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Irion Lumber

Irion Lumber slab storageIn 2004, we were featured on the cover of the Woodshop News.  Lou Irion of Irion Lumber Company saw the article and called.  He produces high quality lumber for relatively small shops and thought that we could be a fit, particularly for walnut.  At the time, I had just negotiated an arrangement with a local wholesaler for walnut selected to our specifications and told Lou I was committed to giving that company a try.

After a year or so, I realized that my wholesaler was doing his very best to meet our needs, but that the wood he was going through to pull lumber for us had already been picked through before he got it — and I realized that was just what the guy who had seen the article and called was doing.  I couldnít remember his name or find his number.

cutting slabs at Irion LumberNot long after, Irion Lumber Company was featured on the cover of Woodshop News.  Our association with them has been pleasing in every way . . . wood, timing, people, trust.

Walnut that makes its way to the wholesalers has been steamed to blend the color of the heartwood into the sapwood.  This is done in expectation that the finished product will be stained, but steaming dulls the true walnut color and often makes it blotchy.  We donít stain.  Irion doesnít steam.

It is a great pleasure to work this walnut.

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