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The Art and Craft

Gary Weeks rockerWe design what we build.  Our designs are original.  Function is paramount.  We do not compromise comfort, utility, or longevity for statement, style, fashion, or ease of making. Therefore, our use of form, line, curve, contour, and surface is limited by purpose and performance, but the possibilities are still myriad.  We are influenced by the work we respect, but we do not imitate or copy.  We create something new.  (Designing Chairs)

"Comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty."   —  Mies van der Rohe.

We build what we design in small runs or batches of from one to a dozen pieces.  We have designed and built machines and tooling, written protocols, and established routines, but precision and the final visual impact of the furniture are in our hands, not in machines, tools, or programs.  Judgment and ability are challenged, and risk abounds.  Skill and care are displayed by the selection of wood for a beautiful and coherent composition of figure within the piece and by the sculpting of the joints and surfaces to animate the play of light and shadow.     (How We Build a Rocking Chair)

A reverence for the material is required.  Each piece of wood has its optimum orientation and treatment and its highest use  (although that may be in the stove).  Recognition of these aspects is technical, experiential, and devotional.

Austin Weeks mortisingWe are artist-craftsmen, not machine tool operators.  Inspired hearts and informed heads guide calloused hands to produce extraordinary works of beauty and utility.

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