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Wilson Side Chair in cherry   Wilson Arm Chair in walnut   Eubanks Side Chair in cherry   Williams Side Chair in walnut   Williams Arm Chair in cherry
Wilson Side Chair   Wilson Arm Chair   Eubanks Chair   Williams Side Chair   Williams Arm Chair

Weeks Handmade Dining Chairs

armchair detailWe design our dining chairs to:

  • hold a human upright, alert, and in good posture
  • be comfortable for the duration of a long conversation
  • be sensuous to touch
  • be beautiful, graceful, and sculptural.
  • be light enough to easily move in and out at the table
  • be strong enough to withstand daily use for generations.

To fulfill the above criteria, we have developed our own set of techniques and design elements.  Some are innovations to long-standing traditions, some are adaptations, some are adoptions, and some are born anew.  In total, they are a style.

We begin to design a chair with a sketch and concept.  We build a "fitting booth" and test the placement of the elements of the sketch and concept by inviting dozens of people to sit and comment.  We adjust the elements to fit a very great majority of the people as they sit upright, in good posture, with support, without pressure.  By design, therefore, our chairs are molded to fit an ideal human form in a particular pose.  That form is a source of beauty in sculpture, painting, photography . . . and some chairs.

We build our designs to the highest standards of the craft, without compromise, so our chairs:

side chair detail

  • provide lumbar support and encourage good posture
  • relieve the hipbones and hold your back against the lumbar support
  • have body-supporting curves and contours
  • are impeccably finished to delight the hand
  • are fluid and supple
  • have integral and artful compositions of wood figure within the form
  • play with light and shadow
  • have a very high strength to weight ratio
  • reveal their construction
  • will remain sturdy into their heirloom years and beyond.

If you are considering a set of our chairs, we will ship a side chair to you at our expense for a
Dining Chair Test.

Hi Gary,

I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.  You may recall that when we first spoke I inquired as to how a wooden chair could be comfortable for dining.  You responded by sending me one.  We now own 24 of your chairs.  I wish to report that 15 of them were occupied for our holiday meal.  That's the maximum we can get around our table.  We sat for 4 hours in perfect comfort.  I call that the acid test.

All the best,
Santa Monica, Californiamore testimonials

Wilson Chairs in walnut   Williams Chairs in cherry
Wilson Chairs in walnut   Williams Chairs in cherry
Gary Weeks furniture is branded, dated, and numbered

Branded, dated, and numbered for the antiques shows and auctions of the 22nd century

chair ready to ship   blanket wrapping a chair for shipping   blanket wrapped chairs lines up for delivery

Shipped anywhere.  Safe delivery guaranteed . . . by Gary Weeks and Company.


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