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Testimonials 2007

December 31, 2007

Hi Gary,

She loved it . . . and it arrived in pristine condition!  The rocker also arrived unexpectedly early allowing me to surprise her on Christmas morning.  We are both very pleased with our new rocker and we tried our best to fit in as much rocking time as possible while we where at my parents house over the Christmas Holiday.  My whole family found themselves looking for an opportunity to relax in your beautiful rocker and we soon found it the most inviting place in the house.  I really don’t think that I could have picked out a better gift that celebrates family and the coming of our first new born child.

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship and true customer oriented service!

Farmington, New Mexico

December 29, 2007

Thanks Gary.  The chairs are great.  We got one for my Dad as it was his 60th birthday present and ours because we had our second child — the perfect anniversary gift.  Thank you again for the very nice work.

Chula Vista, California

December 28, 2007


Chair arrived, safe and sound.  Elegant.  Extraordinarily comfortable.  Beautifully made.

Many thanks.
Lake Hill, New York

December 24, 2007

Gary and Aubrey,

I just uncrated the Terrell table and it is simply beautiful.  It arrived in pristine condition.  I am sure my sister-in-law will love it.

Thank you for such a special gift and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


December 20, 2007


Although the package was damaged, the chair is okay.  Well, actually it is perfect!!!  It is exactly what I was looking for, and the new mother is very pleased.  I really appreciate all of your help in tracking the chair and I know that we will enjoy this chair for many years to come.  I hope that you and your family have a very good Christmas . . .

Park City, Utah

December 20, 2007

It is beautiful and my husband loves it.  I had to pry him out so that I could give it a try.

Thanks so much!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

December 19, 2007

Hi to the Weeks family.  I do have one problem with my rocking chair:  my husband won't get out of it.  It looks like it will severely test our ability to share.

It is truly a work of art.  He likes to pet it too.

Nixa, Missouri

December 17, 2007


The rocking chair was received on 12/12/2007.  It is very, very cool; thank you for your fine craftsmanship.  For your notes, the crate was damaged; one of the bottom wooden rails was torn off and the cardboard box was damaged.  The rocking chair made it through but you may want to mention the rough handling to your shipper.  No complaint, just information for your purposes; I know what it's like to run a buisness and you need information to properly manage your logistics.  Thanks again for the rocking chair, it is perfect and will be an extraordinary Christmas present.  Merry Christmas to you and I'm sure we will do business again.

Huntsville, Alabama

December 17, 2007


Yep, just got the call, it’s scheduled to deliver today.  I want to thank you and your family for the great care, craftsmanship and customer support you all show in your work.  Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

I know this will be a very special present which will be with our family for a long time.

Warmest regards,
Chestertown, Maryland

December 17, 2007

Aubrey and Gary –

The Weeks Rocker in Walnut, #1893, arrived today at 2:45pm.  It took 5 minutes to unwrap and 30 minutes to cut up the wood and cardboard to stuff into the trash can.  It arrived in excellent shape and is quite a stunning piece of art.  A great Christmas gift and I'm sure Cassandra will enjoy knitting in her rocker for years to come.

Little Rock, Arkansas

December 12, 2007

Dear Gary

We have enjoyed your/our rocking chair for nearly a year now, and without a doubt, it is the most comfortable rocker in existence!.

The chair has been much admired, but none of our friends have been brave enough to order one, despite my assurances as to how easy it is and what incredible value it is with the present exchange rate.

Anyway, this is just a short note to say thanks again to you and your team.

Happy Christmas!
Birmingham, England

December 7, 2007

Hi Gary:

Thanks buddy, the art work arrived today in perfect shape.  In fact, I'm sitting on your fantastic walnut side chair as I'm writing this.  My ass feel great and Marilyn is able to recognize me by the "J" on the back of your chair, which by the way is tasteful and beautiful.  You ARE da man!

Caspar, California

November 13, 2007


My wife and I love our new rocking chair.  I thank Mr. Weeks for sending a rocking chair sooner than December second.  My wife said that this rocking chair is now considered a family heirloom, and rightfully so, being that it is very well crafted.

My confidence in your company is based on how informative your website is.  Plus your company is confident in your product.  I admire that a lot.  Plus talking on the phone with Mr. Weeks sealed the deal.  I knew I was going to get a great product.  I got more than that.  I have something that will be passed down for generations to come.

Thank you so much for your product.  Have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and a wonderful new year.  I will spread the word of your rocking chairs.

Until then . . .
Columbus, Georgia

November 12, 2007

I have been meaning to write today to let you all know — it has been one of those days in the markets.

We received the crate on Thursday and I was able to unpack it only on Friday (got home late Thursday).  I had a half day off on Friday since I had to babysit my newborn daughter.  So I unpacked it Friday afternoon.

The crate arrived safely, without any damage, and I slid the chair right out just as directed.

What a beauty. It really looks fabulous.  The inlay is just what I had in mind — I really appreciate the work on it.  And the wood and the construction is just solid and really beautiful.

And it was a treat to spend Friday afternoon with the chair unpacked and the ability to sit and rock in it.  My daughter loves it — just to be held and rocked.

And I'd like Gary to know that my wife — who eyed it suspiciously when she first saw it — eventually sat in it and rocked and I think has come around to it (though it might take a couple of weeks for the admission to come out).  I think she appreciated the fact that Italy appeared in front of Tennessee and Kentucky lest anyone wonder who's in charge here.

But we love it — it's a very welcome addition to our home and something that I hope we will have and cherish for many many years.

Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship, the beautiful materials and the attention to service.  It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

I'll get a picture in the mail, and I hope to hear about Gary's Italy trip when he returns.

New York, New York

November 1, 2007


It did take a leap of faith, but when I first talked to you I was reassured!  It also takes a leap of faith for you to make a chair for someone you don't know who may not take care of it.

The chair is beautiful.  I smile each time I see it, sit in it, or rock.  And it fits me, 5'3", and my husband, 6', just as you said it would.  I have had to restrict his use of the chair to be sure it is always available for me.  In fact, I have threatened to install a "rockometer" in order to monitor the number of rocks he has put on the chair.  Do you have a "rockometer"?

I would love a tour of the factory, and I would like to meet you all.

Thank you,
Pine, Arizona

November 1, 2007

We love the chair; it is beautiful and comfortable, just as advertised.

M. & P.H.
Carlsbad, California

October 12, 2007

My chair arrived in perfect condition.  It exceeds all expectations —beautiful in contour and in workmanship — a feast for my eyes and comfort for my back as well as a perfect fit for my bottom!  Many thanks!!!!

Birmingham, Alabama

October 12, 2007


The chair is a winner!  Thanks so much.

Davidsonville, Maryland

October 4, 2007

. . . once again thank you for the rush on the rocker — everyone loves it.

San Francisco, California

September 27, 2007

Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you — we have been out of town.  However, we were here when our chairs arrived promptly and in excellent condition.  They sit even better than I remember and my husband, who was just a tad dubious about what I was doing, declared them to be "really comfortable" about five minutes after they arrived.  And they are just as beautiful as they are comfortable.  It is great that there are still artisans like you out there plying your craft.  We know we will be sitting pretty for years to come.

Brydstown, Tennessee

September 26, 2007


My rocking chair arrived today in perfect condition.  Great job packing.  It's beautiful, better than the picture.  Great craftsmanship.  I'll treasure it.

Portland, Oregon

September 25, 2007

Thank you for the note, Gary!

I have been meaning to write to let you know we received the chair in perfect condition on Tuesday, when my husband was home.  It's a lovely creature!

Many thanks for your work!

Mill Valley, California

September 23, 2007

Hi Gary & Aubrey –

The chair arrived as scheduled on Friday afternoon – it is absolutely beautiful!  My husband really loves it.  BTW, you do a great job with the packaging.  Despite the fact that the carton was fairly beat up & part of the wood frame was broken, the chair was in perfect condition.

Best regards,
Bethesda Maryland

September 23, 2007


We love our new Weeks Rocker.  The rocker arrived on Tuesday, and S. delivered our first child on Wednesday (4 days early).  I joke with her that she held out until the rocker arrived.  The chair looks perfect in our nursery and we look forward to years of pleasure rocking with our baby.

Again, thank you for providing such a perfect chair for our family.
Lodi, California

September 20, 2007

The chair is a work of art.  We are really enjoying the comfort and the back and forth.  It is tremendous therapy for a replacement knee.

Many Thanks!
Denton, Texas

September 19, 2007


The chair arrived in perfect condition and he says it is great for reading in.  We hope that eventually it might turn out to be great for rocking babies in too, but time will tell.

Thank you very much for your extremely attentive service.

Best regards,
Deep River, Ontario, Canada

September 18, 2007

Dear Aubrey, Gary and Staff,

The chair arrived yesterday . . . Oh how beautiful!! . . . and how amazingly comfortable it is!? Wow!

Until my next order, Thank you!  Thank you!

Davenport, Iowa

P.S. — The babies are scheduled to be delivered on Friday!

September 17, 2007

Dear Gary,

Thanks for the message.  My wife and I have been traveling a great deal so I apologize for the slow response.  I was definitely wanting to write you after we had a chance to "sit" with the chair a bit (no pun intended ;-) and give you our thoughts.

In short, we really love it!  Your work is as beautifully crafted and detailed as you communicate over the website and our expectations were not disappointed in any regard.  My wife and I are different in size and honestly when we first pulled it out of the box, it's size and presence was larger than we expected.  I believe we both thought it might be slightly smaller.  As a result, I was worried that I would love it, but L. would potentially feel a bit dwarfed.  However, I am not quite sure how you have done it, but you have managed to craft a chair that is comfortable for someone of my size 6' and 180lbs-ish and also for my wife of 5'-5" and petite weight . . . well done!

We both feel that it is extremely comfortable and has a very well balanced character of sturdiness with graceful and soft transitions in all the appropriate detail points.  We both gain a tremendous amount of joy in just running our hands over the smooth maple arms and it is a real pleasure to "feel" excellent craftsmanship.  One of my favorite details at the moment is the expressed connection at the edge of the armrest where it has been mortised all the way thru for the vertical support.  However, I keep finding more "favorites" as I enjoy studying the subtleties as we go along.

The maple is beautiful and your level of finish is perfect.  We really have no complaints and are thrilled that we now have such a beautiful piece that our children will grow up with and then have one day for their own.  We might just be calling you up again for another one so that both our kids may have one to enjoy down the road!

Regarding the delivery, it turned out to be ok, but we were anticipating it on Tuesday the 11th so I am glad that someone was here to accept the delivery (we live in an apartment).  Luckily, the chair was delivered with no damage so it did not matter in the end that we were not able to review the delivery condition prior to signing.  I appreciate your follow up.

In closing, you are a true master craftsman and we feel blessed to have such a wonderful piece of functional art in our living room to enjoy for many years.  Our thanks to you and your family and staff for the quality, professionalism, communication and follow thru.  Having done this all remotely, you all have made the experience a very smooth and seamless one.

Many thanks.
C and L.H.
Asheville, North Carolina.

September 14, 2007

Thank you so much.  The chair is beautiful and I am glad we decided to go with the cherry.  You are a trueartisan and craftsman and your work is lovely.

Thanks again,
Chesterfield, Missouri

August 28, 2007


The chair is GREAT!  For some reason your email went to my junk email and I did not get it until I was cleaning out my mail.  I am sorry.  I have been living in MY chair and love it.  Thank you so much for your speedy delivery but most of all for the beautifully hand crafted chair.

Best to you and your family,
Salt Lake City, Utah

August 22, 2007


The rocker arrived as scheduled.  The truck came while R. was at the grocery and I was able to hide it before she returned.  We opened the box the next day. We were very pleased with what we removed from the box.  R., our family and I thought the chair was the most beautful and comfortable we had seen.  We have two more grandchildren on the way, we will rock babies for many pleasant hours.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

August 20, 2007

Hi Gary,

Got the curly cherry rocker this morning.  There was no damage and the chair is beautiful. Very nice work and a pleasure to sit in.  Thanks so much for being so dependable and easy to work with.  Hope to do more business someday.  Thanks again for beautiful and comfortable rocker.

Walker, Missouri

August 20, 2007

You bet Gary!  I thank you and salute your artistry

all persuasions — no violence

Bellingham, Washington

August 14, 2007

Thank you — the chair and stool arrived as promised, and is even lovelier than I had remembered.

Missouri City, Texas

August 9, 2007

Dear Gary,

Yes, I meant to e-mail you earlier!  The chair is fine.  I love it.  BAX Global was easy to deal with, and they even specified a range of four hours for delivery, which was helpful.

Just so you're informed, there was a small hole in one side of the box, about large enough for a finger, but it was opposite the back of the chair.  No problem.

It's really soothing to have the beautiful, comfortable chair and stool.

Thank you.
Oakland, California

August 8, 2007


Thanks for writing.  I should have written you by now.

The chairs arrived on schedule and are beautiful as well as extremely comfortable.  They are in our kitchen around a table that L.’s dad refinished 30 years ago and had featured prominently in her childhood.  The chairs work very well with the table esthetically, too.  I suspect we will end up ordering 6 more for the dining room eventually.

The mahogany sample was clearly marked and has been set aside for a rendezvous with our furniture painter.

Best to all, and thanks for the info about Marshall.

Wolfboro, New Hampshire

August 6, 2007


Our chairs arrived on Thursday as planned.  The surprise was perfect — my wife drove in the driveway just as they were being unloaded from the delivery truck.  They're beautiful, and we're very pleased.

Thanks again,
Lafayette, Colorado

August 3, 2007

It's here!

Looks very handsome.  We are happy.  We are even talking about a cherry chair, but I'll have to come back to you on that.

Thanks — it's beautifully crafted and of course comfortable.

D. and D.M.
New York, New York

August 1, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention to you that I get a lot of pleasure from your furniture on a daily basis.

All the best,
Santa Monica, California

August 1, 2007


The rocking chair was delivered this afternoon as scheduled.  Within 10 minutes of unwrapping it, my grandson was asleep in my arms (see attached)!

It’s a lovely chair and is in perfect condition.

Thank you,
Mountain View, California

July 30, 2007


The rocking chair I recently purchased from you has exceeded my expectations.

I purposely waited until I had the chair a couple of months to see if the novelty of the rocker would wear off . . . but it hasn't.  I've always wanted a good rocking chair to sit in to read or chat with others and now I have it.  I never tire of sitting in the chair; it's a great fit for my body and back.  I find myself sliding my fingers up and down the arms, the wood is so smooth and appealing.  And of course, what I've always liked about your chair, every inch of the entire chair is just as smooth as the arms.  I enjoy a good rock, and your chair has given me just that

I wrote at the beginning of my note that the chair has exceeded my expectations.  I'm amazed how well the walnut wood with its natural finish fits in with the light oak that I have throughout the majority of my house.  This chair, like all of the other chairs I've seen that you've crafted, is a work of art, especially with the magnificent grain and the way you've used the grain to bring out the beauty of the chair.  Such a seemingly simple design, yet the chair stands out as a thing of beauty over all the other furniture in our living area.

I see you've delivered approximately 23 more chairs since I acquired #1767 in May.  If these most recent purchasers were looking for a beautiful chair to rock to their heart's content, I'm sure you have 23 more delighted customers.  Come on, West Virginia!!

My thanks to you, Austin, and the rest of your team for your passion for excellence.  I observe it and feel it every day!!

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

July 18, 2007

Hello Gary and Aubrey:

The rocker and table are great.  The color is nice, the wood is well matched, and it's so comfortable that we're finding excuses to sit down.

Only problem was the delivery service.  They did not come in their time window, then came at the end of their second time window.

Can you tell me more about this mahogany?  Is it Honduran?

Thanks again, and thanks for this follow up note.
Palo Alto, California

July 18, 2007

Mr. Weeks,

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition.  The packaging was great.  Thanks for a beautiful rocking chair that I'll pass down to my children.

Alexandria, Virginia

July 16, 2007

Dear Gary,

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful rocker.  It looks wonderful up in the SOU library.

Thank you
Ashland, Oregon

July 11, 2007


The chair is beautiful, she was surprised, and she loves it.  Thanks for helping me make such a memorable birthday for my wife and for providing us with a piece of furniture that will become a family heirloom.

American Falls, Idaho

July 9, 2007

Sorry for not dropping a note to you earlier.

The table is very nice.  It is just what I expected.  You do very nice work.

Fresno, California

July 6, 2007

Hi Gary!

Yes, S. got the rocker on Monday!!  I've been out of town since then, and just got home to the good news.  She LOVES it, as does the grandmother (my sister), the new dad, and everyone else that's rocked in it.  I can't wait to visit and see the new baby as well as the new rocker. Thank you and your team so very much for getting it out so quickly.  The baby had been home only 2 days before it arrived.  And please don't forget to let me know if you ever get any pecan wood.

Thank you again,
San Francisco, California

July 3, 2007

Dear Gary,

I had meant to write a bit sooner, but things have been quite busy.  We have received the rocker, of course, and it is every bit as beautiful and comfortable as the ones in your showroom.  We have already gotten a number of compliments on it, as well as great enjoyment from simply sitting in it and reading in our sun room.  I fear that when our son is born I will no longer get to sit in it much . . . we already fight over it a bit, and I won't have any leverage once nursing starts.  We will be sure to send you pictures.

Princeton, New Jersey

June 29, 2007

Hi Gary:

What a beauty!  All went well with delivery and I am enjoying sitting with a view of my garden in my new cherry rocker.

Thanks very much.
Huntington Beach, California

June 26, 2007

Thanks for the note.  Indeed I am enjoying the chair.  Good spot to watch the Mets and Yankees (nothing against the Rangers or Astros of course).

All the Best,
New Paltz, New York

June 25, 2007

Dear Gary;

Yes, I am truly enjoying your rocking chair.  Its very comfortable as well as beautiful, and with my bad back, I am a happy guy.

Ashfield, Massachusetts

June 23, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that we love the rocker — as does anyone else who sits in it . . . unfortunately, I'm at a stage in my pregnancy where I can't fully enjoy it (I need to lean forward not back), but I'm looking forward to many day and nights of rocking our son.

Thanks to you and your family for the good work you're doing in the world.

Woodstock, New York

June 13, 2007

We LOVE our rocker . . . thanks so much.  It has been a life saver for our new little girl N.

I spoke to Aubrey yesterday — but the rocker arrived Monday with NO problems.

N. and dad in a Gary Weeks RockerYou have all been amazing.

I'll send pictures of N. and her dad in the rocker in a bit.

El Segundo, California

Hi there.  No time to weed these out for just good rocker shots, but thought you would love the ones of my husband D. holding little N. in your masterpiece!  :-)  Feel free to use in your marketing.

All my best wishes and many thanks,

June 13, 2007


Today our son turned 6 months and we've had our beautiful rocker for just one week longer than that.  Upon opening the crate I knew immediately that my wife and I really had our first work of art for our home.  It compliments our nursery perfectly and would compliment the style of any room in our home that we might later choose for it.  Your chair rocks like a champ and certainly served its purpose rocking our son to sleep for those first testing weeks.  One thing I did not expect was for the chair to be so soft and touchable.  I have never before experienced such incredible smoothness in a sanding job; nor have I seen any craftsmanship glow the way this chair does!

Now that your rocker has been officially crowned a family heirloom, I had to send you our sincerest thanks.  Your special care in sizing and cutting our chair back inscription is priceless, and I recommend it to anyone looking to make their chair truly unique.  You really do offer an incredible piece at truly a bargain price.  You should continue to be proud of the work you and your shop turns out.  I look forward to purchasing a dining room set from you in a few years when we are more capable.  Thank you again!

Chicago, Illinois

June 11, 2007


We love the rocker!  The craftsmanship is remarkable; the design inspired.  It is seemingly molded to one's body without a pressure point to be found!  You absolutely do not need a cushion.  We had some friends over last weekend and they loved it as well.  I wouldn't be surprised if you receive some additional orders as a result, but I suspect that's how you get most of your business.

It is reassuring to know that there is still someone out there that understands quality and takes pride in their work.

Reston, Virginia

June 8, 2007

Hi Gary,

We love the rocking chair, and it fits so well in our new home.  The rocker is beautiful, functional, and so comfortable!  At some point this summer, J. will be delivering a desk for our study, and I'll be sure that he has a chance to rock for a few minutes.  Thanks very much!

Morrisville, Vermont

June 8, 2007

Hello Gary,

Thank you very much for following up with us.  I have been meaning to contact you.  The chair is wonderful.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about some of the claims, but it fits me (5'11"), my father (6'5"), and my mother (5'1") perfectly.  The craftsmanship is top notch, the delivery process was great, and the chair looks like it will be a wonderful addition to our lives.  Thank you very much.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

May 28, 2007

Thank you, Gary.  We are very pleased with the rocker and it looks very nice in our nursery. We look forward to many hours of happy rocking when our baby gets here!  It could be any day now.

Houston, Texas

May 22, 2007


The rocker is both an anniversary gift and will become an heirloom for our family.  It is beautiful.

Thank you,
Houston, Texas

May 21, 2007

Hi Gary,

I had to get out of the chair and answer the phone, saw your email come in.  That would be the only reason I would not be in the chair, enjoying it.  Delivery and unboxing went fine.  Let me get back to you with more detailed impressions, but for now, I'll just say I am very, very pleased.  And thanks for your attention to check on the delivery.

Daytona Beach, Florida

May 11, 2007

Hi Gary,

To be honest, I cannot remember if I have emailed you since the chair was delivered . . . So I'm making sure by emailing regardless.

The chair arrived without damage and is magnificent!  S. loved it from the start, and has barely gotten out of it since coming back from the hospital on Tuesday with our baby boy (C.).  It is remarkable how soothing the rocking motion is both for mother and baby, and she has dozed off numerous times with C. cradled comfortably in her arms.

It is a big hit, and was delivered with perfect timing!

Thanks again for all the effort.
Calgary, Alberta

May 11, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that the rocking chair was delivered on Wednesday and my husband and I absolutely love it!  We could not be more thrilled!

Thank you so much for making us (and our soon-to-be-born baby) the beautiful rocking chair!
I know we will use it, cherish it and keep it for years to come!

Chicago, Illinois

May 11, 2007

Hi Gary!

I know that J. and I emailed you a few weeks ago to let you know that the chair arrived and that we love it, but I am writing to you again, b/c I just want you to know how much I LOVE THIS CHAIR!!!!!  I sit in it everyday and it is so comfortable and beautiful!  Thank you so much for such a fine piece of furniture.  It already is the favorite piece of furniture we own!

Thanks again and take care,

Sammamisha, Washington

May 9, 2007

Hello Gary.

We are already enjoying our beautiful chair.  What an example of form and function.  I have never experienced such smooth wood and we are amazed at its velvety touch even on the cross-grain ends.  We are so appreciative of your art and craftsmanship in every detail of this family heirloom.

As an occupational therapist (retired), this chair is not only artful, but should be in every physical rehabilitation center, and, at least in every home.  The vestibular (sometimes called the "sixth" sense) input from rocking forward and backward stimulates this important neurological system, which serves to balance and regulate output of the body's neuro-muscular centers.  Putting it in behavioral terms, last night, I noticed, after rocking for several minutes a lingering feeling of well-being and relaxation.  I felt that I had just arrived back from a brisk walk around the neighborhood or maybe even a massage!  Just running your hands over the soft curves of this chair charges another sensory system — tactile input.  Visual senses are awakened just walking into the living room . . . . . this chair just lures you to sit down!

So far, R. and I have not argued once about who gets to sit in our rocking chair, but we are definitely aware that most likely it will happen one day.  We are thrilled, Gary, with your chair and impressed with your professional services surrounding the shipping, delivery, and customer satisfaction.  We seldom see this kind of craft and art anymore and are so pleased that we have been a part of it.  Thanks to you and to your family for your dedication and vision.  It is poetry.

Minden, Nevada

May 8, 2007

Dear Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition and it is beautiful — everything I expected.  My husband says it's a work of art.  My son — who is 20 — first said, "How come you got that?"  Then last evening (as he sat in it), he said, "I know I wondered why you bought this rocker, but I find myself sitting in it every time I come into the room."  He was there again this morning!  (My answer to him was that I bought it because it looked beautiful and I think rocking is soothing and relaxing for all of us.)

Thank you so much!

Chalfont, Pennsylvania

May 2, 2007

Gary — it arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and I couldn't be happier.  It is a very beautiful piece of craftsmanship and without a doubt one of the nicest things I own.

Thank you.

Annandale, Minnesota

April 24, 2007


The chair arrived last Thursday without incident and we couldn't be happier.  The wood and craftsmanship are superb.  Anne's been sitting in the chair every free moment she gets and even dozed off in it the other night.

Thanks for a great transaction and for such a great chair.  We're happy we found you, and we expect the chair to become a treasured family heirloom future generations will fight over.

Thanks again.

J. and A.Y.
Sammamisha, Washington

April 23, 2007

It arrived promptly and in perfect condition — several days before your first estimated date. And it is gorgeous!  Thank you very much,

Westcliffe, Colorado

April 19, 2007

it's just arrived, and GORGEOUS, of course!

Thanks again.  Love the work.  Can't wait for my first rocking session this weekend!

Best wishes —
Garrison, New York

April 17, 2007

Hi.  I called your office earlier to say how beautiful the chair is.  Really special.  I am sure T. will be pleased.  Glad to have helped.

Greenwich, Connecticut

April 12, 2007

Gary —

Yes, the chair arrived yesterday; it's beautiful . . . and very comfortable.

Thank you.  That was the easiest furniture selection, purchase, and delivery ever!

Salt Lake City, Utah

April 10, 2007

Gary and Leslie —

The chair arrived, as promised, in perfect condition.  It is beautifully made, beyond our expectations, and we're delighted with it.  Many thanks.

C. and F.K.
Cranbury, New Jersey

April 9, 2007


My chair is parked in my living room.  Along with the foot stool.  Apparently UPS called me yesterday, while I was away from work.  Anyway, they delivered the chair and stool around 10 o'clock.  Both are in excellent shape and true works of art.  I am very pleased with the walnut wood.  And very happy I decided on walnut.

I was only able to sit in it for a brief time, since I had to come back here to work.  Anyway, it was a rather cold sit.  The chair had not warmed up yet.  The weather here has taken a drastic turn back toward winter, and I doubt if the UPS truck sat in a heated garage last night.

Next to my chair (here) are some selected reading assignments that will be going home with me.  After I get a fire started in the stove, I will plant myself in the most comfortable chair in the universe.

Thank you very much.
Des Moines, Iowa

April 6, 2007

Hi Gary —

Just want to let you know that the chair arrived intact.  It's a beautiful work of art and we all love it, especially J.  You and your "company" can be proud of the work you do and the smiles you bring to so many.  I know I'll be a repeat customer.

Vacaville, California

April 4, 2007

We love the chair; really is functional art!  Thanks again.

Long Branch, New Jersey

April 4, 2007


The rocker is here, and is comfy and gorgeous!  J.D. arrived on 3/22, and my husband D. arranged to pick up the rocker before we were discharged from the hospital.  We are looking forward to many years of enjoying the rocker.

thanks much,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 27, 2007

Hi Gary,

The rocker and stool arrived today and all I can say is "WOW"!  After unpacking I sat and rocked awhile.  The longer I rocked the More comfortable I got — it truly felt as if I melted right into the chair.  The stool is also very comfortable, both as a foot rest and as a seat.  And Beautiful — the construction, the graining of the cherry — I can't compliment you enough.  Thank you so much, You have made Grandma and future Grandbaby very happy.

Louisville, Kentucky

March 26, 2007


My rocker was indeed delivered Monday by a very nice deliveryman.  The box, and the rocker inside, were in fine condition.

First, my rocking credentials:  I have always had a bit of a rocking compulsion (it must be genetic, because my mother is the same way).  As far back as I can remember, I have rocked in whatever chair I happened to be sitting in, whether or not it was intended to be a rocker.  It's not much of an exaggeration to say that I have owned and worn out more rocking chairs than the average person will sit in in his or her lifetime.

I note all this only so that when I say that my Weeks Rocker is far and away the best rocking chair I have ever experienced, you will get the full import of my words.  As soon as I uncrated the rocker and sat in it, my first remark was "Whoever designed this chair loves to rock."  I had read all the testimonials on your website, but even so I was honestly amazed at the way the chair truly cradles and supports my body (for the record, I'm 6'1" and about 185 pounds). Actually, I scoffed at the comments from people who claimed to have fallen asleep in their rockers; however, later on the first night after mine arrived, I found myself so relaxed in it that I had a hard time staying awake.  Even my wife, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for rocking and who considered my previous rocking chairs to be little more than eyesores, found my Weeks rocker to be both beautiful to look at and incredibly comfortable to sit in.

I am so thrilled that the weeks of waiting and anticipation paid off so well, and I am looking forward to enjoying my rocker for, well, the rest of my life!  Once our new house is pulled together a bit more, I will forward pictures.  Feel free to add my testimonial to your website if you like.

Thanks so much —
Apex, North Carolina

March 25, 2007

Hello Gary:

Yes — we have them, and they're just what I expected: excellent!

I also apologize for not writing to you earlier that they'd arrived in good shape, and right on time . . .  So thank you very much; you do truly fine work.

All the very best
St. Maarten, the Netherlands

March 10, 2007

Please excuse my delay in responding to your email.  But an email seems an inadequate vehicle by which to express my delight and gratitude.  I hesitated sitting in my rocking chair at first, taken aback by its beauty.  It is comfortable and enveloping; solid yet easy for me to move across the carpet; exquisitely built, and gorgeous to behold.  I am thrilled with it.  The cherry wood was a perfect choice – the chair looks at home in the room.  All of you are artists of the highest order, and I am honored to have one of your pieces.

Sherman Oaks, California

March 10, 2007

Dear Gary,

No need to apologize.  The chair is everything you said, and more.

My wife and I, and the baby, are all really enjoying the chair.  It is very comfortable.  Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Santa Cruz, California

March 8, 2007


I meant to email you last night . . . The rocker arrived, and the box was damaged BUT the rocker is in perfect condition so everything is great.  We love the rocker . . . I didn't realize how big it was (a good thing – I'm 6'1" and it fits me perfectly).  It's very good looking and obviously well-designed . . . it almost rocks by itself!  I'm glad there are still craftsmen like you who create genuine quality furniture.

Thank you,
New York, New York

March 6, 2007


Chairs were delivered in perfect condition and they are beautiful.
Thanks for making such a great product!

Best regards,
Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

March 5, 2007

Dear Gary,

I am the very fortunate recipient of your incredible rocking chair.  I must thank you for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as a taller mom-to-be I cannot thank you enough for the pitch perfect proportions presented through your chair.  I cannot ever remember my back position feeling better as the lumbar support is exactly where it should be.  Secondly, that this was the gift chosen by my beloved partner suggests he understands me completely and we shall have a lifetime of memories with this chair as the backdrop.

. . . Everytime I sit in your chair I am reminded of the good times; the beauty, the excitement and the integrity that good design can bring to ones existence.  That there are fewer of you able to do this only makes you more special.

In a David vs. Goliath world, I congratulate you and your family on your beautiful work and the impressive feat of succeeding both in business and in art.

Best wishes and continued success!
Vancouver, Canada

March 2, 2007

Hi Gary — I show off my dining chairs at every chance.  They are stunning.  Prized possessions.

Thank you!

Garrison, New York

February 28, 2007

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your email and nice comment.  The mountain has been a sacred place for more than 1000 years as is Mt. Fuji.  Nowadays, however, people visit these places just for fun.

The rocking chair arrived safely this morning.  The chair is more than I expected.  First of all, it fits my body so well.  The artistic curvature, especially the back, impressed me a lot.  Now I can rock in this chair at night and enjoy a special liqueur made by me with wild blueberries, which I picked at the top of Hakusan (the white mountain) just before snowfall.  I witnessed that bears were fond of these blueberries, and ate huge amount just before hibernation.

Sakai-shi, Fukui, Japan

P.S., Your work is marvelous and survives ages.  In contrast, although there are so many scientists, the majority of their work are forgotten as soon as they report their research.

February 20, 2007


Just wanted to let you know that we got the rocker in great condition and although struggling to figure out where to fit it in our tiny house are pleased as punch!  Still no baby, so it made it here in plenty of time  :)

Portland, Oregon

February 19, 2007


They received the chair and are enjoying it more than they expected.  I had the pleasure of seeing it on Saturday and have to admit that the craftsmanship is superb!!  The chair will complement the back porch of their soon to be built home quite perfectly.  After completion of the house, a second rocker may be in order . . . I'll keep you posted.  Again, thank you for such a unique and extraordinary piece of art.

Houston, Texas

February 19, 2007


We have a newborn baby at home, and my wife reports that the rocker is PERFECT for nursing, the best chair we have.  A selling point, perhaps?

Austin, Texas

January 30, 2007


We did indeed receive the rocker last night.

It is indeed a work of art.

My wife was very pleased with it and it fits her great.

We look forward to many good hours in it with the new baby.

Thank you for your prompt email communication and professionalism.

Durham, North Carolina

January 18, 2007


The rocker was indeed delivered on Monday, Jan 15; apparently it got stuck in Memphis and was not here for Friday the 12th as we had originally hoped, but with the ice storms between you and us, we certainly understood the delay.

The rocker was in great condition; the UPS guy even stuck around to help Richard unscrew the wood frame and remove the rocker from the box because he was so impressed with the solidity of the shipping container and was curious to see what everything looked like inside!

You must use the best corrugated cardboard available; I tried to break down the top portion of the box to put into recycle, and it will take some time to get it into recyclable pieces (our trash company is really picky about the size of items we put out weekly).  But the bottom box (the one with the frame on the bottom) is going to be recycled as our 5-year old granddaughter's "mobile home" as she calls it.  She was here for the day when the truck came and was ecstatic to have the box to play in!  We have moved it to a downstairs room off the walk-out basement until nicer weather prevails — then we will take it outdoors and she can imagine trips to her heart's content.

So then she came indoors, helped take off the bubble wrap, sat in the chair with me to give it a "test drive", and then proceeded to wrap herself in the bubble wrap to make a princess dress for herself.  Later this week, we will have the new granddaughter come over so we can all rock her in the chair.  It is beautiful and fits well into the space we made for it in the study-TV room.

Thank you for such a lovely product and for the excellent communication you provided regarding shipping, etc.  We hope to enjoy this for many years.

R. and L.W.
Maryland Heights, Missouri

January 16, 2007

We unpacked the rocker last night.  The wood is beautiful and workmanship is outstanding.  The chair will be a lasting memory for our 22 anniversary.  I wish I was home sitting in it now.  I look forward to one day bringing it back to Texas.

Murfreesboro, Tenneesee

January 15, 2007

Hi Gary, hope you and your family had a good Christmas.  I just wanted to email you to tell you that my husband T. was thrilled with the chair (it was clearly a surprise too), and that our entire extended family sat in it on Christmas Day and thought it was great!  It now looks fantastic in our "family room", which is where we spend most of our time.

Melbourne, Australia

January 12, 2007

Good Friday morning, Gary!

Given to me as a birthday present by my husband, your (now MINE!) rocking chair is the most beautiful, most comfortable piece of furniture we have every seen!  It is obvious that it has been expertly crafted by caring hands from extraordinary selections of wood.  It is quite perfect! It is the only chair that my oddly crooked tailbone has ever felt comfortably resting in!

Delivery went without a hitch, as the delivery man helped me unscrew, cut, tear and uncover this work of art that will be treasured for generations!

In fact, we are so impressed, we are considering purchasing some of your dining room furniture.  Would you be able to send us a sample of the "hand-planed" surface?  Or, if not possible, could you email a photo of this option to us?

Fine job on your website, as well!  It is chock full of useful information!

Many thanks and best wishes!
West Hartford, Connecticut

January 10, 2007


Thank you so much for following-up.  Yes, we received the chair and it is absolutely beautiful. My wife loves it!!

It looks great in the room with the baby furniture.  I'll send you a picture if I get a chance. (in between naps . . .)

We are both looking forward to many years in this fine chair.

Thank you again.

Take care,
Springfield, Pennsylvania

January 8, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that we love the rocking chair you made for us.  Sometimes, especially late at night, rocking is the only way we can get our little 8 week old Brendan to sleep.  Thank you and Happy New Year!

San Francisco, California

January 2, 2007


Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond but this fall has been very busy.

The rocker is my office chair where I spend 40+ hours per week seated in it.  (I am a psychiatrist).  By now I have logged over 600 hours in the rocker.  I believe it has helped me with my struggle with knee arthritis which was aggravated by hip surgery in 2005 and the bad effects of the Eames Chair I had been using.  Thank you.

Regards and Happy New Year,

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