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Testimonials 2008

December 29, 2008

I have not seen it yet but my kids raved about it.  Thank you for great customer service.  I have already recommended it to several people.

Rolling Hills Estates, California

December 23, 2008


Its all here safe and sound.  It looks like it has been there forever.  The table top is remarkable. The time taken to lay out the boards in a way that balances the figures is obvious, and very much appreciated.  I looked at all of the seats, they are all very nicely matched too.  I'll send some pictures with comments in a few days.  Im amazed at the correspondence between the figures on the seats and human sitting anatomy.

The fellows who delivered the furniture did a really great job getting it in.  They did finally take off the top but only after sizing up the door situation themselves.  It was a 1/2 inch socket and well as you would expect, that was the only one missing from my set.  A quick trip to the hardware store solved that.

Thanks so much
Merry Christmas to you and yours
J. and T.A.
Plattsburgh, New York

December 20, 2008


First, if I were to inform you that the rocker arrived but was a debacle of kindling with really nothing left to return, would you send me a new one with no questions asked?  If that be the case, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Disregard the following.

We received the rocker in excellent shape on the 10th of December.  I placed it in our living room and four days later my beloved discovered it finally!  That is less a comment on her powers of observation and more of a comment that our lives have been a bit hectic.  I now find her sitting in it, rocking, with what I can only describe as a slightly goofy grin on her face.  I believe that she likes it.

I must tell you that it is rare in my experience to find excellent artistic ability combined with superb craftsmanship and we couldn't be more pleased with the rocker, in spite of the fact that it was made with firewood.  Thank you.  It will be an heirloom to be passed on to the next generation.

Happy Holidays.  I look forward to hearing from you.  And if the first paragraph applies, please disregard the rest of this missive.

LaCrosse, Washington

December 17, 2008


Yes, the chair arrived safe & sound.  I was really impressed with the crating.  It is absolutely beautiful, we love it.

Fulshear, Texas

December 16, 2008


My rocking chair came today and I am writing to say how handsome it is.  I had asked Gary to pick out one with as much grain as possible, and the one that I got looked even better than I had hoped for.

Happy holidays for all of you,
Pasadena, California

December 9, 2008

Dear Gary,

The chair is very well made and the customer service was beautiful.  Admirable!

Thank you so much,
Guerneville, California

December 6, 2008

Hello Mr Weeks and Company,

I just wanted to let you know that we got the chair and it's beautiful.

My wife hasn't seen your website, but her comments echo what others have already said:

"It's beautiful"
"A work of art"
"Looks like it belongs in a museum"

She especially made me smile when she sat in the chair and said, "It fits me so nice, is this made for short people?"

It felt great to give this to her from the whole family.  Thanks for your quick, professional, and beautiful work!

Best Regards,
Santa Barbara, California

November 28, 2008

Hi Gary,

I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.  You may recall that when we first spoke I inquired as to how a wooden chair could be comfortable for dining.  You responded by sending me one.  We now own 24 of your chairs.  I wish to report that 15 of them were occupied for our holiday meal.  That's the maximum we can get around our table.  We sat for 4 hours in perfect comfort.  I call that the acid test.

All the best,
Santa Monica, California

November 17, 2008


Our rocking chair arrived yesterday in great shape and we love it.  Your craftsmanship is like a work of art.  We hope to enjoy it for many years and pass it on to our children.

Thank you for your wonderful workmanship and customer service.
Northboro, Massachusetts

November 14, 2008


Thank you again for the wonderful service and amazing product!  I use the rocking chair more than I had imagined!

Be well,
Boulder, Colorado

November 12, 2008


The rocking chair arrived yesterday.  It's beautiful and looks to be in perfect condition after the trip.  J. loves it and took pictures of it in the nursery to send to her sister and mom.  You may or may not know, but there is a new trend for moms-to-be to get a "push" present.  Your rocker has made a fantastic push present.

Thank you and happy holidays to you and your family.

Charlotte, North Carolina

October 31, 2008


Many thanks for your email.  Let me start by quoting my 12 year old son, who said about 2 days after the chair arrived, "you know Dad, this is the first time in my life that I have ever looked at a piece of furniture and thought it was truly beautiful."

The chair arrived in perfect condition and is, as my son noted, truly beautiful.  I have been sitting in it every chance I get (often to the consternation of my family members who would like me to do some other things around the house).  I typically am quite methodical about making purchases, but this was an extreme example.  I contemplated ordering a rocking chair from you for about ten years.  I'm sorry I waited so long, but I'm also at a point when I can truly appreciate the effort that went into making it.  I like it more every time I sit in it.

You make a remarkable finished product, of which you should be very proud.

Best regards,
Dover, Massachusetts

October 30, 2008


I just received my rocking chair and I could not be happier!  The baby is due tomorrow so the timing was perfect.  Thank you for your assistance and for such a lovely chair.

Boulder, Colorado

October 30, 2008


Yes, I'm rocking in it right now and marveling at its comfort.  Actually, we're fighting over it. Good job: craftsmanship, finish, design, service.  Thanks.

Healdsburg, California

October 23, 2008

Dear Gary Weeks,

The chair arrived on Monday and it is spectacular.  The walnut is deep and luminous.

To be honest, I had wondered how a wooden chair could be as comfortable as you and your customers claim.  But it's true!  The chair is comfortable to both me (I'm 5'11") and my husband (He's 5'8").  Even though it's made of wood, it's incredibly soft and supportive.

We are expecting our second child in a couple of weeks, and even at 9 months pregnant I can rock comfortably with our daughter, who's three.  I'm so looking forward to nursing and rocking our baby, too.

You really do make a beautiful chair.

Ventura, California

October 20, 2008

Hi Gary,

We delivered the chair to our Birthday brother, and packaging protected everything.  Is a beautiful chair, very comfortable, and something we would love to have for ourselves some day.

Thanks for making this whole process so pleasant and keeping us informed of options, and the progress.

Please take care,
San Jose, California

October 19, 2008

We love it.  Thank you so much!

Marble Falls, Texas

October 18, 2008

Hello Gary, and everyone else at Weeks & Co.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the rocking chair.  It is as beautiful and comfortable as advertised!  My wife is thrilled, and therefore I am happy  :)

Thank-you so much.
Richmond, British Columbia

October 16, 2008


Thank you so much!  We love the beautiful chair and stool, and look forward to all our future years of happy rocking.  They are so comfortable, good to touch, and elegant from every angle! We will treasure them.  Your website is fantastic and gives a very true impression of the quality of your work, but the furniture itself really is more than we could have hoped for.

E. & P.M.
Providence, Rhode Island

October 14, 2008


The chair is perfect.  My wife loves it.  I plan to ask for one for me once our porch is finished.

Annandale, Virginia

October 14, 2008


The rocking chair is absolutely great!  It is very clear that it was made with a lot of care and attention to detail.  Thank you very much for checking in!

Best regards,
Redondo Beach, California

October 13, 2008

Hi Gary and Company,

The chair is wonderful!  My wife and I are very pleased.  It is an excellent combination of simple beauty, function, and comfort.  Thank you!

PS.  We are already thinking in terms of another rocker eventually and know exactly who to trust for such quality work and service.

W. & E.W.
Gilbert, Arizona

October 11, 2008

Good afternoon Gary,

Our beautiful rocker arrived safely today.  Hats off to you for the incredible attention to detail and workmanship!!!  It's a beautiful and extremely comfortable rocker that we will enjoy for years and pass on to our children.

Flower Mound, Texas

October 10, 2008

Hi  We received our chair today.  I came home early today to be there for the delivery.  The chair arrived in perfect shape and it is now "installed" in a place of honor in our living room.  I was privileged to have the first session of sitting and rocking.  The chair is so comfortable and fits me like it was custom designed just for me.  The only chair I have ever sat in that is comparable was a Sam Maloof rocker at a Smithsonian exhibit a few years ago that was set up so visitors could sit in it.  The workmanship is lovely, each joint perfect and the overall look and feel perfection.  Thanks so much.  I am looking forward to seeing how my wife M. likes sitting in the rocker.  I hope she doesn't like it too much or we will have to order a second one!.

Needham, Massachusetts

Then later . . .

My wife M. loves the chair and thinks it is beautiful.  You have heard it before I am sure but it is such a pleasure to buy something where you can talk to the "manufacturer".  I am sure it is hard work but it must be fun to make something of beauty and practical value with your own hands. I am an aspiring woodworker and have made a few pieces so I appreciate how hard it is.

thanks again,

October 8, 2008

Hi Aubrey,

The rocker arrived safe and sound and its principal user loves it.  Many thanks for all your help.

Riverside, Illinois

October 1, 2008


I hope to get one of these rockers for each of my 7 children when they have kids someday.

Thank you,
Tyler, Texas

September 29, 2008


The rocker arrived on time and in perfect condition.  It's beautiful and made a terrific birthday gift for my partner.  Thanks for the great service you and your crew provided.

We're looking forward to using the chair often when our baby arrives in November.

Boulder, Colorado

September 24, 2008


The furniture was delivered yesterday at 4:00.  The delivery men took care of unwrapping and setting up the table and chairs.  Your work is museum quality.  Each piece is a work of art that I will cherish and proudly pass on to my children.  And, as advertised, the chairs are unbelievably comfortable.

Thank you,
Olivette, Missouri

September 23, 2008

It's gorgeous, and superbly comfortable.  What more could we ask for?

Thanks a bunch
J. & R.S.
Staten Island, New York

September 23, 2008

Howdy.  I phoned Portland Oregon this morning and spoke with the dispatcher.  The delivery was made to my farm around two or three pm today.  Your packing job and shipping were excellent.  The cherry rocking chair purchased as a gift for me is outstanding in every way.  I am most appreciative of this wonderful gift, your wonderful workmanship and communications.  Boy this is a beautiful and comfortable chair of the highest quality.  Lucky, lucky me.

Corvalis, Oregon

September 3, 2008


After reading practically all of your website and my wife none of it, I had to laugh when the first thing she said after sitting in our new cherry rocker was "It fits me perfectly."  We moved it into the completed nursery today; it looks beautiful.  We look forward to rocking even more when the baby arrives in a couple of weeks.

As someone who dabbles in woodworking, the craftsmanship is inspiring.

Fredonia, New York

August 29, 2008


I was thinking how I wished I had asked you to "sign" the chair, date it, and put our names on it. But I turned the chair over and found your hallmark and a number which I guess the guys on Antiques Roadshow in 150 years can trace back to a year of production.  It's okay my name isn't on it the only other heirlooms I have which I doubt will end up on the Roadshow is a huge personal collection of chamber pots.  You know how you get one of something and then it just keeps growing and before you know it, you have a collection?  Even in 150 years the pots will still be pots.  But the chair will be a heirloom.

Thank you I'm getting lots of requests for your website.  My husband doesn't ask, however, he's decided he would rather not know what I spent.  Ignorance is bliss for him.

I think the chair is worth every penny!

Collierville, Tennessee

August 29, 2008


The chair arrived in one piece; my daughter and her husband think it's beautiful!  They're very excited to have it, but, as they only just arrived home with the baby, focus is far more on the rocked than the rocker at this point.  I'll hear more soon, I'm sure.

We most certainly have booked our trip and can hardly wait to rock that little bundle of joy!

Would you like to get comments/feed-back from them?

Thanks for your follow-up and concern.

Lebanon, New Jersey

August 27, 2008

We love them . . . Thank you so much!!

Nashville, Tennesee

August 23, 2008

Dear Gary,

The rocker came on Friday, August 22nd as I had scheduled.  We love it!  It is so beautiful and goes so well with the rest of the nursery furniture.  I will send a picture once my little one is born of us using it.  Thank you again for making sure I got the rocker before I had my baby.

Arlington, Virginia

August 20, 2008

Gary Chair arrived with no problems with the shipping container.  It is truly beautiful a work of art.  So very comfortable I know we will put a lot of rocking miles on it.

Collierville, Tennessee

August 13, 2008

Gary, we really enjoyed our chair this past weekend.  I had a surprise 85th birthday party for my mother and had all my kids and niece and nephew from California.  We all enjoyed taking turns in it . . . and I. especially enjoyed it at 22 months . . . she really turned it into an aerobic activity . . . and it was so safe.  M. had just received hers the day she was to fly to Austin so she hasn't got to have any quality time in it . . . thanks so much for your personal attention . . .

Austin, Texas

August 12, 2008


I certainly am happy with the chair, thank you.

Westborough, Massachusetts

August 10, 2008


I meant to write you last week, when the chair arrived.

Everything was as you had promised.  The furniture was beautiful, arrived on time.  We have just delivered your beautiful hand-made rocking chair to our son and daughter-in-law, who expect their first child on Sept. 16.  They both are pleased and proud to have this wonderful gift.  Thank you for helping make their happiness.

Please accept our gratitude for creating a comfortable and lasting gift for our children.  It was a pleasure to speak with you and to do business with you.  Keep up the good work.  I expect to be calling you again.

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

August 9, 2008

I meant to send you a note

The chair is beautiful, and E. loves it

Thank you,
Boulder, Colorado

August 9, 2008


They love it.  The chair fits nicely with their furnishings and they are amazed at the craftmanship.  THanks so much for working with us on this.  They now have a lifelong piece of furniture that will outlast cribs, carseats, etc. etc. and can be passed down to another generation.

Morganton, North Carolina

August 8, 2008

Dear Gary,

I am happily enjoying my new walnut rocker.  It is not only fine and beautiful, but also extremely comfortable.  My cousin had predicted disaster that I would regret changing from the recliner because of the lack of padding and the inability to lean back with ones feet up.  My old recliner, named Big Blue, has gone to that Great Recliner in the Sky, and I sit like a queen in my chair where I read, knit, and watch television.  I can report that my hips and legs do not hurt any more with the nerve pain that seemed to arise after about two hours.  I think I can safely attribute this to the gentle curve of the rocker back as it supports the spine.

I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed the hour and a half during which we visited on the front porch of your showroom.  You are a true artist and artisan, and I feel honored to enjoy one of your creations.  It is an example of the integrity you build into your work, and that can only come from your own ethic of industry and honesty.  I look forward to visiting you again sometime.

When I was a child, we had rocking chairs.  I grew up with them, and I believe that if everyone in the world had a rocking chair, we would have less violence and trouble.  They are restful to the body and soothing to the soul.

As ever,
Cookeville, Tennessee

August 5, 2008

Dear folks

Our rocking chair was delivered yesterday in perfect condition.  We love it it is very comfortable and the wood grain is beautiful.  Many thanks for the care taken in crafting the chair and assuring its safe delivery.

Best wishes,
E. & L.S.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

July 26, 2008

Dear Gary,

I first saw your furniture advertisement in the New Yorker magazine in 1998.  I marvelled then at the beauty of your designs especially your dining room chairs and tables.  And, I could not believe the claim of a wood chair being comfortable for long periods of conversation or extended reading.  Ten years of wishing for a beautiful dining room table and chairs has now become a reality.  My 6 maple Wilson dining room chairs and Paschall table are not only exquisitely crafted but extraordinarily comfortable for dining, conversation, and reading a reader's favorite chair.

G.F, Ph.D.
Chicago, Illinois

July 23, 2008

Hi Gary,

The chair was just delivered.  There was a mix up and it was put on the schedule for tomorrow. When I called at 4 and was told that, I begged and pleaded and they found a driver to take it.  He even helped me undo the crate.  The chair is beautiful and fits great.  Many many thanks for all your personal help and hard work.  You can picture me healing in the chair.

I really love it my feet touch the floor and the arms are the right place for reading or knitting.

I will sing your praises to all.

Thank you very much for everything.

Boulder, Colorado

A Weeks Rocker in QuebecJuly 22, 2008

Hi Gary,

As promised, here is a picture of your (our) beautiful rocking chair.  We are very pleased with it, it is very comfortable.  The floor squeaks a bit while we are rocking, and the sound is quite soothing!  It is really a nice piece in our living room, and it fits perfectly in the contemporary look of it.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will recommend you to all my friends and family.

Thanks again,
G.B. and D.D.
Saint-Bruno, Quebec, Canada

July 19, 2008

Dear Gary,

The chairs have arrived in fine condition and look beautiful.  It seems that once they left Texas, there was no holding them back.  (Is that a parable of some sort?)

The pads you attached are just the ones I've used for other pieces on this floor, and they will be easy to replace when the time comes.

So, a happy ending at least of chapter one.  These chairs are built for a long history, and this is just the start.

Thanks for your work, trust, and care,
D. and S.
Pittsford, New York

July 18, 2008


Have been travelling this week and just got home to find my 8 months pregnant wife rocking happily in her new chair.  She loves it and I have to say its a beautiful piece of work by you.  My wifes friend came around and commented "do you have a cushion for it" my wife told her it was so soft that you didn't need one and as soon as her friend sat it the chair she got the message.

Have to say the workmanship is outstanding and the chair has a nice modern feel about the look.

Both our mothers are coming to stay after the baby arrives so there may be some fighting over who gets the chair!

Thanks again.
Stamford, Connecticut

July 18, 2008

Finally . . . ITS HERE!!!

D. loves it!  It is even more beautiful than expected, and so, so, so smooth!  It smells so good.

Everything is perfect, the chair and stool make a perfect match, and I think I will have to fight to sit on it!

Thank you so very much for your help and your support throughout the shipping process, it was not that bad after all . . .

Ill send you pictures soon,
Saint-Bruno, Quebec

July 17, 2008

The chairs arrived today before 12:00.
They were perfect!
Thank you so much!

Malibu, California

July 14, 2008

Hey Gary,

I am so delighted to finally be able to send this e-mail.  On Tuesday July 8, S. and I became parents to healthy baby boy.  His name is A.B.  He weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and came out 21.75 inches long.  We brought him home on Friday and I can't tell you how invaluable the rocking chair has already been, not just for photo ops.  I am the master rocker when he gets fussy and that is the number one trick up my sleeve.  I have already spent more hours in that chair these past 3 days than I have in the months leading up to his birth, and I expect to spend many more days & nights rocking him to sleep and eventually reading to him.  It feels great, runs like a dream.  It is everything I was hoping the chair would be when we found you on the internet.  It is important work that you do.  So thank you again for making such a wonderful chair.

Brooklyn, New York

July 9, 2008


I am out of town, so I have not seen the chair, but my wife loves it.

Thanks so much,
Elmwood Park, Illinois

July 8, 2008

Hi Gary,

It was a glorious weekend, and D. was really thrilled with his chair.  The walnut one sits proudly in our great room.  They both are so very beautiful.  Thanks so much for creating such wonderful work.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 3, 2008

The rocker arrived today in perfect condition and we absolutely LOVE it!!!!  We will recommend you (although your rockers obviously are the best recommendation!).

J. & D.L.
Picton, Ontario

July 1, 2008

Yes, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and I love it.  It's like a graceful piece of sculpture that brings the whole room alive.  Just as important, it fits me perfectly.  I'm having hip-replacement surgery in September, after which I have to remain non-weight bearing for eight weeks (because of the particular type of surgery).  Although I'd been coveting the rocker for some time, it was the prospect of spending two months off my feet (or rather off my left foot) that finally prompted me to order it.  My reasoning is that the rocking movement will promote better circulation and help ward off the danger of blood clots.  In conjunction with my physical therapy program, it will also help me maintain strength on the operated side.  I noticed that the arms are well-placed for getting up from the chair.  The clinics in my hospital have rockers in the waiting rooms (not as nice as yours), and I'd noticed how soothing it was to rock when I was feeling nervous or stressed before my appointments.  Now I can have "rocker therapy" at home, too.

Madison, Wisconsin

June 29, 2008

Thanks for making this happen.  They are THRILLED with the chair.

St. Johns, the Virgin Islands

June 28, 2008

Hi Gary,

The rocking chair has arrived and I am amazed at the fine workmanship.  You and your team exemplify what "Made in America" used to look.  The chair is so comfortable.  Wow, very impressive!

The package came through undamaged.  You really know how to protect your products.  If anyone asks me about where to get a quality rocking chair, your name will be the first one (and only one) that comes out of my mouth.  Thanks a million.  It was well worth the wait and the price.  I will enjoy this piece of furniture for many, many years to come.

Durango, Colorado

June 23, 2008


I've been meaning to write to you about the surprise delivery.  The note to call before delivery got covered by a routing sticker, so they just showed up.  Fortunately, I was home and so have been enjoying my gorgeous and incredibly comfortable new rocker earlier than expected.  The shipping process didn't even mark the cardboard, and the chair arrived in perfect condition.

The one downside is that I have significant competition for the seat, from any human who comes near it, but also from my little female cat who insists it's the perfect size and shape for her.  She will, at least, let me sit between her and the chair.

I don't live in a mansion here, but rather in a tiny place that's almost all built by hand, with trim, decking and shelving made from site-milled cedar and fir.  The wonderful description of your design and construction process on your web site helped me understand that your chair would be a perfect fit in my new mini house.  Thank you so much for the marvelous rocker and for the seamless ordering and delivery process.

Port Angeles, Washington

June 18, 2008


The chair is beautiful and was shipped without a single mark on the box.  Thank you so much!

M. and L.
Hillsboro, Oregon

June 10, 2008


The chairs arrived in perfect condition yesterday afternoon.  Many thanks to you and your team for the fine workmanship.

Little Rock, Arkansas

June 6, 2008


I'm sorry you didn't receive my post directly.  I am delighted!  More so!!  The chair is gorgeous, for the eyes, the hands, seat and back!

Port Perry, Ontario

June 4, 2008


Today is June 4, 7:36 A.M.  The chairs and stools did arrive yesterday after several calls and late delivery.  I must say I am not impressed with the delivery folks, but the chairs and stools are beautiful and in perfect shape as best I can determine.  You and your team do a wonderful job on these chairs and I am sure I will enjoy them much.  Thanks!

Hickory, Kentucky

June 1, 2008

thanks a bunch.  i like it very much

Columbus, Mississippi

May 27, 2008

Hi Gary,

As promised, here is a picture of the set in its new home.  D. and I think it is the most beautiful spot on earth, so to find furniture that matches that beauty . . . Well, we are just so very pleased with it.  It is just lovely; even lovelier than the picture.  We hope to enjoy it with our family for many years to come.  Thanks so much for your care in creating such amazing pieces.

Best regards,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 24, 2008

Dear Gary,

The delivery truck driver asked me what was so special about these chairs he delivers so many  (I'm assuming he meant in the Washington, DC area where I live).  So I told him all about them before I'd even unpacked mine.

I want you to know my rocker is everything I told him it was and more.  I've never cried over a piece of furniture before, but I did over this.  (Heck, truth be known, I cried over the website.) Of course it has to do with the beauty and comfort of the chair.  But it's also the fact that it was crafted in West Texas, which is very special to me . . .

Next time I get to West Texas, I hope to come meet you and see your showroom.  Thanks more than I can say.

Washington, DC

May 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the refinishing offer.  I don't think the chair would fit in my car or I would take you up on it.

I have to tell you that chair is the most beautiful work of art I have ever purchased.  The moment I saw it, I knew it would be coming home with me.  You are so incredibly talented.  I paid $1,000 for it at Whit Hanks.  I remember because it was my Christmas bonus check from work.  I knew if I did not buy it, I would regret it.

Thank you so much for the years of enjoyment and the wonderful memories of rocking my baby girls over the years

Austin, Texas

May 22, 2008

Hi Gary,

We received the chair and absolutely love it.  In fact, our baby loves it too!  Excellent craftsmanship truly a work of art.  Thanks again for expediting the order.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Boulder, Colorado

May 21, 2008


Rocker has been delivered.  No damage, it is beautiful, N. will love it.

Thank you!

Spokane, Washington

May 21, 2008

The Gary Weeks Rocker:  Mesquite
Glass is yet to compare to its smoothness.
Exquisite elegance that can go from a log cabin to the White House, from "Maws" porch to the Smithsonian and never be out of place.
Truly an antique in the future that will be a prized treasure.
Beauty that delights the eye and blessed for the body to behold!

The Dining Chair. Walnut
An unmatched masterpiece.  I have never owned nor had the pleasure of dining in a chair with such character.  The lumbar support while eating and the support of the thighs is unparralled in the dining experience.
Buy the Best First and youll never regret it!
Gary Weeks is an artist that quickly becomes a friend~!

Natchez, Mississippi Native
Mannington, West Virginia residence

May 15, 2008

To Gary and Co,

M. and I wanted to write and thank you all.  Our rocker is exactly as you said it would be: beautiful, well built, and a joy to sit in!  It is fast becoming the most sought after place of repose within our walls.  We look forward to seeing new things from you, and to the day when we can acquire more pieces.  Thank you again, and God bless you all.

D. and M.T.
Leander, Texas

May 14, 2008


We did indeed get the chair and it is magnificent.  It's amazingly well-built and solid, but also very comfortable.  I rocked our seven-month-old in it last night when he woke up at 3 he went back to sleep nicely, thank goodness.  And my tall husband also finds the chair comfortable and a good place to sit with the baby.

We're very happy with the chair.  It's obviously the product of exquisite workmanship.  It's a lovely thing to look at and even better to touch.  The satiny feel of the wood under my hands is incredible.

Brooklyn, New York

May 8, 2008


Thank you for your email and concern about arranging delivery of the rocker I ordered.  I received the rocker yesterday.  It is an incredible work of art!  I'm already thinking about ordering another!

Best regards,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

May 6, 2008

The chair arrived.  It is beautiful.

When I ordered it I forgot that people in Texas are larger than those of us who are from a prior generation from the midwest.  I am 5 foot 2".  It would have been perfect if it was a smaller size.

An expensive lesson.
Alameda, California

May 5, 2008

Yes, we had the rocker delivered on Wednesday last week, and it is wonderful.  I've been enjoying it since we've had it, and I make everyone who comes to our house sit in it so they can feel how fantastic it is.  Thanks so much!

Chicago, Illinois

May 5, 2008

Hi Gary,

We got the chair!
We love it!!
The chair came in perfect condition.
Thank you for the care in all of this!

Thank you so much.
Roanoke, Texas

April 28, 2008

Hi Gary.

This is just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of the chair and stool just before 3:00 p.m. today, both undamaged the crate did not have a scratch on it.  I have the chair alongside a window in my den and apparently like some of your other customers fell asleep in it shortly after sitting down but awoke just in time for dinner.  When is a chair more than a chair?  Well, when it's a Gary Weeks Rocker it would seem.  Which is to say that this beautiful work of your hand is a joy to have.  Thank you and your team for your commitment to excellence and the integrity that's reflected in this work.  It will take me a while to begin to absorb everything so more later; in the meantime let the adventure begin.

Many thanks.
Tuscon, Arizona

April 23, 2008


Thank you so much for the chair . . . It is so beautiful.  There was no damage to the crate at all. When it was delivered today I knew I was in for a real treat when I saw how much care and attention to detail went into building the crate alone.  Even the screw holes on the crate were countersunk.  There was more attention to detail in the crate alone than most people put into building their chairs.  The chair is truly a beautiful work of art.  I can't wait to give it to my wife on her birthday.  She is going to be so excited.  The only thing I am not happy about is that it has to stay at my parents house for the next month until her birthday.

True to your word the chair is comfortable for people of all sizes.  My mom is 5'-04" tall and she loves it, my dad is 6'-00" tall and he loves it, and I am 6'-04" and I love it.  Thanks again, you have blessed my family with a chair that will be with us throughout our lives and give us a lifetime of memories and happiness.

Anaheim, California

April 21, 2008


The rocker was a big success at the shower.  My daughter is very happy with it and looking forward to much use with my grandson due in late May (plus future grand kids down the road?).

Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and all the attention given in careful packaging and shipping making sure we got the product in great condition.

My daughter is in the US Foreign Service and moves overseas frequently.  So, we are thinking about keeping the crate for re-use in the next move.

Falls Church, Virginia

April 18, 2008

Hi Gary,

I've received the rocker in perfect shape.  It suits me just fine and my wife will try it out shortly. Thanks for your workmanship, effort, and diligence in providing my family this wonderful rocker.  I've never sat in anything so comfortable.

N. & S.V.
Cupertino, California

April 18, 2008

Dear Gary,

The chair.  It looks, feels and IS wonderful.  Thank you its quite like owning our very own piece of America; and, you can quote me.  The chair is beautifully realized and finished; sitting in it elevates the spirit.

Strangely enough, sitting in it makes one want to get up and DO things.  Thats good.

Well done, and thanks for all your care throughout the process.

Good luck.

New York, New York

April 16, 2008

Gary and Family:

Don't know if I've gotten back to you or not.  I've been on overload to say the least.  The chair is wonderful.  Maybe I told you already, but my boys made fun of me getting a rocker.  Now they sit in it a lot.  Anyway, I like it very much.

Glendale, California

April 15, 2008

It is the most beautiful piece in our nursery, by far and has already been praised as a "family heirloom" . . . I do look forward to rocking my baby come June.

Thank you.
Houston, Texas

April 14, 2008

We got it and love it.

S. and S.B.
Washington, DC

April 7, 2008

I did receive the rocking chair and it is absolutely beautiful!!!  My husband and I have already spent lots of time in the chair and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son.  It was wonderful to receive such a beautifully handmade, COMFORTABLE chair.  Thank you so much for creating such a great piece!

Dallas, Texas

April 3, 2008


Sorry it took me so long to answer.  My rocker arrived on Tuesday the 18th and my Grand Daughter on the 19th!  Thay are both perfect!  The rocker really is as comfortable as you say. I'm so glad I saw your website on the internet.

Thanks again.
Venice, Florida

April 1, 2008

Hi Gary,

We received our rocking chair last week and we love it!  It's also in great condition, no problems.  Thanks again!

New York, New York

March 31, 2008

Hi Gary,

The chair arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!

Thank you so much, it looks great in the room with my "Gary Weeks Rocker", and is very comfortable.

A very happy lady,
Louisville, Kentucky

March 24, 2008

We're a little disappointed.

The next day . . .

We're a little disappointed . . . that we can't purchase a whole houseful of this furniture.  We LOVE the chair.  It is truly a work of art.  My wife is eight months pregnant and is beginning to have lower back pain.  She loves to sit in the chair because she says it makes her back feel better.  We are incredibly happy with the chair.  Thanks so much.

Sorry for the little joke, we figured that since you don't get many complaints this would add a little spice to the workday.

Thanks again and if I win the lottery any time soon, I'll be placing multiple orders.

Birmingham, Alabama

March 24, 2008


I'm sorry I did not let you know sooner that we received the chair and I appreciate your attention through the delivery process (although after seeing the chair, detail is not to be wondered at).  I've had this e-mail percolating in my head since we got the rocker and just haven't had the time to send it.

This will probably be the 1938th letter of its kind, but this being our chair, we are absolutely in love with it.  Upon pulling it out of the crate, I couldn't believe how smooth the finish felt.  It was a different feeling from a varnished piece of furniture where your hand sticks and slides. Here I could feel the wood glide underneath my hand.  Since I am not accustomed to encountering this in furniture (this being my first purchase of quality furniture), it delighted me to no end, and that is where my first impression lay.  As far as the sitting and rocking, it fits like a glove.  It is such a natural feel.

Of course, I only get a few opportunities at it as my wife, S., has taken it over as hers (as I suppose it was intended), and I assume from her long occupations of it, that she is quite pleased with it as well.  S. is a yoga teacher, and now, she does all of her class planning and reading in the rocker, and she also likes to listen to music and read to our unborn son while rocking away, getting him acclimated to the motion.  Finding her there gives me great joy and visions of my wife and baby together and visions of a happy family to come.

Last I just want to say it is a beautiful rocker, and what seems obvious, becomes delightful as I notice the details of the chair.  Upon receiving it, I challenged myself to look at it and discover the whys of it, as far as being a superior piece of furniture.  The fine symmetry of the piece and the off beat notes that pop-up balance the eye and gives cheer to investigation.  I noticed in the legs, the figure of the wood (a term I learned through your explanation on your website) are symmetrical in the front and the back in both direction and placement.  The lines turn and peak at exactly opposite points and I wonder at the challenge of its making.  And peering at the glimmer of the surface, you get the sense of depth that exists beyond what you can touch.  And I get the sense, that like still water, it will become clearer as the years settle upon it.  I am looking forward to appreciating its beauty as time and many rockings make their marks.

All this effort of expression is my attempt to say thank you for making such a lovely rocking chair.  It is exactly what we hoped it would be, an companion to our growing family.

Brooklyn, New York

March 19, 2008


Thank you so much, my wife loves it.  It was a Valentine's day gift for her.  She is 13 weeks pregnant with our first child and looks forward to soothing the kids to sleep.

Thank you again.

Brooklyn, New York

March 19, 2008

Gary:  I received my rocker in good shape and I am enjoying it very much.  You should pay me an advertising fee because I am telling everyone how great it is.  I am kidding, of course, and I hope to order some other things from you in the future.

Thanks again, and best regards.
New Orleans, Louisiana

March 14, 2008


Yes, we received the rocker and absolutely love it!  I am so glad we finally found a rocker that we can treasure and keep in the family.

Highland Park, Illinois

March 12, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you.  We really enjoy the chair and she cant wait to actually use it with child.  It is absolutely beautiful and the engraving is perfect.  Thanks again and well definitely keep you in mind in the future.

Chicago, Illinois

March 12, 2008

Dear Aubrey and Gary:

Wow!  Notwithstanding my discussion with Gary earlier today about the nasty delivery man, we opened up the box and found our rocking chair we could not be more pleased!  It's in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful to the eyes, to the touch . . . and it feels great once we sit down (with our new bundle of joy in our arms).  We're both looking forward to using it a lot for many years to come.  Thank you both.

Gary:  Thanks for being so good to me on the phone this morning.  You were very helpful in listening to me about our less than satisfactory delivery experience.  Your offer to call M. was also much appreciated.  Your company's excellent customer focus is very much a rare thing these days.

For the record, the delivery person called and offered a one-hour window which, as you know, my wife accepted.  The delivery person refused delivery of the chair into our home and in fact said it was company policy to deliver such shipments to the garage.  Our daughter's crying prevented further negotiation on this matter and M.'s crying obviously did not affect his approach.  Even though my wife asked for extra time to inspect the contents of the crate, this apparently was also not possible based, in large part, on the apparent condition of the outside part of the crate (no obvious wear and tear).  I'm guessing a tight delivery schedule was another factor in the delivery man's interest in leaving our address as quickly as possible.

In short, not a great time for my wife and she was quite upset about it.  I would be grateful if you could share this experience with your shipping contact.

But all in all, this has been an excellent experience in dealing with your company we love the chair, and really do appreciate and admire the passion that is so obvious in how you do business.

Thanks again, and we look forward to future dealings with your company.
G. and M.
Mississauga, Ontario

March 11, 2008

It arrived and it is wonderful.

Thank you!
Edwards, Colorado

March 10, 2008


I apologize that I have not yet had a chance to reach out, but needless to say, the chair is beautiful and it was pristine after unpacking.  My one month old fell asleep in my arms in it yesterday.

Thanks again, and all the best.
South Hamilton, Massachussetts

March 10, 2008


The rocking chair arrived in beautiful condition.  The freight company was courteous, helpful, and arrived during the time frame they gave me.  The crate was in great shape and was much lighter than I expected.  The scent from the stain dissipated after about a week.  I have enjoyed rocking in it and have even fallen asleep in it a couple times already.

Thanks again!
N. & S.F.
Anchorage, Alaska

March 10, 2008

Hi Aubrey,

We received the chair today and it is absolutely gorgeous and sure to be a family heirloom for generations to come.  I have to admit that I was hesitant to order a chair over the Internet.  But with all the great reviews and your guarantee I thought it was worth the risk.  I am glad that I decided to take that risk.  The chair is so comfortable and beautiful I am sure I would have a very hard time finding anything comparable locally.  It also mean a lot to my wife and I that the piece is handmade.  Just looking at the chair one can immediately knows the care and craftsmanship put into it.  We feel very privileged to have such a work of art in our house.

Thank you very much,
R. & E.P.
San Diego, California

March 10, 2008

The chair has arrived and it is not only beautiful, but incredibly comfortable.  Thank you so very much for my new chair!

Have a great day,
Acton, Massachussetts

March 4, 2008


I called [the shipper] this morning the chair and footstool arrived this afternoon it's superb may sleep in it tonight . . .


February 29, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that we received our rocker in perfect condition and we love it!  I rocked our daughter to sleep in it tonight So sweet!  My husband commented on the excellent craftsmanship; he thinks well be passing it onto our daughter when she has a little one years from now!  Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

D.F. and Family
Anchorage, Alaska

February 25, 2008

Gary and Company,

A light snow has fallen overnight, dusting the trees and lake ice with powdery white.  When the sun comes up, I'll do what has become one of my favorite things, take a quiet seat in your wonderful rocker and gaze out the window southeast through the woods and over the lake.  The scene is surely serene, but the rocker adds immensely to that serenity.  It envelopes and supports.  It seems as timeless as the scene out the window.  Oh, how I love to sit and look and rock.

My wife and I bought two of your rockers over a year ago.  They were reciprocal gifts, emblems of a turning point in our lives, as our now grown children set out into the world and as we come to terms with our age and our quietude.  Our fondest hope is to rock away together for another 35 years of marriage, and when that is done for our two children to take our rockers and continue on.  The chairs are built for the generations to come.  We use them now.  I smile when I think of who may be using them in 100 years.

Highland, Illinois

February 19, 2008

I am a big fan of artisan work and people who have a love and passion for getting up everyday and doing what they were born to do.  The things they create tend to make a connection between those who made it and those who use it.  They are also all the more beautiful for it as well.  Hopefully we will get the opportunity to travel to Wimberley and stop by the shop when we visit Texas in April.

New York, New York

February 13, 2008


Sorry I haven't written to you sooner.  I saw the beautiful rocker last Friday and had a chance to sit in it.  Comfortable indeed!

. . . I can't tell you what a work of art the chair is.  It will indeed make a wonderful heirloom in years to come.

I will get back to you in the future about the placque to be engraved under the seat of the rocker.

Swanzey, New Hampshire

PS:  The chair was in a container secure enough to be part of Fort Knox.

February 12, 2008

J., her husband and the new baby are all enjoying rocking in the wonderful chair.  Thank you for your beautiful work.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

February 7, 2008


I arrived in DC last Thursday just after the delivery of our beautiful Weeks Rocker.  It arrived in perfect condition and we are all so happy with it.  Thank you again for your wonderful work.

College Station, Texas

February 6, 2008

Two Weeks Rockers made in the mid-90sGary

Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the wonderful chairs you made for us back in the mid 90's.  The rockers both still rock sweetly and look stunning while doing so.  It's great to find a product whose long term performance matches its initial promise.

We wish you, your family and the rest of the crew at Gary Weeks and Company all the best.

With warmest regards,
S. & S.J.
Industry, Texas

February 2, 2008

Hi Mr. Weeks,

I was just in receipt of this wonderful walnut chair and just wanted to let you know that it arrived safely in perfect condition and it is absolutely beautiful, and my wife and I are absolutely delighted with it.
It is phenomenal.
Hopefully we will be doing business in the future.
Thank you so much, sir, for your craftsmanship and vision.

Thank you very much,
Darien, CT

January 30, 2008

LOVE LOVE LOVE the chair!!

Ellicott, MD

January 25, 2008

Hi Aubrey,

Our rocking chair arrived today and we are very, very happy.  It's a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to sit in and a pleasure to touch.  Our first turns trying it out were pretty short, as it was still VERY cold from the truck, but once it warmed up to room temperature we rocked away happily.  The angle of the seat and back is perfect, and the wood and the workmanship are both beautiful.

Thanks very much,

Edmond, Alberta

January 24, 2008

Hi Gary,

I surprised my wife with the rocking chair last night and she is absolutely thrilled.  It is truly a beautiful piece that we will use for years and years.

Thanks very much for the excellent craftsmanship.

Vancouver, BC Canada

January 21, 2008


I gave M. her chair last night and she was moved and awed and extremely appreciative of the beauty and integrity of the piece.  Its already become her chill-out vehicle.  Thanks again,

Austin, TX

January 11, 2008


We received it yesterday and it is beautiful.  I've got a special place in my heart for my own, but M. really likes his.  I won't tell him i got the better one.

Thanks again for the work on it and the attention to detail.  It came out just as we wanted and as one guy here at work commented is "an heirloom" a real keeper.  Please pass along my thanks to the folks there!

New York, NY

January 8, 2008


My chair arrived in perfect condition and has received rave reviews for comfort from all the yard workers that tested it.  A couple are skilled woodworkers and were extremely impressed with your workmanship, especially the seamless joints.

When I get it to the house I'll send you a picture of it in its new home.

Take care,
Artesia, NM

A Weeks Rocker in FranceJanuary 3, 2008

Hi Aubrey

We 've just received the rocker and we're very pleased to have it.  The Rocker has been delivered yesterday in good condition.  It's very beautiful and all the family loves it "felicitation" for your job.

Happy new year to your team

S., L., M., P.
Guitrancourt, France

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