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Customizing:  Inlays

We can inset contrasting pieces of wood into furniture to create shapes, letters, logos, ranch brands, and symbols that are important to our patrons.  Our basic charge is $100 for each inlaid piece necessary to produce the image.  Some complex shapes are more, some simples ones are less.

If you have a design or image that you would like to have inlaid into a piece of our furniture, you may mail, email, or FAX it to us.  We will distill it to an appropriate line drawing, price it, and send the drawing to you as a proof.  There is no charge for this.

For this medium there are only two elements:  outline and contrast.  Many images are too complex to "read" well as inlays.  (For more than one, maybe two, characters of text consider an engraving or a plaque.)  See how we make an inlay for a description (with photos) of the process.

Example pricing:  We would charge $100 for Texas and $100 for the Star in the first inlay shown below.

Texas and Star Inlay in rocking chair crest rail
Star inlay in chair back
Texas and Star Inlay in rocking chair back

Star inlay in chair seat

Some other recent examples:

Australia inlay in a rocker back   Q6 inlay in a rocking chair back
Tennessee inlay in chair back   Horseshoes inlay in rocking chair back

triangle in circle inlay in chair back
Texas brand inlay in chair back

F3 inlay in chair back
moose inlay in chair back

Bear/Yin Yang inlay in chair back
UD monogram inlay in chair back

Yin Yang inlay in chair back
Compass points inlay in chair back

Tree inlay in chair back
Branch and leaf inlay in chair arm

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