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Austin with the new Gary Weeks ladderback dining chair
Eubanks dining chair 2
Eubanks dining chair 3
Eubanks dining chair 4

The Eubanks Chair

A comfortable ladder back chair

The Eubanks Side Chair in cherryThe Eubanks Side Chair in cherryThe Eubanks Side Chair in cherryThe Eubanks Side Chair in cherry
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Many chairs have a ladderback.  It is an obvious chairmaking solution that has become a classic form of timeless appeal.  But there are infinite variations and as many ways that the ladder can meet the back. Here our chair excels.

To design this chair, we took the lumbar curve of our Wilson Chair and used it to locate the slats.  The location of the slats determines the curve of the back legs.  The curve of the back legs is a very pleasing line.

The slats are in just the right place and of just the right curvature to enfold the torso, align the spine, relax the lumbar, and promote good posture.

Eubanks Side Chair
 cherry $800
 walnut $850


Eubanks Arm Chair
 cherry $1100
 walnut $1150


As for all our dining chairs and barstools:

If you are considering a set of our chairs, we will ship a side chair to you at our expense for a
Dining Chair Test.


If you are considering a set of our dining furniture, you might find this page helpful:
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