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Floor Protection

Hard surface floors need protection from chair and stool legs.

Dense felt on the leg bottoms is the best protection.  There are two common ways of holding the felt, adhesive pads and plastic or metal glides attached by fasteners.  Both have problems.  The adhesive pads squirm off to the side and need frequent replacing.  The screw-on or nail-on guides last well, but they are ugly, and when they fail, they can scratch the floor.

We have a solution.  We purchase thick, dense felt discs with the highest grade adhesive.  These are made to our specifications.  We place these discs in a recess bored in the bottom of the chair leg, so we have the resistance to "squirming-off" of the hardware glides without the risk of a scratch from a fastener.  The discs are unobtrusive.  The chairs are quiet as they slide across the floor.

The felt provides surprisingly little resistance to sliding on rugs or carpet, so we put them on all the chairs. This allows the chairs to be freely used in locations with different floors.

Boring machine   Boring a recess
Recesses bored in an unfinished chair.   Felt installed in a finished chair.

To bore this recess, we built a machine so that the depth is constant and the holes well located.

Leveling chair legs

We level the chair or stool legs by sanding.

Boring machine   Boring a recess
The boring machine.   Boring a recess.
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