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Kitty Page

Kitty PageI had previously lived in Wimberley during the early seventies.  After wandering through a couple of different lives I found myself back in Wimberley.  I met Gary and Leslie through the friendship of Leah, my daughter and Aubrey their daughter.  At one of our daughter's athletic events, Leslie mentioned Gary needed a finisher for the furniture pieces.  I've always been one to jump into something new, so I visited with Gary about the job.  That was the beginning of my new profession.

I have worked at Gary Weeks & Company since 1997.  We are more like family than employee and owner.  We've shared all our families' big events, from new babies, college graduations, and weddings.

I have my own workspace.  The chairs come to me, raw wood.  I inspect and correct any small imperfection as it is needed and begin turning the furniture from raw wood into a beautiful finished piece. I concentrate with sight and touch on each piece, sanding and oiling each curve, until it has the silken feel we demand of our furniture.  I like to think of each piece as functional art to be cherished and passed down from family member to family member for many years.

Although I enjoy interacting with the guys in the shop, I enjoy being alone in my own space.  Working and concentrating, making the furniture piece as beautiful to the touch as it is to the eye, is my ultimate goal. When our customers praise the finish, I feel great pride.  To take the raw wood pieces and turn them into a beautiful piece of furniture is a team effort.  We have a great team at Gary Weeks & Company.  I am very happy to be working with such ethical, honest, people.  We celebrate one another's lives, the joys, the sorrows, and the shared conversations.  We do our respective jobs with passion and joy and present our finished craft to the world to enjoy.

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