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The Johnson Pedestal Table
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The Johnson Pedestal Table
Johnson Pedestal Table in walnut, 54" diameter
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A close-up of the pedestal assembly

This design was developed as a custom piece for N. Johnson, owner of a Weeks Rocker, who emailed and outlined what she wanted.  I made a drawing, and after exchanges and modifications, the design was approved.  It was interesting and fun to build, and built, it was beautiful.  

When I easily opened the table top by myself, found it to be stable when extended, and closed it with the most satisfying sound of precise alignment, I knew we had a winner.

Hi Gary,

We got a call from them yesterday and they delivered the table and chairs today! Much sooner than we'd expected, so it was a special treat.  They are lovely.  I had just been to the gym when they arrived and when I plopped down in one of the chairs it felt very nice.  They are as comfortable as I'd hoped (and expected, from you).  The table fits our small room perfectly and is the perfect size for our daily (with no leaf) and extended family (with leaf added) needs.  The measurement we settled on is perfect. Also, there's not a bit of bounce to the table ends even when extended.  You made an extremely sturdy table.  My favorite part (oddly, maybe) is the top of the pedestal which is visible when the table is extended and the leaf is out.  It's so pretty, how you did the color variations of the pedestal segments.

N. Johnson
San Francisco, Californiamore testimonials


  • We can build the table with a 1" thick top or a 1-5/8" thick top. Tables with 1" thick tops have an apron.  Tables with 1-5/8" thick tops do not.
  • Tables with 1" thick tops and aprons can be fixed or extension.  See Pedestal Extension Tables. The apron hides the mechanism.
  • Tables with 1-5/8" thick tops must be fixed.  You may choose the Edge Treatment.
  • You may choose the preparation and finish of the top.  See Tabletop Finishes.

A 54" Johnson Table in cherry
Johnson Pedestal Table in cherry, 54" diameter.  Williams chairs.

The Johnson Pedestal Table with an apron   The Johnson Pedestal Table without an apron

With 1" Thick Top with an ApronWith 1-5/8" Thick Top and No Apron.

Johnson Pedestal Tables with 1" Fixed Tops and an apron
  seats cherry walnut maple
48" 4–6 $3250 $3550 $3550
54" 5–7 $3550 $3850 $3850

You may choose from two diameters.

Johnson Pedestal Tables with 1-5/8" Fixed Tops and no apron
  seats cherry walnut maple
42" 4–5 $2950 $3250 $3250
48" 4–6 $3050 $3350 $3350
54" 5–7 $3350 $3650 $3650
60" 6–8 $3750 $4050 $4050

You may specify the diameter.

A Johnson Table
Johnson Pedestal Table in walnut, 54" diameter.  Wilson chairs.

A Johnson Table with leaf in place
Johnson Pedestal Table in walnut, 54" diameter, with 20" leaf in place.

Johnson Pedestal Tables with Extension Tops
Tables have one 20" leaf.  See the Pedestal Extension Tables page
  seats cherry walnut maple
48" with 20" leaf 4–8 $3950 $4250 $4250
54" with 20" leaf 5–9 $4250 $4550 $4550

You may choose from two diameters.  For "in between sizes," use the price for the next larger diameter.


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