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Crating a Rocking Chair

Shippers compliment our crates and our packing methods.  Any piece of furniture that we crate is treated thus:  We wrap the furniture in bubble-wrap with multiple layers at points of contact.  We keep the furniture away from the sides of the crate with blocks of foam.  We construct the crates with multiple thicknesses of double wall cardboard and reinforce the corners, top, and bottom.

The dimensions of a crated rocking chair are 29" x 42" x 46"H.  It weighs about 70 pounds.

Uncrating the Rocker

Cut the tape around the top of the box to remove the reinforcing panel.  Carefully cut the tape on the flaps of the crate top to open it.  Lift the chair out or tip the crate over and slide the chair out.

crating 0crating 1crating 2

We begin by carefully wrapping the chair in bubblewrap.  Wherever the chair will be nearest the crate interior, we glue foam blocks to hold it snug and away from the sides.

crating 4crating 5crating 6

After loading the chair, we telescope another box over the first, doubling the wall thickness.  The foam blocks that rest tightly on the rocking chair backlegs are glued to the top flap.

crating 7

The finished crate. The top is a triple layer.  The bottom is five layers.

crating 8crating 9

The MainFreight driver comes every other Wednesday.  Note the hand-holes we cut in the crates.  Two people can easily carry a crated chair to its resting place.  Our MainFreight driver is helpful and pleasant.  Most are.

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