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Testimonials 2017

December 27, 2017


Yes the rocker arrived.  It is beautiful and my husband enjoys it!  Thank you so much for your time.  I know we will have lots of memories around the rocking chair.

Carlsbad, California

December 23, 2017


Yes it arrived in perfect condition just before leaving for Houston.  Looking forward to sitting in it inside the house.  I'm sure we will enjoy it as much as the ones we have on the porch.

Merry Christmas
Lillian, Alabama

December 22, 2017

Mr. Weeks,

I am in receipt of the rocker and it is beautiful.  Thanks for such great customer service.

Foster, Virginia

December 21, 2017

Sorry you are beating me to the punch, Gary.  I meant to contact Autumn on Tuesday when the rocker arrived.  It is absolutely beautiful and unbelievably comfortable.  I couldn't be happier with it!  My grandson is coming over for the first time today so we will rock in peace together.

Thank you for your excellent work.  Keep it up!  I will spread the word about you guys.

Merry Christmas to you and all there.

M.S . & S.S.
Chicago, Illinois

December 13, 2017

Hi Gary,

Oh, I miss the "hold and rock the baby for naps" phase!  My youngest is 6 and our third child, and by the time she arrived, I had learned how quickly that phase passes.  I savored every moment and miss it so much.

The desk arrived perfectly.  The delivery team was a bit nervous it wouldn't fit through the door but it did.  And it looks marvelous in the room.  I will take and send a picture when it is nighttime!

I am so honored to have this treasure for her, and for her to cherish it as something handmade and to be passed down to her future children.  Thank you for making it for us.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Irvine, California

December 12, 2017

Dear Gary,

You have been terrific and we love the chair.  If we had need for another one, we would buy one.  Thanks again for your graciousness and good cheer.

New York, New York

December 11, 2017

Mr. Weeks — You are amazing!  Incredible product support!  Wow!  I have continued my chair experiments.  I believe the problem is with my oriental rug.  I have tried the chair in various locations . . . but always facing the television.  It occurred to me that perhaps the rug has a nap that might interfere, so I turned the chair's back to the tv.  Behold!  It travels in the opposite direction!  Have you ever heard of this problem before?  I fear I may be watching tv at right angles from now on.

Thanks again for the offer to look at the chair, but I don't think it is necessary.  If you have any ideas for rug-nap-suppression, I would love to hear them!

BTW, for your amusement, you should know that I have mentioned my Weeks chairs in my will.  Don't want my kids selling them at a garage sale!  Thanks again!

Austin, Texas

December 6, 2017

Hi Autumn, Gary, and everyone else,

My rocker arrived Monday, and it's so pretty, I can't stop staring at it!  I've spent as much time as life will allow enjoying it already.  Please let Gary know I love it.  (Of course, I'm really just borrowing it from my grandson for a while.)

I did send the text for the plaque — and there's no real rush to getting that done.  And I know I need to decide on the monogram for the wall plaque Gary is making.  I'll look back at the sketch and refresh my memory on that, or Gary can probably tell me what will work best.

Thank you all for doing what you do!

Duluth, Georgia

P.S. And, yes, we'll get to see both grandkids at Christmas.  We can't wait!

December 5, 2017

Hello Autumn,

I just wanted to let you know that our chairs arrived safe and sound yesterday.  We just love them!
Thanks so much.  We'll always treasure them!

N.K & M.K..
Riverside, Illinois

November 30, 2017

Thanks so much Gary.  I've also been traveling, and just got the chance to see the rocker earlier this week.  I couldn't be happier with it.  The quality, craftsmanship, and downright beauty of the chair is wonderful.  Thanks for all you do.

Southern Pines, North Carolina

November 29, 2017


Congratulations . . . indeed the best of times!!
The barstools are a big hit — the guests love them as well as Brenda and I . . . extremely comfortable.  Looking forward to rocking outdoors in the future.

Cypress, Texas

November 21, 2017

Gary — thanks for your note.  The contest was fun, regardless of the outcome, and we continue to love using your rockers  (although we don't use them nearly so much during the period from December through April or so, when it's pretty chilly out on our porch!).

Garrison, New York

November 19, 2017

This arrived in perfect condition.  And it's just beautiful!  I really like the woodgrain and color.  I will take a day or two to decide if I'm shipping the walnut rocker back, that we spoke about.  They are both so comfortable that I hate giving one up!

For some weird reason, as I got into my older years, I gravitate toward handmade wood objects. Furniture.  Small carvings.  Netsuke.
I just can't seem to get enough. It might just be the "collector" in me  (which is an insidious disease, by the way — says the man with 200 small carvings!!).

I think it's an inner desire to, somehow, stay connected to the planet and Mother Nature.
Not that I'm one of those "mystical" folks. I think of them more as sculptures and works of art.
Maybe I'm making amends to myself for never having taken the time to develop a craft.  Your woodworking skills must give you a great deal of personal joy.

I just read a book called "Why We Make Things and Why It Matters" by Peter Korn, in an effort to understand this fascination of mine.

I will say this — and I know you've heard it before — nobody builds a more-comfortable rocker than you do.
One of the few I've sat in that I do not immediately think "Gee . . . I need a cushion or two."
Your rocker reminds me of the hugs my mother used to give me as a child when I sat in her lap   being rocked to sleep or comforted after some small malady.
That's the best way I can describe it.  It's like being hugged while sitting in Mama's lap.

I'm 64 years young, and she's been long-gone since I was 12  (I was a very late child, and a bit of a surprise — they almost named me "Boo!").  :-)
Next to a very nice antique radio I bought on eBay, this is the only furniture I really care about.

Good job!
Once again — thanks for the discount.

Hyattsville, Maryland

November 17, 2017

Just got delivery.  It's beautiful!

Durango, Colorado

November 9, 2017

Yes, the chair arrived in perfect order.  I am one happy rocker.  Congratulations on your superb craftsmanship.


November 8, 2017

Thanks so much for sending the winning photos — they are wonderful!  My incredible curly maple chair is one of my favorite possessions and I appreciate your artistry every single day.  Rocking in it is like floating in the sky.

Fairfield, Iowa

November 6, 2017

Dear Gary,

Your new little grandperson will be blessed indeed, to have the kind of family that understands what is really important, is grateful for their share of it, and eager to pass it along.

I was reminded the other day about Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs.  What you do surely qualifies as an exercise in Self-transcendence, and I hope it never fails to be fulfilling.

I am an audio archivist at the Interlochen Center for the Arts, and as I type this I'm listening to the haunting voice of a cello in the hands of a very young and very talented performer.  Please know that you also have the gift to make wood sing.

May the birthing go easy and bring you all great joy!

With appreciation and admiration,
Traverse City, Michigan

November 6, 2017

Dear Gary,

Congratulations on the 3000th rocker and birth of your daughter's first child.  Seattle is a wonderful city, and enjoy Thanksgiving there!

Thank you for your personal note, and know that Saza and I continue to rock away and enjoy life in our Weeks treasures.

All best,
Wimberley, Texas

November 6, 2017

Dear Gary,

Thanks so much for this personalized update!
We are so happy for you that your 25th anniversary celebration resulted in 81 new orders!
Additionally, we are thrilled that you and Leslie are able to be with your daughter and her husband as y'all await the birth of your newest grandchild!

Here in Northern AZ, we continue to value our long-distance relationship with you and your extended family by using and appreciating your fine furniture on a daily basis.

Thanks for being there, Gary!

All the best to you and yours,
M.E.H. & K.S.
Prescott, Arizona

November 4, 2017

Thanks Gary,
I received the footstool in perfect condition and it is a beauty.  Such a wonderful addition to my rocking chair and side-table and when I am not using it my grandkids make it a perfect perch to listen in to the grown-ups.  Couldn't be happier with this comfortable set.

Warm regards,
San Jose, California

October 30, 2017

The photos are great — Love the dad with triplets photo!
We feel very blessed to have you guys close by in and to have the opportunity to buy such beautiful handmade furniture from you.  When we visited, it was my first chance to meet Gary.  I felt like I was meeting a humble rock star, it was the greatest thing ever.
Can't wait to see our rockers when they're ready and gift them to our kids.

M.A.B. & R.B.
Driftwood, Texas

October 27, 2017

This is awesome!  Great choices.  You folks are a fabulous company and I'm happy to recommend you in the future.

Boca Raton, Florida

October 26, 2017

Our thanks to you and your people, now that we have lived with the table & chairs for a while we appreciate not only the beauty but the livability, and how well they fit our home and lifestyle.

Winfield, Illinois

October 25, 2017

Hi Gary, The rocker arrived in perfect condition.  The delivery guy was friendly and helpful.  I love the chair.  It is a great place to sit and beautiful to look at.

Moses Lake, Washington

October 24, 2017


They arrived in perfect shape and now we have cleaned our office/library and they are at the small desk you made for me for the same room.  They look great.  I'm looking forward to them using them also around the dining table this Thanksgiving when we will need more that the current 8 chairs.  I'm very happy that we have had that table from essentially the time my two boys were born and knowing that it will follow with one of them some day.

La Canada, California

October 22, 2017

Hello Gary Weeks and Company,

We want to again thank you for the fine chair and rocker that you sent us.  The desk chair is working great for my work and the rocker is working great for resting. It will come inside soon for the winter, but today it is lovely outside.

Again, Many Thanks and Best regards,

C.S. & A.S.
Nambe, New Mexico

October 20, 2017

Received our table and chairs today, and just wanted to say thanks, they are everything we wanted and look wonderful in our home.

Again many thanks

Winfield, Illinois

October 20, 2017

I wanted to let you guys know the rocker and stool arrived yesterday.  The box had some dents but the chair and stool are perfect.  Good packing!  The driver was polite and helpful.  Couldn't ask for more.

Moses Lake, Washington

October 10, 2017

I received the footstool today, beautiful!  Thank you!

San Jose, California

October 2, 2017

Our mesquite chair is exquisite.  Strangely, it matches our pecan table extremely well.  We put the pecan table between the pecan and mesquite rockers.  What a lovely grouping this is!  Thank you Autumn for your help on Saturday, and as always it is a pleasure to see you, Gary.  We are so very happy with our treasures.

San Antonio, Texas

October 2, 2017

Dear Gary,

Among my values are, "A thing should always be what it's supposed to be" and "Make it a great example of what it is."  In the case of this beautiful Weeks Rocker in mesquite wood, you have done it all.

It's supposed to be the world's best rocker and, after a day with it, I'm convinced it is.  That it's the best example of a rocker I've ever seen was immediately self-evident.

To this, however, you added the one element that makes it both timeless and priceless to me.  You added your personal commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and art.  I look at this chair and say to myself, "There's no government on earth that could have done this.  Work like this can only be done by individual people who love what they do and are proud of it."

I'm sending along two pictures to illustrate that your customers notice and care about the same details that you care about.  You've taken mesquite, hardly known for its symmetry, and added the time and care to create symmetry and a flawless finish from it.  This is what transforms it from wood to art and I salute you for embracing the difference.

Only problem is . . . now I want one of everything!

My sincere congratulations to all.

Best regards,
Keswick, Virginia

September 29, 2017

Thanks Gary.  Bar stools look great and the side table is perfectly at home next to my rocker.  Just sent in pictures for the #3000 drawing.  They didn't turn out like I wanted but I'm out of time but maybe lady luck is in my corner.  Have a great weekend!

Houston, Texas

September 29, 2017

Mr. Weeks,

The rocker arrived safe and sound.  As before, it is extremely comfortable and the workmanship is excellent.

York, Pennsylvania

September 28, 2017

Hello Weeks family,

Today is Sept 28 Friday.  My rocker arrived in perfect condition yesterday.  It is beautiful — just a work of art.

Thank you so much,
Jacksonville, Florida

September 18, 2017

Hello Gary  (and company!),

My curly cherry rocker, footstool, and side table arrived a bit earlier and we just finished unpacking everything.  Every piece is in perfect condition  (kudos to your packers!) and — just simply — beautiful.

I've started saving for a dining table and chairs!

I love having such amazing functional, comfortable art — thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cape Coral, Florida

September 11, 2017

We received the chair and it is wonderful.

Redmond, Washington

September 11, 2017


Our rocking chair arrived in perfect condition.  It is amazingly comfortable for people of all sizes.  I was studying it a bit and noticed that there are no straight pieces anywhere — everything is contoured, curved or rounded, which speaks to the amount of time you must spend shaping wood before assembly.  And everyone comments on how soft to the touch the finish is.  I was also surprised at how little it weighs, considering it is not a small chair. It looks heavy — but it's not. Cool!

We wish you all the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have made someone happy. We love it already — thanks!

Pasadena, California

September 7, 2017


We are already loving them!  We are using the two in the temporary apartment, and the other two are safely boxed and awaiting the completion of the new home.  I will be sure to send you some pictures once they find their new home near the dining room chairs.  We so appreciate the fine work you do and will be proud to have them in our new place.  Our door is always open as well!

Austin, Texas

September 7, 2017

Hello Gary,

I just landed in NYC from London to your kind note.  Thank you.  Luke and I enjoyed meeting you and Leslie and our time together with Austin.  I wish you could have met my older son Zach who toured the workshop at the start of the process.  As a new college freshman pursuing engineering management, he was inspired by the intersection of form and function as well as the aspect of a family business all present in your company.  Luke has often mentioned the machines he saw which is notable as he is a deep thinker who has an economy with words.

I am thrilled with the chair and it is truly worthy of the occasion which I failed to mention — my 26th wedding anniversary.  I have included three pictures below.  Austin has a gift for selecting and bringing out the figure and grain and I found the chair to be as comfortable as it is beautiful.  It is a fine compliment to my historic desk and a great conversation piece for our new home.  I could not be more pleased and it is especially meaningful that this comes from a family in our town.  Thanks one and all for all they did to make this heirloom a welcome addition to our family.

I'd like to have you all over in person to our home in the near future.  I'll reach out and propose some dates in the very near future.  Until such time, all the best from us all to you all.

PS – please feel to post these photos per your newsletter in the "Patron Photo" section and enter us in the drawing. It was a pleasure to read of your company and milestone.  Keep the letters coming.  Again, thanks!

Miles Christi sum,
Wimberley, Texas

August 16, 2017

Hi Gary

I was away for work and a friend was at the house Monday to sign.  So I saw them last night and I love them.  They are truly a work of art.

Thank you!

Seattle, Washington

August 14, 2017

They are gracing our dining room kitchen bar counter as we speak!  Beautiful.  Thank you!

Morgantown, West Virginia

August 3, 2017

Oh man!, they are perfect!  You know how you see something and it brings you peace???  This is perfection for me — I know that Lou's children will be very thankful.

Thank you, sincerely

Dallas, Texas

July 25, 2017

Hi Gary –

I've had my set of chairs for a few months now, and I've been meaning to get back to you, and this is as good a time as any.

The chairs are fabulous.  The design, construction and finish are flawless.  They are just what I was looking for.  I only have a few friends who can tell a good chair from a bad chair, but the ones who can have picked them out right away.  I'm proud to have them at our table.

We've had a bunch of dinners with friends and family around our big table since we got the chairs.  Good company, good food and good conversation are the centerpiece of our home, and sitting in your chairs while I watch a pleasant evening unfold has made many evenings even more pleasant.

You do good work.  Thank you.

Corvallis, Oregon

July 24, 2017

When we found out Ramona was pregnant in 2005, I went on a hunt for the perfect rocking chair.  I found Gary Weeks and Company Furnituremakers.

They made the audacious claim that if it wasn't the most comfortable chair you had ever sat in, send it back, they'd pay shipping both ways.

When the crate finally arrived, it, the crate, was built better than most furniture I've ever seen.  The chair itself is beyond compare.  It's elegant, and solid.  It rocks beautifully. And I spent many a night rocking my daughter to sleep in it.

And yes, it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.  And it's one of the most beautiful things I own.  It will be in the family for generations.

Hailey, ID

July 22, 2017

Thanks for the response.  You are head of a genuinely wonderful center of quality and craftsmanship.

Everett, Washington

July 21, 2017

I DID get the chair on Wednesday.  It arrived in perfect shape.  It's beautiful and I am enjoying rocking. The felt strips on the rockers were unexpected and are a very nice touch.

You asked me earlier where I heard about the Weeks rocker.  I have vague memories of having seen it in the Whole Earth Catalog.  Whether my memory is correct or not, that probably gives you a good idea of my age.

Thanks again for the beautiful chair and for your excellent service.

Best wishes,
Enterprise, Oregon

July 20, 2017

My wife Judy's perfect comment:  "I love Gary Weeks!"

Enough said!  For now.

Everything went smoothly with the delivery, by the way.

C. N. & J.S.
Wellesley, Maine

July 19, 2017

Hi, Gary,

The rocking chair was delivered this morning in perfect condition.  It is beautiful.  Thank you so much.

R. L.
Rancho Santa, California

June 29, 2017

Dear Gary,

The chair is absolutely gorgeous piece of art work.  I am more than happy with the finished chair.

I decided to give it to my husband early for his birthday instead of trying to hide it.  Besides he may have gotten a few too many laughs for getting a rocking chair on his 70th Birthday. At any rate he does love it and it looks very nice in our living room.  I especially like that the rockers are lined with protective strip so it doesn't mar the hardwood floors.

It was a pleasure working with you, thanks again.

A. N.
Ellicottville, New York

June 27, 2017

I texted you when we arrived home with our beautiful treasure, which arrived without movement or a scratch.  (I don't know if you received the text.)  We have sent pictures to many persons; however, the pictures don't at all do justice to your beautiful work.  I am so thankful you took the time to secure it in our very dirty truck and that we didn't wait to bring it home.  It is such a beautiful compliment to the other chair and our beautiful new table.  We admire your work and dedication to the art you produce.
Thank you so much . . . it is always a pleasure visiting with you.
a Gary Weeks rocker and Harris footstool
a Gary Weeks rocker and Harris footstool in customer's home

P. R.
San Antonio, Texas

June 26, 2017


Finally!  Received rocker this morning, it's gorgeous.  Thanks.

R. K.
Lafayette, Indiana

June 26, 2017

Dear Gary,

Just received pictures of the rocker from K. and M., and we could not be more delighted.  It is simply beautiful.  Something we will treasure.

Again thank you so much for your kind consideration.

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon.

All the best,
Havertown, Pennsylvania

June 19, 2017

It would be hard to explain the excitement and the look on her face.  She meet us at the truck.  We then took turns sitting in it for quite a while.  We rubbed it, felt it, and sat in it some more.  On Sunday we had 20 to 25 folks over for a family Father's Day get together.  My wife brought it out and showed it off.  As you would expect, everybody loved it.  We are already thinking on when to get the matching one.  Thank you so much for doing what you do and doing it the way you do.  And, meeting you and your wife was the best!  You guys are exactly who your website says you are, just absolutely wonderful!

B. S.
Foreman, Arkansas

June 17, 2017


The chair and stool got here in perfect shape.  And the chair sits wonderfully!  Thank you so much for your crafsmanship and dedication to excellence.  America needs more of you.  I will happily recommend you to any and all.  Please pass along to your son and other employees my thanks.

I do hope we can meet some day.

My very best,
J. B.
Cornelia, Georgia

June 9, 2017

It is here.  We like it very much.  I look forward to my two girls, who are now 5 & 7, enjoying it with their families one day.  (They already like sitting in it quite a bit.)
Thank you -— we continue to be glad to support people who work with their hands to make enduring things in a responsible way.

R. O.
Allentown, Pennsylvania

June 5, 2017

Hi Gary,

It was so, so nice to get your message!  And now, I've taken too long to reply.  But I have to tell you:  That day was so wonderful.  I loved every minute I spent at your place, and everything we did was a fun surprise.  You made me feel so special.

I'll admit that I've looked at your site a few times since then, wondering if future customers have seen that video.  My hope is that any who might one day view it will know that my words were heartfelt, and the crack in my voice was genuine, and I hope that outshines any nervousness on my part.  Please let me know when the new company has reworked the site so I can take a peek.

And you are so right that our grandbaby is no longer a baby.  J. is 19+ months.  C.and P. and J. love their rocker.  In fact, when I told C. about your e-mail, she said J. loves it so much, she's tried to knock a hole in the wall, to no avail.  The chair is still perfect, even with her abuse and their move last year to Houston (Richmond, actually).  We'll be out there several times this year — J. is going to be a big sister at the end of August, beginning of September  (gender unknown until delivery).  I look forward to visiting Wimberley again, and bringing the rest of the family.

I've attached a few pictures.  Dad P. sent me one earlier this year.  C. sent some others after your e-mail came and said J. wasn't in a "posing" mood, but I think she was.  Use them if you'd like.
child in a Gary Weeks rocker
child in a Gary Weeks rocker
child in a Gary Weeks rocker
child in a Gary Weeks rocker

L. C.
Duluth, Georgia

June 2, 2017

I received my rocker April 2002, after the birth of my son.  What a gift to rock that sweet baby.
I wanted y'all to see this rocker was one of the only pieces of furniture that survived our house fire on May 16th.  I am so grateful to still have this and to pass it down someday to rock a grand baby.

J. B.

Mr. Weeks,

. . . It was ordered under J. B. in Richardson, Tx.  Probably March of 2002.
I had been watching your lead time and when I finally ordered the chair, the lead time had been extended.  I called you office, nearly in tears and a sweet lady assured me I would have my rocker in time to rock my baby.  And I did!
A side note, my family owns Kent Mill & Supply in Waco an architectural millwork company.  When my brother came up to see his new nephew, he took one look at the rocking chair and said, "is that a Weeks Rocker?!"  He then laid it on its back to verify.
Y'all are well respected among your peers.
Thank you for blessing us.  Keep up the fantastic craftsmanship.

a genuine signed Gary Weeks rocker


June 1, 2017

Hi Gary,

I'm loving my beautiful rocking chair.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  And, well, Ali loves it too.  (see photo)
cat in a Gary Weeks rocker at customer's home

Hope you are well!
Boerne, Texas

May 31, 2017

The table looks great in the space.  I am so pleased with the outcome.  Nice to have you as a neighbor. Thanks for everything.

Sunset Valley, Texas

May 31, 2017


I apologize for not writing sooner — it has been a bit of a whirlwind since we picked it up on Saturday.  We only opened it last night.  We thought we would try not to but we just couldn't resist taking it out of the crate.  It is exquisite . . . I love how the grains match so beautifully. It is truly a work of art.

Of course, we could not resist sitting in it if only briefly and oh my, it is so comfortable.  It holds the body just so . . . as if it were made to measure for each one who sits in it.  No doubt our family will spend long hours daydreaming in that perfect chair.  Indeed, I write stories for my grandchildren and I can already feel one coming on about the magic rocker that will take you anywhere your imagination can go; the magic rocker that fits every body just so.  Imagine the adventures that will be had for generations in that perfect chair!

We haven't given the gift yet as we will present it to them on their wedding which is June 21, 2017. Honestly, we are tempted to keep it so it is a good thing the initials are on the chair as we can't hide the fact that it is actually for F.!!  We do know that they will love it as much as we do and that it will become a family heirloom.

Oh and I should add that I did not end up having to pay duty.  The very kind Canadian Border Officer asked me what was in the crate and I told her the truth.  The perfect rocker, hand made in Texas and a wedding gift.  She smiled and said have a nice day and a beautiful wedding.  So despite a moment of confusion your perfect rocker is already creating good relations!

Many, many thanks
B. & family
Vancouver, British Columbia

May 21, 2017

Dear Gary,

We have enjoyed your chairs for a few years now and have not found any others that come close for beauty and comfort.  We now have another home in Hawaii  (Honolulu) and are interested in purchasing about 8 chairs for our home there.  Same type of chairs we ordered previously:  2 arm chairs, 4 side chairs . . .

G. L.
San Francisco, CA

May 19, 2017

It just got here and it is gorgeous!  I can't wait to use it — thank you!
Gary Weeks rocker at customer's home

Del Mar, California

May 5, 2017

Gary, everything arrived Tuesday in flawless condition.  The leaf case is beautiful as is the furniture.  I am very pleased.  Thank you for your wonderful work.

J. M.-M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

May 3, 2017

Dear Gary,

It was so nice to hear from you.  We couldn't be happier with our rocker!
Everyone who comes over has to sit in it, and now no one wants to leave!!

Thank you,
D. and A. B.
Plano, Texas

May 1, 2017

Hi Gary,

Beautiful!  We're very happy with the table.  It matches the chairs perfectly and looks so nice in our dining room.  I've attached a couple of snapshots.
Gary Weeks walnut table at customer's home
Gary Weeks walnut table detail

All the best,
S. W.
Chatham, New Jersey

April 30, 2017


The newly arrived Otwell side table is now along side my Weeks Rocker and Harris Stool — three well used, exquisite pieces of furniture that I will cherish forever!

C. F.
Abbeville, South Carolina

April 20, 2017

Good Morning Austin,

My walnut rocker arrived in Sisters, Oregon yesterday in perfect condition.

When I ordered this rocker, I told you that I had a very bad lower back and there was a good possibility that the chair wouldn't work for me.  You said that it wasn't a problem and that if the chair wasn't comfortable, I could send it back for a refund.

My purpose in writing you today is to tell you that this chair is NEVER going to be returned.  My wife was the first to sit in it.  She sat down and said, "Oh My God, this is so comfortable."  When I sat in it, I had the same thought.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon sitting in the chair marveling at how good it felt.  The chair is beautiful.  The chair is comfortable.  What more could I ask for?

Thank you for making this chair for me.

D. S.
Sisters, Oregon

April 14, 2017

Thanks so much, Gary.  I love the workmanship that goes into your rocking chairs.  And I'm so happy that I came by and chose such a special rocker.  I will rock along for years to come.  God has plenty of work for me!  I'll keep on keeping on . . .

Until next time!
K. M.
Boerne, Texas

April 13, 2017

Hello Gary Weeks and Company!

I purchased one of your rocking chairs back in 1998 right before the birth of our first child.  In fact, it's rocker #341.  I am so proud of my chair and LOVE sitting in it!  In fact, it's in our bedroom, so I look at it every day!!  When we have guests visit, I make sure they sit in it and you know what they always say? Well, you guys know!  "It's so incredibly comfortable!!!"  So, you know we are huge fans of your work!

. . . And Gary, I called you about a year ago, looking for a Texas woodworker who made wooden urns — not sure if you remember me.  You gave me a number that lead me here and there, but we eventually finally found someone in the Austin area.  He handmade us a beautiful urn for my father-in-law's ashes.
It sits on a shelf in our living room and it is such a beautiful and special piece.  So, thanks for helping us find someone!

K. L.
Magnolia, Texas

April 11, 2017

I just wanted to send you an extra email to tell you how much I enjoy the table and chairs.  When I sit in them, the word that comes to mind is "hugQuot;.  I just feel cradled in these chairs.  I have a very large friend and she loved her chair as well, the one WITH the arms!  Will said completely out of the blue as we were sitting one day, "This is a FANTASTIC table" as he smoothed his hand over it.  And I love telling the story about how I found you again after so many years!

Just wanted you to know  :-)  Feel free to use whatever you want in what I say as a testimonial.

All the best in the meantime,
M. M.
Austin, Texas

April 11, 2017

Thanks, Gary.  I am very happy with the chair and the friends who have seen it like it also.

V. D.
Baltimore, Maryland

April 8, 2017

Hello Gary, indeed, both chairs were delivered in perfect condition.  Moreover, I am VERY pleased.  I haven't been this comfortable sitting for as long as I can remember.

I have since shared links to your website with friends who I think might be interested.

Thank you so much Gary Weeks and Company!

C. S.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 7, 2017

Hi Gary,

The rocking chair arrived today, in perfect condition.  It is beautiful.  Thank you.

B. T.
Fairfax, California

April 7, 2017

Gary, The chair is indeed here.  I have gone from a couch potato to a rocking chair tomato.  Not only is it more comfortable than I expected  (and I expected a lot considering your guarantee) but it is even more beautiful than its picture.  Sometimes I have to decide whether to sit in it or look at it.

J. H.
Sulligent, Alabama

April 7, 2017

It arrived and is beautiful!
Gary Weeks rocker at customer's home

V. McD.
North Granby, Connecticut

March 20, 2017

Thank you for opening up your shop and showroom to us last Friday the 24th.  We very much appreciated seeing the process of your fine furniture making.  My brothers and I get together once a year and visit a workshop of a master craftsman.  You could call us wood enthusiasts and avid woodworkers and have an appreciation for skills such as yours.

Last year we visited the legendary Sam Malouf's' showroom and shop in California.  Mr. Malouf's work sets the gold standard for beauty and honoring the wood.  The Gary Weeks furniture is equally spectacular.  There are a few dramatic differences though.  The Malouf rocker has graceful, fluid joints with a lounge–like sloping back but joints connecting lower legs to rocker were weak and some were cracking from the stresses of use.  The Gary Weeks rocker by contrast had a more substantial joint design at the rocker and leg and was designed to be rocked in.  We saw no evidence of joint stress in the Gary Weeks chairs or rockers.  While the Malouf rockers are masterful works of art, the Gary Weeks rockers are masterpieces meant for everyday use and enjoyment.

Thank you, it was an honor to meet you and see your work.

M. R.
Ridgeland, Mississippi

March 17, 2017

Hi Gary,

I returned home last night from my trip and found a most luminous work of art shining in my library.  In the low light of my library the chair glowed.  It is incredibly beautiful wood and the matching of grains is stunning.  Many thanks for this beautiful work of art.  You are an artist of the highest order.

E. B
Tehachapi, California

March 17, 2017

Yes, I received the chair and in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful work of art!

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

February 28, 2017


Hello . . . And thank you.  It's been good to work with you as well.  I appreciate your understanding on the quantity adjustments as needs changed.  I'm just thinking how to sum up what can be said about the rockers . . . they're just wonderful.  You and yours are obviously very skilled at what you do.  What a great way to honor W.'s retirees.

Wishing you a fine spring!

G. S.
Geneseo, Illinois

February 27, 2017


Yes, the stool arrived on Friday.  It is fantastic.  The weather cooled off here in Denver last week so the timing was perfect.  I also had my family in town; so, everyone enjoyed sitting on the stool by the fire. Someone commented that the finish on the wood was so soft it felt like silk.

I am already planning my next order and am looking forward to adding many more GW&Co. pieces to my house.

C. A.
Castle Pines, Colorado

February 26, 2017

Hey Gary,

You were on my list to email today, and you got me first.  We LOVE the chairs, they are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.  Thank You so much!!

B. & K.
Driftwood, Texas

February 26, 2017

Thank you so much!  I had the pleasure of experiencing one of your rockers a couple of years ago at the Big Cedar lodge at Branson, Mo.  I have wanted one ever since.  I am so excited!


B. G.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

February 21, 2017

. . . The quality you offer at this price point is compelling in my view.

A. M.
Santa Monica, California

February 14, 2017


Thanks so much for the note.  We are loving the chair.  It's so comfortable.
The wood pattern is so beautiful, it is truly a work of art.
Attached are the pictures we took.
customer picking up a Gary Weeks rocker

Take care.

T. R.
Katy, Texas

February 14, 2017


My purchase of your rocking chair and matching stool has given me great pleasure.  My sister and her husband were very impressed by the chair when they visited me recently.  I thought of giving them their stool and checked with them to be sure they would like to have one and they were very happy about that.

Thank you.
B. B.
Boston, Massachusetts

February 12, 2017

Folks —

8+ years later, my walnut rocker is going strong and more beautiful than ever.  One question: should I be treating it regularly with something?  I know your website mentions the use of lemon oil.  Just want to be sure I am not neglecting my care responsibilities for such a treasured item.

Best regards,
J. H.
Dover, Massachusetts

February 12, 2017

Hey Gary —

They delivered the chairs Thursday evening.  They are perfect.  My wife is as happy as I am, which matters a lot.  They arrived in flawless shape.

If I were to scratch one at some point I'm wondering how to mend that.  Does that info exist on your web site?  I assume sand it smooth and put some sort of oil on it?

Thanks again — we love your work.


February 5, 2017

Hi Gary,

The chair and the rocker are amazing.  We look forward to enjoying them for many years to come. Thanks.

H. P.
Whitefish Bay, WI

February 5, 2017


It did arrive and it is beautiful and wonderful!  We love it so far.
Can't wait to rock our baby in it.
Thank you!

Glendale, Illinois

January 27, 2017


B.'s son and I opened the carton and bubble wrap today just enough to see the inlay.  Even though we had your photo, we couldn't wait any longer to see the real thing.  Just wanted to tell you how much we like what we saw!  So glad to have the opportunity to do this extra customization to make an awesome chair even more meaningful for A., B. and S..  Thanks, much.

G. S.
Geneseo, IL

January 25, 2017


I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the new year.  As promised, attached are photos of my grandchildren and me in the rocking chair.  During the first weekend we had the rocking chair, I think my granddaughter spent more time in it than I did!

Everyone who has visited our home and seen the rocking chair thinks it is beautiful and comfortable. When I hosted Bible Study a few weeks ago, all the ladies had to try it out  :-)

I am really enjoying the rocking chair — it fits me well and is very comfortable.  And beautiful!  I really enjoy having it in my home.
customer and granddaughter rocking in Gary Weeks rocker

Thank you again!
D. T.
San Antonio, Texas

January 25, 2017


Thank you for the wonderful and well crafted rocker.  It arrived with no damage and the color and wood is even better than the very nice photos online.
Thank you for your fine craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

C. S.
Gold River, California

January 23, 2017


Attached is a picture of our beautiful bar stools at the kitchen island.  We had company Saturday night and used all four the first day we had them.  Thanks again for the great work y'all do.
Gary Weeks barstools in customer's house

M. L.
Lago Vista, Texas

January 20, 2017

Greetings from El Paso,

Thanks for your message.  Photos of the rocker  (#667  2001) are attached.  It is still in great shape, and one of our favorite things.
Regarding the bar stools, we measured, and a height of 29" would be optimal if you can make that adjustment to our order.
It was great to visit your studio and shop — a real treat!  M. and I very much appreciated Austin's assistance  (and patience) as we foundered about and eventually selected the stools.
Gary Weeks rocking chair #667, 2001

El Paso, Texas

January 17, 2017

The rocking chairs are absolutely beautiful.  Right now, we have them in front of our fireplace here in Fort Worth, but we will retire soon and move them to the bay window at our lake house in Granbury.  We'll rock and watch the ducks play — Nice work, if you can get it!  And yes, we'll do some grandbaby rocking, that's for sure!

Thank you for your artistry!

Ft. Worth, Texas

January 15, 2017


So very sorry for the late response . . .

Of course the minute he sat in the chair, he loved it.  That same evening he fell asleep in it by the fire, so yes, we will be keeping it.  It is a beautiful addition to our retirement home and I'm sure he will enjoy it for many years.

Thank you for your offer to reimburse the shipping.  I haven't even had time to check my credit card, but if you haven't already done so, you can just credit the card.

Wishing you the best in 2017, health, happiness and many blessings.

Thank you,
Fairfield, California

January 3, 2017


Pat LOVES the rocking chair!  We were at the Gumbert's yesterday and saw a well worn chair just like Pat's new one. Just beautiful!  We are very pleased!  Happy New Year!

Austin, TX

January 3, 2017


Thanks for arranging for us pick up the chairs during your vacation.  Will was extremely helpful and very easy to work with.  The pickup could not have gone smoother.

We are very pleased with the chairs and will tell everyone where we got them.

Campbell, TX

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