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The Heflin Barstool

Heflin Walnut Barstool   Heflin Cherry Barstool Heflin Maple Barstool

For a larger image, click on a photo or a wood in the
price chart.

 cherry $900
 walnut $975
 maple $975

If you are considering the purchase of a set of barstools, we will send a stool to you, at our expense, for a
test and evaluation.


A good barstool with a back is more than a tall chair.  We learned how much more when designing this piece; see Designing the Heflin Barstool. We discovered that the height places greater demands on the proportions and balance, that supporting your feet challenges the structure and changes relationships, that sitting with your feet on a rail repositions the lumbar, and more.

The Heflin Barstool is more than a tall chair.  It has a grace of its own, refined from its functional requirements, our tools, and our palette of elements.  A set of these comfortable handmade bar stools will make an island or counter into a focal point.

Please note:

  • the sculpting of the seat, back, and footrest,
  • where the tenons on the front legs pass through the seat,
  • the matched figure characteristic of our work.

If you are considering the purchase of a set of barstools, we will send a stool to you, at our expense, for a test and evaluation.  (See dining chair test.)
Floor Protection

Heflin Barstool


Yes, we received the bar stools last Thursday and we absolutely love them!!  I have been intending to send you an email, but have been so busy for the past week, this is the first time I have even turned-on my computer at home.

The bar stools are gorgeous.  I love looking at them and running my hands over them. The smoothness and workmanship is superb, and the cherry wood is beautiful.  One of my sisters was over at my house last Saturday and she was just enthralled with them. My husband and I have always in the past sat at our dinner table to eat all meals, but now we only want to sit in the bar stools at our kitchen island.  We love them and they will always be very special to us.

Thank you so much.  We are very satisfied customers!

Little Rock, Arkansas


As a rule, we build Heflin barstools with seat heights of 24" or 30":  24" high for a 36" counter or 30" high for a 42" bar.  However, if your counter or bar is not one of these standard heights, we can build the barstools for it.  We build the seats 12 inches lower than the top of the surface where they serve.  This photo is of a cherry Heflin barstool with 24" seat height.

  24" Heflin Bar Stool in cherry


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