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Why the Weeks Rocking Chair is so Comfortable

The Weeks Rocker® is guaranteed to be the most comfortable rocking chair that you have ever experienced or we will refund your money and pay for return shipping.

Because we have shipped our rocking chairs to people in every state, most Canadian provinces, and many other countries, we do not hesitate to extend this guarantee.  We make no claim that is not subject to your judgment and verification.

a comfortable rocking chairWhen you sit in a Weeks Rocker®, your body is supported in equilibrium by the sculptural form, without tension or points of pressure.  You are poised, balanced, and stable without effort.

In most wooden chairs, you hurt after a time where your flesh is compressed between bone and wood.  For example, you feel "hot spots" when sitting on a flat or poorly contoured seat, because your hipbones are pinching your cheeks.

But if the wood seat is accurately curved and contoured so that it is deepest where your bones are nearest your skin, then your weight is distributed widely over your flesh . . . and you provide your own padding.

"Softest thing I ever sat in, to be so hard."

Wimberley, Texasmore testimonials

a walnut rocker illustrating the lumbar support of the back splatsAfter sitting a few moments, most people comment on the lumbar support.  We discovered the curve for the back splats  (the four vertical back supports) by trial and error- — many trials, much error.  While a person 6'-3" tall towers over a person 5'-0" tall, they are not nearly so different from the bottom of their coccyx to the top of their lumbar vertebra.  For either person, the splat curve we developed supports the natural curvature of the spine.  We have tried flexible splats, but the best support and comfort come from the correct curve, not a changing one.

The splats do not act alone to relax the back.  The curve of the crest rail (the topmost chair part) is also critical, as it forms the four splats into the requisite enfoldment of your back.  The deepest part of the scoop in the chair seat both relieves the pressure on your hipbones and locates them so that slumping is difficult- — you are held back against the lumbar support.  Your two large back muscles run up the two center splats to be gently massaged by rocking.

Our rocking chair is balanced.  Very little energy is required to start or keep it moving.  The chair reaches its back and forward limits within your range of poise and equilibrium.  You don't feel like you might go over backward or be pitched out forward.  The rocker comes to rest at an angle of repose — your muscles are relaxed and at ease, providing peace, tranquility, and a sense of well-being.

Comfortable rocking chairs, contoured to fit the bodyComfortable rocking chairs -- poised, balanced, and stableThe shape and pitch of our rocking chair arms provide critical benefits.  They are relieved to support your forearms when your hands are in your lap.  Their ends are curved and shaped to support your palms and fingers when your hands are extended.

The angle of arm to seat settles you back into the chair, nestles a child to breast or lap, locates a book, eases exit, and places the best point of leverage at your fingertips.

Hi Gary,

I AM rocking, and I am SO pleased!  Your chair fits my extra-long legs and tilts my body back to a comfortably balanced angle — something which was missing in the  (considerably more expensive) rocker I tried first.  The arms are delightfully sculptured for resting my hands outstretched or for crossing them in toward the body for knitting or reading.  Not an uncomfortable edge to be found.  The finish is beautiful to eye and hand alike.  I am looking forward to showing it off and  (occasionally) sharing its comfort.  Thank you so much, Gary.  And thank you for delivering it exactly as committed, without a hitch.

Cape Elizabeth, Mainemore testimonials

Comfortable rocking chairs fit all sizes:  Jon 6'-0"Comfortable rocking chairs fit all sizes:  Joyce 5'-2"A common concern is the height of the seat from the floor.  The taller you are the further back the Weeks Rocker comes to rest  (height, weight, and center of gravity rule), so that the front edge of the seat is further from the floor — self adjusting for the length of the shin bones for most people.  Also, there is no obstruction under the seat, so you can tuck your legs under and rock on your toes or extend your feet out and rock on your heels.

I am thrilled with the chair!  It arrived in perfect condition  (not even a mark on the box) and was very easy to unpack.  My husband  (who is 5'9") and I  (at 5'2") have both found the chair to be comfortable as well as beautiful.  Thank you!

Oakland, Californiamore testimonials

The rocker arrived Friday, but didn't get unboxed until Saturday.  I am quite enjoying the chair.  As promised, it provides comfort to people of different heights  (I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5'3").  The curves in it are very appealing.  Great work!

Lake Oswego, Oregonmore testimonials

Gary, unfortunately I have not seen or rocked in your rocker, but short I. and tall R. just think it is fabulous.  They can't figure out how it fits both of them.  That is okay, some secrets must remain!  Thank you for sending a rocker for generations of our family.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

Simi Valley, Californiamore testimonials

Two of our patrons.  Debbie is 5'5".  Brian is 6'3".  They both call the chair perfect.   Debbie and Brian sitting   Debbie and Brian standing  

There are limits.  Some people taller than 6’-4" or so would prefer a larger chair.  Some few people of unusual curvature, posture, or distribution don’t find what they need.  There aren’t many.

  Mark is 6'5"   Mark and Julia love their rocker and spend lots of time in it.  Mark is 6'-5".  Julia is 2'-8".  

Weeks Rockers are comfortable rocking chairs because they were carefully designed to be.  (If you are interested in our design criteria and process, please see: Designing the Weeks Rocking Chair.)


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