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Testimonials 2000-1999

September 12, 2000

Gary and Leslie,

I love my chair.  Thank you for a fabulous piece of art.  I will enjoy it for years, as well as my children and grandchildren to come.  I can't decide whether to sit in it or look at it!

As ever,
Houston, Texas

July 11, 2000

Dear Gary:

You may recall our visit to your workshop on Saturday, July 1st.  You will be pleased to know that after our visit to California to see some other handmade rocking chairs, there is no competition!  Your rocking chairs win in terms of comfort and artistic quality it helped that you pointed out your matching of grains, lamination, method of joining, etc. as we might have overlooked these qualities otherwise.

Please accept this as our order for two of The Weeks Rockers in Cherry.  Enclosed is our deposit check of $500, with the remainder payable when the rockers are near completion.

Yours truly,
Double Oak, Texas

June 11, 2000

Dear Mr. Weeks

We have been enjoying the rocker (#162/1995) purchased from you almost five years ago, and very much appreciate the comfort and beauty of the chair.  But it is the excellent workmanship that makes it such a treasure to us!

We are wondering if make any other items.  If so, would you please send us information and prices about them?

Thank you.
Merkle, Texas

May 29, 2000

Dear Gary & Company:

I received the rocker last week and unpacked it as you recommended.  It arrived in perfect shape.

The rocker is awesome!  The craftsmanship and attention to detail is a special talent.  I know that mesquite wood is a challenge to find and hard to work, but you have created an heirloom piece that my wife and I know will have a special inheritance.  At present it is by the back door where it is used multiple times daily it will have a special place in the office I am going to add to our home.

Debbie and I are looking forward to coming to your workshop one day.

Thank you!
West Columbus, Texas

July 16, 1999

Dear Mr. Weeks,

I wanted to write to you in order to thank you for sending us a check for the carpet cleaning that had to be done after delivery of our rocking chair.  While, I believe it was the shipping company's fault for the damage, it is very refreshing to be able to do business with someone who is willing to take responsibility for mistakes that were make.

We absolutely love our rocking chair and we know that we will love it even more in the years to come. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and we will not hesitate to do so.

Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,
Ft. Worth, Texas

April 23, 1999

Dear Gary,

Just a note to let you know how much enjoyment I reap from my "Weeks Rocker."  Looking at it is a pleasure in itself thanks to the efforts you and your team put forth to produce it.  And that's not to mention the joy derived from sitting and rocking in it.  We appreciate the chair and its producer.  We wish you continued success.

Again, thanks for a product that is a true treasure.
New Sharon, Iowa

March 7, 1999

Dear Mr. Weeks:

My wife and I have made a habit of stopping in Barnhill Britt in Salado every time we pass by on the highway, and did so again today.

There, amidst the tables and woodwork we have come to love, we saw something new.  A breathtaking rocking chair.  Deep walnut, satin finish, joints too smooth to feel.  The rocker of our dreams.

Your work is extraordinary, and we will treasure your rocker.

Please continue the exceptional work; your love for the wood comes through.

Waco, Texas

January 6, 1999

Dear Gary,

I thought I'd drop you a note to say how much we enjoy the chair (walnut rocker).  It is in our living room and looks and feels great.  We very much appreciate your work, enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to seeing you again.

D. and M.G.
Austin, Texas

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