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Our Rocking Chair as a Gift

Here we collect the testimonials to making a gift of the handmade rocking chairs made by Gary Weeks and Company.  You will find other Testimonial Categories in the sidebar navigation to the left.

January 17, 2018


Thank you for your email.  I purchased these rockers to give to two men who have worked for my company for over 30 years.  They were not Rolex guys.  I had some custom boots made for them and we gave them these rocking chairs.  I wanted something unique.  Your rockers were perfect.  Thank you.

Nacogdoches, Texas

July 28, 2014

It  [a rocker] is beautiful and my wife loves it.  A fine anniversary gift

Dallas, Texas

February 14, 2013

Oh my goodness . . . The most beautiful rocking chair I have ever seen arrived today.

Thank you Dad for your generosity and thank you Gary for your talent and passion!

Indian Harbor Beach, Florida

October 22, 2012


Appreciate the note.  Glad to hear you took some time off.

The chair we received was fantastic and well received by the retiring associate.  Austin communicated timing and we were very satisfied by the service.

Look forward to many more to thank our employees for their commitment to our organization.

Holland, Michigan

April 16, 2012

Dear Gary,

What a lovely experience.  First, the discovery of your website nearly 10 years ago.  Obviously your company is more that just a "business".  Your philosophy, creativity, and integrity certainly caught my attention.  Seeing your rocker was love at first sight.  Since that time I have visited your site often and yearned to own one of your rocking chairs.

Well, special events call for treasured gifts.  For my 50th birthday my husband surprised me with my dream rocker.  I was thrilled!  In this day oandage, where it seems like time passes too quickly, emphasis is placed on technology, quality is sacrificed for mass production and revenue, and the individual gets lost in the crowd — it is so refreshing to know that Gary Weeks and Company exists!! You take every day items and make them extraordinary to enhance our lives and bring us joy.  Rocking is therapeutic, grounding, nostalgic, and nurturing — the world would be a better place if everyone owned a Gary Weeks Rocking Chair.

The principles of simplicity and honesty are evident in your designs.  I appreciate the time and care you and your craftsmen/ women  (and children – the precious butterfly drawing on the crate) put into creating each detail.  Just sitting in my rocker makes me feel connected to all the wonderful people who put their energy into it.  I am deeply touched and grateful to own such a functional work of art. You ARE truthful —  "most beautiful, most comfortable", indeed YES!  I respect your family and workers for what you do and how you do it.  Thank you for making a positive difference in our lives.

Take Care,
C. and B.
Kirkland, Washington

December 2, 2011

Hello Everyone —

Just wanted to let my whole family know that the wonderful gift you gave me on my birthday arrived at our home yesterday.  It came on a truck and was boxed as if it was the lost ark from "Raiders".  Once opened, I knew why.  Truly, it is now the most beautiful piece of furniture we have in our home or in Willowbrook for that matter.  I've never seen such a work of art like this chair.  You can tell that someone spent an awful lot of time and effort into creating such a piece.  It's absolutely beautiful, and as comfortable as a leather sofa.  Thank-You all very, very much.  I canΉt wait to sit in it as I watch A. pace back and forth in the room to try and get the baby to sleep!

Thanks Again,
Willowbrook, Illinois

November 30, 2011


I'm so sorry I didn't get to beat you to the punch with an email . . .
The rocker arrived safe and sound and it's beautiful!!!  J. just loves it!
I stopped to see it the other day and it was better than I had hoped.
J.'s wife who is 7 months pregnant found it very comfortable!!
You have been wonderful to work with and we were all so pleased to give our brother a 50th birthday gift he could cherish forever, and use daily!
Take care, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Darien, Illinois

September 12, 2011

Dear Gary — the rocker arrived not long after we spoke and I was on the phone with the shipper.  It is a gift for my wife from her children.  She is thrilled by it, as am I.  It would be a great addition to our house even if no one ever sat in it!  Just to look at it or touch it brings a smile of pleasure.  I'll give you an update on the joy of sitting in it once I gain some experience.

Thanks so much!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 3, 2011

Hello Gary Weeks & Company

This past weekend I became the proud owner of a Weeks Rocker — it was a 50th birthday gift from my girlfriend L.!

It is a beautiful and comfortable chair and you should know that I will enjoy every minute in it.

Annapolis, Maryland

April 27, 2011

Hi Gary,  Just wanted to let you know that the rocker arrived in perfect shape, was a complete surprise, and Rick says he "really, really likes it."  Thanks for all your help, for making such a wonderful product, and for working with us to make it a surprise.  I would recommend your business to everyone.  Thanks again,

Southern Pines, North Carolina

April 25, 2011

Dear Gary,

D. has had his 50th birthday rocking chair for almost a year now and I can tell you that if he is home and sitting down, it is likely that he is sitting in his rocker.  He is so pleased to have it.  The chair sits in our living room, near the wood stove, in front of the windows looking over our back yard.  The chair is comfortable enough that he can sit for hours working  (he's a computer scientist and sometimes works at home) and it is roomy enough that he and his laptop fit nicely.  Thank you so much for working with me to give him something that he really enjoys and cherishes.


P.S. He was delighted with the surreptitious carved lizard.

March 11, 2011

Hi Gary,

Yes, DB Schenker and I arranged for delivery today and it actually arrived about an hour ago.  I noted a couple of punctures on the carton, but they were rather superficial and I was confident the furniture was not damaged.  Actually the chair is in perfect condition.  I noticed you left off the strips after all  (if you recall my agonized e-mail about that).  Since this chair will always be on a rug, I imagine it will be just fine.

Well, now as to what I'd really like to say:  Even though I had such high expectations from my previous experience, I was just as excited to see our new rocking chair as I was the first time. The mesquite is gorgeous!  My husband is thrilled with his birthday present and can now rock and read just as comfortably in New York as he can in San Francisco.  Thanks again and again for such fine work.

Best regards,
Forest Hills, New York

March 11, 2011

Hi Gary,

Yes, DB Schenker and I arranged for delivery today and it actually arrived about an hour ago.  I noted a couple of punctures on the carton, but they were rather superficial and I was confident the furniture was not damaged.  Actually the chair is in perfect condition.  I noticed you left off the strips after all  (if you recall my agonized e-mail about that).  Since this chair will always be on a rug, I imagine it will be just fine.

Well, now as to what I'd really like to say:  Even though I had such high expectations from my previous experience, I was just as excited to see our new rocking chair as I was the first time. The mesquite is gorgeous!  My husband is thrilled with his birthday present and can now rock and read just as comfortably in New York as he can in San Francisco.  Thanks again and again for such fine work.

Best regards,
Forest Hills, New York

January 10, 2011

Hi Gary,

Thank you for donating $1,500 towards the purchase of 2 rocking chairs for our new Longmont Wellness Education Center!

We love them and so do our clients.  We positioned them by the fireplace and every time that I am in the facility, the chairs are NEVER vacant!

I also think they fit perfectly with helping our clients to self-sooth and be more at ease while waiting for their medications and treatment.

I have attached a photo here for you!  (This was on move in day and since then both rockers are placed facing the fireplace.)

Gary Weeks rockers at Longmont Wellness Education Center in Boulder, CO

In the future, we plan on building a new facility offering our new treatment for mental illness in Boulder, CO and will be in touch in the future to purchase more rockers!

Thank you again Gary!!!  I hope you have a great New Year!

Boulder, Colorado

January 6, 2011


So sorry for the delay in writing you back, we got swamped by people over the holidays wanting to admire our daughter  (and our rocking chair).  It did arrive  (on her birthday), and it is beautiful.  It lives up to the expectations set by your marketing.  And, it even puts a baby to sleep.

Happy New Year!
Washington, DC

January 5, 2011

Dear Gary,

I write to report that the delivery of my sister's new rocking chair was timely and that when unveiled on Christmas day was a great success!  All marveled at the joinery, material, finish and ergonomics and greatly approved of the future heirloom.  My nephew has visited his mom since Christmas just to pet the chair.  Congratulations on the creation of this beautiful all-American work of art.

Santa Clara, California

p.s.  The cat loves the packing box.

December 13, 2010


Every time I walk into the living room and see the new rocking chair, I smile.  It's just so beautiful and elegant.  And the walnut was well worth waiting for — it looks so deep and rich. Everyone who has seen it admired your extraordinary workmanship.  It's also the most comfortable rocking chair I've ever sat in!

My husband hasn't seen his birthday present "in person" yet, but he's sussed out your web site and he thinks the rocker is simply gorgeous!  I know he'll be as thrilled as I was when he does see it.  I'll let you know.

I suppose it does take a leap of faith to order furniture on line from persons unknown, but clearly my trust was well placed.  And you can be sure that when anyone admires our new rocking chair, I will tell him exactly where it comes from!

Please feel free to share my comments with those who work with you and anyone thinking about ordering your beautiful furniture.  I expect they'd be as happy as I am with the purchase.

Thank you again and again.
San Francisco, California

September 30, 2010

Yes, we did receive the rocker and we have delivered to the baby shower house, my son unwrapped it and said it is beautiful, although I haven't personally seen it and won't until Sunday.

Thank you so much.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

September 30, 2010

Yes, they received the chair with plaque and stool and were so surprised!  They just love it and will indeed start making memories . . . she will have years of happy memories, I'm sure.

Thank you Gary for the nice woodwork that you and your staff do.  I will surely recommend you to any and all.

Thank you again to you and your family.

Ventura, California

September 16, 2010

Dear Mr. Weeks,

About three or four years ago my uncle from Dallas visited our place in Western Oregon.  We had a wonderful reunion and visit.  He looked around and said, "What, no rocking chair?  You need a good rocking chair someday."

Shortly after his visit you notified me to expect an arrival of a gift and the rocker arrived soon after that, impeccably crafted AND shipped.

My uncle died shortly thereafter and I have this wonderful rocking chair that we just love to have for many reasons.  It is just the nicest gift we have ever received and I love to tell visitors who sent it, who made it, and how much it means to us.

I just thought I would pass this along to you, I congratulate you on your craft.

Best wishes sir,
Corvallis, Oregon

August 14, 2010

Hello Gary,

My father purchased one of your rocking chairs for me when I finished my dissertation a few years ago.  My husband and I have really enjoyed using the chair and watching the beautiful cherry wood deepen in color as time goes by.  Everyone that visits our home loves rocking in the wonderful chair you built.

Thank you,
Bloomington, Indiana

January 8, 2010

Thanks for the follow-up email, Gary.  The chair was delivered on Wednesday.  They both like it.  In fact, yesterday I got an email from my son-in-law who said, simply, "It is gorgeous.  Thank you."  And, so, thank YOU!

Seattle, Washington

December 8, 2009

Good Morning Austin,

The rocker arrived yesterday!  WOW — thank you so much.  The kids were speachless and just love it.  Ash called Alex who is in Iraq to tell him about it — they both were so touched.  Ashley says it is absolutely beautiful and extremely comfortable.  When I go out in a few weeks for the birth, will take photos and send.

Thank you so much for extreme attention to detail and shipping the rocker so quickly.

Merry Christmas!
Huntington Beach, California

September 30, 2009


We received the chair and it’s great.  Thanks very much.  I wish I could afford another one so I don’t have to steal the wife’s birthday gift.  The box/crate arrived in perfect condition.

Alexandria, Virginia

September 28, 2009


Another magnificent piece of furniture, many thanks.  The rocker and stool were delivered to my home today, my mother's birthday, and I have talked to her and then sent pictures late tonight.

I had told her only that I had something special for her, so I'm sure she will be as surprised as anyone when she reads the overnight email I sent just an hour ago (I didn't get home from work until after 10pm).

When I spoke to her and did not let on what it was, she was a bit concerned and asked:  "Is it alive?"  Not sure why she thought I would even consider buying her an animal, other than that I have two cats.  Well, the wood is almost alive, but no, I assured her, she won't have to feed it!

I'll be sure to let you know the reaction.  Find attached one of the pictures of the rocker in my hallway that I sent to mum.

Melbourne, Australia

August 12, 2009

Dear Mr. Weeks,

They did indeed receive the rocker.  We received a delightful voice mail from K. where she said it was so pretty and comfortable and we had to come up to see it as soon as possible.  She said we had to plant our butts in it and see how good it felt.  We can’t wait to see it!

Thanks again — it’s been a real pleasure to do business with you.

Santee, California

December 6, 2008

Hello Mr Weeks and Company,

I just wanted to let you know that we got the chair and it's beautiful.

My wife hasn't seen your website, but her comments echo what others have already said:

"It's beautiful"
"A work of art"
"Looks like it belongs in a museum"

She especially made me smile when she sat in the chair and said, "It fits me so nice, is this made for short people?"

It felt great to give this to her from the whole family.  Thanks for your quick, professional, and beautiful work!

Best Regards,
Santa Barbara, California

October 20, 2008

Hi Gary,

We delivered the chair to our Birthday brother, and packaging protected everything.  Is a beautiful chair, very comfortable, and something we would love to have for ourselves some day.

Thanks for making this whole process so pleasant and keeping us informed of options, and the progress.

Please take care,
San Jose, California

October 1, 2008


I hope to get one of these rockers for each of my 7 children when they have kids someday.

Thank you,
Tyler, Texas

September 29, 2008


The rocker arrived on time and in perfect condition.  It's beautiful and made a terrific birthday gift for my partner.  Thanks for the great service you and your crew provided.

We're looking forward to using the chair often when our baby arrives in November.

Boulder, Colorado

September 23, 2008

Howdy.  I phoned Portland Oregon this morning and spoke with the dispatcher.  The delivery was made to my farm around two or three pm today.  Your packing job and shipping were excellent.  The cherry rocking chair purchased as a gift for me is outstanding in every way.  I am most appreciative of this wonderful gift, your wonderful workmanship and communications.  Boy this is a beautiful and comfortable chair of the highest quality.  Lucky, lucky me.

Corvalis, Oregon

August 29, 2008


The chair arrived in one piece; my daughter and her husband think it's beautiful!  They're very excited to have it, but, as they only just arrived home with the baby, focus is far more on the rocked than the rocker at this point.  I'll hear more soon, I'm sure.

We most certainly have booked our trip and can hardly wait to rock that little bundle of joy!

Would you like to get comments/feed-back from them?

Thanks for your follow-up and concern.

Lebanon, New Jersey

August 10, 2008


I meant to write you last week, when the chair arrived.

Everything was as you had promised.  The furniture was beautiful, arrived on time.  We have just delivered your beautiful hand-made rocking chair to our son and daughter-in-law, who expect their first child on Sept. 16.  They both are pleased and proud to have this wonderful gift.  Thank you for helping make their happiness.

Please accept our gratitude for creating a comfortable and lasting gift for our children.  It was a pleasure to speak with you and to do business with you.  Keep up the good work.  I expect to be calling you again.

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

August 9, 2008


They love it.  The chair fits nicely with their furnishings and they are amazed at the craftmanship.  THanks so much for working with us on this.  They now have a lifelong piece of furniture that will outlast cribs, carseats, etc. etc. and can be passed down to another generation.

Morganton, North Carolina

April 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the chair . . . It is so beautiful.  There was no damage to the crate at all. When it was delivered today I knew I was in for a real treat when I saw how much care and attention to detail went into building the crate alone.  Even the screw holes on the crate were countersunk.  There was more attention to detail in the crate alone than most people put into building their chairs.  The chair is truly a beautiful work of art.  I can't wait to give it to my wife on her birthday.  She is going to be so excited.  The only thing I am not happy about is that it has to stay at my parents house for the next month until her birthday.

True to your word the chair is comfortable for people of all sizes.  My mom is 5'-04" tall and she loves it, my dad is 6'-00" tall and he loves it, and I am 6'-04" and I love it.  Thanks again, you have blessed my family with a chair that will be with us throughout our lives and give us a lifetime of memories and happiness.

Anaheim, California

April 21, 2008


The rocker was a big success at the shower.  My daughter is very happy with it and looking forward to much use with my grandson due in late May (plus future grand kids down the road?).

Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and all the attention given in careful packaging and shipping making sure we got the product in great condition.

My daughter is in the US Foreign Service and moves overseas frequently.  So, we are thinking about keeping the crate for re-use in the next move.

Falls Church, Virginia

March 24, 2008

We're a little disappointed.

The next day . . .

We're a little disappointed . . . that we can't purchase a whole houseful of this furniture.  We LOVE the chair.  It is truly a work of art.  My wife is eight months pregnant and is beginning to have lower back pain.  She loves to sit in the chair because she says it makes her back feel better.  We are incredibly happy with the chair.  Thanks so much.

Sorry for the little joke, we figured that since you don't get many complaints this would add a little spice to the workday.

Thanks again and if I win the lottery any time soon, I'll be placing multiple orders.

Birmingham, Alabama

March 19, 2008


Thank you so much, my wife loves it.  It was a Valentine's day gift for her.  She is 13 weeks pregnant with our first child and looks forward to soothing the kids to sleep.

Thank you again.

Brooklyn, New York

February 25, 2008

Gary and Company,

A light snow has fallen overnight, dusting the trees and lake ice with powdery white.  When the sun comes up, I'll do what has become one of my favorite things, take a quiet seat in your wonderful rocker and gaze out the window southeast through the woods and over the lake.  The scene is surely serene, but the rocker adds immensely to that serenity.  It envelopes and supports.  It seems as timeless as the scene out the window.  Oh, how I love to sit and look and rock.

My wife and I bought two of your rockers over a year ago.  They were reciprocal gifts, emblems of a turning point in our lives, as our now grown children set out into the world and as we come to terms with our age and our quietude.  Our fondest hope is to rock away together for another 35 years of marriage, and when that is done for our two children to take our rockers and continue on.  The chairs are built for the generations to come.  We use them now.  I smile when I think of who may be using them in 100 years.

Highland, Illinois

December 31, 2007

Hi Gary,

She loved it . . . and it arrived in pristine condition!  The rocker also arrived unexpectedly early allowing me to surprise her on Christmas morning.  We are both very pleased with our new rocker and we tried our best to fit in as much rocking time as possible while we where at my parents house over the Christmas Holiday.  My whole family found themselves looking for an opportunity to relax in your beautiful rocker and we soon found it the most inviting place in the house.  I really don’t think that I could have picked out a better gift that celebrates family and the coming of our first new born child.

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship and true customer oriented service!

Farmington, New Mexico

December 29, 2007

Thanks Gary.  The chairs are great.  We got one for my Dad as it was his 60th birthday present and ours because we had our second child — the perfect anniversary gift.  Thank you again for the very nice work.

Chula Vista, California

December 24, 2007

Gary and Aubrey,

I just uncrated the Terrell table and it is simply beautiful.  It arrived in pristine condition.  I am sure my sister-in-law will love it.

Thank you for such a special gift and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


December 17, 2007


The rocking chair was received on 12/12/2007.  It is very, very cool; thank you for your fine craftsmanship.  For your notes, the crate was damaged; one of the bottom wooden rails was torn off and the cardboard box was damaged.  The rocking chair made it through but you may want to mention the rough handling to your shipper.  No complaint, just information for your purposes; I know what it's like to run a buisness and you need information to properly manage your logistics.  Thanks again for the rocking chair, it is perfect and will be an extraordinary Christmas present.  Merry Christmas to you and I'm sure we will do business again.

Huntsville, Alabama

December 17, 2007


Yep, just got the call, it’s scheduled to deliver today.  I want to thank you and your family for the great care, craftsmanship and customer support you all show in your work.  Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

I know this will be a very special present which will be with our family for a long time.

Warmest regards,
Chestertown, Maryland

December 17, 2007

Aubrey and Gary –

The Weeks Rocker in Walnut, #1893, arrived today at 2:45pm.  It took 5 minutes to unwrap and 30 minutes to cut up the wood and cardboard to stuff into the trash can.  It arrived in excellent shape and is quite a stunning piece of art.  A great Christmas gift and I'm sure Cassandra will enjoy knitting in her rocker for years to come.

Little Rock, Arkansas

September 19, 2007


The chair arrived in perfect condition and he says it is great for reading in.  We hope that eventually it might turn out to be great for rocking babies in too, but time will tell.

Thank you very much for your extremely attentive service.

Best regards,
Deep River, Ontario, Canada

July 11, 2007


The chair is beautiful, she was surprised, and she loves it.  Thanks for helping me make such a memorable birthday for my wife and for providing us with a piece of furniture that will become a family heirloom.

American Falls, Idaho

July 6, 2007

Hi Gary!

Yes, S. got the rocker on Monday!!  I've been out of town since then, and just got home to the good news.  She LOVES it, as does the grandmother (my sister), the new dad, and everyone else that's rocked in it.  I can't wait to visit and see the new baby as well as the new rocker. Thank you and your team so very much for getting it out so quickly.  The baby had been home only 2 days before it arrived.  And please don't forget to let me know if you ever get any pecan wood.

Thank you again,
San Francisco, California

May 22, 2007


The rocker is both an anniversary gift and will become an heirloom for our family.  It is beautiful.

Thank you,
Houston, Texas

February 19, 2007


They received the chair and are enjoying it more than they expected.  I had the pleasure of seeing it on Saturday and have to admit that the craftsmanship is superb!!  The chair will complement the back porch of their soon to be built home quite perfectly.  After completion of the house, a second rocker may be in order . . . I'll keep you posted.  Again, thank you for such a unique and extraordinary piece of art.

Houston, Texas

January 12, 2007

Good Friday morning, Gary!

Given to me as a birthday present by my husband, your (now MINE!) rocking chair is the most beautiful, most comfortable piece of furniture we have every seen!  It is obvious that it has been expertly crafted by caring hands from extraordinary selections of wood.  It is quite perfect! It is the only chair that my oddly crooked tailbone has ever felt comfortably resting in!

Delivery went without a hitch, as the delivery man helped me unscrew, cut, tear and uncover this work of art that will be treasured for generations!

In fact, we are so impressed, we are considering purchasing some of your dining room furniture.  Would you be able to send us a sample of the "hand-planed" surface?  Or, if not possible, could you email a photo of this option to us?

Fine job on your website, as well!  It is chock full of useful information!

Many thanks and best wishes!
West Hartford, Connecticut

December 19, 2006

Dear Gary

Apologies for the delayed feedback I have been away from an email facility for a few days.

The chair arrived in perfect condition and is now hidden in the garage awaiting Christmas Day. Our children know and are very excited as well.  Like you I have no doubt that J. will love it !

Thank you once again to your and your team.  The service is faultless and so is the product.  I hope that you all prosper and continue to enjoy what you do so well.

Should you ever have any inquiries from England, please feel free to pass on my contact details so that I can give you a reference!

Have a happy Christmas and a great New Year !

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

December 15, 2006

Gary, the chair has arrived, and made it through both customs and quarantine during the week. Bet you are glad to know there is no woodworm!  It is sitting in our spare room, still in bubble wrap, with the door guarded by a "do not enter" sign made by my 13 year old daughter.  It is fantastic to have received it by Christmas, I am sure T. will be surprised and delighted when he receives it on Christmas morning.

Many thanks.

Hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas
Melbourne, Australia

December 9, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that we received our chair yesterday via UPS Freight.  It arrived in excellent condition and is presently sitting in our living room.  My wife loves it.  I know we will cherish this chair for years and pass it on to our children.

Thanks for making this Christmas special.

Tullahoma, TN

November 8, 2006

Dear Gary –

Just to let you know our two daughters are absolutely thrilled with their rockers.

So were we when the girls broke open the packages and we all saw what beautiful items they are.  The workmanship is exquisite.

Fortunately we shipped them over unopened in your excellent packing cases: . . .

Thank you for our family heirlooms-to-be.

November 4, 2006


My sister received her rocking chair and she absolutely loves it!  Thank you so much for all your time and effort, I can't wait to see the chair myself!

Seattle, Washington

October 29, 2006


K. LOVES her rocker.  I can't say she has been off her rocker since it got here.  This has been the best birthday present I have ever gotten her.  OK, she did pick it out and I just ordered it, but WOW, she is happy.

I have to tell you, the picture in the New Yorker doesn't do your work justice.  You and your team are truly artists.  The chair is beautiful.

By the way, your packaging was ingenious.  We especially liked how you only used the foam packaging in the minimum spots you needed since that stuff doesn't recycle well.

Not only did I enjoy talking with you on the phone when I ordered, the whole process start to finish with your wonderful chair up to and including your email below has been great.

Thank you so much.  We will gladly be a reference.
Rye, New York

October 13, 2006

Dear Gary

T. and S. received the rocker yesterday.  It arrived in great shape and they absolutely love it.  I can't wait to see it myself.  Thanks for the great service.  I'm sure the family will enjoy the rocker for years to come.

Avon, Ohio

October 9, 2006


It arrived without a blemish.  M. and K. were absolutely thrilled!  The baby is due any day now and M.'s Mom is packed with a plane ticket in her purse.  Thanks for the great design and workmanship.  The plaque was also a surprise and they immediately realized they had a family heirloom, and a most useful one at that.  The rocker will be put to a most valuable service very soon.  I will be in Phoenix for Christmas and will get to see it and put it to use with the new grandson.  What a thrill!

Thanks for the great job you and all your craftsmen and caring employees are doing.  They clearly enjoy their work.  It shows.

Houston, Texas

September 5, 2006

Dear Gary,

As you are aware, I was in for a wonderful surprise upon my return to my home in Winnipeg. The container was in the garage and it immediately tweaked my curiosity.  When Stewart told me it was an anniversary gift I decided to open it a bit later.  This allowed some time for a guessing game.  Needless to say, I could not figure it out.

What a beautiful rocker.  It is a work of art.  I wanted to put it on a pedestal so everyone would be able to admire the beauty of the wood but the rocker's form invites me to sit and relax.

I most certainly appreciate your talents as a craftsman.  Thank you.

S.S. (she)


The rocker arrived on time without damage of any kind due it's being very well packed and crated by your staff.  The chair is gorgeous — its flowing lines, the way the figure in the wood has been matched, details like the slight bevel in the arms where a person's forearms would naturally rest, and the way it's been oiled are a wonderful example of craftsmanship — is one of the most treasured things in our home.  I also want to express my thanks for the regular and ongoing correspondence during the interval from order to delivery.  It's been a pleasure to deal with you.

S.S. (he)
Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 8, 2006

Just wanted to let you know how much our son and daughter-in-law appreciate your wonderful rocker.  It arrived at their home today in perfect condition.  The first words from our son were, "the finish is so spectacular that it feels soft" — followed immediately by, "this is the most beautiful piece of furniture that I have ever seen".

I'd say that is one happy couple!

Thank-you so much for your craftsmanship and devotion to customer satisfaction.  I suspect that we may order a rocker for our own home soon.

Best Wishes and continued success,
Sharpsburg, Georgia

PS, in a recent publication identifying the 100 must have's for expectant parents, your Rocker was mentioned.  Congratulations!

June 23, 2006

Hello, my name is B.I., and I just recently placed an order with you.  I received my husband's chair today  (of course, he won't receive the chair until Sunday, as it's his birthday gift).  I have to tell you we uncrated it and sat in it and I'm beyond impressed.  It's absolutely beautiful.  It came in absolutely perfect condition.  I can't thank you enough for all your help.  I appreciate it so much.  Please use me as a reference if you ever need to.  Thanks again.

Bell Canyon, California

May 23, 2006


M. called about the rocker last night.  She and her husband are thrilled, and said it looks great in many different locations in their house.  Thanks for steering me towards cherry.

Keep up the great work!

Houston, Texas

May 23, 2006


St. Paul, Minnesota

May 10, 2006

Gary, thank you so much for all your help in giving a most meaningful gift to both our sons. The chair just arrived today at 11:00 am.  No damage and it looks wonderful!  Again, Gary, thank you so much for your craftsmanship.  It is obvious that you have put a part of yourself into your work.  I am sure both boys will cherish their rockers.

Thanks again,
M. A.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

May 9, 2006

Dear Gary,

The rocker arrived in fine form, and looks absolutely beautiful.  Both my wife and myself like it very much, and I feel that I have definitely made the right choice working with you and your fine team.  As for my wife, she loves her birthday present (for once!)  Thank you very much for all your efforts.  Please pass on my appreciation to your family and team.

A very satisfied customer,
Geneva, Switzerland

PS:  The inlay does, indeed, look great!

May 8, 2006

Hi Gary,

Well, she liked it!  I bet you get these kind of notes all the time!  I am anxious to see it for myself.  But we won't be returning it!  Thanks again for your quality product and service!

K. G.
LuVerne, Iowa

[ K.G. bought a chair for her daughter, A.G., who sent the note below to her mother after receiving it.   — G.W. ]


Yes!  The chair is fantastic!  I honestly did not really believe the website that said that these chairs fit everybody, but it's true.  So far, 7 people have sat in it (I hosted study group this afternoon and we had our prenatal appointment here tonight) and not only did they all say it was super comfortable (what else could they say to me, really?), but it looked like it fit all of them.  It's really, really comfortable.  I'll have C. take a picture of it and send it tomorrow. Thank you so much for it!!!

St. Paul, Minnesota

April 6, 2006

The rocking chair did arrive on Tuesday without a problem.

The driver complemented you on how well you packaged the rocking chair.

The rocking chair is magnificent and we are really looking forward to giving it as a shower gift on Saturday.

Our only regret is we have to give it up.

Thank you for wonderful and prompt service. Everything worked out great

Green Bay, Wisconsin

March 9, 2006

Hi Gary,

Good talking with you today.  When I zone out or think through a problem, I head for my Weeks Rocker.  Everyone who enters my living room loves its comfort and superb workmanship. What a joy it's been!  Rocking seems to soothe the emotions and enable the mind to focus more clearly.  "Quiets the monkey," I say.

I don't think any other piece of furniture has equaled it in either comfort or pride of ownership.

Enclosed you'll find a check to purchase a second rocker to go to:  [ Name and address ].  Please don't call him unless it is an emergency as it is a surprise.  I will call the shipping company.

Thanks again for your great product,
Petaluma, California

A Weeks Rocker in a Montana home.January 8, 2006

Gary — As you can see, your chair looks perfect in our new house.  Thank you so much.  My husband and I are thrilled with it.  We are located in Northwest Montana.  So, the chair's casual elegance fits perfectly.

I bought it as a Christmas present for my husband, J.

C. S.
Kalispell, Montana

December 29, 2005

Hi Gary.

BINGO!  Mission accomplished!  The rocker arrived Tuesday, as advertised.  Both S. and K. have tried it out and love it.  Now we're all on "high alert" waiting for a sign from the little guy that he's ready to be born.  We're getting mighty close.

I can't tell you what a delight it's been working with you.  It has given me great comfort to be able to communicate with you on such a regular basis.  Knowing you were always just a phone call away or at the other end of an email made the experience all the more personal.  Now I have one more request:  please don't retire anytime soon!  I want to order one of your beautiful rockers for my other son when it's his turn to become a father.  Hang in there!

Thank you for everything.
Washington, DC

December 27, 2005


My husband got me a cherry rocker for Christmas and it's GORGEOUS!  We first saw your rocking chairs in Salado, Texas probably about 8 years ago.  We knew that when we had a child that we would want a Weeks Rocker.  Well, our daughter is due in a few weeks and the rocker is the perfect Christmas present.  It is the most beautiful piece of furniture and so comfortable!

Thank you so much!
Chicago, Illinois

December 23, 2005


You out did yourself!

R. was shocked, breathless and then smiled when sat in 'her' rocker.  The people in this part of VA. have never seen such a work of beauty and art.

Simple words cannot describe the heartfelt joy I know this rocker will give her.  This whole process has been so much fun I'm going to do the same for my sister in San Diego  (I'll keep you posted as to when I'll order.)

Again, my many thanks to you for your 'touch'.  Merry Christmas! . . . And we'll be talking!

G.C.  Your #1 Fan
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

December 22, 2005


Actually he graduates this Saturday.  Yes, I did receive the rocker on Friday — in the midst of the snow storm here in Lancaster.  I did find a tear in the box, and marked it on the shipping slip — but the rocker was unmarked.  I love it Gary — you are right, I don't miss the two extra slats in some rockers.  I am really impressed with the finish, the overall craftsmanship of the rocker, and feel of the rocker.  I can't wait to give it to M.  I must share with you — however, if he is not as excited with it as I am, I will have to return it.  As much as I love it, it is a little out of my league for myself.

It is, however, exactly what I was looking for.  I think the lines of the rocker would fit well with furniture from modern to Early American.  I just love the clean lines and beautiful cherry wood.

Thanks again,
M. A.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

December 19, 2005

He was ecstatic!!  He cried 3 or 4 times and he gets misty-eyed every time he tells someone what he got for Christmas.  The chair is gorgeous, truly a work of art and as I noted on the delivery receipt, arrived totally unharmed.  He has rocked with B. a dozen times since Saturday morning and would probably sleep in it if I let him.

I'm not sure I can ever top this Christmas gift!

Thank you for double checking everything and helping to make this first Christmas with our daughter totally amazing.

Bloomfield, Connecticut

August 11, 2005


Thanks for checking up on your progeny.  I cheerfully accept responsibility for care and feeding from now on.

I have rocked a while (in secret) and am happy to report that this chair is a fine example of quality craftsmanship and beautiful material.

My wife will not know its comfort until her birthday on September 2 and the little girl who's on the way; she should be in the chair sometime around the end of November.  I'll send along a note once we are all able to enjoy the chair.

This whole exchange has been a pleasure.  Thanks to you and everyone who had a hand in making this happen.  Please share this note with your people.

Moorpark, California

June 21, 2005


Thanks for your inquiry.  The rocker arrived in fine shape last week.  It was crated so well, even the truck driver commented:  "Gee, I guess that's not the kind of rocker you buy at the Old Country Store."  So true.

D. and M. were beside themselves over the quality of the construction and comfort of the rocker.  I have to admit I was skeptical until I went over to try out the chair myself.  I didn't want to get up out of it!  Your rockers are amazing.  Thanks again.

Smithfield, Virginia

June 17, 2005

Hi again, Gary —

Just to let you know the rocker arrived in perfect condition and is gorgeous.  J. and his parents love it, and it's been a rare pleasure for me to rock my little grandson in a chair we've looked forward to almost as much as the baby!

Thanks for your craftsmanship and care
Salt Lake City, Utah

PS- — when the second daughter announces a pregnancy, we'll be in touch again.

June 1, 2005

Dear Gary, Leslie and Company,

I wanted to let you know that your gorgeous rockers arrived here yesterday in perfect condition.  The toughest part was deciding which one to keep and which to give to my mom. They are both beautiful, yet very different.  I have already rocked the baby to sleep twice in the chairs.  I only wish I'd had them sooner.  S. really likes running her little hands over the arms of the chairs and looking closely at the patterns in the wood.  She is a very detail oriented baby!  (Must be her dad's influence as it sure isnΉt mine.)   I am sure we will love them for generations to come.  I keep telling S. that someday that chair will be hers.

Thank you again for your beautiful work.  I would recommend your chairs to anyone.
N. and S.  (and husband C. too)
Gilbert, Arizona

PS:  At 5'5", 6'2" and 27" we all fit comfortably in the chair.

May 6, 2005

The wife is rocking.  Chair arrived in great shape.  Wife is really happy with the chair.  Glad we decided to ship a little early.  She was stressing a bit about not having a rocking chair.

Once she has been able to use it more, she'll likely have more feedback.  The couple times I have sat in it, I have been impressed with how well it fits the body.  It is pretty safe to say that she is very happy with the chair.

Thanks for all your help and efforts.
Tigard, Oregon


Mr. Weeks,

You have apparently been working with my husband for some time now.  My new rocking chair was delivered yesterday and John presented it to me for my birthday.  It is beautiful and tremendously comfortable.  I know I will enjoy this rocker for a long time.  It really completes our baby's new room nicely.

Tigard, Oregon

March 6, 2005

Dear Gary,

E.'s family has just been delivered to the airport after a weekend of very informal celebrations, hikes — and meals in honor of his 50th.  At this moment — he sits comfortably in front of a fire — rocking in his chair and reading the Sunday paper.

The chair is a treasure.  Thank you.

Best regards,
A. G.
Owings Mills, Maryland


Gary — I am the fortunate recipient of one of your handmade mahogany rocking chairs.  Not only will it be well taken care of while it is appreciated and enjoyed for many years, but it will serve as a enduring reminder of a milestone in my life.  Your craftsmanship is extraordinary and I'm certain is up to the task of being used for years to come.

Thank you for working with my wife on this wonderful surprise.

E. G.
Owings Mills, Maryland

December 30, 2004


My wife loves her new rocker!  It was a very well received Christmas present.

Houston, Texas

December 27, 2004



That one word is enough.  The rocker is beautiful!  Expertly crafted.  The detail astounding.  The walnut exquisite  (especially the irridescence in certain areas).  My wife loves it!  And the comfort . . .  we think it's the most comfortable chair we have ever sat in  (and with nary a cushion).

Thank you for helping me make my wife's Christmas a very special one.

All the Best,

A. J.
Corona, California

J's Christmas 2004 gift
December 26, 2004

hi gary

i gave my husband one of your chairs for Christmas  (see attached photo) but he quickly identified it as an imposter and wants the real thing.  so, we would like to order a cherry rocking chair.  when i called last week it sounded like the ship date would most likely be in february.  sounds fine.

K. F.
Seattle, Washington

December 6, 2004


Yes, I received the chair in excellent condition.  I just opened it this morning and gave it a test run and it looks and feels GREAT!  What a beautiful piece of work.  I'm torn between saving it until Christmas to give to K. or go ahead and give it to her now so she can enjoy it immediately.  The baby isn't due until February, but she could use it now, I'm sure.

Thanks for making and sending such a great product.  I look forward to the day that I can pass it down to my children for them to use many years from now.

M. M.
Clovis, New Mexico

August 4, 2004


Just a quick couple of words to let you know mom received her new rocker yesterday and everything is perfect.  She is very happy to say the least.  Both rockers are sitting side by side and I pray that they continue to do so for a long time to come.  Once again thank you for your professionalism and kindness.

Santa Monica, California

July 14, 2004


Well the rocker was delivered right on time and my dad loves it, I wish I had been there to see his face.  Thank you so much.  It's a good feeling to know that there are people out there who say what they mean, and mean what they say.  Continued success.

Santa Monica, California

June 21, 2004


She is very appreciative and excited with your fine craftsmanship.  My mom seems to like it very much.  I can't wait to see it the next time I come to visit.  All went well and I thank you for your service.  I do appreciate it very much.  Have a nice week.

Respectfully Yours
Maple Plain, Minnesota

January 5, 2004


She loved it . . . thanks for helping me make a great Christmas for my special girl.

Charlotte, North Carolina

December 1, 2003

Hi Gary,

I was in SC for Thanksgiving and got to see the rocker in person.  It is perfect and I couldn't be happier with it.  Thank you and your artisans for such fine craftsmanship.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child in May and I know the wee one will spend many hours being rocked to sleep in the cherry rocker.

I hope to make it to your shop in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again and I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Austin, Texas

November 12, 2003


Yes — the chair was delivered on Friday, and all was in order.  I gave it to her on Saturday evening, and she was actually surprised — and extremely pleased.  It is probably is the best gift I ever gave her.  Thanks for your help in making it possible.  It is a truly beautiful (not to mention comfortable) piece of work!

Chicago, IL.

November 12, 2003


I couldn't thank you enough.  She, and everyone that attended the shower, absolutely loved it.  I think every woman at the shower had to take her turn sitting in the rocker.  It is truly a work of art.  Several veteran mothers commented on the design features that must apparently make breastfeeding while rocking a much more comfortable experience — I wouldn't know.   Notably, I heard the height of the armrests and the back support as being the most well thought-out design features for the chair.  I'm sure some of them will be checking out your website as I had repeated it enough times throughout the party.

I guess I'll be talking to you again in the next few years.  We are planning to have another baby and I would like to pass the chair on to each child as an heirloom.

Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship.  It's a rare thing these days.

West Lawn, PA

November 11, 2003

Hi Gary,

The party and rocking chair was a big success.  R. was surprised and very touched and all present were awed by the beauty of the chair, taking turns sitting in it or just touching it.  It really is a work of art.  Sunday it was all R's . . . he watched football, read the paper, and just smiled.  So thanks for your very special part in R's 50th birthday.  You feel like family and perhaps we will meet someday.


San Rafael, CA

October 28, 2003

Gary —

"Like" is an absolute understatement.  We love the rocker and stool!  While H. and I were confident that the furniture would be all that we hoped for, we were somewhat apprehensive since neither one of us had ever made such an investment on something we could not actually see or touch.  So when the rocker and stool arrived last week, I was so nervous with excitement and anticipation.  Needless to say, when I pulled the rocker out of the box and nervously pulled away the bubble wrap out came the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen.  Your craftsmanship is unrivaled.  The cherry wood is perfect.

Although I could barely resist, I put the rocker and stool in our living room and waited for H. to come home that evening so she could be the first to sit in the chair.  When she did, tears of joy appeared on her smiling face.  Like her grandmothers before, H. has always loved rocking chairs and now she has her very own.

Since this was an anniversary gift to H. — our first — I have set the bar at a level, thanks to you, I may not be able to maintain.  I will certainly try though.

Thanks again for the wonderful rocker and stool as well as your excellent customer service.

We will be back!

Falls Church, VA

July 4, 2003


Thanks to your efforts, I took delivery of your gorgeous chair today at 11:30.  My wife was thrilled.  I will send a picture of her enjoying it with baby E. when I can.

Thank you once again.  I found dealing with you to be refreshing.  Your service was polite, timely and accommodating.  I only look forward to discovering for myself how comfortable the chair is.



July 7, 2003

Dear Gary,

My name is K. (A.M.’s wife) I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I am a new mum and my husband surprised me with the gift of a Weeks Rocking Chair on July 4th.  He said you took great pains to make sure we got the chair as soon as possible.  I wanted to let you know that it is the most comfy chair that I have ever sat in.  Our baby E. loves to be rocked in it — it seems to sooth her as soon as I begin rocking.  I just wanted to say thank you for designing such a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 3, 2003

Dear Gary,

My husband, D., surprised me for my birthday (6/21), with one of your maple rockers.  This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen (of course, besides my daughter, D.)!  It is the most comfortable chair in our home.  I move it from my daughter's room to our family room, on a regular basis so that visitors get a good look at it.  Thank you for making such a beautiful, functioning piece of art.

Las Vegas, NV

June 2, 2003


It was the perfect gift . . . she'll want a matching one no doubt!

Madison, AL

May 9, 2003


The chair arrived yesterday, was the hit of the surprise party today, and could not have been more gorgeous.  It is not only a work of art, but the most comfortable chair that we have ever had the privilege of using.  Thanks so much for your efforts in making this a special occasion.

Thomasville, GA

March 21, 2003

Hi Gary et al,

I purchased your rocking chair at Solstice for my wife.

It has been a wonderful addition to our home.  We love it and everyone who visits us and sits in it loves it.  It is amazing that one chair can fit so many sizes and shapes of people, but this chair does it with style and grace.

One comment from our grown children was "Who will inherit this heirloom?"  A little premature to be concerned with but an interesting thought.

Hope your business is going well.

Sebastopol, CA

February 4, 2003

Gary . . .

The rocker was great.  The party was great.  The retiree really liked it.  I am getting a photo scanned to send to you so you can see his big smile.  Thanks for everything.  The shipping was fine, everything arrived ok.

Spokane, Washington

January 14, 2003

Dear Weeks Family,

I just want you to know how happy N. is with her new rocking chair.  It arrived yesterday, right on her birthday, as promised, and she fell in love with it immediately.  She's wanted a rocking chair for many years but never liked any she sat in.  But when she sat in your chair she knew she'd found a home.  She loves it and I am thrilled.  And it is so beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch.  I've been trying for more than 30 years and have never before been able to give her a gift that pleased her as much as your beautiful chair.  I don't know what I'm going to do next year.

Thanks for making such wonderful things and thanks for all the extra effort to make this happen for me on her birthday.

Best regards,
Brookside, New Jersey

January 2, 2003


Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our rocking chair!  It was the best "having-a-baby" gift I could ever have received!

We are looking to buy a dining table now . . . would you send us your latest catalogue and price list?

Thanks so much,
J. and B.M.
Houston, Texas

November 20, 2002


All you and Gary and Co have done from start to finish is so very appreciated.  My folks were BLOWN AWAY.  I think they are still in shock.  The rocker is a work of art.  Mil Gracias!

— Many thanks to you and Austin and the crew —

Red Rock, Texas

June 25, 2002


Just a quick note to let you know that J. loves her new rocking chair (and so do I)!  It's as nice to look at as it is to sit in.  It's also a big hit with my parents (I might have to get my brother to pitch in and get my dad a chair for Christmas before he steals ours).

Best regards,
Houston, Texas

May 16, 2002


What a beautiful chair/heirloom/piece of art.  Judy could not have been more surprised — Most definitely worth the wait, and now she knows why I was ignoring her constant requests for a chair.

Thanks again.

Emeryville, California

October 12, 2001


I want to thank you so much for your efforts on Tuesday.  It was very nice of you to do what you did with the calls.  Please thank those people who allowed me their chair.

It made the perfect gift for my brother.  He absolutely loved it!  I appreciate all you've done.

Please take care,

Austin, Texas

April 15, 2001


They are delighted with the rocker.  S. described it as "soft," quite a tribute to a wooden chair. I'm going to start saving so I can give one to B. when he retires.

Houston, Texas

June 15, 1996


The chair was incredibly well received.  L. and B. absolutely loved it and all the wedding guests were so impressed by its beauty and comfort.

L. just told me that everyone who comes in their house is drawn to it.  Thanks for providing the perfect wedding gift.

Dripping Springs, Texas

January 25, 1996

Dear Gary,

Christmas surprise was a tremendous success, and grandpa and H. are already enjoying it together.  T. was 100% delighted and has proudly shown it to all our friends.  My 87 year old mother settled into it Christmas afternoon, much to his dismay — it truly is amazing how comfortable it is to all shapes and sizes!

Paradise Valley, Arizona

May 5, 1992

Dear Leslie and Gary,

B. drove over 400 miles today to surprise me with your chair #6.  I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I walked in the house!

The rocking chair is a perfect blend of art and engineering.  It is absolutely wonderful!  We've placed it by the fireplace where it belongs.

You've created a family heirloom — a real treasure.  Thank you sincerely for using your talent in such a lovely way.

Plano, Texas

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