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Leg and Apron Dining Tables

Leg and Apron Tables

1977 "leg-at-corner" tableI built this "leg and apron" table in 1977.  It was the first object I made that featured woodworking beyond carpentry a glued-up top, mortise and tenon joints, and oak instead of pine or fir.  It is as elementary a representation of the "leg and apron" form as I can imagine.  Each fundamental element leg, apron, and top is square, flat, and straight.  I did round over every sharp corner with a hand plane, but that was more a function of safety than of embellishment.  This table does not wobble, flex, give, or creak.  No joint has separated.  We use it today.

So I still build "leg and apron" handmade dining tables the same way.  The aprons are mortised into the legs.  There is a diagonal brace inside each corner for additional strength in case the leg bangs into a doorway when changing locations.

But I do now embellish each fundamental element:  leg, apron, and top.

The Phillips "Leg-at-Corner" Dining Table

We catalog two "leg and apron" handmade dining tables the Phillips and the Paschall, different only in the size and shape of the leg. The aprons of each design are arched to lighten the superstructure.  The tops of each are 1" thick, solid wood.  The ends of the tops are curved to animate the outline.  The edges of the tops are shaped to a "thumbnail" a friendly edge that fits right into the curve of your fingers.

The Paschall "Leg-at-Corner" Dining Table
Phillips Table

    Paschall Table

We can design and build a custom table for you.  You may specify one, some, or all of the "leg and apron" elements.  (See Customizing & Custom Work.)

Choices for "leg and apron" handmade dining tables:

  • Kind of wood.  We stock and catalogue cherry, walnut, and maple, but we can build a dining set (table and chairs) of any available wood.
  • Size of top.  We build the tables to suit the room and the number of places to set.
  • Fixed or extension top.
  • Preparation and finish of the top.  (See Options for Finishing Dining Tabletops.)

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