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Testimonials 2004

December 30, 2004


My wife loves her new rocker!  It was a very well received Christmas present.

Houston, Texas

December 28, 2004

Grandbaby showed up on 12-22-2004.
Thomas Alan C.
7-2 oz
21 inches

Brought him home on Christmas Eve.
Started rockin Christmas morning.

Everyone loved the chair.
Hope the chair will link many C. generations to come.

The C.'s
Memphis, Tennessee

December 27, 2004



That one word is enough.  The rocker is beautiful!  Expertly crafted.  The detail astounding.  The walnut exquisite  (especially the irridescence in certain areas).  My wife loves it!  And the comfort . . .  we think it's the most comfortable chair we have ever sat in  (and with nary a cushion).

Thank you for helping me make my wife's Christmas a very special one.

All the Best,

A. J.
Corona, California

J's Christmas 2004 gift
December 26, 2004

hi gary

i gave my husband one of your chairs for Christmas  (see attached photo) but he quickly identified it as an imposter and wants the real thing.  so, we would like to order a cherry rocking chair.  when i called last week it sounded like the ship date would most likely be in february.  sounds fine.

K. F.
Seattle, Washington

December 23, 2004

Gary, the chair arrived on time yesterday, and it is lovely.  When I sat in it I didn't want to get out.  You can add me to your list of delighted customers.

Thanks for checking up on the delivery.  Service as well as the product are excellent.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

C. C.
Arlington, Virginia

December 19, 2004

I'm rocking healthfully.  A great chair.  Made for my lifetime and beyond.  Many thanks.

Lawrence, Kansas

December 19, 2004


The rocker is beautiful.  My granddaughter was rocked to sleep within 20 minutes after the chair arrived.  It really works.  The engraving is perfect, N. was really surprised.  Thanks for the great addition to our home.

Best of Luck,

Houston, Texas

December 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks:

The Weeks Walnut Rocker you made for me was delivered today.  The picture of the chair on your web site doesn't do it justice.  It's lovely.  The workmanship is superb and the wood grain is beautiful.  I am delighted with it.

If any of my friends need rockers or dining room chairs, I'll be sure to recommend that they check out your web site.

Thank you,

Washington, D.C.

December 10, 2004


It was delivered last night.  The wood crating had some damage, the box was ok and the chair seems to be in good shape.  You do nice work.  Felt would be good.


Wahpeton, North Dakota

December 6, 2004


They just delivered the rocking chair, and it is perfect!  Beautiful!  Wonderful!

You warned me it would be a different color than the other cherry rocker you made me  (#629 in 2000), but the contrast was surprising.  My older chair is a beautiful rosy color now and I had never realized how it had changed.  Now that I know, it will be fun to watch the progress of the new chair.

The delivery folks were a joy to work with — very friendly setting up the delivery date, and excellent service when they arrived.

My two grown daughters will no longer have to fight over who "inherits" my rocker.  I just hope they don't decide to bump me off so they won't have to wait!

Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to the family.  Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever applies . . .

Ft. Worth, Texas

December 6, 2004


Yes, I received the chair in excellent condition.  I just opened it this morning and gave it a test run and it looks and feels GREAT!  What a beautiful piece of work.  I'm torn between saving it until Christmas to give to K. or go ahead and give it to her now so she can enjoy it immediately.  The baby isn't due until February, but she could use it now, I'm sure.

Thanks for making and sending such a great product.  I look forward to the day that I can pass it down to my children for them to use many years from now.

M. M.
Clovis, New Mexico

December 1, 2004


We are very pleased with the rocking chair.  It's extremely comfortable for M., and looks great in the nursery.

The shipping company delivered the package without problems, except for a tear in the bottom of the box, that resulted in no damage.  We are still waiting on the baby, but I'm sure that the chair will meet with the baby's approval, too!

Thanks very much,
Washington, D.C.

November 20, 2004

Yes, it arrived in fine shape.  It's beautiful and comfortable — thanks!

Sebastopol, California

November 19, 2004


I apologize for not letting you know that my rocker arrived safe and sound.  I was immediately impressed with the quality — both your craftsmenship and the wood.  Wow!  It's a beautiful chair, artwork really.  I have the chair next to a cherry wood bookcase, that I loved when I first received it, but it does not stand up to the chair  (I am thinking of painting it — the bookcase, not the chair!)

It took me awhile to get used to the chair and be sure I was going to love rocking in it.  I was surprised by how much I leaned back in it.  I'm one of those people who is most comfortable sitting up straight.  I rarely lean my seat back on an airplane.  I love the look of Windsor chairs, but feel like I am sitting in a lounge chair when in one.  I like to read in my rocking chairs and have a little trouble doing that in the rocker.  But I did finally break down the crate last weekend.  I do love sitting in it relaxing at night watching tv or chatting with my husband.  We'll see how the reading goes.  I think paper backs have some potential!

Thank you for the wonderful service and for checking in.

Oakland, California

[ I very much appreciate these detailed comments from L.F.  Of course I love to hear that the pitch of the chair is pleasing and that reading is effortless.  But I want to hear when the ideal is not attained for an individual.  The more information I have to publish about the chair, the more thoroughly one can consider a purchase.   —   G.W. ]

November 17, 2004

Do I like it?

Oh yes!  It made me so happy I felt silly and self conscious at the effusive email I began writing to you soon after it arrived.  I decided to wait until I cooled off a bit.

It's everything you said it would be.  My husband, seven year old son and I all agree it's incredibly comfortable and beautiful.  A true heirloom piece.  Wow.  We love it!  We touch it all the time.  My son accuses me of sitting in it too much.  I had to agree to take turns.

I am so happy and grateful that you and your people came through.  I've dealt with a lot of different dealers and contractors recently.  Most have been very disappointing to work with . . . problems with communication, integrity, quality and other issues have clouded the interaction.  It's strangely life affirming to deal with you and have everything happen as promised.  Whew!  What a relief!  THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, the box it came in is a perfect hideout/playhouse for the kid.  He's decorated it inside and out and plays in it every day.  Thanks for the bonus!

I hope it pleases you to know that you have made this family in San Diego so happy.  Please keep your high standards.  The world needs more like you!

San Diego, California

October 26, 2004

Hi Gary,

The two Wilson Arm Chairs arrived.  There was a small ding in the middle of one side corner of the box;  we cut part of the box away which showed that there was lots of clearance between the corner and the foam inside.

The two chairs are as beautiful as we thought they would be and we're very pleased with the way that they sit — they are very comfortable!

And of course they look good in place at the ends of our table.

Thanks much for everything.

Cheers —
J. and M. M.
Irvine, California

October 18, 2004


Thank you for following up on our order, which was delivered on Friday 10/15  (there was a brief, untroubling delay at the terminal since Overnight wanted to send a smaller truck to negotiate the streets in our residential neighborhood).  The chair was very well crated and delivered in perfect condition.

Needless to say, we are delighted.  It is truly lovely, a sculptural, warm, and glowing presence in our soon-to-be baby's room.  And as to comfort:  well, let's just say your rocker exceeded our already-high expectations!  After many "trial sits" this weekend, I am still amazed at how my back, head, and neck are so well supported.  A good friend recently pointed out that once the baby is born and nursing begins, we'll be spending an enormous portion of our waking hours sitting in that chair.  I can't imagine a better spot.  Thank you.

E. E.
Crompond, New York

October 18, 2004


R. was awed!  A gorgeous work of art.  She eyed the rocker from across the room, then closed the distance slowly circling, taking in the beautiful lines and outstanding craftsmanship.  She moved the rocker into a shaft of sunlight and slowly rocked the chair watching the grain and finish of the seat — the walnut shimmered like a highly polished tiger eye gemstone.  Carefully she checked the underside of the chair and was delighted to find it signed and numbered.  Then, she eased into the chair, slowly she relaxed, and a smile crossed her face — ear to ear.  The seat was wide and full, the headrest perfect, the arms were just right for her, the edge of the seat didn't cut into her legs, and her feet were comfortably on the floor.  The chair is just her size!

Gary, you made her very happy, thank you!

I'm not sure how you figured everything out, but you did . . . the chair fits me like a glove!  R. is 5'6" and I'm 6'1".  All I can say is "It's magic"!

We love our rocker!

Thanks for everything,

D. and R. W.
Budd Lake, New Jersey

October 12, 2004


The rocker arrived Monday 10-4-04 and the baby arrived Saturday  (I., 9 lbs, 4 ozs).  We just came home from the hospital and are looking forward to using the rocker.  The rocker looks beautiful and arrived in perfect shape.

Thank you,

A. and K.D.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

October 12, 2004

Hi Gary,

I AM rocking, and I am SO pleased!  Your chair fits my extra-long legs and tilts my body back to a comfortably balanced angle — something which was missing in the  (considerably more expensive) rocker I tried first.  The arms are delightfully sculptured for resting my hands outstretched or for crossing them in toward the body for knitting or reading.  Not an uncomfortable edge to be found.  The finish is beautiful to eye and hand alike.  I am looking forward to showing it off and  (occasionally) sharing its comfort.  Thank you so much, Gary.  And thank you for delivering it exactly as committed, without a hitch.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

September 27, 2004

Hi Gary,

I wanted to thank you for working so hard on the beautiful chair.  It's really lovely.  J. loves the look and can't wait to ride in it, but she's not quite ready for that firm a seat yet.  F. was born at home on Saturday September 25th. at 3:47am.

Thanks again to you, your family, and coworkers

Austin, Texas

September 22, 2004

Hi Gary,

Sorry for the delay.  The chairs are beautiful, my friend R. C. delivered our new dining table last Sat. and we all sat together and laughed a lot.  I am afraid my crazy life won't give me time today to truly express how much I enjoy both the look and feel of the chairs though I imagine I'll have 30 — 40 years to reflect on it and sooner or later the real letter will write itself.  I hope that I can spread the word about your furniture and send some deserving sitters your way.

Thanks for the lifestyle change, all the best,

Bar Harbor, Maine

September 8, 2004


The rocker arrived safely, and it's beautiful.  It has joined our family of chairs in the living room, and I must say that it looks quite happy to be there.  I've put it so that its wonderful curly patterns are visible from the doorway, and will draw the eyes of people as they walk in.  My kids will fight over this, for sure!  Thanks — you are a lovely man to work with.

I want to let you know what surprised me about the rocker:  its heft.  Somehow that does not come across in your photos, or didn't to me.  I knew its dimensions, and at some point I actually got out my tape measure and figured out how high it would stand, but I didn't realize, until it arrived, how strong and substantial it would be.  I really, really like that about it.

(maybe someday I'll get a second one, for the family room!)

Phoenix, Arizona

September 7, 2004

Listen, I would have waited another year to get this thing.  It is totally beautiful.  I couldn't be happier with your work!  Thanks for the good job and don't be surprised if I sell a few more for you.

Houston, Texas

[Lead times for mesquite rockers can be long. — GW]

September 6, 2004


The rocker has arrived and is beautiful.  How fortunate you are to have the gift of creating such beautiful things.  And I am fortunate to get to share in your talents.

I think it will "rock on" in my family for many generations.

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

September 2, 2004

Dear Gary,

The walnut rocker arrived today, in perfect condition, although the top of the box got smashed in and the flaps separated, letting some shipping grime in.  (It might be worthwhile to use an extra piece of cardboard to help guard against this in future shipments.)

Anyway, on to the chair!  As we anticipated, the rocker is well-proportioned and graceful, but we were surprised and impressed at how large and substantial it is!  The craftsmanship appears to be top-notch, and the attention to detail is evident, down to the careful matching and placement of pieces for grain and color.  I'm also pleased with the deep tones of the walnut.

As I told you, we had not seen the OS Clear Oil before, but the finish on the chair is beautiful.  The Hardwax Oil gives off a strong "waxy" smell for quite a while after application, but the rocker has only the faintest odor, so that's a nice surprise.

Of course, the point of the rocker is to use it, which we did immediately.  I found it very comfortable, and my 17-month old daughter was quite taken with it, wanting to rock on mommy's lap, and then stand in front of the chair and rock it with me in it.  At nap time, we found that it fits a breastfeeding mom & toddler great!  My daughter's legs easily fit under the arm of the chair, with her feet supported by the edge of the seat, and the central placement of the back slats allowed her to tuck her arm behind me.  Maybe it was just all the excitement of finally receiving our "special chair", but she was asleep in minutes.

So, thank you for making us this beautiful piece of furniture with the special finish, and for the excellent service.  In this era of high-hassle, low-quality goods, it's a treat to have my expectations exceeded.

Best regards,

Kirkland, Washington

September 2, 2004

Dear Gary:

The chair has arrived and is beautiful, and in fine shape.  Yes, it feels wonderful and is very comfortable.  Clearly the most comfortable chair in the house.

Thank you so much for your craft, your artistry, and the nice time we had getting to know you.


Houston, Texas

September 2, 2004

Hi Gary,

Got the chair.  My wife could not be happier.  Thanks again for the great service.

Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

August 26, 2004


My back has been bothering me a bit.  I have two recliners and your rocker in my den . . . I rock Reilly  (she likes your chair a lot) in your rocker because it is better on my back than the recliners.  Everyone who sit in your rocker say how comfortable it is.  How do you make one rocker fit so many people of vastly different sizes?  It is the best chair I have ever had.


S. J.
Lafayette, Colorado

August 25, 2004


Yes the chair arrived and is quite beautiful.  I don't even want to sit in it yet.  I've just been standing there admiring the beauty of it.


C. F.
Atlanta, Georgia

August 24, 2004


I received the rocking chair yesterday.  I could appreciate it looking at pictures on-line but nothing replaces touching and sitting in it for the first time.  I am so glad I made the decision to purchase one of your rockers.  Now that the rocker is here we just need the baby to arrive  (due Sept. 10th.)

Thanks again!

A. W.
Carlsbad, California

August 16, 2004


My husband is delighted with the chair.  He and I both taught in the College of Architecture at Tech for many years retiring in 1997.  We appreciate the design and craftsmanship that you put into your art.


Lubbock, Texas

August 6, 2004


Well the rocker got here before your receiving instructions did.  It's beautiful!  And it is truly the most comfortable rocker I've ever sat in — except for my grandmother's lap, of course, when she was rocking me.  Thank you so much.

I assume from your answer to my question about building rockers from wood supplied by me is that it isn't really worth it unless the wood I have is really unique or there are other non-monetary reasons, neither of which is the case here.  So I'll just wait until I start developing grandchildren and order rockers then.

Thanks again for the chair.

K. W.
Columbia, Missouri

August 5, 2004

We did get it and we love it!  We spent the evening acting like kids attempting to share a new toy — "it's MY turn . . ."  It's more comfortable than I even imagined, and I'm really glad we got the footstool too.  I just entered my third trimester, and kicking my feet up is a good thing right now!  The delivery guy was on time and very courteous, so that worked out well too.  I imagine you'll be hearing from us at some point when we decide we need a "his" to go with this "hers" chair.  Thanks for everything.  It was a pleasure working with you.

N. and K. J.
San Francisco, California

August 4, 2004


Just a quick couple of words to let you know mom received her new rocker yesterday and everything is perfect.  She is very happy to say the least.  Both rockers are sitting side by side and I pray that they continue to do so for a long time to come.  Once again thank you for your professionalism and kindness.

Santa Monica, California

August 3, 2004


I received my Cherry Rocker yesterday and I am very pleased with the comfort, styling, and the smoothness of the finish.  I am 5'10" and weigh 250 lbs. and it fits me just perfect.

New Philadelphia, Ohio

July 30, 2004

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the fast delivery of the chair.  A. and I love sitting in it already.

We've put you on our announcement e-mail list — so you'll know who the third beneficiary of the chair is when she or he comes.

All the best to you and your family.  Happy house building!

Take care,

New York, New York

July 29, 2004


Yes we have the chair.  I got it for my wife, so I've only been allowed to sit in it once.  She likes it very much.  The stool is perfect with it.


Gallesteo, New Mexico

July 21, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks,

The chair was delivered as scheduled, and arrived in perfect condition.  We are most pleased with the rocker in terms of comfort, beauty, design and workmanship.  The joints are immaculate, a delight to the hand, and the grains as nearly symmetrical as human art could achieve.  It is everything I hoped, and then some.

Many thanks,

Bloomington, Indiana

P.S. — My Weeks cherry rocker reminds me of a rosewood desk by Sam Maloof that I had a chance to buy for $800 about 40 years ago.  I have often regretted my inability to afford that desk, which would now be a museum piece, but I expect the sting to fade in the enjoyment of your magnificent chair.

July 21, 2004


The chair is not only beautifully made, but also very comfortable.  M. and I are very pleased with the chair.  You and your team did a beautiful job.  I am sure we will enjoy the chair for many years to come.

Thank you again, it was worth the wait.

H. L.
Aurora, Illinois

July 15, 2004


they're here!

and they are STUNNING.  absolutely gorgeous.  the proportions with the new leg bracings are perfect.  thanks so much, Gary.  these will be a family treasure for many generations!

can you tell me how they're finished, and what we should do as far as maintenence.  our walnut table we try to wax once a year.  what should we do to keep the chairs happy?

also, our table has some reddish and gold hues that, if memory serves, were not nearly as present when the table was first built 6 years ago.  the dining room faces west with huge picture windows across the west wall. would sunlight bring out those shades in walnut, or is that a function of the finish, or just a different color of walnut?

after many long years of searching, we finally have chairs that look like they were made for our lonely table.  AND the arrival couldn't have been more perfectly timed.  thanks again, Gary.  keep in touch, and if you ever come thru nashville, make sure you let us know.

Nashville, Tennessee

July 14, 2004


Well the rocker was delivered right on time and my dad loves it, I wish I had been there to see his face.  Thank you so much.  It's a good feeling to know that there are people out there who say what they mean, and mean what they say.  Continued success.

Santa Monica, California

July 13, 2004

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived yesterday in good shape.  If you designed this chair to fit you, you must be about 5'8", 150 pounds, 32/30 trousers, size 40 jacket, big feet and size 7 hat.  This chair fits me to a tee and is a work of art.  I have studied it over and cannot determine how many quarts of wildcat it took before you got settled on how it ought to be, but I'm glad you stuck it out and came up with this chair.  It is really nice to sit in and nice to look at.  My wife is very happy with the chair.  She said that it is charming and beautiful.  She is now talking about replacing all our living room furniture to match the chair.  This sort of talk would usually get me worried a little, but she will never be able to match the exquisite beauty of your rocking chair.

In 1972-73, I built a 38' gill netter.  It was a brute of a commercial fish boat with 13' of beam, drew 5' of water, was planked with 1-1/2 inch cedar, framed in oak, single Caterpillar diesel, and I forget how many tons of fish you could carry in the hold.  It was the first boat I ever built and I probably should have started with a rowboat and worked my way up.  A couple of months into the job I realized I had bit off more than was a mouthful, but decided to stick it out.  Six months into the job, I realized that it was waaaay more than a mouthful, but now I was in so far, I couldn't let go.  A shade over a year later, the boat was in the water and I told my friends that if anybody ever sees me with a set of boat plans again to please just get the 12 gauge and kill me.  The reason I am telling you this story is because, just looking at this rocking chair and thinking about you figgering it out, made me think of that damn boat.  To tell you the truth, the more I think about it, I believe I would rather build that boat again than try to come up with a rocking chair.  You did a great good job.  I very much appreciate the effort that went into this rocking chair.

Best to you and your crew down there.  I hope you win the lottery and that your dog lives for 20 years.

Freeland, Washington

July 7, 2004

Hi Gary,

It is nice to hear from you!  Thank you for the good wishes.  We do feel blessed that we have a healthy daughter.  These first few weeks have been full of discovery!

I'm glad you had a chance to look at the photos.  I forgot that you had never "seen" me before.  I think I saw a photo on your website of you and your family awhile back, which is always nice to connect a face to a person.  The rocker is just gorgeous in the room, if I may say so myself!  Everytime I see it I'm taken away with how beautiful it is, and just want to drop what I'm doing to go sit in it.  M. seems to really enjoy it as well.

Best wishes to you and your family.  Do keep in touch and take care.

Sincerely Yours,
C., C., and M. W.
the Netherlands

July 4, 2004

Happy mother and child in a Gary Weeks RockerGary,

Just wanted to let you know that E.  (6 days old today!), is thoroughly enjoying his new rocking chair.

Thank you for making us such a beautiful piece of art.

J., D., and E. R.
San Francisco, California

July 3, 2004


Received the Terrell Side tables yesterday.  They are fantastic!  Your shipping containers are as well thought out as are the pieces you make.  They arrived perfectly and are beside my bed with the rocker and footstool at their side.  Being an old woodworker, I can say that your work is impeccable and exquisitely done.  Thanks again.  They will become heirlooms someday.

Omaha, Nebraska

July 2, 2004


We received the table today . . . It is beautiful, well worth the wait!

R. and S. W.
Grosse Ile, Michigan

July 2, 2004

Thanks Gary

The baby arrived safe and sound on Tuesday and the rocker is great.  Beautiful grain design on the headrest.  Very comfy.  Thanks very much.

Oakland, California

June 29, 2004


I'm rocking and I love it.  Thank you for the beautiful rocking chair.

Austin, Texas

June 25, 2004

Hi Gary,

I received the chair yesterday.  My wife is ecstatic.  The chair is exquisite, a work of art.  The confidence and pride you have in your work is truly apparent.  Excellence is obviously the only acceptable outcome.

My 85 year old grandmother spent five months knitting a beautiful blanket for her soon to be born great grandchild.  When I placed the chair in the baby's nursery, my wife hung the blanket over the back of the chair.  The craftsmanship in the blanket and the craftsmanship in the chair seem to compliment each other.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

June 24, 2004


The chair arrived without problems.  It is absolutely beautiful . . . as advertised.  Everybody is taken with it.  I would like to place my order for one made of mesquite, as we discussed.  R. and I got to rock in it together for the first time today.  She seemed to like it a lot . . . but she will not be able to tell you for a few years.

Thanks, Again for the great chair.
Lafayette, Colorado

June 21, 2004


She is very appreciative and excited with your fine craftsmanship.  My mom seems to like it very much.  I can't wait to see it the next time I come to visit.  All went well and I thank you for your service.  I do appreciate it very much.  Have a nice week.

Respectfully Yours
Maple Plain, Minnesota

June 17, 2004

Gary —

I am thrilled with the chair!  It arrived in perfect condition  (not even a mark on the box) and was very easy to unpack.  My husband  (who is 5'9") and I  (at 5'2") have both found the chair to be comfortable as well as beautiful.  Thank you!

L. B.
Oakland, California

June 11, 2004

Dear Gary,

Thank you for the rocker!  I shall enjoy every moment in it!

Scott enjoyed meeting you and your son . . .  Thank you for devoting yourself to the gift of design and woodcraft and excellence and marketing — so that your joy and my joy in what you have created could meet.

Grace and Hope to you and all those you love and serve,
T. H.
Austin, Texas

June 11, 2004

She is absolutely delighted with it, Gary.  It's beautiful, comfortable, and useful.  Thank you very much.

Brookline, Massachusetts

June 10, 2004

Hi Gary

Your rocker arrived last night.  Here is their reaction:

GORGEOUS heirloom piece!!

Craftsmanship is SUPERB!!!!

Wood is BEAUTIFUL — you cannot imagine the beauty of it!!  Back comfort makes you fall asleep . . .

All triple A -PLUS!!

Chicago, Illinois

June 6, 2004

Got the chair.  Mom, dad and baby all love it.  It is so substantial and beautiful and I love the feel of the wood.  Looking forward to seeing how it ages.  The best part:  major reduction I was getting from nursing, the lower back support is key!
Thanks a lot.
Nice doing business with you.
Have a great summer.

New York, New York

June 6, 2004


There's darn little of it in this old world!!!  I defy any being of human origins to set in one of your masterpieces and not feel better about themselves and those around them.  Many folks never get an opportunity to own a piece of art much less recline in same.  In my home I have many pieces of furniture that brings great joy to my heart for no other reason than just looking at them.  I have one desk that survived the Civil War and numerous other maladies and yet it is paled in comparison to the sheer warmth and comfort of your team’s touch.

I have a friend who puts the inner parts of his soul in his paintings.  When I compliment his work he merely says I am just a painter . . .  My reply is so was Michaelangelo!  If the old master ever made furniture he would now have a peer in the Weeks Rocker . . .

Thanks for bringing back to your customers the love of quality . . .
Houston, Texas

May 26, 2004

Gary —

We received our rocker in perfect condition yesterday, and we love it.  One of these days we'll order a couple from you for our porch!

Thanks —
Alexandria, Virginia

May 14, 2004


Hope all is well with your family.  The table and chairs are great.  Everyone can't believe how comfortable the chairs are.  Thanks for all your help.

Yours truly,
Charlotte, North Carolina

Two satisfied customers.May 13, 2004


I just put a note and check in the mail to you for another mahogany rocker.  C. decided that it would take months for you to build another rocker and she'd miss a summer's worth of rocking — so this will be a great surprise.

The rocker looks and feels great — many thanks for the great work.

I have attached a picture of two very satisfied customers.  FYI — the picture was not staged.  As soon as I took the chair out of the crate both girls made a b-line for it.

Thanks again,
St. Paul, Minnesota

May 13, 2004

Hello Gary,

Yes, the rocker arrived yesterday and was as beautiful as the photos that your son sent me.  The rocker is a perfect fit for both my wife and me.  I can't thank you enough for allowing us to purchase the one off your floor.  Preparing for an adopted child is always a challenge  (there's never enough time), and you have helped to make the transition a lot smoother!

Thanks again and regards,
K. and J.B.
Lakeville, Minnesota

May 12, 2004

It is beautiful.  Thanks.

— S.Y.
New York, New York

May 11, 2004


. . .  The chair is very beautiful and Ellen  (who is due in just a couple of weeks!) spends a lot of time rocking happily in it.  And just to see how true to life your advertising is, we had our own 6'4" friend come by and sit in the chair — he was every bit as comfortable in it as Ellen is.

Thanks again,
Wading River, New York

May 10, 2004

The chair is beautiful.  My wife has already appropriated it.  She says that I'll have to order another one.  Also, she says that she wants a Harris Stool.  I'd like to order one, in cherry.  Many Thanks.  One last thing — my wife says that when we have company, we will have to install one of those number dispensers  (like at some delis) at the door of the study — where the rocker now lives.

Menlo Park, California

April 30, 2004

Hi, Gary.

Your timing was perfect!  The rocker arrived on Friday, April 23, and H. made her appearance two days later  (a week early).  I am sending you a photo of K. and H. in the rocker.  Both K. and her husband M.  (who does his share of rocking and singing to the baby) pronounce the rocker incredibly comfortable, as well as beautiful.  They are really thrilled with it, as am I.  (Yep, I did some rockin' too!)

Thanks so much for all that you and your fellow chairmakers did to create this special piece.

Kind regards,
Brevard, North Carolina

April 22, 2004

Dear Mr. Weeks:

My cherry rocking chair arrived yesterday.  Crate was in good shape.  The chair and stool were in great shape.  They are both wonderful!  My husband says that they are two pieces of furniture that we will never have to dust due to frequent usage.  I love them.

Thank you,
Bath, New York

April 20, 2004

Dear Gary,

It's really disappointing to have to ask you to take your beautiful hand finished rocking chair back, but my wife's anatomy is just not right for it.  We're not really surprised;  as a child M. was diagnosed with scoliosis and her spine has quite a pronounced curvature, which doesn't quite fit your chair.  I find it wonderful, but unfortunately our living room isn't large enough to accommodate a rocker she can't use.  When the chair arrived I called over our friend who is on the faculty at the School of American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology, a studio furniture designer himself.  The styling and the workmanship are "studio furniture" quality.  That's why I'm so disappointed I won't be able to keep the chair.

I appreciate your taking full responsibility for the cost of returning the chair by freight.  The screw-together packaging was easy to reassemble and the chair is ready to ship.

Rochester, New York

April 14, 2004

Hi Gary,

I wanted to let you know we received the rocking chair yesterday and it is lovely.  And comfortable.  We appreciated getting it so soon, knowing that you must be very busy with others' orders.  We thank you for the gift of careful craftsmanship, something my husband and I value highly.

Marietta, Ohio

April 8, 2004


thanks so much!
we love y/our new rocker and stool!
everybody who sees it comments on how beautiful it is
all who sit in it are amazed at its' comfort
my wife has even suggested a second
please thank all who worked on the pieces

all the best,
Providence, Rhode Island

March 31, 2004

Gary —

Arrived home yesterday — table and chairs — and rocker — are great!  The table is really more of a "treasure" that happens to be a trestle table.  I will appreciate them for a very long time.

Many thanks,
Austin, Texas

March 19, 2004

Thanks very much Gary I appreciate it.

As for the rocking, my wife has been using the chair periodically to get comfortable in the late stages of the pregnancy.  She still has 2-3 weeks to go.

Thanks again for such a lovely product, this type of craftsmanship seems to be lost in today's society.

Mission Viejo, California

March 8, 2004

The rocker arrived safely on Friday.  My wife is very happy with it.  We've been looking for a rocker for her for a while, but couldn't find one at the right quality and price.  Now we have - and we're very pleased.

New Hope, Pennsylvania

March 4, 2004

Yes Gary the chair has arrived and my wife really does love it.  It arrived on Tuesday and I have been so busy we just unpacked it last night.  I received it and reviewed the packaging which was in great shape.  The chair is in fine shape as well.  I was very impressed with the craftsmanship especially with regard to the attention paid to the grain in the wood and how it all came together in the construction of the chair.  As you had promised and we expected this will be one of the highly cherished parts of our family for many generations.

Thanks so very much,
B. and K.S.
Mission Viejo, California

March 4, 2004

Thanks for your note.  Yes, it did arrive safely.  D. used it last night when she was nursing and said this morning that she loved it — it was so comfortable compared to the chair she had been using.

Good job!!!

Thanks so much for your good works.

Charlottesville, Virginia

February 25, 2004


The rocker is beautiful, also very comfortable, thank you very much for the quick turnaround.  And yes, my wife loves it as well.

Huntington Beach, California

February 12, 2004


Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you again and look forward to getting more of your wonderful furniture in the future,

Thomasville, GA

February 10, 2004

Hi Gary,

I just had a very exciting morning.  The Plycon guys delivered the dining set today, a whole week early!  I have to tell you that I am floored with your expert craftsmanship.  A huge thank-you to your entire team.  I only had a few moments to admire the satin smooth finish and enjoy the heft of the chairs before setting off to work, but dinner tonight will be a treat.  I am extremely pleased with the set.

All the pieces were very well protected and everything seemed snugly wrapped.  In fact, the delivery guy took quite a few minutes unraveling each piece.  I only want to add that the delivery guy did ding one of the arm chairs.  After unwrapping the chairs in the truck, he grabbed two chairs and tried to get them into the house all at once.  Unfortunately, when he came up the porch steps, one of the chair tops banged into the ceiling overhang of the covered porch.  I was rather disappointed with his carelessness, and I just wanted you to be aware of it.  I'm not sure if this was an isolated incident with the particular delivery guy, or a mark of company, Plycon.  I suggested that he bring in the rest of the pieces one at a time, which he did.  Other than that, the delivery went very smoothly.

As for the ding in the chair back, I ran a barely-damp cotton cloth gently over the ding a couple of times, and got the white paint off.  Can I use some lemon oil to get the luster back?  Or should I hold off, until the chair cures a bit?  The ding is very shallow, and about the width of a grain of rice.  It isn't particularly noticeable (now that the paint is gone), but I just want to treat it right, and keep it protected.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for the help,
C.C.  (1 happy girl)
San Mateo, California


I am delighted that you like your furniture and dismayed at the careless delivery.  I have a simple repair that you can do to make the chair arm good as new; I just regret that you have to do it.

I am leaving for the day and will send more tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I hope dinner last night was a treat.  Have the dinner party invitations gone out?

Rereading your note, I see that the ding is on the back of an arm chair, rather than the arm of the arm chair.  Anyway, I can mail a repair kit to you with instructions, oil, and sandpaper.  You can use a clothes iron and a damp cloth to drive steam into the compressed fibers, swelling them back to the surface.  The following day, you can lightly sand with a very fine grit and apply a bit of the hand-rubbed oil finish that we use.  You will need to lightly sand and re-coat on a subsequent day to get the sheen back.  I am upset to put this on your plate, but it is not difficult or very time-consuming.  The other options are:
1.  Do nothing and consider that the first ding in the Charlene era of this long lasting furniture came too early.
2.  Say to me:  "Gary, you promised that the furniture would be delivered as new; I am hesitant to make this repair.  Will you do it for me?"  I will have it brought to me; I will repair it, and return it.

I hope you remain a "happy girl."  I will do my part to keep it so.

Sincere thanks and regards,

February 3. 2004

Dear Gary,

The rocker arrived safely to my place this morning, delivered by Menlo.  It took me quite a while to unwrap the sophisticated crate since my Philips screwdriver is purely manual.  Also to get around the crate in a small apartment and to dispose of it was somehow arduous, but now it's done.  My first impression:  it is as beautiful as I expected looking at the booklet.  At first glance I was surprised by its faint color.  Then I remembered it would darken with daylight.  In your opinion how long should it take, although I am not in a hurry.  I admired the complex design of the wood in particular in the seat assembled with several different pieces of wood.  I had also a look under the seat.  All the surfaces are soft and it's a pleasure to let your fingers run on it.  I like the feeling of wood under the hand.

I did not have yet much time to try it, but the first feeling is comfortable, I wanted a chair where you can put your head on.  Give me now a few days to use it.

So that's it:  I am (for the time being) the only owner of a Weeks Rocker in France!  Funny feeling!  Some kind of celebrity!

Best regards
Paris, France

January 24, 2004

Got it Friday (before the baby).  It is beautiful and as comfortable as you promised and then some, we just love it.

New York, NY

January 9, 2004


The rocker arrived at our Lynden dock Christmas eve morning, and I picked it up later that morning.

The box it came in was damaged, but the rocker was fine.

The rocker is a work of art, and it is comfortable.

Thank you.

Tok, Alaska

January 8, 2004


Once again our expectations are exceeded!  The chair is absolutely gorgeous.  The subtle figuring in the maple seat is a natural work of art.  Only problem now is that everyone in the house wants their own Gary Weeks Rocker.  Thanks again and I am sure we will be in touch.

Best Regards,
Virginia Beach, Virginia

January 5, 2004


She loved it . . . thanks for helping me make a great Christmas for my special girl.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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