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The Steele Table
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The Steele Parsons Table
The Steele Table, in walnut, 42" x 84"
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Austin designed and built a dining table for the Steele family.  It was so successful and well received that we have added it to our catalog, and called it the Steele Table.

The Steele's wanted a Parsons table with softer, more natural, less industrial aspects.

The original Parsons table was designed at Parsons School of Design in the 1930's under the influence of "modernist" ideas of the times.  These ideas included reducing the form of an object to its essential function, simplifying its geometry, and designing for its machine production without the loss of art, craft, and quality.

Parsons tables have become classics.  They are defined by their rectilinear form, their straight lines, their legs at the very corners that are equivalent in thickness to the tops, and the absence of decoration.
Parsons tables are striking in their simplicity and expression.

Details of the Steele table

These tables are so iconic that it is difficult to design a variation that is distinctive.  The angel is in the details. In the Steele table, the top is inset onto rails deeply mortised and cross-pinned into legs that extend to the full height of the table.  This visible structure adds interest to the overall simple lines of the form as well as robust strength and the promise of longevity.

The Steele Table in walnut
Steele Table in walnut, 42" x 84."  Wilson chairs.

Steele Tables

  seats cherry walnut maple
39" x 60" 46 $2450 $2950 $2950
42" x 84" 68 $2950 $3450 $3450
44" x 108" 810 $3950 $4850 $4850

You may specify the size.  For "in between sizes," use the price for the next longer length.
For larger sizes, contact us.


Details of the Steele table
For the original Steele table, Austin hand planed the surfaces of all the components of the table, including the top, to produce a texture that records the curl of each shaving taken by the tool.  He shaped the corners of the top, legs, and apron with a drawknife to lay a little 45 degree bevel around these elements — calling the fingers to register the tactile irregularity and the mastery of this handwork.  Handwork reveals the texture of the wood and softens the lines and planes — elevating the form, the feel, and the material.

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