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Testimonials 2003

December 30, 2003

hi gary.  we received a cherry rocker about 10 days ago and absolutely love it.  the armrests are just very slightly rough and i was wondering what to use to smooth it up a bit without marring the surface?  pumice powder ?  600 grit paper?

happy new year!
Roanoke, Virginia


I am most pleased that you like the rocker and most disturbed about the surface of the arms — disturbed and perplexed.  I will send you some sandpaper and some of the oil we use as a finish.  Smoothing the surface will be a very simple process, but I regret that you are doing it and not me.

Would you please answer these questions to help me determine the cause and to insure that I send you the right materials for a touch up?

1.  Are the arms rough generally or rough in places here and there?
2.  When you scrutinize the arms in good light, do you see the spots that you feel?
3.  Are there other places on the chair that feel, and look, like the areas that are in question?
4.  Did you notice this problem when you first sat?  (This question does not imply that you caused the problem.  I am the final inspector and likely I failed you.)

Thank you for your order, your understanding, and your wish for a

Happy New Year,
Gary Weeks

[It is hard to get it all right.  GW]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 31, 2003


thanks for getting back to us so promptly.  please do not be distressed by this — it is pretty subtle and is somewhat spotty.  yes under good light i can see a difference — the areas look just a tad lighter.  these are the only places on the rocker that we have noticed this and it is on both armrests.  my wife noticed it when she first sat down.  i was not there when it was unpacked but i can't imagine how that would have influenced these areas.  i can't tell you enough how much we love this and appreciate your concern.


December 14, 2003


Yes, the rocker arrived.  Too bad I had to leave soon thereafter, first to India and then to Bahrain where I am now.

Here is my (revised) vision of Paradise:  A Gary rocker, a fireplace, a nice view and perhaps a glass of wine.  No other furniture!  That rocker of yours certainly dominates space.  It is just beautiful.  And it is comfortable!

Baldwinsville, New York

December 8, 2003

The chair arrived Friday about five in the afternoon.

Though I read the dimensions, it is much bigger than I imagined.  It arrived in perfect condition.  The workmanship and the wood are beautiful.  We are testing it out this week.

Thanks for writing.  I'll respond again Friday morning.

Palo Alto, California

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 12, 2003


At home, I find myself in the rocking chair reading, watching tv (rare for me), talking on the phone, etc.  I can't believe how comfortable the chair is.  Comfort definitely takes precedence over size.  The chair is definitely a "keeper."

Thank you.
Palo Alto, California

December 1, 2003

Hi Gary,

I was in SC for Thanksgiving and got to see the rocker in person.  It is perfect and I couldn't be happier with it.  Thank you and your artisans for such fine craftsmanship.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child in May and I know the wee one will spend many hours being rocked to sleep in the cherry rocker.

I hope to make it to your shop in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again and I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Austin, Texas

November 26, 2003

Hello Gary,

Happy holidays to you and yours in Wimberley.  Our new cherry rocker is doing very well, it is well-used and well loved by both the new baby and the new mom.  In fact, I rocked the baby to sleep in the chair just yesterday.

I'm writing primarily to make a suggestion about your website that might help sell a few more rockers.  I bought our rocker after finding the web site through Google and spending many hours reading the entire site and looking at all of the pictures multiple times.  It would have helped me to make the decision if I could have seen even larger versions of the great photos you have on the site.
[C., I hope we get to it.  Thank you.  Gary]

Ithaca, NY

November 24, 2003


Just got home and unwrapped the bubble wrap.  (My wife was kind enough to let me do the unveiling.)  Gorgeous was the first word that came to mind.  Your workmanship is truly lovely and the one concern I had — the mesquite pattern would be too busy — turned out to be totally unfounded.  I am SO GLAD I treated myself to that wood.

Your creation immediately took over the corner next to the fireplace in the bedroom.  It sits next to an adobe accent wall under a recessed light that has a dimmer.  It is at the moment under a 1/3 power dimmer . . . glowing.

Thank you very much.  I intend to get a LOT of pleasure out of your creation and pass it on with delight to whoever the hell lasts longer than I do.  I know the chair will  :).

Albuquerque, NM

November 24, 2003


I love the looks of my rocking chair . . . I hope someday to be given an opportunity to sit in it.  My wife has apparently decided it is intended for her exclusive use.  Every visitor has to try it and all rave about the quality of the work, especially the finish.  I'll be ordering again soon.

El Centro, California

November 20, 2003

Hi Gary,

Love the motion!  Love the wood — especially the way it was harvested! . . . Love the chair!  And great timing too  :-0

Thank you for your help and beautiful workmanship!

Washington, DC

November 13, 2003

Dear Gary,

The chair arrived in perfect condition and we both love it!!

M. & J.W.
Parsippany NJ

November 12, 2003


Yes — the chair was delivered on Friday, and all was in order.  I gave it to her on Saturday evening, and she was actually surprised — and extremely pleased.  It is probably is the best gift I ever gave her.  Thanks for your help in making it possible.  It is a truly beautiful (not to mention comfortable) piece of work!

Chicago, IL.

November 12, 2003


I couldn't thank you enough.  She, and everyone that attended the shower, absolutely loved it.  I think every woman at the shower had to take her turn sitting in the rocker.  It is truly a work of art.  Several veteran mothers commented on the design features that must apparently make breastfeeding while rocking a much more comfortable experience — I wouldn't know.   Notably, I heard the height of the armrests and the back support as being the most well thought-out design features for the chair.  I'm sure some of them will be checking out your website as I had repeated it enough times throughout the party.

I guess I'll be talking to you again in the next few years.  We are planning to have another baby and I would like to pass the chair on to each child as an heirloom.

Thanks again for your excellent craftsmanship.  It's a rare thing these days.

West Lawn, PA

November 12, 2003

Hi Gary,

It is so nice to finally write you after silently getting to know you via your e-mails to Chris.  I often feel it is difficult to get to know someone thorough writing, but we both feel that, through this huge venture, we have gained a friend.  Your genuine spirit could be felt with every e-mail written and now that we have your beautiful rocking chair here, we will miss the frequent correspondence we've so looked forward to.  Hopefully it doesn't have to end and we can continue writing every so often.

Gary, I knew that your rocking chairs were made with precision, hand-made care, and were beautiful just by reading your well organized website.  But when opening the huge box to slide the chair out, my mouth completely dropped.  Your work is phenomenal and I was speechless.  The design, color, documentation, signature inscription, incredibly, smooth finish, etc. were more than I expected.  The tender loving care that you and your company gave to making and shipping this chair was/is felt the minute one goes to touch it, let alone sit in it.  I know that this heirloom will be much enjoyed for the years to come by the three of us (we just found out that we are pregnant!).  Thank you, Gary, for your superior work.  You are certainly an artist and we are lucky to have found you.

Hi Gary,

Now it's C. writing, what can I say that C. didn't already perfectly express?  The chair is just gorgeous!  We had no problems with the shipping, everything went very smoothly, and the chair arrived in perfect condition, safely and securely crated.  It is clearly a work of art and I know it will fit very nicely into our home.  What surprised me most was when I touched the chair and first sat in it.  The finish is amazing!  I did not believe wood could be worked to such a fine finish.  And it is also very comfortable!  Both C. and I have had only limited time up till now to enjoy it, but every time we sit in it we are surprised at how comfortable it is without having to use any cushions.  I noticed in particular that if I sit up straight with my rear against the back of the chair then it gives me a wonderful even support of my entire back that feels very nice.  I believe I can easily fall asleep in your rocker!

Thank you Gary!  We will keep in touch!

Your Friends,

C. & C.
The Netherlands

November 11, 2003

Dear Gary,

After speaking with Austin about unpacking (the bottom part of my crate was missing and so were the eight screws and arrows), I welcomed my cherry Weeks Rocker to its new home tonight.  It seems not to have minded that bit of crate because it looks perfect!  It is as beautiful and comfortable as I hoped and exactly as your other customers have described.

Thank you very much for creating such a lovely piece of furniture.  It has been a pleasure speaking with you and I will enjoy your craftsmanship for many, many years.

Yours truly,

Pittsford, NY

November 11, 2003

Hi Gary,

The party and rocking chair was a big success.  R. was surprised and very touched and all present were awed by the beauty of the chair, taking turns sitting in it or just touching it.  It really is a work of art.  Sunday it was all R's . . . he watched football, read the paper, and just smiled.  So thanks for your very special part in R's 50th birthday.  You feel like family and perhaps we will meet someday.


San Rafael, CA

October 28, 2003


Thanks very much for the note.  The rocker and stool were delivered last Thursday.  Lisa is absolutely delighted.  We love the style and craftsmanship of both pieces.  She also really enjoys the Wimberley connection.

We will enjoy rocking with our Grandchildren and telling about the '42 skills of their Great-Great-Grandmother W. decades from now.

Thanks again,

Allentown, PA

October 28, 2003

Gary —

"Like" is an absolute understatement.  We love the rocker and stool!  While H. and I were confident that the furniture would be all that we hoped for, we were somewhat apprehensive since neither one of us had ever made such an investment on something we could not actually see or touch.  So when the rocker and stool arrived last week, I was so nervous with excitement and anticipation.  Needless to say, when I pulled the rocker out of the box and nervously pulled away the bubble wrap out came the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen.  Your craftsmanship is unrivaled.  The cherry wood is perfect.

Although I could barely resist, I put the rocker and stool in our living room and waited for H. to come home that evening so she could be the first to sit in the chair.  When she did, tears of joy appeared on her smiling face.  Like her grandmothers before, H. has always loved rocking chairs and now she has her very own.

Since this was an anniversary gift to H. — our first — I have set the bar at a level, thanks to you, I may not be able to maintain.  I will certainly try though.

Thanks again for the wonderful rocker and stool as well as your excellent customer service.

We will be back!

Falls Church, VA

October 27, 2003


Everything with Overnite worked out fine.  We received the rocker on Thursday morning, and it is truly beautiful.  Thanks so much for everything . . . we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment.

Many thanks . . .

E. and B.D.
Cambridge, MA

PS . . . Don't be surprised if you have a surge of orders from the Northeast over the next year or two . . . everyone who has sat in the rocker has asked "Who made this and how can we get one!"

October 23, 2003

Mr. Weeks,

Got the rocking work of art today.  You shoulda seen my 40 week preggo wife.

Thanks again.

The J. Family
New York, NY

October 21, 2003


It's here; it's beautiful; I may never get up.  Thanks so much.  They delivered it to ND on Monday, but took it to central receiving . . . delivered it this morning, still in the bubble wrap and without a scratch.

I love it.  Thanks.

Notre Dame, IN

October 21, 2003

Good evening Gary,

Just wanted you to know that my beautiful rocker arrived this evening.  It is in fine shape and I am very pleased.  Thank you very much for all the work.

Inclined Village, NV

October 8, 2003


The chair is beautiful!  I have had everyone sit in it from 5’ tall to 6' 2" tall . . . they all love it!  Can’t wait to show it to CC.

Atlanta, GA

September 20, 2003

Dear Gary,

We love it!  It's beautiful and it arrived before the baby.  No problems — the driver even waited while I unpacked it.

Thank you so much,

Hayward, CA

September 16, 2003


So far I absolutely love the chair.  Due to my schedule, I've not had the time to just sit and relax in the chair reading a magazine, but I can only hope that I will get this opportunity soon.  Regardless, the wood has a great deal more character to it than I perceived in the pictures.  This was a very pleasant surprise.  As a piece, it is beautiful.  It is always a pleasure to find something that can be exceptionally functional AND beautiful.  I thank you again and will eventually (hopefully) be ordering another one for the nursery.

Los Angeles, CA

September 5, 2003


The table is beautiful.  Lot's of work is evident in its making, especially the fine joints.  The extra effort carefully packing the table pays off — it arrived in perfect condition, despite a battered crate.  I had to bring the table home that same day to show R., not wanting/able to wait for a special occasion.

Pittsburg, PA

August 29, 2003


The rocker arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  It is a beautiful piece of work, and very comfortable.  I spent an hour or so in it last night which I cannot do in any other chair in the house without shifting around a lot.  My back usually gets pretty stiff from sitting in one position too long but it didn't bother me after sitting in the rocker last night.

Thanks for your kind and prompt service and designing such a beautiful and useful chair.

Mountain View, CA

August 20, 2003

Hi Gary,

It is the best!!  He just loved it!  We rocked our new Grandbaby in it all weekend long and as soon as she hit the chair she'd be out like a light!  It is a beautiful piece.  You may end up w/ another order from my other daughter who is expecting in Dec.  Thank you so much for making it all work.  It was in the barn when I arrived on Fri.

McLean, VA

August 19, 2003

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the chair shipped last week.  The wood and finishing are absolutely gorgeous . . .  And, sitting in that chair is like visiting a corner of heaven in a busy city.  What a great thing to come home to after a long day!

Many thanks,

August 9, 2003

We absolutely LOVE it!  The wood you chose for the top piece and the seat is gorgeous!  We are so happy with it.  Already in its 24 hours at its new house, I've spent several hours sitting, reading, and rocking in it!

Thank you so much!
PS  It's even more comfortable then we remember it!

Take Care!
A. and S.D.
Leona, NJ

August 8, 2003


The chair arrived on Tuesday in great shape.  My wife is very very happy with it — already declaring it the most comfortable chair she's ever sat in.  The craftsmanship of the chair is a bit humbling really, the level of precision in the joinery and the finish are truly amazing.

My daughter C. (two years old) is still enjoying playing in the box that the chair came in.  We've fashioned it into a small play house for her complete with windows and doors.

The new baby is due in a month and we plan to have photos taken of the family in the chair to use as baby announcements.  We'll be sure to send one out to you and your crew.

Thanks so much for the fine work.  We're looking forward to someday adding a matching chair for me when I manage to retire and build a house on the lake  (I'll need 20 years at least . . .)

Thanks for making such a fine product, we'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

Ithaca, NY

August 1, 2003

Dear Kind Sweet Sir,

Have got to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you do.  My rocker is perhaps the most elegant rocker in all of creation.  You truly do amazing work that will be cherished in our family for a long time to come.  Thank you for my main seat.  I now understand what I. has been making such a fuss about for so long.

With such appreciation,

The New M.H.
Boone, N.C.

July 23, 2003

Thanks very much Gary!

Kudos to you and your team, it is a beautiful chair and a pleasure to sit in.  I read the morning paper in it today — what a great way to start the day.  My wife likes it a lot as well, so we are over the highest hurdle. :-)

The grain patterns are very nice.  I especially like the splats and the rockers.  They have that subtle reflective, wavy pattern that I like so much.  The finish is superb as well — a pleasure to touch and look at.

Again, thank you for the wonderful chair.  The H. Family appreciates it very much!

Brookline, MA

July 23, 2003


Yes, it was delivered yesterday afternoon by Motor Cargo.  Everything went fine as far as delivery and condition.

The rocker is wonderful, truly a work of art.  And the minute I sat in it, it was comfortable, a perfect fit with everything supported, and a lovely rock.  I was delighted with the curve in the arms, the way you can put your elbows off the end of the arm and not have any pressure on the elbow to make your arms "go to sleep".  (By design or accident, a great feature).

My husband was also very pleased with the beauty and comfort of the rocker.  I suspect we will have to take turns with "my" rocker.

Thank you so much!
Richland, WA

July 4, 2003


Thanks to your efforts, I took delivery of your gorgeous chair today at 11:30.  My wife was thrilled.  I will send a picture of her enjoying it with baby E. when I can.

Thank you once again.  I found dealing with you to be refreshing.  Your service was polite, timely and accommodating.  I only look forward to discovering for myself how comfortable the chair is.



July 7, 2003

Dear Gary,

My name is K. (A.M.’s wife) I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I am a new mum and my husband surprised me with the gift of a Weeks Rocking Chair on July 4th.  He said you took great pains to make sure we got the chair as soon as possible.  I wanted to let you know that it is the most comfy chair that I have ever sat in.  Our baby E. loves to be rocked in it — it seems to sooth her as soon as I begin rocking.  I just wanted to say thank you for designing such a beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 3, 2003

Dear Gary,

My husband, D., surprised me for my birthday (6/21), with one of your maple rockers.  This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen (of course, besides my daughter, D.)!  It is the most comfortable chair in our home.  I move it from my daughter's room to our family room, on a regular basis so that visitors get a good look at it.  Thank you for making such a beautiful, functioning piece of art.

Las Vegas, NV

June 12, 2003


I got my cherry rocker about 2 weeks ago.  I knew it would be nice, but when I unwrapped it I was amazed at the perfection of it!  The joinery, finish, and comfort are more than I could have hoped for.  I've never seen a piece of furniture of this quality.

Thank you for your craftsmanship and outstanding rocking chair!

San Diego, CA

June 10, 2003


We are VERY happy with both the rockers and the table.  They look great together and we plan to spend many hours enjoying them on our new screened porch.  Thanks so much for having done such an outstanding job on their looks, workmanship and comfort.

S. and B.C.
Kerrville, TX

June 2, 2003


It was the perfect gift . . . she'll want a matching one no doubt!

Madison, AL

May 9, 2003


The chair arrived yesterday, was the hit of the surprise party today, and could not have been more gorgeous.  It is not only a work of art, but the most comfortable chair that we have ever had the privilege of using.  Thanks so much for your efforts in making this a special occasion.

Thomasville, GA

April 26, 2003

Dear Mr. Weeks,

We received the rocker today.  I have never owned a piece of furniture that is so beautiful, nor have I ever relaxed so comfortably in a hardwood chair without the aid of cushioning.  This chair molds to your body and cushions each bony protuberance.  Thank you for making such a fine piece and for making it so readily available.  I look forward to treasuring the memories that will be made while rocking in this chair for many years to come.

North Billerica, MA

April 16, 2003


I am more than happy with both the chairs and the delivery.  I had a party to welcome these new pieces, and one of my friends swore that the rocker was the most comfortable chair in which she had ever sat - I think she's right!  The rocker has become my favourite place to sip my morning coffee and read the newspaper.

Thanks for your good work and artistry.

St. Louis, MO

April 14, 2003

Dear Gary,

We have received our much anticipated rocker and are very pleased.  Though the cardboard of the crate had a large tear in one corner, the rocker arrived in perfect condition.  It has also come before our son, whose due date was yesterday.  Thank you, again, for making us a priority with the rather short notice we gave you.  C. is delighted to have her rocker in place — in the small room we have for the nursery — and is ready for this baby to be born.

I pray that God continues to bless you and your family, and everyone who works at Gary Weeks Furniture.  Your craftsmanship testifies to the depth of your devotion to your work.

Bath, ME

April 14, 2003


We received our rocker last week ... it's beautiful and comfortable ... just what we were hoping for. We're all very happy with it.

Thank you and all who worked on it for a job well done.

Westport, CT

March 21, 2003

Hi Gary et al,

I purchased your rocking chair at Solstice for my wife.

It has been a wonderful addition to our home.  We love it and everyone who visits us and sits in it loves it.  It is amazing that one chair can fit so many sizes and shapes of people, but this chair does it with style and grace.

One comment from our grown children was "Who will inherit this heirloom?"  A little premature to be concerned with but an interesting thought.

Hope your business is going well.

Sebastopol, CA

February 28, 2003

Hi Gary,

My wife and I with her friends from San Antonio made a trip to the Fredericksburg area and visited your facility in early 2002 when you took the time to show us your shop and new home as it was under construction  (We are from Grosse Ile, Michigan), since that time I have seen many 'look alike' furniture pieces in several area art fairs for twice as much money, no where near the quality and comfort, and without the 'art' of your designs.  We still have a place for a few The Wilson Chairs and a The Terrell Side Table, at some opportune time we will fill that void.

R. and S.W.
Grosse Ile, MI

February 17, 2003


Well, finally getting back to you.  Loving the rocker with C., our beautiful son.  He came into the world a couple weeks late . . .at 9 1/2lb.  36 hours of labor and unassisted by any medical interventions . . .he came out pink and healthy and beautiful . . .Do I sound like a proud new Mom???  Thanks again.  I will spread the word of the great rocking chair at any appropriate opportunity.  Good luck to the continued success of your family business.

It was a pleasure,
San Franscisco, CA

February 5, 2003


Briefly, the rocker arrived in perfect condition, and the delivery man from Overnite was perhaps the most pleasant and courteous I've come across in years.  The crate was a pleasure in itself to "unwrap."

My wife was thrilled with the rocker, and used it last evening to rock (of course!) the baby to sleep.  Did I mention that R. and I have a 7 month, and a 23 month old sons?  More to follow, we hope.  I often comment to those professionals whom I refer business, that when they look good, I look good.  Let's say that your rocker made me look really good!

To conclude, the rocker is magnificent.

Best regards,
Pittsburg, PA

February 4, 2003

Gary . . .

The rocker was great.  The party was great.  The retiree really liked it.  I am getting a photo scanned to send to you so you can see his big smile.  Thanks for everything.  The shipping was fine, everything arrived ok.

Spokane, Washington

February 4. 2003

The walnut rocker arrived as promised.  It's absolutely gorgeous and my wife is in love with it.

Now how do I get my 13 yr old son out of it?

Houston, Texas

January 31, 2003


We adore our cherry Mitchell Trestle table, and our star-inlayed chairs are by far the most comfortable imaginable.  Thank you for working with us to custom-design a table that fits the dimensions of our home, and for creating a hand-planed tabletop that looks great and will survive the wear and tear from our kids.  Our Gary Weeks table will surely be one of our prized Texas heirlooms.

D. and L.J.
Austin, Texas

January 14, 2003

Dear Weeks Family,

I just want you to know how happy N. is with her new rocking chair.  It arrived yesterday, right on her birthday, as promised, and she fell in love with it immediately.  She's wanted a rocking chair for many years but never liked any she sat in.  But when she sat in your chair she knew she'd found a home.  She loves it and I am thrilled.  And it is so beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch.  I've been trying for more than 30 years and have never before been able to give her a gift that pleased her as much as your beautiful chair.  I don't know what I'm going to do next year.

Thanks for making such wonderful things and thanks for all the extra effort to make this happen for me on her birthday.

Best regards,
Brookside, New Jersey

January 2, 2003


Thanks for your follow up.  We've been away since Xmas, so just getting to this now.  We did receive the chair and are absolutely thrilled with it.  It is just beautiful and extremely comfortable!  Your rocking chair is a piece of art.  Thank you again.

San Mateo, California

January 2, 2003


Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our rocking chair!  It was the best "having-a-baby" gift I could ever have received!

We are looking to buy a dining table now . . . would you send us your latest catalogue and price list?

Thanks so much,
J. and B.M.
Houston, Texas

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