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Bookmatched Flitches
(or more commonly)
Bookmatched Slabs

A flitch is a cut through a log from bark to bark.
To bookmatch is to "open" two flitches or boards that were face to face in the tree
and place them side by side.
When a flitch is thick, it is commonly called a slab.

The wood can influence the design of a table.  Max Greeley at Rawood in Pennsylvania, 814-544-7112, cuts high quality logs into thick flitches and cures them well.  These slabs display the unique character of the tree in a mirror image along a centerline of symmetry. Tables from this wood can have a "live" edge, that is, the shape of the tree determines the shape of the top.  The top can influence the design of the base.  If you want to consider a table with such a top, we can forward photos of available pairs from Max, you can choose a pair, and we can send a proposal for a Custom Dining Table.

The photos below from Max are presented as examples and illustrations.  At any given time, he may have pairs of a suitable species, size, and interest or he may not.  No two pairs will ever be alike.

Walnut slabs from Max Greely of RawoodAnother set of walnut slabs from Max Greely of RawoodCherry slabs from Max Greely of Rawood

Max Greely of Rawood with a logMax Greely of Rawood with slabs/flitches
All photos on this page by Max Greeley

For more information on Rawood go to

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