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The Berry Barstool

Bar Stool  
The Berry Barstool in mapleThe Berry Barstool in walnut

For a larger image, click on a photo or a wood in the price chart.

 cherry $650
 walnut $675
 maple $675

If you are considering the purchase of a set of barstools, we will send a stool to you, at our expense, for a
test and evaluation.


The Berry Barstool is both simple and sophisticated:  a union of seeming opposites that we seek as fundamental to our furniture design and construction.  The scooped seat is comfortable.  The legs pass through the seat and are wedged, catching the eye and testifying to strength.

Note the joinery at the front and back stretchers — the footrests.  This is a mortise and tenon joint "faired" so that the rest flows seamlessly from the leg.

The footrest is adult-high on one side and kid-high on the other.  Guitar players and others use the "kid-high" footrest also.

Floor Protection

  Joinery Detail of Berry Bar Stool

Hi Austin,

All four Berry Barstools arrived in perfect shape and, as expected, they surpass our expectations.  (Does that even make sense?  Hope you know what I mean!!)  They're beautiful and we're more than delighted with them.

Many thanks again,
Meredith, New Hampshire


  • You may choose our standard seat, 20-1/2" x 13-1/2", or our smaller seat, 16-1/2" x 13-1/2".
  • You may specify the height of the seat from 18 to 31 inches high.
    • These are "loose" standards:
      • for bars  (nominally 42" high) use 30" high stools,
      • for counters  (nominally 36" high) use 24" high stools,
      • for tables  (nominally 30" high) use 18" stools.
    • If your surface varies much from these standards, specify a seat height that is 12" lower than the top.
Bar Stool  

The two cherry stools on the left have our standard seat, 20-1/2" x 13-1/2".  One is 24" high, the other, 30" high.  This photo also illustrates the difference between new and
aged cherry.

The two stools on the right have our smaller seat, 16-1/2" x 13/-1/2".  The walnut barstool is 24" high. The maple barstool is 30" high.

  Walnut Berry Bar StoolMaple Berry Bar Stool
Bar Stools in setting
Photo by Lynn Holubec

These stools tuck out of the way to open floor space for traffic and to clear countertops for work.


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