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Solid Wood Dining Table Top

When lumber arrives at the shop, we look for long boards of an exceptional color, figure, and character boards beautiful in and of themselves and worthy of prominent display, unadorned.  We often store them.  The wood not chosen for tables goes into chairs and other furniture.  These pieces of furniture do not suffer the loss of the tabletop boards.  The specifications for grain, color, figure, and character in the relatively short length required for these pieces can still be fulfilled.

Trestle table arched base
When someone orders a table we choose boards from our "special reserve" for their individual beauty and their collective composition.  We flatten them, plane them, and edge join them tightly.  Often people must be shown the seams, but the heft and expression of thick boards are still there.  This is the meaning of "solid wood."

a solid walnut table top

laying out a solid wood table topa solid wood table top
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