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rocking a newborn in comfort
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Rocking Chairs for Nursing and Nurturing

Robin rocking BelaThe Weeks Rocker® is excellent for nursing and nurturing because:

The seat is generous and scooped deeply to relieve pressure on the hipbones.  The splats support the lumbar and relieve the muscles of the lower back.  The motion is balanced and near effortless.  The headrest rests the head.  The armrests are positioned and contoured to softly support the arms as they nestle a baby to breast, chest, and lap.

Some of the most centered, contented, and cherished times of my life were spent rocking my children, even in the middle of the night.  So making a chair for people who will nurture their child in it feels like important work.  The messages we receive in return are fulfilling.


After reading practically all of your website and my wife none of it, I had to laugh when the first thing she said after sitting in our new cherry rocker was "It fits me perfectly."

We moved it into the completed nursery today; it looks beautiful.  We look forward to rocking even more when the baby arrives in a couple of weeks.

As someone who dabbles in woodworking, the craftsmanship is inspiring.

Fredonia, New Yorkmore testimonials

Rocking chair in nursery

Dear Gary,

Our first son, R., was born on July 23 in Dallas.  Already he is enjoying the pleasures of being rocked to sleep in our beautiful new Weeks rocker.  It’s the perfect height for anyone who wants to hold and cuddle him and comfortable for the duration of long rocking sessions!

Thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship.  D. and I consider ourselves mere caretakers of a beautiful piece that others will enjoy for generations to come.

All best wishes,
Dallas, Texasmore testimonials

Good Afternoon Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loves the rocker.  People have used words like "incredible", "unbelievably comfortable", "magnificent", "stunning".  M. has not made any comments yet, but she loves to nurse and sleep in the rocker.

Thank you very much for a piece of art that will be in our family for generations.

Tampa, Floridamore testimonials

When a worthy object has a family’s history invested in it, it does become an heirloom.  We build rocking chairs for this purpose.

awaiting the next generation
After the child or children have decided that they would rather read to themselves, the Weeks Rocking Chair has no shabby upholstery, broken springs, or failing mechanisms.  It remains a favorite place to sit for family and guest and graces its space with elegant lines and the color, figure, and character of fine wood

. . . while it waits for the next generation.

Leslie rocking a grandchildNote: We have observed that often:

  • Grandparents order a rocker for their children in the first trimester of a pregnancy.
  • Expectant mothers order a rocker for themselves in the second.
  • Expectant fathers order a rocker for their wives about a week before the due date.


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