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  Weeks Rocking Chair in cherry   Weeks Rocking Chair in walnut   Weeks Rocking Chair in maple   Weeks Rocking Chair in mahogany  

A Handmade Rocking Chair
Designed for Comfort and Built to Last
The Weeks Rocker®
Since 1992

Weeks Rocking Chair in curly maple   Weeks Rocking Chair in mesquite  
  special editions   mesquite

The Weeks Rocker® is guaranteed to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful, and the best-constructed rocking chair that you have ever experienced or we will refund your money and pay for return shipping.

This handmade rocking chair is an original, award-winning design and our signature piece.  Every curve, contour, angle, and dimension was generated by its contribution to comfort.  Every joint was tested for strength and longevity. Every view was refined as sculpture. Every surface is finished to delight the hand and eye.

Sit in a work of art.

Click to see a Video.

We  (Gary Weeks, Austin Weeks, and artisan associates) have built these chairs since we perfected the design in 1992.  Having seen and heard the reaction to them from many, many people, we confidently extend the guarantee of satisfaction featured above.

The Weeks Rocker® in cherry . . . $1700

A Weeks Rocker is not a consumer good.  It is an investment, an asset conveyed to future generations, an heirloom. Because we know to what standards and how well these chairs are built, we offer this guarantee of service:

The Weeks Rocker is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the original purchaser.

We have shipped our rocking chair to every state, most Canadian provinces, and to other countries on three continents.  Because we know the performance of our packing and of our shipper, we offer this guarantee of safe delivery:

We, Gary Weeks and Company, guarantee that our furniture will be delivered without damage or loss, regardless of the actions of any third party.

(See the full terms of Our Guarantee.)

Weeks Rocker in walnut in setting
We build the rocking chairs of cherry, walnut, maple, mesquite, mahogany, and sometimes other fine woods or combinations of woods.  Regardless of the species of wood, we carefully select and match each part in each chair for a coherent composition of color, figure, and character within the form of the chair.

The chairs of different woods have different expressions and ambience, speaking to different people.  We recommend choosing the wood for a rocking chair according to color, setting, intuition, and personal connection.  All are strong and hard enough for long service.  More photos and information are provided for chairs in the various woods on the corresponding pages.  (See in Cherry, in Walnut, in Maple, in Mesquite, in Mahogany)

detail of mesquite rocker   detail of maple rocker   detail of walnut rocker  
Weeks Rocker with Harris Stool and Otwell Side Table

We build side tables and a footstool to accompany the rockers.

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