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Custom Rocking Chairs

a custom Weeks rocking chair"Custom" can mean:  designed and built anew to a customer’s needs and specification, or made to order and extra fine.  Our rocking chairs are usually made to order, always extra fine, and can be customized.

We do not change the size and contour of our rockers — for good reason.  We have heard from so many, of so many sizes and shapes, for so long that we have no hesitation in offering this guarantee:

The Weeks Rocker® is guaranteed to be the most comfortable, the most beautiful, and the best-constructed rocking chair that you have ever experienced or we will refund your money and pay for return shipping.

Our guarantee has superlatives seen and heard enough in advertisements and in sales pitches to make one wary, but it is not speculation, hyperbole, or opinion.  It is a bond.

[Although we do not exclude them from the guarantee, the very short, very tall, and very wide may want a chair of a different configuration and may need a custom maker of the "designed and built to specification" definition. See our Directory of Handmade Rocking Chair Makers.]

An early Weeks rocking chair design drawingWe invested many weeks in the design of the Weeks Rocker to achieve this level of performance and warrantability.  See Designing the Weeks Rocker.  We have invested as heavily in tooling, skills, and organization so that our chairs are unexcelled in fit and finish while priced to amaze other fine furnituremakers.  See Prices too low?

We build rocking chairs in small batches or "runs" of the same species of wood. We have a history and a momentum so we can schedule runs before we have orders.  Thus we keep lead-times short and ship dates firm.  By the time we are assembling and finishing the chairs in a run, we usually know for whom they are made and why they are purchased.

a custom Weeks rocking chair in figured walnuta custom Weeks rocking chair in curly maple

We offer a choice of six woods, a mix of woods or of contrasting details, and the option of an inlay or engraving.

We sometimes build rockers of other woods of interest that come our way.

We can personalize rocking chairs by inlay, engraving, or by adding a bronze plaque.  See Customizing.

a custom Weeks rocking chair in use

For a person or family, a Weeks Rocker becomes specific and steadfast.  It is an individual in its match of figure; it is distinctive in any setting; it is not made in mass for "distribution".  It is made for someone, or some family, to use.


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