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Office Desk

Gary Weeks Eight Legged Desk

A Weeks Office Desk in cherry, 30" x 72"

Base Prices for our Office Desk in cherry
(with one lateral file drawer, two box drawers, and a center drawer)
Click to see dimensioned drawings

28" wide x 66" long     $6750

30" wide x 72" long     $6950

Standard Features:  See Weeks Desks.

Custom Options:

  1. Height.  Our standard height is 30".  You may choose another height at no extra charge.
  2. Wood.  Our standard wood is cherry.  You may specify walnut or maple for an additional 10% of the base price.
  3. Keyboard Pull-out.  You may substitute a keyboard pull out for the pencil drawer for $175.
  4. Drawers and Doors.  There are many ways to use the storage areas on either side of the knee space.  As standard, we suggest two box drawers on one side and a file drawer on the other.  You may specify what we build in these spaces, and what is on the right and left.  As is shown on the desk above and the detail photos below, a door to a custom configured interior might suit you better than a file drawer.  You might prefer three drawers in the stack to two . . .
    In consultation with you, we can draw the desk as you are considering it and quote the price as specified.
  5. eight legged desk drawers eight legged desk door eight legged desk interior
  6. Drawer Dividers.  Our standard center drawer has two dividers to form pencil/pen compartments that are covered in the base prices above.  You may add one or more dividers to any or all drawers and specify their positions for $25 each.
  7. Inlayed Escutcheons.  For $20 each, we will inlay "escutcheons" of contrasting wood into the drawer faces to accent the hardware.
  8. Banding.  We can band the top with an inlay of contrasting wood for $375.
  9. Other Inlays.  Priced upon request.
  10. Carving.  Priced upon request.


When you decide what size, wood, and other options you need, or if you need help figuring it out, please call or email.  We will provide a drawing  (if needed for clarification) showing your requested specifications, a price for the desk, a price for the delivery, and a shipping date.  We ask for a deposit of 50% of the price of the desk to schedule the work.  We will ask for the balance when we confirm and book the shipping.


Desks are delivered blanket wrapped.  The desk will be placed where you want it and all debris will be removed.  Travel time is 10 to 20 days; add to the shipping date.


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