.  The mountain has been a sacred place for more than 1000 years as is Mt. Fuji.  Nowadays, however, people visit these places just for fun.

The rocking chair arrived safely this morning.  The chair is more than I expected.  First of all, it fits my body so well.  The artistic curvature, especially the back, impressed me a lot.  Now I can rock in this chair at night and enjoy a special liqueur made by me with wild blueberries, which I picked at the top of Hakusan (the white mountain) just before snowfall.  I witnessed that bears were fond of these blueberries, and ate huge amount just before hibernation.

Sakai-shi, Fukui, Japan

P.S., Your work is marvelous and survives ages.  In contrast, although there are so many scientists, the majority of their work are forgotten as soon as they report their research.

January 12, 2007

Good Friday morning, Gary!

Given to me as a birthday present by my husband, your (now MINE!) rocking chair is the most beautiful, most comfortable piece of furniture we have every seen!  It is obvious that it has been expertly crafted by caring hands from extraordinary selections of wood.  It is quite perfect! It is the only chair that my oddly crooked tailbone has ever felt comfortably resting in!

Delivery went without a hitch, as the delivery man helped me unscrew, cut, tear and uncover this work of art that will be treasured for generations!

In fact, we are so impressed, we are considering purchasing some of your dining room furniture.  Would you be able to send us a sample of the "hand-planed" surface?  Or, if not possible, could you email a photo of this option to us?

Fine job on your website, as well!  It is chock full of useful information!

Many thanks and best wishes!
West Hartford, Connecticut

December 9, 2006

hi gary,

just wanted to let you know our chair arrived on schedule, and in perfect condition.

we love it!  it's really a work of art, and as comfortable as we'd hoped for.  the older we get this is becoming more important.

the rocker is in our kitchen, and is about the first thing we see in the morning.  it's already feeling like an old friend, and it's real easy to look at.

anyway, it was a pleasure doing business with you.  thanks for all your follow-up work making sure we knew what to expect regarding shipping.

if we need anything in the way of furniture in the future we will surely keep you in mind.

hope you have a merry christmas.

J. & M.A.
Freeland, Washington

November 30, 2006


Thank you for your email.  Yes, we got the rocking chair yesterday morning  (the delivery man couldn't have been nicer), and I've only left it to eat and sleep!  My little girl and I have been enjoying it so much.  I can't thank you enough for expediting the delivery.  Your chair is truly a beautiful piece of art — and it is so comfortable, almost as if it has been made for me.  Please thank Leslie and the rest of your team for me for all their good work.

Warm Regards,
New York, New York

November 22, 2006


Rockers arrived on time and undamaged.  They look terrific and, most importantly, they are tremendously comfortable.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mooresville, North Carolina

November 21, 2006

It arrived safe and sound yesterday.  Thank you very much, and it's beautiful.  Oh, and much more comfortable than we could have hoped, the lumbar support is perfect.  I look forward to having it my family for a long time.

Thanks, I hope to visit some day.

Newport, Rhode Island

September 16, 2006

Hi Gary,

The Rocker just arrived, and we did a very thorough inspection right off the truck.  It was in perfect condition.

I called your number right after I'd finished drooling over it . . . it is absolutely the most beautiful piece of furniture I own.  It's amazingly comfortable, and the workmanship, the wood-piece symmetry you used, and every detail are just so perfect!  You want a reference or testimonial, YOU GOT IT!

My sincere Thanks for building me something I will surely enjoy, and pass down from generation to generation.

Danville, California

August 28, 2006

I recently purchased my second rocking chair from Gary Weeks, having found my first one to be the most comfortable rocker that I have ever sat in.  I found them to be extremely courteous and accommodating, and the price of the chair to be very reasonable for a custom rocking chair.  My second chair initially arrived damaged from shipping, and they were understanding and swiftly replaced it.  I can't recommend them enough!

Westfield, New Jersey

August 22, 2006

Gary — the rocker was delivered yesterday without any damage to the packaging or the rocker. The rocker is absolutely beautiful, and my wife and I are just thrilled with it.  I want to commend you and your company on your fine craftsmanship.  The wood, finish and joints are perfect.  More importantly, my wife could not believe how comfortable the rocker is.  We are proud owners of your work and look forward to a lifetime's enjoyment of it.  Your company has two new loyal customers (soon to be three), and we will certainly recommend your company to our family and friends.  One last thing, I want to thank you for your service — it was as good as your rocker.  Thank you, Gary, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Kansas City, Missouri

June 8, 2006

Dear Gary,

We are ecstatic about our Weeks Rocker!!!  You are a masterful furniture artist — it is simple, elegant and extremely comfortable.  In fact, I've hardly been anywhere else but sitting in that rocker since it arrived on Tuesday.  We will take some photos of how we are enjoying the rocker and promise to share a couple of them with you.

The shipment arrived on time and intact — excellent work!

Thanks again for the great customer service.

The A. Family
Brookline, Massachusetts

May 24, 2006

Gary, I can't thank you enough!  The rocker is so, so beautiful and so, so comfortable.  Husband C. sat in it first and promptly declared that it was "his," and we've had a lively (but friendly) tug-of-war about the chair ever since.  We will truly treasure the chair, and it's been a great pleasure meeting and working with you.  We'll come by to visit again when we are in Austin next year.  Meanwhile, we send you our greatest gratitude and appreciation.

All the best,
Seattle, Washington

April 16, 2006

Hi Gary

I LOVE it!!  Thank you so very much — I'll take some photos soon and send them to you.  It is so beautiful and amazingly comfortable!  My friends are fighting to sit in it!!

Pottsdown, Pennsylvania

March 25, 2006


The rocker is beautiful!  I'm in Chicago for 2 weeks but before I left the wife and baby were happily enjoying the rocker!  It's amazing how it's such a perfect fit — I don't know how you do it but keep doing it!

L. A.
Twain Harte, California

March 9, 2006

Hi Gary,

Good talking with you today.  When I zone out or think through a problem, I head for my Weeks Rocker.  Everyone who enters my living room loves its comfort and superb workmanship. What a joy it's been!  Rocking seems to soothe the emotions and enable the mind to focus more clearly.  "Quiets the monkey," I say.

I don't think any other piece of furniture has equaled it in either comfort or pride of ownership.

Enclosed you'll find a check to purchase a second rocker to go to:  [ Name and address ].  Please don't call him unless it is an emergency as it is a surprise.  I will call the shipping company.

Thanks again for your great product,
Petaluma, California

February 28, 2006


The chair is stunningly beautiful and so comfortable.  The wood has so much depth — it's just lovely and extremely comfortable.  I'm still rearranging the living room and will send you a photo soon.

The delivery person could not have been nicer — the office was the problem!

Thank you and your family for such beautiful work, it's truly a work of art.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

December 21, 2005

Gary —

The rocker arrived pretty much right at the time promised, and unpacking it was much easier than I expected it to be.  We are very pleased with how comfortable it is.  My wife, who had been thinking of it as merely something for me, immediately found relief for her back in it and was surprised by how much she liked it (she's six months pregnant).  Clearly, I will have to yield to her.  Oh, and we were really impressed by the stool.  You made something very simple into something really intriguing to look at, and it works very well with the chair.

Thanks again for better service than one gets anywhere, not to mention for furniture that lives up to expectation.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

December 13, 2005

Hello Gary,

The rocker arrived yesterday and is absolutely perfect.  In fact, I fell asleep rocking in it last night.  I know it is something that my son and I will enjoy for many years to come.

I am so glad I found your company on the internet.

Happy Holidays,
Houston, Texas

October 29, 2005

Good Afternoon Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loves the rocker.  People have used words like "incredible", "unbelievably comfortable", "magnificent", "stunning".  M. has not made any comments yet, but she loves to nurse and sleep in the rocker.

Thank you very much for a piece of art that will be in our family for generations.

Tampa, Florida

August 17, 2005

Dear Gary,

I received the rocker yesterday in perfect condition.  Your record is unscathed.  I unpacked it and placed it in the living room.  My wife described it as a perfect work of art.  I think its the most comfortable chair in the house.  My 3 month old twin boys agree.

Yours truly,
Charlotte, North Carolina

August 9, 2005


I gotta tell you, yours is a unique business.  I run a company that receives shipments in excess of $300,000/year – I have NEVER had a vendor track a shipment like you, even when that shipment was worth over $50,000.  I'm always the one trying to chase stuff down.  I can only assume this is indicative of the quality of work you do everywhere.

Thank you.
W. D.
Hailey, Idaho


August 11, 2005


R. called the carrier on Tuesday morning.  They said they'd give her number to the driver who would call and arrange for delivery.

He didn't call.

It didn't matter, she was home.  The chair came in yesterday.

There was very minor damage to the crate, but the chair is fine.

The chair is better than fine, it's beautiful.  I took lots of pictures of R. opening the crate, removing the bubble wrap, and sitting in it right there in the garage before we could even get it in the house!  It was like a neighborhood event with multiple neighbors stopping by.  I took more pictures of her and the chair in the new nursery.  I can't wait to take pictures of her rocking our first, little F., due in 4 weeks.  If you're dying to see your chair in action, let me know and I'll email you some.

We are very pleased with our purchase.  I had no idea the chair would be as solid as it is; the seat, the arms, the legs, everything is nice and thick.  We planned for this chair to be in our family for generations, and that will obviously be no problem.  We've been working on the nursery for a while, but last night R. called me in, and with tears in her eyes told me that the room now feels like the baby's room.

R's already talking about how she needs the footstool; we'll have to check the budget.

Feel free to use us as a satisfied customer reference.  R. said "This is not only the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat in, but one of the most comfortable chairs period."

Gary, your work is outstanding and we appreciate it.

W. D.
Hailey, Idaho

August 8, 2005

Dear Gary,

P. just brought me home from the hospital today with our son B.  The chair did, indeed, arrive before the stork!  It is so very beautiful, and I am looking forward to nursing B. in it tonight during his first night home.  There are very few places I can feel comfortable sitting at the moment, and I have tested the rocking chair already and found that it is one of the few!  Thank you so much for your efforts to get it here quickly!

B. is a beautiful baby, and we're so happy and thankful he's finally here.  He's very well deserving years and years of nursing and nurturing from his Mom and Dad in his beautiful rocker.

Thank you again for everything.

All the best,
Sullivan, Maine

July 2, 2005

Good morning, Gary -

Since we live in the northern reaches of Durham County, NC, we're usually last on the list with big deliveries, and this was the case with our rocker yesterday.  Saying it was worth the wait would be an understatement.  When we uncrated the chair, it was still warm from being in the truck.  Sitting in it reminded us of being enveloped in a fresh loaf of homemade bread just popping out of the oven.  Everyone who has sat in the rocker so far has had the same reaction: a long sigh, a smile and closed eyes.  A visceral experience!  Please extend our sincere thanks to your crew of craftspeople who put so much time and talent into our chair.  It is simply gorgeous.  We look forward to years of enjoyment.  I'll add just two more words to properly describe the Weeks Rocker:  functional sculpture.

Thanks again and best regards,
J. and J.Y. and family
Hillsborough, North Carolina

May 6, 2005

The wife is rocking.  Chair arrived in great shape.  Wife is really happy with the chair.  Glad we decided to ship a little early.  She was stressing a bit about not having a rocking chair.

Once she has been able to use it more, she'll likely have more feedback.  The couple times I have sat in it, I have been impressed with how well it fits the body.  It is pretty safe to say that she is very happy with the chair.

Thanks for all your help and efforts.
Tigard, Oregon


Mr. Weeks,

You have apparently been working with my husband for some time now.  My new rocking chair was delivered yesterday and John presented it to me for my birthday.  It is beautiful and tremendously comfortable.  I know I will enjoy this rocker for a long time.  It really completes our baby's new room nicely.

Tigard, Oregon

April 5, 2005


I have to tell you how thrilled I am with the rocker.  It is incredibly comfortable, just as you said it would be.  The mahogany is also a perfect fit and perfect match for our adobe home.  It couldn't be more perfect.

My husband and mother and I are all in love with the piece, it is a real work of art and I know will be an heirloom in the family.

Many many thanks,
B. F.
Taos, New Mexico

March 23, 2005

We received our new Weeks rocking chair and love it.  It's not only a work of art, but it's comfortable, beautiful and inviting.  Thanks for the terrific service and for this wonderful American-made product!

C. and J.
Modesto, California

January 5, 2005


S. ordered the rocking chair for the arrival of our baby.  We absolutely love it.  I was reluctant to believe that it would be comfortable without a cushion, however, it is unbelievably comfortable.  We love rocking our baby in it.  Now if we could just get him to sleep for us!

Thanks for the beautifully designed and perfectly comfortable chair!
Chicago, IL

December 27, 2004



That one word is enough.  The rocker is beautiful!  Expertly crafted.  The detail astounding.  The walnut exquisite  (especially the irridescence in certain areas).  My wife loves it!  And the comfort . . .  we think it's the most comfortable chair we have ever sat in  (and with nary a cushion).

Thank you for helping me make my wife's Christmas a very special one.

All the Best,

A. J.
Corona, California

December 1, 2004


We are very pleased with the rocking chair.  It's extremely comfortable for M., and looks great in the nursery.

The shipping company delivered the package without problems, except for a tear in the bottom of the box, that resulted in no damage.  We are still waiting on the baby, but I'm sure that the chair will meet with the baby's approval, too!

Thanks very much,
Washington, D.C.

November 20, 2004

Yes, it arrived in fine shape.  It's beautiful and comfortable — thanks!

Sebastopol, California

October 18, 2004


Thank you for following up on our order, which was delivered on Friday 10/15  (there was a brief, untroubling delay at the terminal since Overnight wanted to send a smaller truck to negotiate the streets in our residential neighborhood).  The chair was very well crated and delivered in perfect condition.

Needless to say, we are delighted.  It is truly lovely, a sculptural, warm, and glowing presence in our soon-to-be baby's room.  And as to comfort:  well, let's just say your rocker exceeded our already-high expectations!  After many "trial sits" this weekend, I am still amazed at how my back, head, and neck are so well supported.  A good friend recently pointed out that once the baby is born and nursing begins, we'll be spending an enormous portion of our waking hours sitting in that chair.  I can't imagine a better spot.  Thank you.

E. E.
Crompond, New York

September 2, 2004

Dear Gary:

The chair has arrived and is beautiful, and in fine shape.  Yes, it feels wonderful and is very comfortable.  Clearly the most comfortable chair in the house.

Thank you so much for your craft, your artistry, and the nice time we had getting to know you.


Houston, Texas

August 6, 2004


Well the rocker got here before your receiving instructions did.  It's beautiful!  And it is truly the most comfortable rocker I've ever sat in — except for my grandmother's lap, of course, when she was rocking me.  Thank you so much.

I assume from your answer to my question about building rockers from wood supplied by me is that it isn't really worth it unless the wood I have is really unique or there are other non-monetary reasons, neither of which is the case here.  So I'll just wait until I start developing grandchildren and order rockers then.

Thanks again for the chair.

K. W.
Columbia, Missouri

August 5, 2004

We did get it and we love it!  We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ."  It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too.  I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now!  The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too.  I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair.  Thanks for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.
San Francisco, California

July 21, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks,

The chair was delivered as scheduled, and arrived in perfect condition.  We are most pleased with the rocker in terms of comfort, beauty, design and workmanship.  The joints are immaculate, a delight to the hand, and the grains as nearly symmetrical as human art could achieve.  It is everything I hoped, and then some.

Many thanks,

Bloomington, Indiana

P.S. — My Weeks cherry rocker reminds me of a rosewood desk by Sam Maloof that I had a chance to buy for $800 about 40 years ago.  I have often regretted my inability to afford that desk, which would now be a museum piece, but I expect the sting to fade in the enjoyment of your magnificent chair.

June 10, 2004

Hi Gary

Your rocker arrived last night.  Here is their reaction:

GORGEOUS heirloom piece!!

Craftsmanship is SUPERB!!!!

Wood is BEAUTIFUL — you cannot imagine the beauty of it!!  Back comfort makes you fall asleep . . .

All triple A -PLUS!!

Chicago, Illinois

April 30, 2004

Hi, Gary.

Your timing was perfect!  The rocker arrived on Friday, April 23, and H. made her appearance two days later  (a week early).  I am sending you a photo of K. and H. in the rocker.  Both K. and her husband M.  (who does his share of rocking and singing to the baby) pronounce the rocker incredibly comfortable, as well as beautiful.  They are really thrilled with it, as am I.  (Yep, I did some rockin' too!)

Thanks so much for all that you and your fellow chairmakers did to create this special piece.

Kind regards,
Brevard, North Carolina

December 8, 2003

The chair arrived Friday about five in the afternoon.

Though I read the dimensions, it is much bigger than I imagined.  It arrived in perfect condition.  The workmanship and the wood are beautiful.  We are testing it out this week.

Thanks for writing.  I'll respond again Friday morning.

Palo Alto, California

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 12, 2003


At home, I find myself in the rocking chair reading, watching tv (rare for me), talking on the phone, etc.  I can't believe how comfortable the chair is.  Comfort definitely takes precedence over size.  The chair is definitely a "keeper."

Thank you.
Palo Alto, California

November 12, 2003

Hi Gary,

It is so nice to finally write you after silently getting to know you via your e-mails to Chris.  I often feel it is difficult to get to know someone thorough writing, but we both feel that, through this huge venture, we have gained a friend.  Your genuine spirit could be felt with every e-mail written and now that we have your beautiful rocking chair here, we will miss the frequent correspondence we've so looked forward to.  Hopefully it doesn't have to end and we can continue writing every so often.

Gary, I knew that your rocking chairs were made with precision, hand-made care, and were beautiful just by reading your well organized website.  But when opening the huge box to slide the chair out, my mouth completely dropped.  Your work is phenomenal and I was speechless.  The design, color, documentation, signature inscription, incredibly, smooth finish, etc. were more than I expected.  The tender loving care that you and your company gave to making and shipping this chair was/is felt the minute one goes to touch it, let alone sit in it.  I know that this heirloom will be much enjoyed for the years to come by the three of us (we just found out that we are pregnant!).  Thank you, Gary, for your superior work.  You are certainly an artist and we are lucky to have found you.

Hi Gary,

Now it's C. writing, what can I say that C. didn't already perfectly express?  The chair is just gorgeous!  We had no problems with the shipping, everything went very smoothly, and the chair arrived in perfect condition, safely and securely crated.  It is clearly a work of art and I know it will fit very nicely into our home.  What surprised me most was when I touched the chair and first sat in it.  The finish is amazing!  I did not believe wood could be worked to such a fine finish.  And it is also very comfortable!  Both C. and I have had only limited time up till now to enjoy it, but every time we sit in it we are surprised at how comfortable it is without having to use any cushions.  I noticed in particular that if I sit up straight with my rear against the back of the chair then it gives me a wonderful even support of my entire back that feels very nice.  I believe I can easily fall asleep in your rocker!

Thank you Gary!  We will keep in touch!

Your Friends,

C. & C.
The Netherlands

August 29, 2003


The rocker arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  It is a beautiful piece of work, and very comfortable.  I spent an hour or so in it last night which I cannot do in any other chair in the house without shifting around a lot.  My back usually gets pretty stiff from sitting in one position too long but it didn't bother me after sitting in the rocker last night.

Thanks for your kind and prompt service and designing such a beautiful and useful chair.

Mountain View, CA

August 19, 2003

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the chair shipped last week.  The wood and finishing are absolutely gorgeous . . .  And, sitting in that chair is like visiting a corner of heaven in a busy city.  What a great thing to come home to after a long day!

Many thanks,

August 9, 2003

We absolutely LOVE it!  The wood you chose for the top piece and the seat is gorgeous!  We are so happy with it.  Already in its 24 hours at its new house, I've spent several hours sitting, reading, and rocking in it!

Thank you so much!
PS  It's even more comfortable then we remember it!

Take Care!
A. and S.D.
Leona, NJ

August 8, 2003


The chair arrived on Tuesday in great shape.  My wife is very very happy with it — already declaring it the most comfortable chair she's ever sat in.  The craftsmanship of the chair is a bit humbling really, the level of precision in the joinery and the finish are truly amazing.

My daughter C. (two years old) is still enjoying playing in the box that the chair came in.  We've fashioned it into a small play house for her complete with windows and doors.

The new baby is due in a month and we plan to have photos taken of the family in the chair to use as baby announcements.  We'll be sure to send one out to you and your crew.

Thanks so much for the fine work.  We're looking forward to someday adding a matching chair for me when I manage to retire and build a house on the lake  (I'll need 20 years at least . . .)

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

Ithaca, NY

July 23, 2003


Yes, it was delivered yesterday afternoon by Motor Cargo.  Everything went fine as far as delivery and condition.

The rocker is wonderful, truly a work of art.  And the minute I sat in it, it was comfortable, a perfect fit with everything supported, and a lovely rock.  I was delighted with the curve in the arms, the way you can put your elbows off the end of the arm and not have any pressure on the elbow to make your arms "go to sleep".  (By design or accident, a great feature).

My husband was also very pleased with the beauty and comfort of the rocker.  I suspect we will have to take turns with "my" rocker.

Thank you so much!
Richland, WA

July 4, 2003


Thanks to your efforts, I took delivery of your gorgeous chair today at 11:30.  My wife was thrilled.  I will send a picture of her enjoying it with baby E. when I can.

Thank you once again.  I found dealing with you to be refreshing.  Your service was polite, timely and accommodating.  I only look forward to discovering for myself how comfortable the chair is.



July 7, 2003

Dear Gary,

My name is K. (A.M.’s wife) I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I am a new mum and my husband surprised me with the gift of a Weeks Rocking Chair on July 4th.  He said you took great pains to make sure we got the chair as soon as possible.  I wanted to let you know that it is the most comfy chair that I have ever sat in.  Our baby E. loves to be rocked in it — it seems to sooth her as soon as I begin rocking.  I just wanted to say thank you for designing such a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 3, 2003

Dear Gary,

My husband, D., surprised me for my birthday (6/21), with one of your maple rockers.  This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen (of course, besides my daughter, D.)!  It is the most comfortable chair in our home.  I move it from my daughter's room to our family room, on a regular basis so that visitors get a good look at it.  Thank you for making such a beautiful, functioning piece of art.

Las Vegas, NV

June 10, 2003


We are VERY happy with both the rockers and the table.  They look great together and we plan to spend many hours enjoying them on our new screened porch.  Thanks so much for having done such an outstanding job on their looks, workmanship and comfort.

S. and B.C.
Kerrville, TX

May 9, 2003


The chair arrived yesterday, was the hit of the surprise party today, and could not have been more gorgeous.  It is not only a work of art, but the most comfortable chair that we have ever had the privilege of using.  Thanks so much for your efforts in making this a special occasion.

Thomasville, GA

April 26, 2003

Dear Mr. Weeks,

We received the rocker today.  I have never owned a piece of furniture that is so beautiful, nor have I ever relaxed so comfortably in a hardwood chair without the aid of cushioning.  This chair molds to your body and cushions each bony protuberance.  Thank you for making such a fine piece and for making it so readily available.  I look forward to treasuring the memories that will be made while rocking in this chair for many years to come.

North Billerica, MA

April 16, 2003


I am more than happy with both the chairs and the delivery.  I had a party to welcome these new pieces, and one of my friends swore that the rocker was the most comfortable chair in which she had ever sat - I think she's right!  The rocker has become my favourite place to sip my morning coffee and read the newspaper.

Thanks for your good work and artistry.

St. Louis, MO

October 12, 2002


Thank you again for your outstanding design and craftsmanship.  The rocking chair has been more comfortable than I could have ever imagined, even sitting for long periods of time.  My feet even touch the floor! I am still amazed with the way the chair fits both me and my husband perfectly, yet is beautiful too.  It will truly be a blessing for our nursery and home for years to come.

Good luck to you and your business.

San Antonio, Texas

October 9, 2002

Dear Gary,

Received my rocker in fine shape.  Needless to say, the workmanship and finish were superb.  However, waited a while to write this letter because I wanted to give it a good workout.  I can say, without qualification this is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture and pleasing to the eye.  One item I would like to mention is the ability to get in and out of the rocker is very easy, meaning the design was right.  My thanks for a perfect addition to our home.

Best regards,
Rogers, Arkansas

September 20, 2002[transcribed from the answering machine, GW]

Hi, Gary,

This is a satisfied customer calling from Harlingen, Texas.  The two chairs arrived in perfect condition.  I've had the chairs for three days now, and for the last three days in a row, I have fallen asleep sitting bolt upright in your chair.  I can't say that about any other chair.  Good job.

Harlingen, Texas

November 20, 2001[transcibed from the answering machine, GW]

Hi Gary, It's A.L.

I just got my chair, this afternoon — delivered, and its absolutely beautiful.  I love it, I absolutely love it and it's so comfortable and it's just a work of art.  Being here in New York, it really cheers me up just in time for Thanksgiving.  Thanks for all your hard work and making it so pretty.  Hopefully we'll talk again.  Have a good Thanksgiving.
[I did A., your message helped.  GW]

October 9, 2001

Gary —

We love the chairs!  They are so comfortable and beautifully crafted.  Thanks again for all your hard work and building the chairs so quickly.  We hope to visit the shop sometime soon and see more of your work.

L. and P.B.
Georgetown, Texas

July 11, 2000

Dear Gary:

You may recall our visit to your workshop on Saturday, July 1st.  You will be pleased to know that after our visit to California to see some other handmade rocking chairs, there is no competition!  Your rocking chairs win in terms of comfort and artistic quality — it helped that you pointed out your matching of grains, lamination, method of joining, etc. — as we might have overlooked these qualities otherwise.

Please accept this as our order for two of The Weeks Rockers in Cherry.  Enclosed is our deposit check of $500, with the remainder payable when the rockers are near completion.

Yours truly,
Double Oak, Texas

June 11, 2000

Dear Mr. Weeks

We have been enjoying the rocker (#162/1995) purchased from you almost five years ago, and very much appreciate the comfort and beauty of the chair.  But it is the excellent workmanship that makes it such a treasure to us!

We are wondering if make any other items.  If so, would you please send us information and prices about them?

Thank you.
Merkle, Texas

April 23, 1999

Dear Gary,

Just a note to let you know how much enjoyment I reap from my "Weeks Rocker."  Looking at it is a pleasure in itself thanks to the efforts you and your team put forth to produce it.  And that's not to mention the joy derived from sitting and rocking in it.  We appreciate the chair and its producer.  We wish you continued success.

Again, thanks for a product that is a true treasure.
New Sharon, Iowa

January 6, 1999

Dear Gary,

I thought I'd drop you a note to say how much we enjoy the chair (walnut rocker).  It is in our living room and looks and feels great.  We very much appreciate your work, enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to seeing you again.

D. and M.G.
Austin, Texas

June 22, 1998

Dear Leslie and Gary,

It was really fun visiting you and two of your offspring, and touring your interesting and amazing workshop.  Hope you've received some rain and are not suffering too much from the heat.

Unlike the chair pictured on this notecard (which is not lacking in personality and charm), our Weeks Rocker is a thing of beauty.  Comfortable.  Gorgeous.  We are so thrilled!  Thank you, Gary, for creating such a lovely, perfect work of art.  Our descendants will enjoy it too.

C. and T.O.
Saint Jo, Texas

March 01, 1998

Dear Gary,

The chair is a pleasure to sit in, a joy to the eye, and sensuous to the touch.  The wood is fine to start with, carefully matched, and finely finished.  In short, I am impressed and pleased.

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

September 15, 1996

Dear Gary,

Just a quick note to let you know how much J. and I are enjoying our rocking chairs and how proud we are to have these fine pieces of furniture in our home.

The enjoyment they bring to our daily routine and the compliments we receive about their beauty and comfort are gratifying; however, they also are a fond reminder of our ties to the Hill Country and our getting to know you.  A couple of weeks ago, as I applied the annual coat of lemon oil for the second time, I was once again impressed by the dedication to detail and the excellent craftsmanship that went into their construction.

Thanks again.
Midland, Michigan

June 21, 1994

Dear Mr. Weeks,

As I mentioned in my call yesterday, the rocker you craft has been on my mind since seeing it on a visit to Austin two years ago.  First attracted to the splendid treatment of the wood, I also found myself reluctant to get up once I'd settled in it.  That you have developed a rocking chair comfortable to the back and to the eye without compromises to either is a considerable accomplishment.

Cary, North Carolina

May 5, 1992

Dear Leslie and Gary,

B. drove over 400 miles today to surprise me with your chair #6.  I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I walked in the house!

The rocking chair is a perfect blend of art and engineering.  It is absolutely wonderful!  We've placed it by the fireplace where it belongs.

You've created a family heirloom — a real treasure.  Thank you sincerely for using your talent in such a lovely way.

Plano, Texas

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