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Leg and Apron Dining Tables

Leg and Apron Tables

1977 "leg-at-corner" tableI built this "leg and apron" table in 1977.  It was the first object I made that featured woodworking beyond carpentry a glued-up top, mortise and tenon joints, and oak instead of pine or fir.  It is as elementary a representation of the "leg and apron" form as I can imagine.  Each fundamental element leg, apron, and top is square, flat, and straight.  I did round over every sharp corner with a hand plane, but that was more a function of safety than of embellishment.  This table does not wobble, flex, give, or creak.  No joint has separated.  We use it today.
So we build these tables the same way.

The Phillips "Leg-at-Corner" Dining Table

This form — four legs, four aprons  (or rails), and a top — is subject to myriad variations.  We catalog two, the Phillips and the Paschall, different only in the size and shape of the legs. The aprons of each design are arched to lighten the superstructure and provide more knee room. The tops are 1" thick, solid wood.  The ends of the tops are curved to animate the outline (except on square tops).  The edges of the tops are shaped to a "thumbnail"- — a friendly contour that fits into the curve of your fingers.

The Paschall "Leg-at-Corner" Dining Table
Phillips Table

    Paschall Table

This form lends itself well to opening to accept leaves.  Leg&Apron Extension Tables.  If the table has no leaves  (fixed top), the top boards run with the long dimension.  If the table has leaves  (extension top) the top boards run with the short dimension.  See Solid Wood Tabletops for an explanation of how we select wood for a top and see some examples.

We can design and build a custom table for you, either as a modification to our existing leg and apron tables or as a new design.  You may specify one, some, or all three of the "leg and apron" elements  (See Custom Tables.)

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