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From time to time, we find some extraordinary wood and make a rocker from it.  For example, we have built special edition rockers from curly maple, figured cherry, figured walnut, flame birch, heart pecan, old growth mahogany, and burly mesquite.  We photograph these chairs and feature them on this page of the site.

From our blog post of September 16, 2016

Twenty four years ago, I designed the rocking chair that anchors this business.  We saw ourselves as a Texas company and made the chairs from wood of the state tree of Texas, pecan — selected for heartwood. As the internet made our market the world, we began to build the chairs of other woods.  About the same time, our reliable source for heart pecan ceased that operation.  We couldn't find what we needed elsewhere.  We dropped pecan rockers as a catalogued item.

Pecan is difficult to work and to match into pleasing compositions of figure and color.  The wood is difficult to dry.  The trees are mostly sapwood.  The sapwood is white and boring unless creatively used in contrast with heartwood.  The heartwood varies in color dramatically from tree to tree.

Brandon Berdoll,, does an impeccable job of drying pecan, and beyond that, he marks his lumber so that boards from a tree can be tracked.

As we near the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Weeks Rocker, it is fitting that we offer pecan rockers as special editions.  We bought enough lumber from Brandon for 8 or 9 rockers.

These chairs cost $2400.

special edition rocker #3082special edition rocker #3079 - 2.jpg
Weeks Rocker #3082
Austin laying out special edition pecan rockersAustin laying out special edition pecan rockers


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