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The Rockers

The rockers on a Weeks Rocking Chair are bent laminations of 1/4" thick strips.  We laminate them so the grain of the wood follows the curve, making them very strong for their cross section.

we saw the strips for laminating on the table saw  

We saw the strips for laminating on the table saw.  We use an extended fence, an extended table, a wooden tool for holding and guiding, and a special saw blade with a stiffener.

We saw the strips .265" thick.

we saw the strips .265" thick

We sand them to .250" thick.

we sand them to .250" thick

We spread glue evenly on the strips and clamp them to a form.  They remain clamped overnight.  When the clamps are removed the curve remains.  In order for the rocker to straighten out, the strips would have to slide along one another.  Well glued, they can't.

we spread glue evenly on the stripswe clamp them to a form

This fixture to bore the hole for the front leg to pass through is one of a number that we use to cut and shape this part.

hole boring fixture

The shape on the ends is sculpted by hand at the pump sander.

the shape on the ends is sculpted by hand at the pump sanderrocker ends — before and after shaping

Because we glue these strips together just as they were sawn, book-matching the top surface, the laminations almost disappear.  Most patrons haven't seen them after years of rocking.

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