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John Michael Schoepf

John Michael SchoepfMy interest in furniture started at a young age.  As a homeschooler throughout elementary school, I spent a lot of time at home with Mom.  This meant I was the extra set of hands for the many times my mom wanted to rearrange all the furniture around the house, she often let me have a lot of input on getting each room looking just right.  This learned skill, in fact, became my day job throughout my early twenties.  I learned how to restore mid century furniture as well as arrange the showrooms and shop windows.  When my interest began to grow beyond restoration I began looking for a job building furniture.

Several different friends told me about and sent me in the direction of the Gary Weeks Furniture Co. and Family.  I feel truly fortunate to have worked for and alongside the Weeks family since 2011.  The designs are beautiful and appealing to the eye, with interesting lines and smooth curves.  The finish and soft edges have taught me the importance of the element of sensory associated with furniture.

The amount of knowledge I have learned from working inside and outside the shop has been truly rewarding.  From precise methods of joinery to turning compost for the garden, from landscaping the property to turning legs on the lathe, and from pouring concrete for flower beds and even a bit of applying finish to the furniture, it has all held valuable lessons for me.  Each piece that leaves the shop has been worked in a very efficient and methodical way with an intense attention to detail.  I have proof of that sitting in my living room in the form of a beautiful Cherry Rocker, and that is also very rewarding.

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