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Dining Chair Test

If you are considering a set of dining chairs or barstools, we recommend that you test one.  We will wrap a side chair or stool in furniture pads, put it in a box, and ship it by FedEx Ground. You and your friends and family can sit in it and see if it is comfortable.  You can scrutinize it for workmanship and finish, although we do ship pieces from the showroom that show a little "shop wear."

Wilson Chair crated for "Dining Chair Test" offerWhen you are done, wrap the chair or stool, put it back in the box, tape the top, and call us.  We’ll have FedEx pick it up, or you can drop it off at a shipping service — either way it ships freight collect.  You’ll only have to pay for the tape.

The chair or stool is usually to be returned even if you order a set.  We like to match the chairs or stools in a set and ship them newly finished.

Is there a deposit?  No.  Until someone steals the chair or stool and we reconsider, there is no deposit. We ask you to trust us to deliver what we say when we say.  It’s only fair for us to take a chance on you.


It's unanimous, the whole family loves the chair!  We would definitely like 8 Williams chairs in walnut.  I will have the traveling chair packed and ready for pickup by Friday morning or Monday if you prefer.  The chair will be on our covered front porch.

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Thanks Gary,

They can pick it up tomorrow — I'll put it on the porch if I leave.  Should I address it or do they know?

I'm not going to place an order with you at this point.  The chair was voted comfortable to extremely comfortable by all of us here, but it somehow doesn't fit in as well with my other furniture as I'd like.  I'm going to look around a little more & think on it.  I so appreciate getting to sit in it — if I ultimately order it's as a result of that.

Thanks to you for the great care you clearly put into all your work — it's a pleasure.

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We received the chairs two days ago.

They are fine pieces of work.  The design, meticulous craftsmanship and the walnut you used are first rate.  We have now sat in our own chairs for a couple of hours and found them to be very comfortable, although we knew they would be since we had a trial chair a few months ago.

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