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Leslie Weeks

Dinner from the Weeks gardenMy talents and sensibilities are best suited to homemaking and motherhood and for twenty-two years I was blessed to have these two occupations as my full-time work.  But as our children and the business grew, I began taking over some of the ever-increasing paperwork for the business.  I now work in the office part-time, handling the payroll, bookkeeping, and some receptionist/secretarial duties while keeping an eye out for an opportunity to play with our granddaughters when they stop by for their almost daily visits.

Our workshop has always been located on the same property as our house, so our two sons and daughter literally grew up in and around it.  Our children had both of their parents available to them throughout the days of their young lives.  This arrangement kept us in the category of "starving artists", but we were rich in many ways.  We were striving to create a high quality of family life with attention to the small details; similar to the way we emphasize quality in creating rocking chairs.  An awareness of the need to protect the health of the earth, as well as our own bodies, through purchasing sustainably produced or organically grown products and maintaining a simpler, more natural lifestyle, has been a guiding force in our life.

Leslie WeeksThe evolution of this family business of making high quality, beautiful, yet utilitarian furniture of sustainably harvested woods is a satisfying extension of our family life.  Gary and I enjoy working together, and with our son and daughter and the other talented, enthusiastic craftsmen we employ.  We also find it pleasant to get to know a little about the people who purchase and use our furniture much more fun than just making things and selling them to wholesale accounts.  We are truly grateful to our many patrons for allowing us to contribute something of lasting value to their lives while enabling us to make this business a success.

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