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The Phillips Leg and Apron Table
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The Phillips Table
Phillips Table in maple, 39" x 48"

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Detail of a Phillips Table top edgeThe leg of the Phillips table is tapered and shaped.  The leg is not flat, but shaped into a convex surface that softens the reflected light and the touch, making both more engaging.  We increase the size of the leg proportionally for larger tables.

The top is solid wood, a full inch thick.  The edge of the top is shaped to a "thumbnail" profile.  The ends of the top are curved to animate the outline  (except on square tables), but can be left square if you desire.

Dear Gary, Leslie et al,

Came across this interesting piece of information with a "wooden" theme.
Want to pass it on to you along with our good wishes.
It's been almost 5 years now since we acquired our wonderful Phillips table, Wilson chairs, Cherry rockers + footstools.
We are so grateful that we made the decision to invest in your furniture.
The quality of our daily lives has been immeasurably enhanced through our connection with you.

Think of you often and wish you well.
M. E. and K.
Prescott, Arizonamore testimonials


Cherry Phillips Table with Wilson Chairs
Phillips Table in cherry , 43" x 72."  Wilson chairs.

Phillips Tables with Fixed Tops
seats cherry walnut maple
36" x 48" 6 $1600 $1700 $1700
39" x 60" 4–6 $1700 $1850 $1850
40" x 72" 6 $1850 $2050 $2050
42" x 84" 68 $2050 $2300 $2300
44" x 96" 8 $2350 $2650 $2650
44" x 108" 810 $2700 $3300 $3050
44" x 120" 1012 $3100 $3650 $3500

You may specify the size.  For "in between sizes," use the price for the next longer length.
For larger sizes, contact us.

Maple Phillips Table
Phillips Table in maple, 43" x 66," with one 18" leaf in place.

Phillips Tables with Extension Tops
Tables have two 18" leaves.  See the Leg&Apron Extension Tables page
seats cherry walnut maple
A. 38" x 486684" 468 $3000 $3300 $3300
B. 43" x 6684102" 6810 $3600 $3900 $3900
C. 46" x 88106124" 81012 $4500 $4775 $4775

These are suggested common sizes.  You may specify the size.
For "in between sizes," use the next larger price.  For larger sizes and more leaves, contact us.


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